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thread: 1 to 6 Months, November '04

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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Hiya Girls!!

    I know I'm not meant to be in here anymore but I just can't help myself, hehehe! And OMG I've missed so much, hopefully I will have time to do a few personals tonight...

    Just thought I'd mention that I have just finished creating a webpage for Aidyn (FINALLY!) if anyone is interested in checking it out ...


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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Hi All

    Welcome Bon! We don't mind you crashing, you can't sit and talk to yourself. Glad to hear Grace is good and Harry is too. Most times the adjustment isn't as big as we think, kids take things in their stride mostly.

    I hear ya Spiddles re money and sympathise! But we'll get there.

    So Christy are you actually feeling better?

    I had this massive stress attack this arvo. My throat feels worse, as if something is in there. I am annoyed with the DRs attitude, not sure I like his lay backed approach, almost arrogant. Then I started thinking what if it's canceer? I need to know asap, not in 2 weeks time, I have four kids to live for, if it's something serious I need to know early. I had a workmate who died at 32, had a 9 yr old and had a tumour behind the nose, which spread cancer through her body. She died in less than 12 months. So I am a little stressed. Then worst of all I got on a web site to diagnose illnesses, and read about throat cancer, it's pretty airy fairy but you can read lots into that stuff. The party is in 2 days and I have heaps to do, I want a 2nd opinion and someone to do something about it (look in my throat). What should I do? I guess I am a little phobic aboutdeath, and I want to be around for a long time, so my imagination can really turn me crazy. Any advice.

    I had the haircut, eyebrow wax and eyebrow tint as they are such a light colour on the edges. $108! I didn't tell Arron, I think he will be ****ty that it cost so much. I think I am happy with it, won't know till I do it tomorrow. My pants are ready to be picked up too, as the lady who owns the shop I took them to is the hairdressers mother and she came in the hairdressers and told me they're done. SO that's good.

    2 days to clean everything AAARGH! I am getting concerned. Have to do groceries for party tomorrow some time and my sister arrives from QLD in the morning and her partner in the arvo.

    She hasn't seen Jemma for 10 months and this will be heer first meeting with Jessica, so we are all excited.

    Ambah, Aidyn is gorgeous, love the little rolls! Sooo cute! you can crash anytime too.
    Sorry if I missed anyone

    Cheers Michelle

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    hi there girls

    good to see everyone is cruising along. lani is going well, had her 8wk check up this week, she weighs 4610gms, length 57cm and head 38.7cm, so she seems to be similar to jessica, michelle.

    welcome jessica - lol at fraser with the wrap, lani is exactly the same she cracks it in the middle of the night if she becomes unwrapped.

    so much for the few days of sleeping through, earlier this week lani was waking around 3am after getting her ebm at 10pm, i tried dummy etc but had to end up feeding her, although i think this could be a bit to do with the wrapping as she was unwrapped. last night i went to give her the bottle of ebm at 10.30pm and she took nothing ziltch nothing would not even open her mouth, so i thought bugger she will wake for a feed at about 2am, and i was so tired, but she did not wake until 6.30am so it was great, i will still offer the bottle for the rollover though.

    michelle - good luck for the party tomorrow i bet you will be glad when it is all done, i am amazed at how well you have done with all the preparation etc.

    sorry i missed anyone but got a hungry baby here and a 4yr old that wants to watch a dvd.

    see ya

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    Pietta Guest

    LOL Kylie at the story of Ryley!! hehehehe
    I am glad my little buddha is getting a name for himself!

    Good to hear Grace is settling!
    Aidyn is so cute- such a serious face- just like Ryley! Speaking of faces i have added Ryley's 9 week pic in which he is just about to roll over and he is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute in the pic!! Check it out if you can/want.

    i hope your doing better Christy.
    Sorry for the lack of personals!! Ryley is sleeping 9-6.30 now and is awake heaps during the day so i have such little time!!
    I will soon have time to catch up i hope!!

    I cant believe my baby boy is 2 months old!! Where has the time gone girls?? Will i turn around and he'll be in primary school and leaving home??

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    So cute!! Aidyn is gorgeous I love his serious nature!! & the picture of Ryley almost rolling is great too!! Such cute boys!

    Matilda did great last night, slept from 11pm to 5am again so we got 6 hours straight!! Luckily I went to bed at 8.30 so I got 8 hours of straight sleep!!! For the first time in a year almost... wow...

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    spiddles Guest

    Ughh what a mad few days.....As I said in previous post off to see the inlaws on the weekend...well Liam's great grandma had a mini storke in her hand yesterday......she seems to be ok though thank gawd. DH has managed to get Monday off from work aswell incase we need to drive further and visit them incase they dont get to his parents place.

    Think I am starting to get depressed again....just worried sick about money and how we are going to manage untill Jan and have been pigging out major ( I know It doesnt help and its not really even making me feel better so why am I doing it)

    I agree with Christy. Both Ryley and Aidyn are gorgeous!!! There is some new pics on Liam's website too if anyone wants to have a looksie.

    Well Done Matilda on letting Mummy get a good nights sleep!!

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    Nov 2003
    Wodonga, Vic

    Hi girls,
    Spiddles, hope Liams great gran is ok. Such a worrying time. Sorry to hear your not doing to well yourself. Babies make life very full and often you miss time for self/with your partner. Hope things pick up.

    Everyones new pick look great.

    Christy, you deserve a good night sleep. Hope you get more of those. Hope you are doing better.

    Interuption....my dh just brought me in a full bowl of jelly/ice cream and choc topping. He is a sweety. mmmmmmmmm.

    Pee, is Ryley rolling??? Amelia rolled twice two weeks ago but no more. I think it was where her hands were placed that encouraged this. Ds did the same thing. Rolled a few times then stopped until 5 months old.

    Mitch, hope you have fun with your sister. Hope you are feeling better soon too.

    Hi, Bon. Congrats and welcome. How are you coping with the two under two? How is Harry doing in the big bed? We will be doing the switch after Christmas. Christmas is at our place this year so I thought we would wait until the madness had settled b4 putting ds in a bed. I think he is ready.

    Hope I havent missed anyone. Much quieter in here now. Tootie, how are you?

    Gotta go.

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Hi girls,

    The countdown has begun. I have done the shopping and I am kicking back as tomorrow is just going to be the longest day. I brought myself 4 cruisers and 2 bottles of PINK so I should be happy by the end of the night.

    I just want Arron not to start drinking until the guests start arriving ,as otherwise he will be smashed by 8pm, and while he won't worry I still have to deal with the kids until they are in bed, which knowing our kids will be very very late, prob after 12. They are all snoozing now, so it is peaceful.

    Sorry no personals tonight, gotta run and make the list of to do's...
    CHeers Michelle

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    spiddles Guest

    Well everything is packed (I think) now just have to wait for DH to get home. Liam was really good and played on the bed and drozed in and out while I packed and is back asleep now. Not looking foward to the 4 - 4 and a half hour drive. Have bottles of expressed milk ready. Least I'm not preganant this time and wont need to sdtop every half hour for toilet break!!

    Have a good weekend guys!!

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Hope you have a great weekend spiddles! Good luck on the driving!

    Michelle I hope your days goes really well!

    Matilda is rolling around in her cot atm refusing to sleep & occasionally letting out a whopper of a scream...DH got up with her every 3 hours last night so I thought I would let him have a nap...but gggrrrr I hate it when she is really tired but won't sleep because she's too busy rolling around in the cot...it wouldn't be so bad except that she still refuses to sleep on her back with the reflux so she rolls gets tired and then screams & we roll her back to her belly, she falls asleep for a few minutes and then rolls back to her back and wakes up... so frustrating...

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    Mar 2004

    Hi everyone

    Just a quick note to let you know I have made a webpage for Grace if you want to check it out!

    I was inspired by everyone's gorgeous photos


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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    v v v cute bon!!! She is beautiful & I love the photo of you at 40 weeks!

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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Christy - Just quickly... I know this probably isnt the safest thing to do... but have you considered tucking a pillow behind her back so she cant roll back??
    That is what I have to do for Aidyn these days... he is refusing to sleep on his back, but I wont let him sleep on his tummy cause he keeps trying to sleep face down. So I wedge him on his side with one small pillow against his tummy, and a bed pillow behind him, so he can't roll either way... its the only way he will get to sleep now.
    However we only do this during the day when he is sleeping on our bed, so I am constantly able to check on him. Because he is still asleep when we transfer him to the cot at night, he doesnt care that he is on his back and doesnt need the pillows then.

    All the new piccies are gorgeous!!!
    and Grace looks beautiful Bon!!!

    Hope your party went off without a hitch Michelle!!!!

    Sorry to all those I missed, I am just way too tired, today was so stinking hot, and we had so much work (packing) to do!!! (Topped off with a very cranky baby!!)


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    Jun 2003

    Christy - doesn't have to be a pillow a rolled up towel will do the same job and if you need to you can buy a thingo (like my technical terms? LOL) from baby stores that stop them from rolling.

    Asha's avourite trick is to turn sideways in her cot and then pull her dribble rug (a cloth nappy) over her face and then fall asleep!!!

    Better go she is grumpy and her routine is all out fo wack!!!


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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Hi everyone,

    The party is over! Thank goodness!

    It went really well, only problem was I sent way too much time mucking around in the kitchen and not enough outside dancing. The jukebox was a great idea. My outfit attracted many comments and I felt great. We had probably 120plus guests so it was chockers but good fun. I didn't get to bed until i kicked out the last guests at 5.15am this morning, which wasn't that good as I had an hours sleep and then had to feed Jessica, but she went back to sleep until 9.40am which was good. I am pretty tired, but not hungover as I only had about 4 drinks all night. I have decided that our 40th will be a dinner at a pub or something like that as I am almost all partied out, catering wise. We got some great pressies although I haven't really sat down and had a good look yet.

    I was annoyed at my girlfirend and my BIL. They nicked off down the pub for about 3 hours and then when she came back she went out to sleep in her car and then he went out and joined her! He came in looking for his keys to get something from his car and informed me that they may be in my friends car with his socks and jocks. So I cracked it and told him that I didn't care to now about that and that I thought it was very rude for him and her to come to our party and **** off, and also that I didn't appreciate him coming up to stay last weekend and not bothering to actually return to sleep on the Fri and Sat nights and how he only ever wants to go to the pub when he comes anyway. He was a little stunned but then said "You'll understand one day" and I told him No I wouldn't, and he went out again. This morning he said "You were a bit angry at me last night!" and I told him that's because he's an idiot just like his sister (my SIL). He so doesn't know how to take me and I like it that way,

    I have decided being 30 entitles me to stand up for myself in my own home and not be pushed around by people who don't show me respect.

    Anyway, hope your holiday was great Spiddles, and hope matilda starts to sleep better for you Christy, maybe one of the suggestions will work.

    See ya all Michelle

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Hello girls! Well... had a quiet SAt and a really crazy Sunday... we visited friends & then went out Sunday night & Matilda decided that she didn't need to sleep from 2pm onwards and at 7.30pm decided to projectile vomit down my shirt (thankfully I blocked the vomit from hitting the walls) and I went running out leaking vomit and got outside and had a pool of it around my feet I'm sure she didn't consume as much as she vomitted...lol... I was tired by that point and decided that indicated it was time to go home so we jumped in the car & left lol didn't even go back in and say goodbye...DH ran in & wiped up the spilt stuff though... I was a bit embarrased about that...

    But today has been good..

    BTW... has anyone's little one started waiting longer between feeds? Matilda is going 4 hours during the day now and longer between naps, so she misses food time but I don't want to wake her up and the last few days its been 4 hours between feeds....hmmm....

    Glad to hear you had a great party Michelle!

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    Hello Everyone

    I am still around and the IL's have gone back to the UK now so I finally have time to post. I have only had chance to catch up with the last couple of pages of posts because I thought that by the time I read all of them, I wouldn't have time to post.

    The visit was interesting MIL was good and showed me a good way of settling Luke which she used to use on James and his brother - it works really well. Lying him on his side when you are holding him and tapping his back - I used to hold him on his back which didn't work as well. She also used to tidy the kitchen for me on an evening which was a real help.

    FIL was a different story - he is obviously used to people looking after him and would only try to touch Luke when he was asleep which would wake him up!!! He would get himself a drink (far too many alcoholic ones!!) and not offer anyone else a drink or make himself a cup of tea without offering anyone else even though we would be buy changing nappies, feeding or trying to get Luke asleep.

    We went away to the Gold Coast for a couple of days and Luke was very good on the plane - he slept most of the way there, just waking for a feed and just cried a bit on the way back but was happy when he was given his dummy.

    They had a video camera and even though they barely used it - we decided that we should buy one as well since Luke is smilng and is more alert and we won't get these moments any more.

    I am glad that everyone seems well, as I was reading your posts I was thinking that Luke seems to be a lot bigger than most of your babies (I didn't read how big Ryley is, Pee so you are my last hope!!). Luke was weighed at 7.5 weeks and is 5.2kg. It was at the paeditrician (sp!) and he said that he was thriviing and we didn't need to come back so that was good news. We go to the MCH tomorrow so he will be measured again.

    About the funny shaped heads - I was told that I should either turn the bassinet (which we are not using) or make up the cot at the other end since the babies tend to sleep looking into the room. We were told that in extreme cases, babies have to wear helmets to make their heads a better shape so it is worth tryiing to get them to swap sleeping sides early.

    We are going for the injections tonight so hopefully there will be no side effects.

    Hope that you are all well, sorry that there are no personals but I wanted to post and then I can keep updated with everyone.

    Take care

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    Nov 2003
    Wodonga, Vic

    Carmen-good to see you around. Hope all goes well with the injections.

    Christy-the towel idea from Kelly is a goosd idea. I have used it in childcare for the same reason, with babies. Sounds like you had a yucky Sunday. Hope your Mon has continued well. Q on feeds, Amelia is going 4 hrly during day and 8hrs at night. So she is having 5 feeds now at the same times.(6am, 10am, 2pm, 6pm and 10pm) dh wakes her b4 he leaves for work so she is starting off at the same time each day. Sat we let her sleep so we usually get an extra 1/2 hr sleep in b4 she demands a feed(6.30am)

    How are you Michelle? Sounds like you had a great party.

    Kelly-Asha's trick sounds so cute. Amelia has just found her fist so now sucks it when she is in need of a sleep. She has also decided to grab clothing and pull it close to her. She likes ribbons and silky things.

    Love the photo's bon. Esp. the 40 silohette.

    Spiddles, hope all travelled well. My parents live 7 hrs drive away. We have not made the trip yet but they have come to us lots thus far.

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