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thread: 12 Months - 3 Years, October '05 #2

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Hi girls!! I posted earlier & then left part way through & wound up loosing it ](*,)

    Ah well.... things going well here, worked today & now doing the afternoon with Matilda DH is feeding her dinner (YAY)

    Welcome Bon!!! & Grace (they haven't popped in yet )

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    Nov 2004
    Chasing Daylight...

    Ooh Christy I love it when DH feeds the kids. (Although they often cooperate very nicely when he's supervising #-o after I've told him they may be a bit difficult and refuse to eat certain things I've cooked).

    Just heard there's some big storms around the SE Qld region tonight. Hope we all get a lovely light show, some rain but no hail [-o< as both our cars are outside the garage atm (all DH's computer gear and LAN tables are taking up all the space)

    Ta ta for now. Off to ice a white chocolate and raspberry swirl cake =P~

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    my two kids have driven my absoloutly insane today ](*,) Lachlan is now sitting quietly on Andrew's lap. Oh well he was #-o

    Mooshie - If I wanted for my DH to put up a pergola, I would be dead and buried before it was done lmao. Was just easier to get installers out and do it.

    Misty - I heard about those big storms, lucky thing. Although I would really love for the rain to nick off for the time being so we can finish painting the pergola.

    Anyway I should see about getting Lachlan into bed, least that will be some peace and quiet


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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    We've had an amazing light show here so far this evening

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    Mar 2004

    Hello all

    Well here we are, Grace is now 1 year old (boo hoo my baby is growing up). Actually until January both my kids fit in here.

    DH and I bought our first home a couple of weeks ago, settlement is on 18 December - yeah I know, great time to move just before xmas! I am so looking forward to moving to a home that is ours. Not looking forward to cleaning this place and getting it up to scratch for the real estate though. I feel like just moving out and leaving it all, but of course I can't do that!

    Kellee, congrats on being pg. Seems like everyone is either pg or ttc right now! Baby vibes to you all!


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    Welcome to our busy little forum Bon & Grace. Congratulations on the new house as well.


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    Nov 2003
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    Hi Bon and Grace and Harry and happy bday to grace! Congrats on the house, we moved in on the 19th of Dec 1997 so IKWYM about moving, we even had our xmas tree up and all the pressies to transport, luckily we only had 1 child at the time and she was 3 which made it a little easier than 2 littlies but it will be the best thing you ever did.

    Ambah- I hope you are feeling better, it is awful when you get it too, and I agree you feel even sorrier for the kiddies cos it is so bad! Hows your turkey going? Any new developments?

    Kathryn- hope that pergola is up in a flash, and good idea to get someone in. i didn't have to Arron put ours up himself, but the only draw back with home handy men is they don't always finish completely, eg we are still missing the guttering.

    Bath- sounds like a lovely day to yourself the other day, more of those will be nice! Early pg is a let down sometimes, I hope everything is going along nicely, if you are concerned go in for an early ultrasound.
    Michelle- yay at getting the money for your pergola, hope DH pulls his finger out and it too is up quickly. PMSL at Lani and the doors. Jessica is a tooth brush fiend, she is always sneaking into the bathroom and grabbing someones toothbrush and chewing on it. I brought her her own yesterday so the others don't have to brush with slobbered on brushes. Your girls weekend sounds lovely, just out of curiosity what is the average cost of that sort of weekend away, i wuld love to organise something like that!
    What has happened again at DH's work? Sorry I have forgotton. Would have been much nicer at the party than at the rainy races anyway.

    Christine- it is not fair to talk about lovely cakes when there isn't any for us, that sounded divine!!!!

    Christy-I am really interested in your recipe for smoothies as Jessica is such a fussy fiddly eater, would you be able to PM me any recipes or ideas on what to put in them and how to do it (I am totally clueless about them but have got my new Food proc/blender to make them)

    I love lightning as long as I'm inside! We had a big show too here on Sunday night!

    Pee- thinking of yu, good luck with the exams! See you soon, and good luck ttc! Try to destress if you can!

    Hi to Kellee and Kelly and Kellie hope you are your darlings are well!
    And hi to anyone else I missed.

    we are heading over to Ballarat (1.5hrs away) to see my nana this arvo, 4 kids in a hospital,, urgh! Oh well you have to do these things.

    Bookwork is killing me atm, I could strangle arron for being so disorganised! What do you do?

    Cheers michelle

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    Just locking this thread girls and creating a new one


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