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thread: 1 Month - 3 Months, July 2005 Thread #3

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    Aug 2004
    Hunter Valley, Wine Country, NSW

    Tanya - Yes in 3 days time we`ll be joining you in the 3 - 6 month thread, I feel like Matthew`s the big kid in this thread now, it`s like going from Primary to high school, your the big kid in primary then the little kid in high.

    Brooke - I meant to say to you yesterday about the hormonal rash, Matthew had it all over his chest, shoulders, back, face and head, it was awful, I called him my little pimply man. As for bathing with baby, I hop into the bath and I get Mark to pass Matthew to me and when we`re ready to hop out I call out to Mark to come and get him, I don`t feel safe hopping in with Matthew in my arms just in case I slip, it`s really enjoyable having a bath with them.

    Welcome Rachel and Blake to the 1 - 3 month thread. Sounds like Blake is a big boy in a cot in his own room, last night I was thinking to myself I`m so glad we brought a big cradle for Matthew as he is very long and by now he would have outgrown all the bassinets and other cradles we saw during our 'cradle hunting'.

    Heather - Thats very interesting about the white tongues.

    Michelle, Juliette, Megan, Jo, Bel and Belinda (hope I haven`t missed anyone :-k ) - I hope your all well and babies are being good for Mummy.

    Matthew had a 10.5 hr sleep last night, his routine is crazy, give me 1 week of 10hr sleeps then back to 5/6 for 3 nights now another 10.5 hr sleep, I did wake up a number of times thinking he was waking up sometimes he is so noisy and is a very restless sleeper. Matthew is starting to get very clingy where Mummy is concerned, yesterday he was only happy to be on his own for 5 maybe 10 minutes then he wanted to be carried around.

    Take Care


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    May 2004

    Dee - Wow on the 10.5hrs sleep last night. Matthew you keep it up so mummy can have some sleep.
    I can't believe you will be leaving us in 3 days we will not be far behind you only 12 days to go.

    Alex is doing ok his sleep is all over the place again but he will get it one day and sleep all night for me.

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    Aug 2004
    Hunter Valley, Wine Country, NSW

    Michelle - I hope Matthew hears you LOL. Hopefully it will one day soon that Alex will sleep all night for you.

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    Morning All!

    Welcome Rachel and Blake!! WOW - I can't believe little Blake is 1 month already.....he sounds like such a lovely baby boy too!

    Dee - we will miss you when you go....you will have to pop back in to say hi from time to time. Woo Hoo on the 10.5 hours sleep.....phew - I feel better now that there is hope....

    Brooke - that conversation with Dan sounds like a good one! I am thrilled for the 2 of you that you are still madly in love and look foward to a future together. It is amazing what having a bubby can do to a relationship! For us - it has brought us closer....but the sex thing is an issue...I'm not sure if we can talk about this kinda thing in these threads...so I posted in the AO forum..

    Heather - have fun in Fiji!

    All is well here - I am still only getting 5.5hours sleep then have to get up for a feed and then back to bed for about 2 hours then up again.....How are you all feeding your babies? Is it 4 hourly or do you feed more frequently then that? We are now on about 3.5 hourly feeds - but sometimes it can be 3 hours.....I have a cracked nipple ATM - ouchie! Just when I thought our breastfeeding problems were behind us......


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    I have just popped some more pics of my little man on our website......


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    May 2004

    Megan - Love the new pictures of Finlay also can i say that your look so beautiful in your wedding photo it is such a lovely picture.

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    Nov 2003

    hey girls,
    i just wanted to add on the white tounge thing.. the nurse I see said if it scraps off then its just milk but if it doesnt its thrush.. I have had oral thrush twice before and you would know if your little one ahd it as I ahs to scream blue murder and I was an adult lol god knows how a poor lil baby would feel..

    chloe ahs slept right through for the past week minus 1 night.. its been soooooooooo great i have stopped checking on her all night now as its becoming a normal thing for her, trying not to get my hopes up that it will last much longer lol.. but shes been sleeping from about 630pm sometimes earlier..untill 630-8ish (depends if anthonys loud alarm goes off to wake her)

    I hope everyones doign well!


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    Oct 2004
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    Ohhh, I am so envious of you girls getting 10 hours sleep at a time. I'd kill for a good sleep. Not that I really feel sleep deprived, I just haven't had a long sleep like that for... well you know what it's like first being pregnant with the numerous toilet stops during the night, now with a newborn, sorry read 1 month old baby! I'm sure it will come. Blake usually sleeps for about 5 hours after his late evening feed. It just depends on when he feeds during the day as to when that 5 hours starts! Tonight it will be about 9pm, he'll go down about 10pm and I'll go down about 10.05pm! Should be a good night.

    I would think that Blake has a milky tongue rather than thrush as it doesn't bother him at all. Also he would have had to have spread it to my nipples if he did and they aren't sore at all.

    I have to take Blake to his audiometry test tomorrow afternoon. Blake spent time in and out of the special care nursery when he was born as I was GBS+ and didn't get enough antibiotics into me during my quick labour. He had a bung in his arm and was on antibiotics for 5 days, and although he was never 'admitted' to the SCN because he was treated by them he has to have this hearing test. Could be interesting as the baby has to be asleep for them to conduct it and I'm wondering how I'm going to manage Blake sleeping for that hour. Guess I just cross my fingers and hope! Anyone else had to take their bub for this test? How did you go?

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    Sep 2004
    Inner West, Sydney

    Rach - we had to take hendrix in for his hearing test and he wasnt asleep (was meant to be but what can you do?) anyhow it went well just took a little longer as he got a bit distracted.

    Megan - finlay is beautiful!! hendrix has many of the same outfits. I cant wait for fiji it should be beautiful

    Dee - wow at 10.5 hours!! that would be bliss. We went to yum cha with family and friends today as my sis is going o/s on tuesday and our friend was saying that they slept in till 11am. Its funny how much a child impacts on our lives but i cant complain!!

    Brooke - im so glad that all is beautiful between you and Dan. I really feel like mike and i have fallen back in love since hendrix has been born, it feels so intense and gorgeous and the BDing is awesome even better than before!!

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    Oct 2004

    Hi all

    Well I had a better night last night but not at first. Erykah was up until 12:15am and a friend said she used to give her baby infant panadol if it looked like her baby was in pain. So I tried it ( I would not use it on a regular basis as I would rather not give her drugs if I can help it) anyway she slept very noisily for 1/2hr and woke screaming for a feed. So I went and all her blankets had been kicked back (never done that before) anyway I was prepared for a sleepless night and settled in the sofa with the TV and a blanket covering us both.

    She fell asleep instantly so I put her in her basinett. Next thing I know its 6.30 I fed her and then next thing I know its 9.30am. Bless her.

    She has been good today and is settled and tucked up in bed. So fingers crossed tonight will be good. Lets hope the chiro works for her tomorrow.

    I only need to take her for 4 sessions they said. Twice a week. So should not break the bank too much though if it works it will be worth every penny. I hate to see her suffering and being unable to help.

    I can agree with Heather that the birth of Erykah has brought me and Shami closer together and it was like falling in love all over again but this time with even more love as we adore Erykah. Shami loves the weekends as he gets to spend time with her and he has her full time (well apart from now as he is at cricket practice!) and always wants to settle her and play with her. I am so lucky.

    Deeanne - I am jealous of the 10.5hrs though who knows what tonight may bring for me.

    I have suddenly got a lot of milk and have had to express loads as I was getting lumps but yet Erykah was feeding as much as usual.

    We are at the nurse tomorrow so interesting to see her weight now.

    Well I will get going as DH is here with Fish and Chips (well corn jacks for me as I am veggie)

    Hope you all have a good night


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    Feb 2004

    End of the month - time to lock the thread!

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