I wrote this after seeing the intense disappointment in my fathers eyes after I
left school, I am the only daughter and I guess they had very high hopes for me....

Why is it you cant be happy
with the daughter that youve got?
why must you always focus
on the things that I am not?
I know I am not perfect
I wouldnt want to be
but why is it only my bad points
you ever seem to see?
and if i did a good thing
i know what I would hear
it would be something like
"well, thats nice dear..."
nothing you could appreciate
no hugs and kisses for me
I bet you think that I dont care
but my tears you dont see
sure- I dropped out of school
but so did both of you
it gives you no right to criticise
every little thing I do
I found a paying job
and i have tried to do my best
but still it isnt good enough
i couldnt pass your test
what hurts me the most
is when I really try
and all i ever seem to see
is the disappointment in your eyes
sometimes I think [email protected]#$ you
I wish you didnt care
but then I think what would i do
if both of you werent there?
I never meant to disppoint you
with the mistakes that I have made
but this is my life
and the price I have paid.