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thread: 12 Months - 3 Years, July '05 #2

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    Well 1 hour later he has nodded off. But he wont be down for long as Andrew will be home in an hour, so that will get him up he can be dead to the world and as soon as Andrew is in, he is up.


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    Nov 2004

    Forum Name: Simone
    State: WA
    Baby's DOB: 1 july 2003
    Gender of Baby: Boy
    Baby Name(s): Xander Lochlan Moore
    Health Concerns: Asthmatic, severe eczema
    Notes: born 10 days late, induced, episiotomy.

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Hi girls

    Welcome Simone and Xander, have you been around Belly belly cos your name is familiar.

    Kathyrn- great to have a shopping day set, have loads of fun and hope you pick up some great bargains. I must take the jeans I brought on m,y last shopping trip to get taken up or they'll never get worn. Bugger about the arvo sleeps, jemma thinks she doesn't need them too, but what happens now is if she has them too late then she doesn't go to sleep till about 10pm ,so I am not too worried about it, after all she is almost 2 and a half.

    katanya- sounds like you have finally worked out what will suit you and Felix, that's great! I hope that he doesn't get the chest infection, fingers crossed you don't have to go to the hospital. As for me being a cleaning machine....I am trying to keep on top of it. It is hard cos somedays you just don't feel like it and you get behind, but there are more important things than cleaning. I am trying to enjoy my kids too, so I guess that means my idea of clean isn't display home clean iykwim. Although Arron thinks that's how it should be and we have had so many arguments about it. I wish I was part machine cos I could switch to clean and it would be done.LOL The house stayed cleaner when I worked full time cos nobody was here. It usually looks good until Jordan and Joshua come home from school and then it's trashed all over, I do try to make sure it's reasonable when we go to bed but as I am usually still folding washing and drying clothes at 10pm I inevitably run out of hrs to clean up, and I can guarentee that Arron won't lift a finger after the kids go to bed to help clean up, so I figure enough is enough.

    Tonight I am going to my mum's for a scrapbooking night, and so looking forward to it cos I have done so little scrapbooking in the last 6 mths and I have 20 million photos and that's not an exaggeration either. I am thinking I could get about 6 pages done tonight LOL will let you know whether I was being ambitious and how I actually go tomorrow. I am eaving at 7.30pm and Arron will have to put the kids to bed all alone, so lets see how he likes that I know he will be pestering me to organise everything bf I go. He doesn't help me bf he goes out. That's men for you.

    Anyway hope everybody has a nice evening
    Best wishes Michelle

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    katanya Guest

    Forgot to say before that the C&K kindy starts at 3 (but maybe in the year they turn 3?) But yes Michell I feel =better about this one, I was going down to enroll him tonight but he was deeply asleep, so it will have to be in the morning!

    I really feel for you with having to try to keep up a house to those standards, I think you HAVE to do it to your own standards and not worry about being a display home, I mean anyone would never expect a house with 4 children to look like that! It would just be inhuman! Why do you have children, to clean after them or to enjoy them, there has to be a balance of both..it is so wonderful you have your scrapbooking nights out and leave things to your DH! I was thinking of doing the same, but 1 child is easier than 1, I'm sure my Dp wouldn't help me either till I left

    Welcome Simone and Xander!! great name!

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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Welcome Simone, I look forward to getting to know you

    Michelle - Woohoo on a scrapbooking night! Some time to yourself without the kids and DH is probably just what you need Hope you get lots of nice pages finished!

    Katanya - I hope Felix picks up really soon, and that the infection doesnt spread to his chest. I will keep everything crossed for you...

    Kat - did your friend end up dropping off those clothes? How are they? Goodo for having a shopping date set as well, you will have so much fun!

    Well Aidyn has had a few 'firsts' today. I was getting ready to go out to the park and was putting my own shoes on and I asked him
    'Aidyn can you please bring your shoes here to Mummy so I can put them on you'
    and he actually walked over picked them up and brought them over to me!! I guess it doesnt sound that huge, but it seemed important to me as this is the first time he has directly responded to one of my requests, and it shows that he understands me perfectly!
    And then later on this evening he learnt to stack his peekablocks up in a tower. Normally when I show him how, he will just knock them all down down, but this time he actually paid attention and copied what I did.
    My little boy's brain is growing so fast! =D>

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    YAY Aidyn at following Mummy's directions He is getting so big! Ambah with the dummy we just left it and she was working on self settling anyway, so the 30 minutes it took to settle down was probably going to happen whether or not we went in & put hte dummy back in, and in fact I'm positive it was a tactic she used to get us to come into her because we would hear it drop and ALWAYS run in to pop it back in #-o

    I'm in love with Matilda's day care mum. This morning I went in early with her & sat & chatted with how Matilda's been going & what her routine has been etc etc and she took notes & showed me what we will be doing & played with Matilda, then I left & phoned twice 8-[ throughout the day & she was great. I picked Matilda up a bit early & she was the only child there today! So she got to bond with her "day care mum" today & slept an amazing 3 hours!!! :shock: Fantastic! She was really excited about getting to spend time alone with Matilda to get to know her. YAY! Whew...

    katanya I have had Matilda on the C & K preschool & kindy waiting list in our area, I really like the community based programs I started her on the waiting list for the earlier programs because my best friend worked for C & K and told me to get in early, but I've since changed the place to preschool.... I hope Felix is okay!!!

    Kat How exciting about the clothes & shopping!! You are being so brave, I find it really hard to "change" my style & what I am comfortable in.

    Michelle I am amazed by how much you accomplish with 4 little ones, you are amazing!!!

    I hope Kimberley enjoy's her clean room LOL!

    Misty how are your little ones going? It must have been beautiful up the coast today.

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    Hi Girls

    Finally have time to do personals YAY.

    As predicted Lachlan only slept for 1 hour his eyes sprung open and he started crying as soon as he heard that car. Andrew also left his mobile phone on the kitchen counter, Lachlan saw it and spent the next hour crying for it ](*,) Andrew got his old one out of the car and that kept him amused for a while till he reailsed it didn't light up LMAO. He is too young for a $2 one from the shops.

    Yes I got the clothes !! I went and picked them up as she didn't realise till later that her husband needed her car to get something done to it. So she rand me when he got home. There was a large garbage bag chockers full of stuff, all neatly folded in there. On first inspection there was only 5 things that I didn't like, a couple of brighe green *shudder* things and a bright orange top. She told me that there was 2 pair of jeans in there but they might be way to big.... well one pair I can just do up (just can't eat the day i wear them) and the other I can't even get close to doing up ROFL. I am sure she thinks I am smaller in the arse than what I actually am

    There was a gorgeous black (bit see thru) blouse and it fitted really well, but it was made of a funny material and made me feel itchy so I put that back in the bag as it was annoying me. So anyway, I scored a couple of nice blouses to wear out, jeans, jumpers and a few t-shirts and stretch pants.

    Roll on Friday, cause she has great taste

    Ambah Woohoo for Aidyn to finally understand what you are saying that is great !! He is a smart chickadee.

    Christy It sounds like the lady you have found to look after Matilda is Wonderful. Woohoo @ 3hrs sleep as well. I hope it all works out well for you.

    Michelle I hope you are enjoying your scrapbooking night. My house is never display home clean. The walls proudly display little handprints etc LOL. When I do clean up if I know someone is coming over it is tidy but looks lived in iywkim. the girl that is taking me shopping on friday has a house that looks like it should belong in a magazine right down to her built in wardrobe and daughters room. We call her Bree from Desperate Housewives LOL. I have quite often told her NOT to come to my place hahahaha. My clean would be her messy I really do admire those people though that can keep a house looking spotless like that and she admits to being compulsive about it.

    Katanya How is Felix feeling now?

    Simone Welcome to our chatty little group, look forward to getting to know you more.


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    Ahh bugger

    forgot to say.... Lachlan has a favourite nursery rhyme now. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. He even does the hand actions tooo cute and if your not doing the hand actions he grabs your hand and puts it up in the air. A man at playgroup this morning was singing it to his son and Lachlan went to join in, and then the man changed songs, so poor Lachlan started crying and crawled away hehehehe.

    I love this age.


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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    awww how cute at twinkle!! Its matilda's fav too

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    katanya Guest

    well good news the fever has finanly broken and he has the rash..I looked up my baby illness book and looks like the Roseola Infantum too Ambah, but don't feel all guilty again because it is something you can't diagnose until the rash comes! It is a relief because his breathing was getting really scary and I was scared it was something more serious. The fever has finaly gone..and lots of red splotches..perhasp he's had both together poor mite, now we just have to hope the rapid breathing slows down or we'll be having trouble at the diteicians on friday..he hasn't been eating or drinking his sustegen

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    That is great that the fever has broken Katanya. Goodluck for Friday as well.


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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Oh no Katanya, I was dreading hearing that! poor little possum having a double whammy of sicknesses I really hope his breathing comes good, and he starts guzzling his Sustagen. I know Aidyn's appetite was way down when he had the fevers too...
    Please give him a big cuddle from me!

    Wow Kat, sounds like you scored on the clothes!! And after your shopping trip on Friday, you wont even know yourself!
    LOL @ Lachlan! We have given Aidyn one of our old model mobile phones as well, though he much prefers ours which light up and make noise

    Christy - it sounds like Family day care is going to be really good for Matilda, and even better is that you know that the daycare Mum understands Matilda and is just so great. Wow @ the 3 hr nap!

    I'm another one that is not so good at cleaning... DP is on my back about it all the time. I try to keep the main areas tidy, like the kitchen, lounge and dining... but when it comes to our own bedroom - it looks like a bomb has hit it - there are clothes all over the floor! Our study has just had a huge cleanup too, thanks to the addition of our new filing cabinet (thanks MIL!), but we will see how long that last, lol.

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    katanya Guest

    I didn't do any personals before so here I try

    Ambah: I'm sure he'll bounce back now! He ate some lunch today, don't worry I am the worst house cleaner in the world, I ahve days of being realy clean and then I go out too many days in a row and it all falls apart!
    Kathryn don't you love getting hand me downs, I love inheriting other people's clothes especially those with good taste...sounds like you really have a great start to your wardrobe on friday..ooh I envy you getting a new look..first I'd like to shave my butt off and then I'd have all my old clothes to wear anyhow!

    Christy.yay for C&K, I booked him this morning, for 2008, god it looked so great, I wish I could send him next year!! The staff, the playground, the kids, it all lookked fantastic, the activites..wow! I am so happy with it! So gald the Family day care situation is working out, it sounds wonderful, I might actually try to get Felix into one up here, maybe I will ring and see after reading what you feel about it..you never know!

    I am actually think of booking Felix in for the Steiner school for schooling, I have to take DP to an info night and see if it is for us, the only problem is the schools up here are meant to be really great and small and community orintated, and the steiner school is 30 mins drive each way, but I just love it there the playgroup is unreal!

    Oh I forgot to mention..guess what my mischeivous "sick" boy did last night?? ate my lipstick (stolen from my bag) and smeared it all over the house, and I had to brush it off his teeth and throw the tooth brush away..he pooed lipstick this morning I only have 2 lipsticks..

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    Oh Katanya I remember when Kameron got into all my good makeup and thought he would play with it out in the sandpit. I haven't bothered replacing it yet. Lachlan has to grow up first ROFL @ shaving your butt off as well.

    I wore my new clothes to playgroup this arvo and the mum that gave them to me laughed. So yeah really looking forward to the shopping spree. I will have to have a cleanout myself now and ditch some of my daggy stuff.

    Ambah - I have a bedroom that looks like a bomb too. All our lace curtains are ripped in there as well from where our dog lays in the window so they will have to be replaced soon. I clean it up and then Andrew destroys his side again, I am sure he is worse than the kids. Then it just spills over the rest of the room. Didn't help that he spent 3 days in bed with the flu last week.


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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Oh thats so exciting Kathryn!! I just got some $$ that my aunt sent via mum & I was all ready to go shopping and then I opened the mail and the forgotten rego was sitting there....oh well...maybe next time some unexpected $$ comes around LOL

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    May 2004

    Ambah - Our bedroom is just the same i just close the door when someone comes round and just pray that Kimberley does not open it again while they are here.

    Katanya - Sorry but i had to laugh when you said about the makeup.

    Christy - Hope next time you do get some extra $$ you get to spend them on you.

    Kimberley is getting far to cheeky. She keeps telling me to go to bed when i am telling her off.

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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Oh Katanya, I was PMSL when I read what Felix did to your lipstick! I know it wouldnt have been funny IRL at all though... what a cheeky little boy, lolol!!
    And LOL @ shaving your butt off!! I often wish I could shave or 'sculpt' my fat off to be the shape I want to be... if only....

    Christy - great news about the money! Pity you didnt get to spend it on yourself, but I guess at least you wont have any trouble paying the rego now

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    katanya Guest

    yes the lipstick is funny in retrospect..wasn't impressed at the time though..I found more lipstick finger prints over the house today :roll: It's one of those things I'll be saving for his 21st party :badgrin:

    good news about the extra $$ Christy sounds like it came right at the perfect time!

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