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thread: 1-6 month General Chatter

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    1-6 month General Chatter

    Here is a new thread girls

    Love :hbeat:

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    LOL...thanks Kathryn!!

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    ok now I can really post LOL!!

    \/ \/ \/ for sleep!!!

    Now I know some of you don't celebrate only getting up twice in one night, but this is a miracle!! YAY!!!
    6.30pm sleep
    9pm - transfer to cot from capsule (YAY for successful transfer!)
    11pm - wake/change/feed/straight to sleep
    3am - wake/feed/straight to sleep
    6am - wake up!

    (doing a dance in my chair...)

    I'm a happy mummy! I feel like a different person with 3 nights of reasonable sleep! in a row!!! So now we can celebrate! Plus we were out the last two nights & she slept in her portacot both times and transferred really well... ahhh...deep sigh of relief, now I feel more human I have tackled some housework today...lmao, what a way to celebrate....

    Thank you so much girls for hanging with me through this exhausting time with Matilda I have really appreciated all your :hugs: .

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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    YAY Christy!!!! Sounds like things are really picking up for you!!
    and good on you for doing housework!! =D> I have enough problems getting mine done, even when Aidyn does sleep!!! How about we swap... I will take care of Matilda for a day, and you can take care of my messy house, LMAO!!!

    I hope Hudson is feeling a bit better today Marcia??

    Sounds like you had a great time at the Show Kelly, and I hope you guys enjoy the movies today too!!
    *fingers crossed* for you to find your engagement ring!!!

    Well yesterday I went a bit stir crazy from being inside so I decided to go to the shops anyway, and we picked up Aidyns highchair off layby. He seems to really like it, as he has always enjoyed being elevated above us!! So now I think we will be using it instead of the rocker. It is a pretty good one, (Steelcraft) and you can recline the backrest, and adjust the height etc.
    Today is pretty stinking hot... Aidyn just guzzled 100ml of water in one sitting, when he normally never drinks that much in a whole day!

    Hope you all have a great day...
    I had better go and procrastinate some more about all the cleaning that needs to be done!!

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    Feb 2004

    Hooray for big sleeps!

    Don't worry Ambah, housework hadn't even crossed my mind for today. But we are going out as soon as Brandon has ahd his next bottle, so we can meet DP in Greensborough, and then go to a house inspection at 6pm. I was just planning to tune up my guitar and try out the new tabs I found the other night. *brief flash of guilt over sink chock full of dishes* Ah, hell with it, (can I say hell in here?) I do all the cooking anyway, and if I do do the dishes, DP will only tell me off for doing them before he did anyway. Who knows how long that will be though, LOL.

    Wow @ the water though. Brandon refuses to drink water at all, unless he is sucking it out of a face washer when he is in the bath LOL.

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    Nov 2003
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    Good on Matilda for letting you have a little more rest Christy! Jessica had a feed at 7pm last night, was in bed at 9pm and didn't wake until 5am. i got to bed at 12am so I had 5 straight hours of sleep last night and I feel pretty good today. My 5 hours sleep usually has an hour of wake time in the middle so it makes a big difference. Fingers crossed we can keep it up.

    We are organising our joint 30th bday party in November, I have done all the invites and need to post them all otherwise nobody is going to get them on time. Don't know how we are going to pay though as we are very short on cash, still waiting for our $3000 and the $600 per child as we haven't done our tax yet, waiting on the accountant, plus we are renovating. DH is a wiz at renovation and has completed our rumpus room from foundation to useable room in 5 weeks, he still has the 2 bedrooms to do. When he is finished we will have a 6 bedroom house with study and rumpus room. Each child has their own room and I will also have an office, the study is walk through and is going to be for the kids only.

    I was out yesterday and the house needs some work but I am on here instead. I have been doing washing which is never ending with 4 kids, I must go and hang the washing out.

    Cheers michelle

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    Oct 2003
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    Wow Michelle I don't know how you do it! I'm organising a little get together for closest few friends and I emailed them for Pete's birthday this Sat.... and even then I'm stressing over getting things done...lol!!

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    Nov 2003
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    I don't know how either CHristy, especially since the list just keeps growing, we have about 120 adults and 30 kids btween newborn and 10 yrs old invited. I am a little stressed about where people will be put, that is alot of people, but I guess or engagement had about the same number of people and that was at our place too.

    Where is your party being held?

    We are doing our own catering too and have to think about music as well, I guess we will have to look at the cost before we can decide what we are doing. Dh is self employed and has had almost no work so we are living on savings and they are going down fast.

    How are you guys coping financially?
    Cheers Michelle

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    Melinda Guest

    Hey everyone,

    Marcia - you asked why I would prefer to have an elective caesar next time around as opposed to having an emergency one....basically I felt like I had given birth twice by going through 28 hours of labour and winding up having the emergency caesar. It wasn't anything like I expected and I felt incredibly traumatised by it all. The physical tiredness from both labouring and the caesar was overwhelming as well. So all in all, I would like to avoid that eventuating again as I just couldn't cope with it emotionally either as it's so stressful going through all that. Obviously I don't want our baby to go into distress either....Jacob was ok, although he did pass a little bit of meconium (his HB was ok though). Jacob's head hadn't engaged properly (plus he turned and was posterior during labour, the cheeky monkey!)and the OB thinks that Jacob was not going to get out that way as a result and that next time around may be the same, i.e. that the baby would not fit through my pelvis. I think that planning an elective caesar will mean that I won't go through all the emotional turmoil I did with Jacob's birth and will also save me from the physical exhaustion of labouring as well IYKWIM. Hope that makes sense!!

    Christy - woo hoo for Matilda!!! Jacob slept for 9 hours last night which he hadn't done since that last time I mentioned it, so I was most impressed LOL. Mind you I was awake for a few of those hours thinking he would be waking for a feed, but he didn't!!!

    Ambah - you're right, I did mention about having a casserole for din dins! LOL that you remembered that. It would be pretty bizarre if you DID in fact dream about me eating a casserole!! ROFLMAO Just on din dins, we had a nice Pumpkin & Leek Pasta Bake the other night....it was one of those Leggos brand ones where you cook up your pasta and chicken and whack it all together, chuck some cheese on and bake it up. Very tasty. LOL. *drool* We bought a high chair for Jacob the other day as well, which has pretty much all the same features as yours as well. He won't be needing it for a little while, but hey LOL.

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    Feb 2004

    We've got a hook on chair for Brandon, so he can have dinner at the table with us. Now all we have to do is clear all the nappy and baby stuff off the table, and stop eating off our laps in the lounge room LOL

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    Pietta Guest

    Hello everyone!
    Well I am officially here! I can take Kathryn's place and keep this forum nice and full.
    Wow Tootie I didnt know just how similar our births were until I read that post. The only difference was that mine was 20 hours instead. I think my physical exhaustion had alot to do with my inabilty to bf straight away. What do you think about that? I think I was just too tired to do anything- both emotioanlly and physically for the first two weeks.

    Well Ryley is going for his 4 weeks check up tomorrow and I cant wait to see just how much bigger he has become as he is feeding up a storm. He will have 120-180ml about 5-6 times a day but sometimes there is a 5 hour break sometimes a 1.5 then sometimes a chuck and other times not!! Sheesh!! hehehe

    Glad to hear you got some more sleep Christy. Yesterday I was looking at Ryley and you know that picture you had of Matilda on her site that said cheeky sausage with the funky hat- he looked just like her with the beautiful eyes. I was like- oh my goodness!!

    Well I am doing not too bad- I am feeling really sore and i think there is something seriously wrong with my uterus as I am in strange pain and I am having intermittent red blood and hot flushes. I have had it for 2 weeks but I couldnt get in to see my doc until tomorrow so here's hoping everything is okay.

    I cant believe my little squidgy cheeks is a month old already... sigh... he is growing up so fast. Today he spat out his dummy then got upset then turned his head toward where the dummy was- cried out to me and started mouthing toward the dummy then when i put it in he went to sleep. I cant believe how smart he is already. He loves it when i sing the aplhabet to him. He always has a small giggle and a smile.
    Sorry for the epic- just getting started!!

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    YvetteE Guest

    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for the warm welcome! Well I guess I should tell you a little bit about Cohen and his routine. He is quite a demanding little bub but still he is pretty easy as he has a routine which if I stick to it, he is quite happy.

    He is fully breastfed and is a bit chubby too! He wakes usually once during the night. Last night was pretty typical. Fed him at about 5pm and he goes down at about 6pm. Woke up at 10.30pm for a quick feed. Then I go to bed and he woke up at 2.30am for another quick feed. I put him back down and he woke up at about 6.30am. Some nights are better than others!

    He is a pretty good day sleeper which is nice as my first son was a horrible day sleeper but a great night sleeper! Usually I can get Cohen to have 3 naps during the day lasting anywhere between 1 hour and 3 hours! Not every day though!

    I keep myself pretty busy with playgroup, gymbaroo and swimming lessons for my 3 yr old. Cohen will start swimming next year and if I can somehow manage it so I don't have to go back to work, will probably start him in babyroo next year as well!

    It will take me a while to get used to everyone in here, so please excuse me if ask silly questions! I may also get your names wrong so let me know if I offend you in any way! Apologies up front!

    Tootie - I can understand where you are coming from. My first son was born via emergency c-section after 13 hours of labour. However, I was pretty relaxed through the whole thing and came out of it thinking it was a pretty positive experience. This time around, I wanted to keep my options open and went into labour naturally a week early. After an easy 8 hour labour, gave birth to Cohen who was bigger than Finlay! The Ob initially said that if the baby was any bigger than Finlay there was no way that it would fit. Well I proved them wrong! Anyway, I found for me the trick was to have an epidural early in the proceedings. This way I was really calm the whole time and slept for 5 of the 8 hours I was in labour. Only had 20 minutes of pushing and he was out. It was really surreal but a wonderful experience. Mind you, saying all this, if I had to have another c-section, it wouldn't have bothered me one bit. I guess you have to decide what is right for you and then stick to it. It is your birthing experience and you have to be happy with it.

    Michelle - Sounds like you have your hands full organising the party. Sounds great though. I don't think I know 120 people! Well I do but I wouldn't invite them to my birthday! We both have pretty small family units and a lot of our friends now live overseas which is such a shame. Still we have a nice group of close friends who we socialise with a bit.
    Plus, your partner sounds divine! I wish my DH could build stuff! He isn't very handy I'm afraid.

    Christy - Good luck with the party on Saturday. I'm sure you will have a ball. Also good on Matilda for giving you a nice big sleep. Makes such a difference doesn't it! I don't know about you but I'm really looking forward to when Cohen sleeps through the night. Finlay slept through from 7 weeks old so I've been spoilt! Mind you, those feeds in the middle of the night are pretty special. I get the most beautiful smiles out of Cohen and they are all for me!

    Ambah - We have a high chair that reclines too. It's great isn't it!

    Anyway, sorry to those of you who I didn't reply too. I'm still getting used to things. Will post again soon.

    Take care and hugs to all your bubs.

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    Marcia Guest

    Hi all!

    Tootie - thanks for sharing about the caesar. I also just read your posts in the caesar section. It's interesting to read about how you felt emotionally and physically as it sounds similar to how I felt after Hudsons birth despite it being a vaginal birth. I never expected his birth to go the way it did and didn't expect to feel the way I do emotionally and physically still now. I have to admit it has made me wonder if I will ever be able to cope through another birth later on in life if DH and I want more children. You mentioned about Jacob not being engaged and also being posterior and maybe next time it could be the same. Hudson was also posterior through the entire birth and this is what caused a lot of complications to his delivery and also my recovery. Has your OB said that if your first baby was posterior this is a good indication that the next may also be? Just interested to know as the thought of delivering another posterior baby really scares me and is the main reason I am thinking about an elective caesar next time. Having said that I will also be considering going private next time even if I do aim for a VB (sounds like I'm off to the pub lol) as I think the OB I ended up with doing my episiotomy was a bit of a butcher and hasn't helped things much. Sorry that was a bit epic 8-[ .

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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    WOW this place is busy now, LOL!! I leave for a few hours and come back to 10 new epic posts!!
    But thats alright cause it was worth it being absent from the puter for a few hours because....... *wait for it*........ I actually cleaned my house!!! YAY!!! and I have Christy to thank for motivating me, LOL! (DP is going to be very pleased with me tonight!! )

    Welcome Pee!!!!! (was wondering when you would get here!!!! )
    I hope Ryley's checkup goes well tomorrow, but even more importantly I hope the Dr can help find out what or if anything is wrong with you?? It certainly doesn't sound that normal (but then again I did not have a ceaear, so the others would know better) Goodluck, I really hope everything is OK.

    Michelle - you really sound like a busybee atm!! I admire you being able to undertake so much, and your DH sounds very talented too!! Your house sounds like it is coming together very nicely indeed!
    You asked how we are going financially? Well DP and I have been just scraping by, which is pretty much the best we can hope for. But things are set to get a bit harder once we move house in December as our rent will be going up, plus we need to buy lots of new furniture (as BIL gets to keep the stuff that is already in the unit here... including the washing machine... GRRRRR!!!) so we will probably be trying to get the essentials second hand, we wont be able to afford anything more than that...

    Susan - LOL we are still eating off our laps in the lounge room too

    Tootie - Woohoo for Jacobs big sleep!! Lets hope he keeps up the good work for his mummy.

    Yvette - Babyroo sounds interesting!! I take it its a program for the really young ones? Do you know what sort of activities they do there? There will be a Gymbaroo nearby to where we move house and I am thinking of taking Aidyn there.

    Hope I didn't miss anyone?!?!

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    Marcia Guest

    =D> Ambah for cleaning your house! I am yet to get there this week lol :-$ .

    Pee - I agree with you on the physical and emotional exhaustion having an impact on bf success. Although I didn't have a caesar I also felt it didn't help me as far as bf goes. Hope your Dr's appointment goes ok and they can figure out what is going on :hugs:

    Having a good day here! Hudson is still sick, but not so cranky today which is nice and he seems to have finally got the hang of day sleeps! YAY! I can finally stop carting him around in the sling!! On top of that DH popped in on his lunch break to give me flowers for our anniversary which was really nice . We will also go out for dinner to celebrate, but not until Saturday so that MIL can babysit for a couple of hours.

    On the financial question, we also are on a pretty tight budget now, but seem to be managing it better than I expected. Having said that, our savings have gone from $3000 to $300 since Hudson was born so we better start fixing that lol. I write up a budget every fortnight after DH gets paid so that we can see what we have to play with once essentials are paid for and I find that really helps a lot. Sometimes it's not much, but at least we don't end up spending money we don't have. We used to do that a lot 8-[ .

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    dd Guest

    Hi all,

    Just thought I'd pop in and say hi - can't stay long causeShynelle is in the midst of a hissy fit!

    Talk soon!

    Catch ya's!

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    Feb 2004

    Yay for Ambah having a cleaning fit!

    I still haven't done the dishes, but will be leaving them till after tea now. LOL. Speaking of which I should really go do that now, so we don't end up having tea after 10pm like last night. BTW Ambah, the only thing that is nuts about us eating on our laps is we have a full size 6 seater dining table!

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    Melinda Guest

    Pee - I mentioned in the caesar thread about my bleeding etc post birth, so you might want to suss that out, but basically I had bleeding on and off for over 5w as well as pain on and off and I was certainly getting VERY hot and sweaty too - it's a hormonal thing. I also found that I had lumpy bits under my caesar wound can you believe so I was throwing a hissy fit thinking something was wrong, but it's just scar tissue that will go away in time.

    Marcia & Pee - about the BF thing...yep, I think the physical and emotional exhaustion does play a part in your ability to BF. I also think that where you feel traumatised by the birth, it really hinders the whole process. Not only was it painful in terms of positioning Jacob (obviously painful on the stomach) but I just felt so totally and utterly overwhelmed in sooo many ways that I was getting myself more and more worked up as each day passed. I really think that by electing to have a caesar next time so that I can avoid the potential for an emergency caesar following labour next time, I may be in a better position to perservere with BF and hopefully make it work.

    About Jacob being posterior - the OB didn't mention anything about any future babies doing the same thing. Jacob had been in the right position during the PG and turned during labour and from what I could gather, there's no reason to assume that because Jacob did that, that the next baby will do the same. The concern was more that he didn't engage properly and it can be an indication that your pelvis is too small (or your baby is too big for it LOL) and as a result won't get through naturally.

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