thread: A Poem for Mum...

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    A Poem for Mum...

    I wrote this poem for my Mum who passed away at age 37 from throat cancer. Feb 10 this year marked 20 years since her passing so I thought i'd share it with you all...


    I see you in the distance
    A memory of my past
    My feelings of abandonment
    Laid to rest at last

    You were so much stronger
    Than I dreamed you'd ever be
    Fighting like a soldier
    To set your spirit free

    You endured the pain and suffering
    With seldom a word of complaint
    You'd smile your gorgeous smile for me
    My innocence you would not taint

    I watched you fight the enemy
    'Til your body could take no more
    I prayed that you'd get better
    But you were knocking at heavens door

    Then He came and took you
    And your pain stopped all at once
    He'd gained a perfect angel
    But my Mother, I had lost

    So I cherish the memories I have of you
    For they are few and far between
    No longer tormented by your death
    It seems now, a hazy dream

    In life you brought me happiness
    In death, eternal love
    I know you are my Guiding Light
    My angel up above

    Mum, I'll forever love you
    In my heart you shall remain
    Until we meet one final time
    And walk hand in hand again
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    oH WOW thats beautiful and so sad

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    That is just beautiful.

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    Just so heartfelt & beautiful ... Thank You for sharing your incredibly precious poem to YOUR Mum !!!!!!

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    Thanks girls...took me a long time to be able to write about that, but so clearly expresses how i feel now