thread: 1 Month - 3 Months, November '05 #2

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    Bonnie Doon

    Thanks guys - I think it's hard because I start questioning my milk supply or wondering if I've eaten something bad...

    Are any of you avoiding any foods because of breast feeding??

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    Kirsty77 Guest

    Gemma is a formula fed bub! 8-[

    Tracey-re:feeding Indah rice cereal if you don't mind my asking, how much do you give her?Do you just put it on the end of your finger and pop it into her mouth?My mum had me on rice cereal from 4-6 wks old and theres nothing wrong with me! 8-[ (corey might say otherwise!)Oh and what time of the day do you give it to her?

    So many questions.......................

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    Feb 2005
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    Kristie - i dont avoid anything at all (just the occasional drink). the times when Emma is unsettled it gets me thinking "ooh what did i eat", but it always seems that she is unsettled because she is overtired, not because of what i have eaten. i have had people tell me not to eat peas because it will give her wind :-s i guess that some babies will have an aversion to some things, but there are definately no rules (thank goodness!!!)

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    Kazzy Guest

    Hi Everyone,
    Eden is one month now so I have moved over!!! Glad to catch up on all the news - I will have to read the posts and find out what has been happening. At the moment Eden has a face full of infant acne (poor little princess) Looks horrible but doesn't seem to bother her. She is still a beautiful girl though!! Going to read all the posts now.

    Love Kazzy

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    Kazzy Guest

    Here are my details too.

    Forum Name: Kazzy
    State: Geelong, Victoria
    Baby's DOB: 15.10.2005
    Gender of Baby: Girl
    Baby Name(s): Eden Kate
    Baby's Website: nup - not clever enough yet!!!!
    Health Concerns: nothing at the moment (fingers crossed)
    Notes: 3 weeks early, was in breech position and waters broke. Born by Emergency Ceasar. Having hip ultrasound in December. Have another child - a son who was born on 25.4.2002.

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    Nov 2004
    Bonnie Doon

    Welcome Kazzy!!!

    Louis also has the little pimples all over his face and neck. I think lots of the little bubbas have it.

    Has anyone noticed how peaceful they look when they're sleeping??? hehe

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    Kazzy Guest

    So peaceful when asleep - glad Eden is not the only one with the pimples! Thought I was doing something wrong. DS did not have them. I did my grocery shopping online on the weekend and had it delivered today - it is fantastic. Fresh and already cold. I got to plan my meals for the week, just buy what I needed and save time any money. I am a big fan at the moment and if it means I do not have to go to our local supermarket with the two kids then I'm all for it!!!!!

    I think Eden smiled at me yesterday but I am not sure. It was with her whole face - a big gummy smile. Poor little thing loos sunburnt from the rash. Looking forward to the health centre visit on Thursday to see how much weight she has gained. She still mainly only feeds one side, but seems to be satisfied.

    Getting an airconditioner installed tomorrow - YAY. Hopefully that will cool the house down a bit and DH is planning to build our pergola.

    Enrolled DS in Kinder this week - a bit scary, only seems like yesterday that Brandan was Eden's size.

    Krisvee - love the photo of Louis. How is he going?

    Has anyone got any sort of routine happening yet - I am still just going with the flow. Gee, four weeks has just flown by.

    Off to look for the book The Wonder Weeks now on Ebay - it is supposed to be fantastic.

    Love to all


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    Nov 2004
    Bonnie Doon

    Hi Kazzy - Ooh what a great idea getting the grocieries delivered! I've been able to do the shopping when dh is home looking after Louis but I've been spending so much money because I'm trying to do it quickly and I just grab everything. Through the week though I struggle to think of what to cook because I haven't actually planned anything.

    It's so exciting seeing how much weight they've gained! I'm the same - mainly feeding one side also. He still sometimes breaks off and then gets upset because it takes me a minute to notice that I'm squirting him in the face with milk - whoops!

    Dh is about to pick up our air conditioner also. Hopefully we'll get it installed soon!

    Louis is going really well. He's been a bit unsettled this week and seems to be feeding quite often. I haven't tried a routine at all but after reading some other posts think I'll start the 7pm bath, feed and sleep routine. It's so hard to know what to do first time round. I'm just trying to learn from everyone else. Also, I think I'm going to introduce dh doing a 10pm ish feed so that I can get some sleep. I just don't cope so well without much sleep and as it's been over 5 weeks now I'm a bit cranky - hehe.

    Did you follow a routine with your ds??

    On that note - I better go and get the bath stuff ready. Is it bad do you think to wake him for a feed??? It's been 3 1/2 h since his last feed...

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    Kazzy Guest


    I didn't follow a routine with my son, just went with the flow and he eventually got into a routine that I kind of steered in the right direction. Brandan didn't sleep thru until he was 10 weeks old, it used to take me ages to settle him though - I never just put him down. I think that if Louis is sleeping, them let him wake by himself. One thing that I have learned from the first time around is that 'sleep' breeds sleep. meaning that just because they have lots of sleep during the day doesn't necessarily mean they will not sleep at night. I just let Eden sleep until she wakes, leave her up for 1 hour including feeding time and have her back in bed within that hour. That way she is not overtired and hard to settle and has not been too stimulated. This is working really well for her at the moment, but as with all things to do with children, as soon as you get adjusted to one way of thinking, they change the rules ( and the routine).

    Sleep is the best thing for our babies at the moment - plenty of opportunity for them to digest not only their milk but also the new sights and sounds.

    How bad is Louis's pimple on his face and neck - is he quite red with it?? Eden looks sunburned!

    I highly recommend the online shopping - during the week I can just go to the shopping list I have saved online and add the extras that I need and take off the things that I don't/ You also get the specials. I found I saved about $70.00 because I am not just 'grabbing' and bought less 'junk' food.

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    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..


    I just put about a teaspon or 2 into a small bowl & add EBM to make it into a runny type consistency & with a rubber baby spoon, I pop a little onto her bottom lip & then she starts opening her mouth to eat as such, she only has a little bit at a time on the spoon & probably equal to a teaspoon max, usually around 7-8pm, she then cuddles & naps on & off, I give her breast again around 9:30-10pm & she usually sleeps about 8ish hours!!!

    But if you notice green stools stop as it means their tummy is not yet coping...
    But I agree we were all fed early too & my oldest sister was fed mashed banana as recommended by the DR Mum was seeing, early on too & we are all fine!

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    Kirsty77 Guest

    Thanks Tracey!!!And for the tip about green poos...ewww!Can't beleive Indah sleeps for 8 hours +, thats amazing!The most Gemma can manage is 7-71/2.Am going to try the rice cereal I think.Gem always watches me really closely when I eat or drink thats why I thought I might try it.I have rubbed banana on her lips, inside her mouth and she liked it!

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    Nov 2004
    Bonnie Doon

    Kazzy - Thanks for that! He's definitely fighting sleep at the moment. He just won't go to sleep easily which is really hard in the middle of the night. Luckily when my dh comes home he spends some time settling him to give me a break! I think it's hard also because I have heaps of work at the moment and so am stressing a little about getting enough sleep and time to do everything. Grrr. A week and a half to go and then I'm pretty much on holidays!

    Louis has pretty bad pimples. It's mainly red on one side of his face and his chest and back. I think they're just getting worse on the side he's sleeping.

    Oohh - I think I'm might try it next week. Do you go through safeway or coles??

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    Kazzy Guest

    I went through safeway - that is where I usually shop.

    I know what it is like to get stressed about so much to do. All I can say is that no matter how stressed and anxious you get, Louis is still going to do what his body feels like doing at the time. I stressed so much with number one, but to no avail - it didn't help me one bit. This time, I am 'trying' to go by the philosophy of - oh well, we will just see what happens. It is hard because you are working also, this time disappears very quickly. Even though I already have a child, I feel like I am going through everything for the first time again - just with a different outlook this time!!!

    Eden's rash gets worse with the heat - if she has been laying onit.

    Well, both of my cherubs are asleep at the moment, so I am going to get some shuteye before either one of them wakes. It is raining here at the moment so I will be lulled into sleep very easily.

    Big Hugs


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    Mar 2005

    Leah also gets a bad rash which at first I thought was baby pimples but the Paed told me it was heat rash, so now I really dress her down and dont wrap her as much at night and her face and neck are all clear, but still on the hottest days with nothing on but a nappy and the harness she gets it slightly.

    Shopping online is such a good idea - I might try it, going out sometimes just for the little things just seems so much effort.

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    May 2004

    Amanda - Lucie gets the heat rash too when it's really sticky up here.

    Kazzy - Great advice re stressing out yet bubs will do what they want to do. Very good words of wisdom - thank you! Can I ask what they think might be wrong with Eden's hip? Love the name too by the way. I have a male friend called Eden, but I really like it as a girls name!

    Kristie - Hope you manage to get some work done today.

    Gemma - Glad you've tried the Banana - makes me feel better about the mango too. Can't hurt them at all I guess. When are you going to try the rice cereal?

    Tracey - I might give that a go sometime soon too with the rice cereal. Indah sounds sooooooo cute.

    Well Lucie is sooooo cute at the moment in her bouncer laughing at her toys. She gets all excited and pants and kicks her legs. Very cute. I am a bit naff at the moment - we are going out today and wearing similar dresses. Hers is very big on her but she looks gorgeous. She's had 130ml at 7am shich is a good start for the day. I did every 4 hours or so yesterday and we seemed to go a bit better so will see what happens today.

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    Kazzy Guest

    Hi All,

    Wheatie - Eden was breech so they have recommended that I get an ultrasound done of her hips. The MCH nurse thinks that they feel OK, but I think it must just be normal procedure to unltrasound a breech baby maybe? DId I read in an earlier post that Lucie has hip displacia???? or is that another little bubsie. Great that she drank so much for you this morning. It is so much more stressful feeding a baby when you can see how much they are drinking - when they are breastfed, you have no idea how much or how little they are guzzling! I love the matching outfits thing - so cute. It is a mothers right to dress her kids as she sees fit until they are old enough to complain - then we will be complaining about what they dress themselves in!!!!!!!!!!!

    Eden's rash gets worse with the heat too - the Nurse said it would. Seems to be clearing a little - not as many pimples but still quite red.

    She slept from 8.40 pm to 12.40, had a quick feed then slept from 1.00am to 7.00 am - just a little restless at around 2ish - could have been from the thunder storm we had. But WOW - what a great sleep. COuld be just a one off, but I will take them when they come!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well, I am waiting for the airconditioner man to come - good day to be inside anyway!

    Talk soon,


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    Nov 2004
    Bonnie Doon

    Good Morning!

    Well after all my complaining yesterday about 2 hourly feeds Louis slept really well last night. He feed at 7.30pm and slept through to 12.45am - when dh fed him. Then through to 5.15 so not too bad!

    Dh had to come in though after he gave him the bottle because he was still hungry. Admittedly there was only 90ml in the bottle but I wasn't sure what he'd take because he only had 85ml the other day. I suppose it's always better to have more!

    He's still a bit unsettled and woke this morning at 7.15am crying so I brought him into the bed and had cuddles and he slept restlessly until 8.30am.

    Kazzy - We've yet to break the 5h45m barrier yet! Wouldn't it be nice if it was guaranteed every night! hehe
    I agree with what you wrote about getting stressed! I'm actually more stressed about work at the moment! As bad as that sounds.... I know he's doing well it's just hard when you've got other pressures. I will NOT be doing it this way again though

    Lucie sounds gorgeous Soph! Glad she seems to be feeding better.

    I had Louis on his matt today and he was hanging on to his rings and shaking them around! Woo hoo. I don't know if he know he was doing it but I thought he was clever! he he

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    *Yvette* Guest

    Hi everyone. I'm way out of touch with this thread, but thought I'd just pop in and say hi. Hope everyone is doing well. I'll try to have a read back over the last few pages and see what you've all been up to.

    Only another week and a bit til Asha & Lauren are 3 months! I've still been talking in weeks. Hmm, I can't even tell you how they're weights are going coz it's been about 3 weeks since they were weighed. Might have to ring the mchn coz she hasn't rung me.

    They're generally fine anyway, one of them attached to one of my boobs most of the time, and my left shoulder is permanently soggy with baby sick.

    Ok, I'm gonna go back and have a read now before I have to check the washing machine again.