thread: 12 Months - 3 Years, August '05 #2

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    Ambah I would call the National Parks & Wildlife service...they relocate nesting birds sometimes (we recently had a Plover incident at the school...LMAO)


    I'm off to pay rego, just as I was getting back into my PJ this arvo for a nap DH rang up & said he forgot to pay rego which WAS due on Monday #-o so I'm off to do that now before picking up Matilda....

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    Kellee Guest

    Hello everyone! Wow, I miss being able to check this forum. Sorry that I don't have time for many personals, except to say that I hope all the poor sick bubs get better soon and Happy Birthday to Jessica for Friday, incase I don't get on here before then (quite likely!).

    I thought I'd better tell you what I'm up to. At the last minute, I got roped into doing the statewide "Reminiscing" Tour with Glenn Shorrock, Doug Parkinson and Wendy Matthews. Rehearsals start on Monday, so I have to get that assignment done three days early (AAAGGGHHH!!!). Therefore I haven't had time to check much, and probably won't have time to check much for the next month (the tour finishes on Oct 1). Of course, this means I have to leave my baby boy in Brisbane for the 2 1/2 weeks that the tour is out of the Brisbane area. I really don't know how I'm going to cope (even though I know that HE will be fine!). I don't want to even think about it. I can't really even get excited about it all because I'm so worried. I will have a chance to come back for 2 short days, but that's all in all that time. This means I have to wean him - he's only having a morning and night feed. Does anyone know if I express while I'm away whether he's likely to want to pick it back up when I get back? I don't think I'm quite ready to stop b/f yet. And because of his tracheomalacia, I wanted to b/f for as long as I could to give his immune system a boost. I would really appreciate any advice.

    It was so hard for me to make the decision to go on this tour. I can't bear the thought of leaving Charlie, but it's too much of an opportunity to turn down. I'm really racked with guilt about the whole thing... has anyone else had experiences of being away from bubs for a while? I need to think about how I'm going to deal with it and would appreciate some advice.

    Anyway, better go and do some more work on this assignment. I hope you're all well, and I'll check in when I can. I leave Bris on the 14th, but the tour actually starts on the 7th so hopefully I'll be able post a few times before I go.

    Hugs to all!

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    Thanks for that Christy. I might try giving them a call tomorrow... though I have read some info on the net that says that they (parks & wildlife) wont come and relocate them, and they are a protected species, and their survival in the suburbs depends on our goodwill to let them nest in our gardens.... :-k
    But i will call and beg them I think, lol!

    Kellee - Oh my goodness, what a huge opportunity for you! That is really exciting... but at the same time I can totally understand how worried you are... I wish I had some advice for you sweetie, but the longest I have ever been away for Aidyn is 1 night. I think its important that you know that Charlie is going to be just fine when you are gone, so if you keep telling yourself that, hopefully it will make you less worried. Also can you ring up a couple of time a day and hear what he has been up to, and speak to him on the phone?
    Sorry but I dont know what the best way to go about weaning is, however I reckon you should give it a shot of expressing BM for when you are gone, and trying to put him back on the breast when you get back.

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    What a bugger that brush turkey is Amabh! Hope that someone can do something, although having some baby brush turkeys later down the track would be interesting, but that's cos it's noty happening in my garden LOL

    Christy- bugger having to go out when you were all finished going out. What happened with the plovers, mum has heaps of them at her place.

    Kellee- Super news, I totally understand your worry but Ambah is right, Charlie will be fine and what a great experience for you. Good luck with the assisgnment and hope we get to chat bf you go. Thanks for the birthday wishes I am so sad. She got another tooth in the last few days and so now has 5, no wonder she hasn't been eating properly, there are actually heaps just about to pop through by the look of it.

    Anyway must fly, Arron is waiting for me and will carry on now that I am on here LOL What's new!

    Cheers michelel