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Thread: 12 Months - 3 years, June '05

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    Yvette- what a surprise, I just bumped into you around the corner. WTG Angus with the babysitting, that's terrific, at least you know you can leave him with someone, I bet your mum had fun too. Hope the bday celebrations go well and the cake is yummy, save me some!

    Jemma is sleeping so I am in BIG TROUBLE! She will never go to sleep tonight.

    Going now to make a healthy meal, cover ing some foodgroups- actually it is just toasted sandwiches, so not many groups covered there. But we also have coke to go with it , so we are covering junk as well.

    Can't have everything!

    Cheers Michelle

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    Welcome Yvette!

    Michelle - is your DH back from Airlie yet? I used to go there all the time cause it was less than 2 hours from where my parents & sister lived... I guess it is pretty small, and is very much a backpackers town... Hope he managed to go fishing (for your sake anyway!)

    Have had a bad start to the day today... I was all set to go to my Body Pump class when I realised that I left Aidyns pram in the carboot! (which DP has taken to work) So we wont be going anywhere for ages now.
    Aidyin is also pushing through his 2nd molar tooth, and is none to happy about it...poor bubba.

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