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thread: 12 Months - 3 Years, May '05

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    So what does that mean you are qualified for now Tanya! And if you are finished do you have to move off campus?
    Cheers Michelle

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    Kathryn, buy some Phenergan! Wonderful stuff!
    What is it Divvy LMAO.

    Well we have longer days by ourselves now, Andrew got a promotion last week and started today so he is back to working alot of overtime and all at once. More money but we see him less cause he will do Saturdays mostly too

    How old is Emily Tanya ?? Lachlan is somewhere over 9kg haven't got him weighed in ages, but I can't carry him for too long cause my arm just about drops off now LMAO.

    My baby is 13mths old tomorrow


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    Mitch I can work along side farmers, with soils or water, weed management projects (so any number of government agencies), also environmental jobs, eg park ranger, project manager, etc etc. But I think I would like to work in a sanctuary or fauna park. But I can't imagine a job coming up anytime soon, so I will keep my eye out while I am happy being a mum.

    Kathryn, Emily is 18.5mo. Wow at Lachlan being 13mo tomorrow!! It flies by huh?


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    Nov 2004

    Kathryn, Phenergan is an anti-histamine which is safe to give to children. It has a really unfortunate side effect, which is (virtually instant) drowsiness and sleepiness... which lasts for about 12 hours! Oh [email protected]!

    Solves those really early mornings!

    Congratulations on DH's promotion, IKWYM about them being away, but sometimes it's worth it. Especially if you can manage some "girl time" when he's home...

    Tanya, Em sounds like she's on the right track, the highest rates of obesity are amongst boys age 10-14 and girls age 2-4... and anyway, Alex doesn't even make the charts, so don't worry!

    Michelle, well done on the toilet training! Woohoo!

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    Oh Divvy.... god I am dumb. I actually have some of that now that you have explained it ROFL. Shows how often I use it myself......hmmmm :-k


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    Phernergan actually kept my kids awake, poor me. My cousin swore by it though.

    Cheers Michelle

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    Yeah Michelle it doesn't do a great deal for me either...... anyway speaking of sleep being a very long day

    Night Night, don't leg the bed bugs bite.


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    Tanya, Rianna too, is Little, she's just over 10 kg, and only 72.8cm tall (short) and her b'day is sept 21st so only a month older than Emily, but again heads big (top 10th) so got the brains, just not huge! I actually had to take her to the paediatrician for "failure to thrive" but he says she's fine, just a wee one ( we call her little flea)

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    Oh dear! BB went down and I lost my post, why didn't I copy it ? I hate that.

    Vanita- I was saying that Rhianna is gorgeous and I think little flea is a great nickname, hope she likes it if it sticks LOL.

    I had a great day today at the VIC lunch and it was great meeting the girls, I think it was Vanita and Lulu from this forum. Hope you girls had a good day. Vanita I hope the day off work was good too, you deserve a little rest I say, I think you work really hard!

    Jemma was really good today I didn't hardly see her she was so busy playing, and all the kids were really well behaved.

    Have a good night everyone.
    Cheers Michelle

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    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Well, we had a busy day yesterday with Playgroup in the morning, and Aidyns immunisations in the arvo, and my Dads birthday dinner in the evening.
    Aidyn was so buggered from playgroup that he ended up having 2x2hr naps during the day which is awesome.

    I started freaking out a little when we went to the Drs... I had forgotten how guilty I feel every time Aidyn needs his shots. And the older he gets, the harder it is for me I think... cause he trusts me so much.
    He did well though, and only cried a little... the Dr is doing it in 2 lots... he had the Meningacoccyl and Pnuemococcal ones done yesterday, and will be having his MMR and hib next week.
    Can someone tell me what 'hib' is? It is not Hepatitis B, cause that is also a seperate thing on the list...
    I forgot to ask the Dr to weigh him though... last time was at 8.5 months, and he was 10.8kg... so by now I think he would be at least 13kg. I'm worried about him being too overweight, but I still think he is just very sotcky and heavy, cause he has definately thinned out over the past few months and is getting much taller...
    Its funny isnt it, no matter whether they are big or small we still tend to worry!

    Happy 13 months for yesterday Lachlan!

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    Hib = Haemophilus influenzae b

    Hib is not the flu but a bacteral infection. It can be a cause of meningitis in infants and children as well as more benign infections. Adults are not without risk from this illness especially asplenic (no spleen) individuals.


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    Happy Mothers Day girls.

    I woke this morning to Lachlan having Andrew's cold full on #-o so going to be a fun day dragging him off to lunch etc. Covered him in baby balsam this morning to try and relive his symptoms a bit. Poor little mite. Hope everyone else's day started better


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    HI everyone
    Hope Mothers Day was good for all!

    Hugs Ambah for Aidyns injections, at least they are spreading them out a bit, although it won't make you stop feeling bad about it.

    My Mother's day was ok, except that Arron had injured his knee at footy on Sat and he was dying. So you can imagine who did everything. Oh well, maybe I'll get a rest next year LOL!

    Cheers Michelle

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    My mothers day was okay, tiring cause we had to go everywhere ie my grandmas (where my mum was) and then andrews mum. Andrew and his mum had a bit of an argument over Kameron.....she was accusing Kameron of swapping his toy cars with her own that she had there. We tried to tell her it wasn't possible since Kam doesn't take cars with him, but of course we have no idea what we were talking about and that he obviously does it when we are not looking ](*,) ](*,) ](*,) I ended up saying "who gives a toss they are just cars for crying out loud"

    Lachlan still has a head cold as well so he was a bit grumpy all day yesterday.


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    Yeah I know what you mean about mothers day Jillian. I don't really care if I don't get anything (I didn't this year) as long as I at least get a card. I would rather to get something that the boys have made or gone and chosen themselves then it will mean more iykwim. I did say I was getting my BellyBelly t-shirts as my mothers day present to me, but that bit me in the butt cause Kel doesn't have them yet lol.


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    Kathryn- bummer about the silly argument, sometimes mum's/MIL's get so annoying about nothing, I get it too sometimes.

    Jillian- so good that your DH has finally got the message and so glad you had a lovely day.

    The best present I got was Josh's box of love and like I said it made me cry as he explained that he loves me and the love is inside.

    Cheers Michelle

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    Hi everyone,
    I'm pleased to hear you all had a great mothers day, mine was great too, I didnt have to lift a finger Dp did everything, it was great.

    We had Nick at the hospital at 5.30am on Thursday though.
    A couple of weeks ago, he managed to get hold of a cotton bud and stuck it in his ear and perferated his ear drum, we took him to the Dr and he gave him some antibiotics incase he got an infection.
    We thought it was fine, but on Wednesday it started bleeding again, so i booked him into the Dr again but couldnt get in till the next day so i just kept an eye on it.
    Well Thursday morning at 5am he started screaming in pain so me and Dp ran in and tried to settle him and i could smell something really foul, at first i thought it was his breath, but i soon realised it was coming from his ear.
    So Dp raced him to the local hospital to get it checked and they sent us to Flinders to see an ear nose and throat specialist.
    It turns out he has a massive infection and is now on steroid and antibotic eardrops to try and clear it up, we have to go back to see the specialist in 4 weeks to get it checked.
    Poor little might, until Thursday he hadn't even complained about it, but i think it has contributed alot to his recent moodswings.

    Sorry for the long post 8-[

    Take care

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    Oh no @ Nick !!!!! I caught Kameron going to do that a few weeks ago so he got told off and now I have them up with the medicine stuff. Get into anything don't they lol.

    Lachlan is slowly getting better from his cold, he is only getting better cause he has passed his germs onto me and his older brother !! :roll: He is quite funny at the moment I still have him in his sleeping bag from bed to keep him warm before I get him dressed and he is looking for his feet. Too cute.

    Awww @ the box of love Michelle that is so gorgeous. I would have cried at that too.


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