Hi folks.

Michelle I love my bagless vacuum cleaner too, but hate having to wash the filter out every time. Boy does it suck though. Jemma sounds very cute. Trip to Qld sounds fantastic, something to really look forward to. So glad you enjoyed the baby shower, I sure did. What a day!

Kathryn, lol time to grow eyes in the back of your head. I’m sure you’ve already got them though from Kameron. Hope Lachlan is over his cold. Wow you’ve been so busy with the playgroup. That woman sounds like the Obs at my hospital, lol. Had a peep at the new website pics, what gorgeous boys. Woo hoo with the walking, off he goes.

Lucy, oops, happy birthday Mitchell. Glad the party went well. What did he cut his thumb on? Hope you get a chance to relax soon. Wicked girl chucking a sickie, hope you got lots done. Great that Mitchell is eating so well. Glad you had fun at the baby shower, boy did you spoil me. Great that you got the committee meeting together, that must have taken some effort. Yes, it’s cold, damn cold! Go the moccas, he he.

Hi Ambah, I think the teeth issues stop when they’re about 17 and you get their braces off. Oh, no then there’s the wisdom teeth at 21. Wow, molars already. Hope Aidyn is over his cold soon.

Hi Tanya. Wow, wee in the potty. How old is Emily? My kids tend to grow mullets too, lol. Had to put lots of pretty hats on Lola when she was 2 to make her look more girly.

Hi Christy, happy birthday Matilda. Sorry to hear about the needle dramas. Yay for Matilda’s tooth.

Hi Kelly, happy birthday Asha. Kelly tell me about digital scrapbooking? Bugger about the banana, hope you’re wrong coz it’s so good for them and so easy.

Hi Marisa, happy birthday Kayne. Marisa the zoo trip sounds great. We just had a really quiet birthday for Angus too. Hope Kayne is over the rash & cough. Angus was fine with his needles. We just had to put the last ones off for another month though as he had a cold. He’s over it now, but we have to wait for the next free clinic day.

Hi Vicsta, happy birthday Bailey.

Hi Katanya, woo hoo at Felix walking. Ouch at teeth through lips. Ruth bit very hard into her tongue once when she slipped in the bath. It looked really scary but didn’t hurt her much, & I couldn’t put a bandaid on it or anything.

*Michelle, phew, MIL time is over. Kimberley will get past the toy thing, you don’t get a visitor from the UK all that often.

Hi MistyFying. Great to hear Zeke has been so well.

Benvenuto Ely. Un benvenuto grande a BellyBelly! (I cheated & used babelfish). I would love to go to Italy one day, and we love Italian food! That’s amazing about the shared birthday. Your English is way better than my Italian, and I took 2 semesters of classes – where did it all go. Do you use an online translator? My kids go to pre-school when they are 3, and the older ones went to childcare before that. Bambino loves his shower.

Hi Vanita. Well Rianna is such a clever little girl she was bound to figure that one out soon, lol.

Hello to everyone else too.

Well that was a big catch up. Well as the girls mentioned, I was treated to a baby shower on Sunday. I’ve never had one before and was just so thrilled. The belly cast is fabulous; I’ll post some photos soon. We’re not sure how we’re going to decorate it yet.

Angus is doing great. He got 3 top teeth all at once a few days ago to add to the one top & 2 bottom he already had. Boy can he demolish a sweet biscuit now. He’s walking pretty confidently now, & climbing too. He’s still a perfect angel with bedtime, but I’ve been having to get up in the night and tuck him into blankets – he’s just waking up because he gets cold. Got to get it together & get him a gro bag (I know, I’ve been saying that for ages – bad mummy).

Well this is mammoth already & DH is waiting for me to come and get Angus to bed & go watch some telly.

Buon Venito everybody (that’s probably totally wrong, lol).