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thread: 12 Months - 3 Years, July '05 #2

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    katanya Guest

    OOH Kathryn I like a surprise..I am hopeless at them, but here are my guesses..of course #1 you are pregnant, but the clothes shopping threw me out too..#2 Lachlan is walking? #3 you have had your hair cut, #4 you have a new pet? hmmm I really am thrown now..

    LOL at me "coming down the moutain" Kathryn!! it really is sort of like that

    Ambah that POOR boy he sounds like he's still suffering, I am looking forward to those teeth but not the pain 8-[ just think how well he'll be able to chew his food from now on! the leap pad sounds good, Felix is far too rough at this age for one yet..he rips and chews on everything..

    Michelle you are right about the illness, I am not sure he is ready to be exposed to that yet..one of the kids was really coughing badly, I think that put me off too, I think I am going to wait till he is older, I'll just have to make do somehow..

    We have needles today, he is overdue, because I have been reseaching the MMR, I am going to TRY to get it separated, but today I'll just get his other needles..the ones I know he doesn't react to..DP wants me to get them all separte, so we'll be going every week for awhile!

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Katanya - I also got Aidyns needles seperated a little, as he hadn't had his pnuemoccal one yet, so we did them over 2 weeks with the MMR, and he only had 2 injections each time (though it was still pretty harrowing!)
    Speaking of... we are overdue to get his 2nd pnuemococcal one done... I'd better call the Dr's now!
    All your talk of childcare centres has got me researching them today, as I will need to put Aidyn in for 2 days per week next year when (IF!) I get into uni. There is ABC centre just down the road from me, so I will try there first I think.

    LOL I know what is changing on Kats avatar!! Dont worry though Kat, I wont reveal!! You girls have certainly made better guesses at it than I did though! lol

    Michelle - how did Jemma like the Baby leap pad? Did she use it/like it a lot??

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    BellyBelly Member

    May 2004

    Michelle - Kimberley was playing with the toilet rolls yesterday i went to get Alex's milk and when i came back in to the room i had toilet roll all over the floor. Now it's all over my toilet floor as i will not throw it way.

    I keep logging on to see if Kathryn's avatar has changed
    Can't wait to find out what it is.

    Katanya - Good luck with having Felix needles done today.

    We are going out today to see DH's cousin just hope her little girl does not get hold of any sissors (sp?) again as i don't wnat Kimberley's hair shorter than it is.
    I had to hide the cakes last night that we made as Kimberley started helping herself.

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    katanya Guest

    Ambah I am going to try to order each of the 3 MMR ingrediants separately, apparently it's really expensive(like $100-200), but if we can afford it I'm going to do it..we have been informed immunisers all the way and this needle is the one that makes me most nervous..I works with so many families who swear it had something to do with their child's Autism..so because we want to immunise for all the other reasons but we dont the risk we'll see what we can do..I am just scared they may not order them for us..
    Good idea thinking about childcare now if you might need it next year, usually there are waiting lists..

    OOH Kathryn..I am itching to see what the news is now..ooh I keep looking at your av every time I post..

    Michelle felix has a toilet paper fetish already and he's not even TTing.. we have to shut the door as he goes in there and steals it :roll:

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Katanya - I can truly understand why you would be nervous about the MMR. I was very nervous as well... and then 1 week afterwards Aidyn ended up getting a high fever and a rash from it, though the Dr wasnt certain that it was from the immunisations?
    For those parents that you know that suspect the MMR had something to do with their child's autism, when did they start to notice the difference in their children?

    *Michelle* - I hope that little girl doesnt get a hold of the scissors this time!

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    *Yvette* Guest

    Katanya I'm fine thanks, just very limited physically atm which is very frustrating. Twice a week to the hospital now too which is a drag. Is it for work or just for a break for you/socialization for Felix that you were thinking about childcare? Lola went at 2 and Ruth at 6 months, for about a year each, and they were fine & enjoyed it. Had to work full time at the time. I looked at different places & picked the ones with the best 'vibe'. Going with your gut sounds good to me. Haven't even looked into playgroup yet for Angus, very slack, but he has his sisters, & it looks like we'll start doing some stuff with AMBA. Good on you for researching the immunizations. By separating do you mean just having one at a time?

    Kathryn sounds like Andrew did well with his pressies. Wonder what your news is, hmmm. A shopping trip for clothes sounds great, some nice gear will give your confidence a boost. I'm waiting til after these babies come to sort out my wardrobe, but I don't have any pants that will stay up any more :-s

    Michelle Jordan sounds like she was very mature introducing herself like that. Yes we are a bit pet crazy, but they're all nice and spoiled & live in the house as family members, & we all get a lot of pleasure from them. The toy sale sounds scary, I'm not even going to look in the catalogue! How lovely to have had a mad cleaning day, my spirit is willing but my flesh can't cope, lol.

    Ambah good luck at the Target sale. Yep, same dream for me with the house full of pets and kids. We're working towards adding a puppy next year, and a couple of chooks. Poor Aidyn with his teeth. ikwym about long overdue naps, we've been having lots of those lately. Hope you had a nice time out with the girls.

    Michelle they love toilet paper at all ages don't they. Angus loves to unravel it and we roll it back up again.

    Angus had his first little injury involving blood yesterday, climbed on something in his room and fell off, don't know if it was the chair or the little table, and bit his lip. Nothing too serious, but you know what it's like when you have to mop up all the blood first to see the tiny little cut it's coming from.

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    Morning Girls

    You have all been chatty this morning

    Yes Ambah knows my news, only a handful of people do at the moment. Not even Andrew's parents know yet 8-[ but my parents do, cause of course I rang and had to tell mum straight away

    Hope you all have a great day. Andrew is back to work today YAY.


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    BellyBelly Member

    Jun 2003

    Ok my guess is that you are pregnant Kathryn! I have been waiting for the new avatar as well but after your last post that would be my guess. I was a little thrown by the clothes shopping comment but I am guessing you will need clothes once the baby is born so you can still shop anyway!!! Sitting waiting in suspense.

    Asha is walking! My baby is now a toddler and it makes me sad. I will keep thinking about having another baby but I change my mind everyday.

    Better go I should be doing hosework while Asha is asleep.

    Talk to you all later.


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    Melinda Guest

    ner ner ner ner neeerrrrr!! I know the news!!! LOLOL

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    LMAO Mel.... only cause it was you I was talking too when I was thinking of a unique way to let people know :P


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    Melinda Guest

    WHAT? You weren't going to tell me otherwise?! No fair.........

    I thought I was very special when I got the sms AND an msn message......

    *wah......slinks off to have a sook*

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    Awwww you know I love you


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    Melinda Guest

    But but but I got an sms saying you had news.....I feel upset now. Poor Mel isn't special LOL. J/K

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    katanya Guest

    Oh Kathryn your Avatar is the same..come on Kelly post the new one!!!! I came home and guess what I went looking for your avatar for the news..LOL talk about suspense..!!

    Well on the MMR issue, I am very annoyed to say that despite the willingness of us to pay for the separate needles, they don't make them in Australia..so either the full thing or nothing..the doctor today gave me a talk about how much the measles would impact someone like Felix(attacked the respiratory system too)...I want to immunise.. but our way
    So DP and I will ahve to decide to either look OS for the immunisations or go for the local 3 in one..

    Yvette gald to hear you are doing well! The childcare was a ahead of time plan like maybe next year but when they said they had space I considered maybe I could go back to work during the week for a few days..nayhow at this stage it is shelved..

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    HI girls

    katanya have you thought about family daycare, not sure if it called that in QLd, when you child goes to the carers home, they have less kids and it would give you time and also Felix socialisation. You get to meet the family etc and so if you don't like them you could look for someone else. Not sure if it's "up the mountain"LOL. Bugger about the imm, mine have had a ll the imm just as they are and thankfully no probs. I wish I had got the chicken pox vacc bf they got it bc it wasn't nice at all, they even had spots in/on the genitals, Josh had one on the tip of his penis, very sore and yucky for him!

    Kathryn- you are naughty! Fancy teasing so badly. I am voting pregnancy too!

    Yvette- hope Angus is feeling better after his fall, bound to happen sooner or later.

    Michell- hope kimberly is haircut free, scissors are such fun. Sory about the toilet paper, I must have given her ideas LOL

    Kelly- hope things are well for you and work isn't too stressful. I sort of thought about another too, but I think it was just a momentary yearning for a baby as Jessica is almost fully walking too.

    Hope Christy is enjoying sleep school and Matilda is being a good girl.

    Ambah- hope those teeth pop asap.

    Did I miss anyone? I have been doing book work for Arron's business all day, thought I'd start bf the day it's due to be paid for a changeLOL. But am only half way ther and also wanted to do all the tax stuff so we can get it in next week. I had the usual whinge on Arron about taking ,money out of his account for stupid things, eg he goes to the TAB and takes $40 and it gets wasted and in 2 months he took over $600 in just wasted money cos it brought nothing for us!

    Gotta go cos am very weak from lack of sugar, haven't had tea yet so gotta feed mysaelf and the kids, Arron is at footy training.

    Cheers Michelle

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    BellyBelly Member

    May 2004

    Still no new Avatar Kathryn. I'm with the others that you must be pregnant.

    Great news if you are.

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    If there is no Avatar by Saturday Morning I will post the news


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    katanya Guest

    Saturday???? oh the suspense is killing me ahhgghh!!!

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