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thread: 12 Months - 3 Years, April '05

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    Michelle, we deffinately have to watch what we say in front of Nick these days, he's like a parrott and repeats EVERYTHING!
    Well, he's just woken up from his nap and is screaming the house down ](*,)
    God i hope it's just a phase.

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    Naomi- sorry I am no help either with the screaming, is he worried about not being able to open the door? Does he actually try to open it? Maybe after he goes to sleep you could open the door just a little and then when he wakes he could come out by himself, unless of course you don't want him to be able to come out all the time LOL. I was spewin once Jemma worked out the door. Yay for your IL's and the swimming leesons, that should be good all round really. Joshua's frist check up was this yr and he is five, I'm not sure whether they should have their teeth checked earlier, Jordan's first check was in about grade 1, they both went through the dental van at school and it was free for us as we have a healthcare card. So even the seals and fillings were free. It is really good.

    Kathryn- maybe they need wekend playgroup too LOL. Hope Lachlan didn't get up too early. And thank goodness the alarm was sorted out, it is most annoying being woken up at the wrong time.

    How long now Michelle until your baby arrives? You are having a ceaser right? It must seem like you are pg for ever to a 2yr old. I know Jemma was 18mths when I had Jessica and for 4 mths after she was still looking for the baby in my tummy and kissing my belly, it was so cute.

    Arron is at footy and Jemma has just gone down for a sleep, she was so grizzly so going now is ok as she will still go to bed tonight. Jessica will be awake soon. Jordan's netball team won their first game ever today and Jordan shot 1goal, so she was so excited. She has gone to my Mum's and Joshua is watching a movie, so I am sitting here in peace, it's quite strange really. So I am going to make the most of it and cruise the forums, see what's happening. hope you all have a lovely weekend.

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    Hiya girls

    LOL @ me having to keep checking what age group I am in before I reply hahaha.

    Naomi I can't help you with the screaming either. We have low door handles and light switches, so Kameron was opening doors and turning on lights not long after he got the hang of walking. Which was a good and a bad thing lol.

    That is fantastic that the IL's are taking Nick swiming though would be great to have that little break on a Saturday. It is so expensive as well. Well $11 per child at our local centre for 1hr. You'd think if they want people to learn how to swim they would make it cheaper.

    Rofl at weekend playgroup Michelle. I am going to feel like i live there as it is at the end of this week. On Friday I go come home at 11am to have to go back at 1pm, as it will be my first Meeting being Playgroup Co-ordinator. My life has revolved around playgroup just being holidays rofl, with getting everything ready for activities etc. anyway has been good keeping me out of trouble hahahahaha.

    Lachlan has just gone down for an arvo nap, and Andrew just got home from work and is laying down too. Kameron asked to watch the cat (Garfield) but I can't find it anywhere, so he has settled for Fishes (Nemo) instead.


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    For all the time you will be spending there Kathryn it's a shame its unpaid LOL. Almost will be fulltime, but at least you can have the boys there too.

    You will have to let us know how the meeting goes.

    Cheers Michelle

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    Yeah Andrew would have preferred it to be paid LMAO, but having said that if they need assistants at Kindy etc for something I can put my hand up which is paid all experience I guess hahahaha.


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