thread: 1 Month to 3 Months, March '05

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    Hi Everyone

    All the newborn details have been transferred over to this thread now since you are all over a month old.


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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2004

    Naomi - I feel like Daisy the cow too - I leak all the time. More often then not, it is when he is on one boob feeding, the other one is leaking. Am thinking of getting those Avent things that catch the milk, have only seen them on ebay, but they seem like a good idea. Yay on Ryan smiling. My little man has us both entranced with his smiling... mostly happens when he is getting changed and we are chatting to him, so gorgeous! Now just have to get the camera out for a photo of it.

    We had our 4 week check yesterday at the health centre and all is well... he is 4.8kg, was 3.7kg at birth, is 56 cms, was 51 cm at birth and head circumference is 38.5cms, was 33.5cms, so he is growing well, we can even notice it. He has grown out of some of his 0000 clothes and with Bonds stuff, he is even in 00, even though they are a little big! Their sizes are really small aren't they?

    Hope everyone and their bubs are well...

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    Scarlett Guest

    Wow Nell, Matt is sure growing quickly what a gorgeous boy he must be now. Great to know all is going well with him.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2004
    Adelaide SA

    Nell, i'm pleased to hear that i'm not the only one looking like daisey the cow LOL
    Wow Matthew is growing fast! Thats great
    Ryan is still in 0000 and they are still way too big so i think he will be in them for a while yet, i've got my 6 week checkup next week so i'm hoping my dr will say that i can drive again, it's driving me crazy being stuck in the house with a 2 year old and a newborn.

    Well i'd better go, Ryan is due a feed soon then i'm going to try and get some sleep.
    Take care

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jan 2004

    Hello every1

    It is pretty quiet here! I was expecting more pages:-)
    But with a new bub its hard to squeeze in the time to
    catch up with everybody and see how they're doing!
    Cara is doing well, she hasn't had all that much trouble
    with day vs night as far as sleep goes. Which is gr8.
    Im now getting more sleep but find that when she wakes
    at about 3 am for her feed I have alot of trouble falling
    back to sleep. Maybe my body is just use to only 5/6 hrs
    or so of sleep now! I used to love my sleep too,LOL.
    Isn't it terrific when they start to smile! Every morning
    I wake to get a smile from my little girl, it just makes my
    She is happily playing atm with her fav' doggy stuffed
    toy-she loves him& her hanging moblie!!
    What brand of pouches are you all using for your bubs?
    I have a Kapoochie that I have never used because it
    has to many straps etc not user friendly! For me anyway.
    Any suggestions on pouches that are much easier to use?
    Also,not sure if any1 can help out here, but I am wondering
    if any1 has a barcode from the newborn or infant range
    of Huggies nappies?
    I need 5 barcodes but only have the 4 to claim a playmat!
    So 1 more is all I need, but my bub -chubby little thing-
    is into the crawler range now.
    Email me if you can help pls...

    Okay chat again soon


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    Pam21 Guest

    Just been for our 4 week check up at the child health centre. Tahlia is growing well, she is now 58cm which means she has grown 6cm in the last 4 weeks! apparently on the chart that shows the averages of babies, only 3% of babies are taller than she is.

    She was 3.4kg when she was born and now weights 4.35kg so obviously I have a nice healthy growing baby!

    It always makes you feel better knowing that everything is going well.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2004

    We are a quiet thread compared to the others but I think that's because we are all looking after bubs and ourselves!

    Sounds like we all have healthy growing bubs, which is great.

    Matthew has slept for 6-7 hours for the last 3 nights in a row, which is great as I am getting a decent sleep, but I can really feel it with my bb's - I am bursting by the time I change him before a feed.

    Cara - I'm sorry, I don't have any newborn nappies barcodes from Huggies, I had bought 5 boxes so I used them myself. Won't be long before we are in the next range.

    DH and I were so excited last night as Matthew liften his head while being on his stomach, he actually lifted his head and held it up - what a clever boy!

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    Scarlett Guest

    Nell, am very jelous about mathews sleeping that is fantastic. Emily has done a few 5 hour stints but nothing regular yet - fingers crossed though. We have had to move her on to the next nappy size, was kinda sad really.
    Yay for the head holding, it is amazing to watch isn't it.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2004

    Hope all mums (and dads) and bubs are well.

    Cara - forgot to answer you about the slings. I got the Hug-a-bub after hearing some of the ladies here recommend it and I tell you, it is the best thing! Great to put them in if they are a little unsettled and you need to do stuff. I have hung out washing and chatted on BellyBelly with him sound asleep in it! If you look up hugabub on the net, you'll find the website for it.

    Scarlett - hope Emily has kept to the 5 hours (or more) a night for you. Matthew is still sleeping 6-7 hours, very lucky me. Fingers crossed it stays that way!

    Matthew is now in his cot in his own room, very sad occasion, I just got so used to being with me. But he has slept as normal, so he is all fine with it! He is smiling heaps and heaps now. Took some photos so his site will be updated soon.

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    Scarlett Guest

    Nope Nell, the five hour sleep thing has not been consistent. We have had an interesting few days though. Friday Em was awake ALL day, she had some small 20min or so cat naps but nothing more. Friday night she crashed out about 6pm, slept till 11pm when I woke her and fed her and then slept till 5.30am. She then slept all day Saturday - I think she was awake for about 2hours total the entire day and that includes feeds, and then slept from 11pm till 6.30am. She slept again all day Sunday and has been awake all day today. The weird thing is friday and saturday night I had half a glass of red wine and am wondering if it effected her so much it caused the sleeping??? I hope not as I would feel terrible if that was the case.

    We had her Christened on Sunday and she looked so gorgeous in her dress. She actually slept through the entire ceremony - bonus.

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    firsttimedad Guest

    Hi all,

    Scarlet thanks for the idea with night/day sleeps...I'll start giving it a try straigt away...sorry it took so long to reply. Haven't had a chance really to log on lately.

    Nathaniel doing great apart from having a small cold last 2 or 3 weeks. Other than that he's fantastic growing a staggering pace, he over 5kg now and almost grown out of his 000's already.....crikey....he's growing like a beanstalk already (knew that was going to happen anyways I am 6ft3 and Nae is 6ft0 so we aint midgets)....hehe.

    We now 3weeks past his original due date and he has lots more waking moments and observing the world as if its a brand new paridise. He so cute. He pulls the silliest faces I've ever seen. One of the funnier poses while he sleeping he has his arms straight up in the air like superman and is oblivious to the world around him ( I can't get over how he can keep his little arms in the air so long.) SO SO CUTE!!! \/

    Kind Regards

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    Scarlett Guest

    Rob the superman position sound so cute - hope you have heaps of photos of it. Its amazing how fast they grow isn't it, sounds like you will have a tall boy on your hands. HOpe the day/night things works for you.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2004

    Hope you are all going well. We are going good, having said that Matthew won’t sleep today at all, refuses to shut those little eyes even though he is sooo tired. I am bit worried he has reflux as he is vomiting a lot and did a nice projectile one today. We are off to the doc’s next week for his check up so I’ll ask then if he doesn’t get too much worse beforehand.

    I had my own 6 week check up yesterday, all is well, my cut has healed, don’t have to go back. I’ll tell you one thing, I am still bleeding, getting a bit sick of it frankly.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2004
    Adelaide SA

    Hi everyone,
    Nell, you are not alone chook, i'm stll bleeding too and it sucks.
    I have to wait util next week for my checkup as my Gp has gone on holidays AGAIN!
    I hope Matthew isnt too sick, Does it seem to bother him when he vommits?
    Well we finally got some much needed sleep last night, i put Ryan to bed at 8.30pm and he slept right through until 4.30am YAY!!!
    I hope he does the same tonight.

    Take care

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    Scarlett Guest

    Wow Naomi, that was a great sleep effort - hope it was repeated.

    Nell - glad the dr's went well, hope the bleeding stops soon, frustrating isn't it. Hope you work out why Matthew is vomiting, Emily does everynow and then and always manages to completley soak me and/or the bed if I am sitting on it.

    Just had a stir fry that Kev had added a bit too much chilli to - might have an interesting effect on em.