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thread: 1 month - 3 months, August '05 #2

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    Jun 2004

    Heather, I agree with the others that Hendrix is cute - especially that photo in your ticker. And wow at having a haircut already. Thomas has fuzz!!!

    Well, I dunno whether the wonder drink is doing all that much, but it tastes yummy and is giving me fluid so..... I went to the GP about that gall bladder thingy yesterday (had to get resutls of u/s) and everything is clear which is good news (no operation to remove gall bladder). GP said that we would just take pain as it comes as he really isn't sure why I'm getting such chronic pain, although I haven't had an attack in a couple of days (touch wood). But I mentioned my milk supply issue to him and he told me to increase my fluid intake to 4 litres a day and also gave me maxalon tablets to take (1x3 times a day). I've had this before but for nausea when I've had migraines. He said that he doesn't know how it works or why it works, but it does work. 24 hours on, I tend to agree, as my milk supply has picked up a bit (not back to normal, but maybe it will never be). However, I've had this wonder drink, upped my water intake and also taking Fenugreek capsules as well as the maxalon, so something better be working. But Thomas seems to be doing a "jess" atm and seems to want to feed 24/7 and I reckon that no matter how good my milk supply is, there is no way it can keep up with his demands atm. I think also that it used to gush out so fast before, and now he has to work at it a bit more, that he really has a hissy fit at the boob and almost gives up feeding although I can still hand express milk out, so I know that there is plenty there for him.

    Ahh, considering giving him forumla at night to "bulk" him up through the night, but after what Gemma mentioned (that Amy not necessarilly getting longer sleep) maybe I'm kidding myself and really being a bit selfish about wanting my own sleep. I'll keep plugging away....

    Thomas has been rather cranky for the past 24hrs. In fact DH is in with him (oh oh, Dh has gotten him out of the cot). He won't settle and is only sleeping about 1 hour at a time. I have no idea what is wrong. I would have said that I thought that he was hungry, but I've been expressing and I fed him off both boobs and then gave him another 90ml of EMB only at 7pm and he is wide awake again (and has been for about 30 minutes). I really dunno what to do.

    Can I have a bit of a whinge here????

    I feel a bit torn about DH settling Thomas at night-time. He means well, but he doesn't really give Thomas the time to settle before he picks him up or talks to him or gives him the dummy (I try not to give him a dummy if at all possible not because I am against them, but because Thomas spits it out and then if he is still partially awake, cries and I have to re-settle him again). The problem with DH doing these things is that I know that eventually it will be me up till all hours getting Thomas to sleep because DH will have to be up at 4.30am to go milk cows and he won't want to stay uphalf the night nursing Thomas because he upset the usual night-time routine. No matter how many times I have told DH not to talk to him or turn on the light or pick him up at night-time, he still does and then I'm up fixing it all.

    Whinge over.

    Ok, the lad is not settling. i think I'll go to bed and take him with me. May work.


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    Nov 2004

    Hi everyone!

    Things have settled down here - now going into the 3rd day in the land of happy bub. didn't want to say anything for fear of jinxing, but Alexander has improved so much! Things did get worse before they got better though. Last weekend was really tough, for the 3 of us! DH and I were upset with each other too, just exhausted!

    I can't exactly say what happened to change things. Maybe the medicine is working...maybe he is just growing out of it...but it is obvious he is in a lot less pain with the wind. On Monday I took him to a friend's place here and she gave me a half a beer (the first drink I've had since last October) and I think that helped me to relax a lot. She ended up babysitting for us that evening while we went for a beautiful dinner. Alexander drank 60mls of EBM with her and then slept for 6 hours!! New record! We haven't been able to do that again, but that big sleep has made his week, we think.

    Anyway, we are off to the chiropractor tomorrow to see if that will also make him more comfortable.

    See ya in the next thread Angel and Shannon! Easy street now they're 3 months, right?

    Hendrix is looking so good! Great hair!

    Hayseed, good news that you don't need surgery, what a relief. I can advise that drinking a (dark) beer now and then won't hurt your supply! I had a half on monday and everyone was happy. :-)

    Hope things are great with all of you and your bubs.

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    Nov 2004

    Good morning,

    Hope you all slept well! Had my 6 week check up with the Ob yesterday and all is well. Got fitted with a diaphragm as I am not going back on the pill. Using Billings and temps mainly. Amy is back to normal and had a great day yesterday considering she was passed around yesterday when we went to MIL's.

    Kate - My Ob said 6 months. I asked when I could be pg again rather than when to TTC as it only took the one time last time. Just have to convince DH! He also said I would have to have a c-sect again as labour didn't work last time (tried for 25 hrs). Was expecting that.

    Deb - Glad Alexander is better and the medicine is working. It's great you and DH had a night out and Alexander fed and slept well.

    Hayseed - Maybe you need to explain again to DH what is best for Thomas re the settling or get him to stay up during the night. It doesn't matter if he has to milk cows and he is tired and it may get the message through. Do you have any books? You could read to him about settling. That's what I do although my DH is better than settling Amy than me. Great news about not having to have the operation.

    Heather - Just checked out Hendrix's pics. He is so gorgeous! Do you brush his hair? I have bought 5 Grobags from eBay ranging from $25-$40 and all different Togs up to 6 months. Poor Hendrix, can't remember if he was getting the one combo or several needles? Hope he is better today.

    Brooke - Good on you for helping your Nanna, you are doing a great job with Maya, your nanna and everthing else. Hope you get some rest soon.

    By Angel and Shannon, we will miss you but will catch up soon.
    Hi Rachel, Megan, Layla and everyone else

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    Feb 2004

    Okay girls, locking this thread now. HERE is the new thread.

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