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thread: 12 Months - 3 Years, October/November '05

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Hi girls-

    Kathryn sounds liek a great day for Kam, gotta love getting the right pressies! And yay for the pergola. Hope the hutch is a goer from the guy, I too looked at hutches and was amazed at the prices. I can't stand Billy Connolly, he is quite annoying.

    Ambah- hope Aidyn sleeps better tonight, and yay for your adsl, wish it was me, mum has it and it's so quick compared to this dial up and the dinosaur of a computer I have! hope the teeth come up quickly.

    Went shopping and brought nothing! Gotta hate being tight sometimes, cos I don't want to waste my money so I talked myself out of everything I saw, but I really did want to try stuff on and had the kids so I didn't, had lunch at my gfs and got home intime to pick up the kids. Arron is out fishing till Sunday night, he caught a shark today!!! I don't want to know really, cos there are white pointers etc where he is, I said "so if you fall in you get eaten right?" He said he will not be falling inLOL He is scared of sharks!!! So I am single mothering for the next 2 days what fun for me, I think I better go shoppping with my gf and leave the kids with Arron, just for my own sanity!

    Catch up tomorrow

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    Not sure on what the go is about the hutch. i never heard anything. Andrew did see a place near us that made them too so i guess we will be off on Sunday checking it out. We do have "Fluffy" home now. I have rigged up the kids old playpen and he is quite happy in it for the time being.

    Lachlan has been a bit sick today, just a bit throwy but mainly watery. I guess it doesn't surprise me with all the crap he put into him for supper last night with Kam's b/day

    We were the only ones at playgroup today too, and Kam had a better day at kindy. Was still clingy for first 20mins though, and hasn't said "he doesn't want to go back" yet.

    Michelle - I had to laugh at Aaron catching a shark when he is scared of them.


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    Kellee Guest

    Hello ladies!

    Kathryn - Sorry I didn't mention it in my last post (there was so much to catch up on!) but I'm glad that Kam had a lovely day. I love birthdays, whoever's it is. They're always so special, and even more so when the birthday boy is so little and cute! Hope all goes well with the hutch. Rabbits are so gorgeous, but Ambah is right - I don't think we're allowed them in Qld. Bugger. Hope Lachlan feels better too, the poor chook.

    ADSL Ambah! How cool. That would make surfing the net while a small child is doing his best to distract you much easier, I would imagine. I hope you're feeling better too. Just take it easy (yeah right!) and do your best to look after yourself.

    LOL at DH and the shark, Michelle. That's funny. I hope that the single mothering goes ok. I don't know how you do it sometimes - I often lose my mind with one, and I stress about how I'll go with two, but you do fabulously with four. What a legend you are.

    DH took Charlie out this morning so I could have a sleep in, but I had a small window of opportunity when I felt half decent so I got up and tidied my house. It's not perfect, but it's certainly nice to see the floor! I haven't done much cleaning recently because I've been on the couch a lot, and you could hardly tell the housecleaner had been here after about 5 minutes when Charlie gets into all his toys and stuff. So I feel like I've done something productive today. Can't do any washing though because I think there must be a wire loose from when DH unscrewed it the other day to try and find some earrings of mine that I thought had gone through the wash (they hadn't, they'd fallen on the floor before I put my pants in), and now the washing machine won't work. The same load of laundry I accidentally washed DH's mobile phone and, surprisingly, after a day of leaving it to dry it still works. Lucky. I really would like my brain back sometime soon please!

    Anyway, going on a date with DH tonight - very excited about that! Hope I feel better by then, and that he does too (he's still a bit crook). Anyway, have a lovely weekend, all!

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    hi girls

    well is started doing a big personal post today and i pressed a silly button and lost the lot #-o so i thought i would jump on as there is nothing on telly and dh is asleep on the floor (what else is news lol)

    kathryn how cute with Kam and his excitement at all his toys isn't it lovely when they get older and they understand about birthday's and christmas - i love it, although jay being now 5 1/2 yrs old and mixing with kids at kinder who have older brothers and sisters, would you believe he is starting to ask questions about santa and whether or not he is real - arhh. and eye candy hmmm nice lol, we have a block next door that is just about getting started to be built on, i am hoping there are some nice young tanned tradesman working there in the hot sun with their tops off showing their fab abs lol - desperate housewife am i

    michelle aaron at it again, gosh he must love his fishing. pmsl at the shark, i am petrified out in a boat my phobia is sharks, snakes and of course vomit lmao. i think you were asking earlier about dh changes at work - basically he is back on the tools and not on the road, which has advantages and disadvantages - he is so much happier less stress and all, and the money is heaps better because of the overtime, however it is back to shift - 1 wk morning followed by next week afternoon (generally getting home around midnight) but its good cause he can do the kinder and next year school pick up and drop off some days. however he no longer has a company car (we say goodbye to the new ford territory next week boohoo) luckily we brought his other company car (only 3yrs old) so we are not without a car - but hey its only wheels ain't it. i so know what you mean about shopping, happens to me all the time - i love shopping without jay (he can be such a pain sometimes lol) and i try and drag my mum along when i go clothes shopping and she takes care of lani whilst i try things on - so thats nice, but when i have the money i never see anything i want and when i don't have the dosh then their is heaps to buy.

    ambah hooray on adsl - i am on and old windows 95 relic lol - dh says no need for a new puter or broadband or anything when this one does the job just like any other - grrrrrr he is so not computer literate lol. how is aidyn going woohoo on getting those molars through yeah nice and early. hope you are all feeling well.

    christy how are you, dh and matilda going. hopefully better now. your posts do exhaust me sometimes with all the running around you guys seem to do - in and out of work etc.

    kellee how are you - hope you have a lovely date tonight. so charlie likes to destruct things to eh - gotta love em lol. do you feel different with this prg than with charlie's. i am sooooooo wanting to be prg right now, oh well gotta just keep on dtd and i am sure we will hit the jackpot, hopefully sooner than later - before xmas would be nice.

    well that is about all i can go back on the topic review so hi there to everyone else and hope you are doing just fine.

    lani is still not 100% she is ****ting everywhere lol - after each bottle it just goes straight through her - oh well gotta keep on feeding her, i made pumpkin soup tonight for her and "drumroll please" she let me feed it to her with a spoon omg she didn't think i was trying to feed her poison lmao - she is such and independant eater she usually clamps up and won't let me put a spoon within an inch of her lips. on the downside our whole weekend is totally stuffed (i did a post in punching bag about the stupid woman who brought her sick kids to a party last weekend where lani obviously got the bug from) anyway i was reading up on gastro on the net and they say that they are infectious for at least 48hrs after last symptom has disappeared - she still has the runny or should i say watery pooh tonight so there goes visiting our friends and their new baby on monday - don't want to spread the germs to the bubs, so thanks to this stupid woman who couldn't give a **** who her kids gave their germs to, not only have i basically sat on the couch since last tuesday nursing lani (she just won't let me put her down) i have been cleaning up vomit and pooh and when she is asleep i have been disinfecting and washing - now our lovely weekend (dh is off until wednesday very rare for us to be all together) is out the window and we are stuck at home like every other bloody weekend and we had sooooooo many plans and the weather is going to be nice grrrrrrr i am mad - or can't you tell lmao.

    oh well going to oaks day on thursday that should be lovely and also heard the other day we are planning the annual girls pampering weekend away to daylesford for next april oh gosh i can't wait.

    take care all and hope you all have a lovely germ free weekend.

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    LOL mooshie I didn't think we did that much...I hope Lani picks up quickly!! It took Matilda 3 weeks to get over a gastro bug, yuk...

    Kathryn it sounds like Kam had a great time! How cute at him opening his pressy's

    Kellee OMG at washing your DH's phone!!

    Michelle DH is away this weekend and I can barely cope with 1!!! WOW I was thinking of you today and thinking you went through this heaps more than me & get through it so I should be able to as well

    I'm getting better, still having ear problems and it still hurts but I'm heaps better than yesterday which is great. Matilda is going great guns except her breathing is quite chesty and I get worried about it, but she's still running around like mad & has been on antibiotics for a few days so it should settle soon. She's not acting sick at all. Just the thick stuff she's got coming out her nose & she is coughing up shows how sick she really is, at least there's no fever as well.

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    Nov 2003
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    Hi girls,

    Kellee- woo a date ! Hope you have a super time, and that you all feel better soon, good on you for doing some house work, not that I think it's as important as resting!

    Kathryn- yay for fluffy coming home, and that's great that Kam didn't sa y he wanted to stay home! It is a hard transition, Jemma is going to do 3yo kinder next yr and I think she is going to be very bad at the start, I can't even leave her at mum's atm without her freaking out! It is pretty funny Arron is scared of sharks isn't it.

    Michelle- DH's job changes are both good and bad then, bummer about the territory though! Oh well, it will be nice for him to be able to do school pickups n stuff though. I hate the ocean cos living things swim in it.....never know what you might come across IMO better to be on land. I hope Lani feels better soon, jessica's gastro lasted 5 days, she couldn't eat or drink and keep anything doen for the first 3 and then the diarreah was awful for the other 2. She lost so much weight it wasn't funny, which reminds me I need to take jess for her weigh in on Monday, hopefully she breaks the 9kgs mark, although I am not holding my breath cos she was 8.6kgs last time. people think she's amazing cos she is so timy and running around and climbing etc.

    Christy- DOn't worry I yell alot when DH isn't around LOL. I think the secret for me is to try not to get super stressed. Dinner was pizza last night and pies tonight, no spectacular dinners. And I got the kids to help tidy up, all but jess, and then I let them have some chips, bribery works well. Don't forget it took 10 yrs to get to 4 kids, so you learn how to build up to it LOL I think you do a wonderful job, matilda is full of beans and you work so I think you do just great!

    turns out Arron has had to cut his trip short cos the boat motor stuffed up and he had to wait for the coast guard to tow him in this arvo, took 5 hrs before he got back, of course he sat and fished while he waited. he rang me to tell me and I'm sure he thinks I am rapt, but I'm not cos I am thinking of the money it will cost to fix the boat. He drove back to Cheltenham, cos the boat repairer is near there and he is staying at his cousins tonight and will be home tomorrow arvo sometime.

    We went to little aths this morning, were all done by 11.30. i took the little girls to mum's instead of having them with me, and that was the best idea. Jess was asleep when I got back to mum's so we waited until she woke and went to get rolls for lunch, and then cme home. I was going to take the kids up to MIL and FIl house, they had their annual garage sale on, but it ****ed down rain so we stayed home instead.

    I stayed up until after 2am sorting bead like a fool last night and now I am exhausted, I am def going straight to sleep tonight. We have a bday party tomorrow an hr away so I am going to put the kids to bed now, they've been watching movies!

    See ya

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    Morning Girls. Happy Daylight Savings..... to those that have it hehehehe.

    I love Daylight Savings can you tell. It was nice to crawl out of bed at 8am this morning and then realise it was 9am

    Kellee - How was the big date OMG @ washing DH's phone too, your lucky you go it going again lmao. I have a pregnant friend in playgroup and when I see her she keeps saying "Can you help me find my brain? I would really like it back" It is amazing how pregnancy affects us like that.

    Mooshie - I am with you on the vomit phobia LMAO, I hate hearing anyone be sick, can't watch anyone being sick, definitely don't like cleaning up after those that have been sick (ie kids when they are) and I will do anything to try and avoid myself from being sick. I was so relieved when I never got morning sickness with Kameron, and I only threw up the once with Lachlan. How is Lani feeling today ???

    Michelle - OMG @ staying up to 2am to sort beads lol, you crazy woman

    Kam had an awesome day yesterday at his Hungry Jacks party. There was 10 kids and 18 adults. So all the kids meals came to $53.10 in total and I took in my own cake. He got a stack of clothes and a couple of trucks etc. He was spoilt by Lachlan's godfather who brought him an electric car racing track, you can add to it as well and end up having 10 lanes of racing !!! 2 lanes of racing is keeping him very well amused though

    We have to go out later and find a hutch for Fluffy as each night we are bringing him inside since he doesn't have a proper enclosure. My step-dad said he saw a decent one big enough at a pet store near their place but we would need the ute to pick it up. It was $150. So we might go and drop the kids of there first and take the ute with us straight away so we don't need to back track.

    Anyway should go and get my day organised LOL.


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    Oct 2003
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    wah! Kathryn I wish for daylight savings!! MAtilda was up at 5.30am this morning rearing to go for the 5th day in a row ](*,) It sucks being sick & dragging your bum out of bed to get to her. I wish DH was here.... whinge whinge whinge....

    Well this morning even feeling so yuck I decided to drag Matilda out because she was so full on so we went down to the markets to get fruit & veg for the week. Unfortunately she cracked it and we had to come home & she fell asleep in the car! Which is great on one hand, but its only 2 hours earlier than normal, so it will be heaps longer until her night sleep....and DH isn't home until 8pm tonight...

    Wow I'm in a whingy mood today...better get off and get some rest while she's asleep.

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    Kellee Guest

    Hi ladies,

    Mooshie – I can’t believe Jay is already asking about Santa! You gotta wonder whether it’s worth doing the Santa thing at all these days – kids just lose their innocence too quickly, don’t they? I don’t think we started questioning until we were about 10! The times they are a’ changing… I’m so sorry that poor little Lani has been so sick. I can’t STAND it when people bring their sick kids to places where other kids can catch illnesses. It’s just so inconsiderate. And it’s probably not very nice for their own kids who probably just want to be at home. It’s good that she’s starting to eat again though – hopefully she’ll make a quick recovery now. Poor little thing – give her a hug for me.

    Christy – I’m glad you’re starting to feel a little bit better. I know what mooshie means… I always get tired reading your posts! I don’t know how you do it. You must wear a SuperWoman cape on under your day clothes! Hope Matilda’s antibiotics work soon and there is NO MORE SICKNESS in your house. I strictly forbid it. Don’t worry about ‘whinging’ – I think it is the right of every mother to whinge now and then, and you’ve certainly had a rough time of it lately. I don’t know how our mothers or grandmothers just marched on as if nothing was wrong. That generation amazes me. I certainly haven’t got that kind of stamina. Feel free to whinge anytime.

    Mitch – bugger about the boat. I hate it when unexpected expenses come up. Just extra stress that you don’t need.

    Kathryn – you lucky bugger with daylight savings. I loved it when I lived down south, but in a referendum up here a few years ago all the stupid Queenslanders said they didn’t want it. I think it was mainly the farmers, so I can understand that, but I miss it! Sounds like Kam had a lovely time – and it didn’t cost too much either, which is great. That racing track sounds AWESOME! I’m such a tomboy sometimes – I can’t wait until Charlie is old enough for that stuff.

    Well, our date was absolutely wonderful. Mum was kind enough to take Charlie overnight, so we got a great sleep in too. We had an awesome dinner (some $120 later!) and the show we went to see was RAD. DH looked very cute in his suit, and I saw some musician friends I hadn’t seen for about 2 years who remarked on how good I looked (they hadn’t seen me since I lost weight), so that was very nice. Then today, DH, Charlie and I went to a teahouse at Ascot for a late lunch. I couldn’t resist buying Charlie a “Littlie’s High Tea” which had a little sandwich, a little cake and few other little treats plus a glass of milk. It was so nice for all of us just to sit there and eat wonderful food. All in all it’s been a great weekend.

    Charlie is doing so much better. It might be just me, but it seems like he’s actually happier these days than he was before he got sick. He’s running all over the place, and he gives lots of cuddles and kisses without being asked now – I think that he got used to all the cuddles while he was sick, which is fine with me! It’s funny how they make small developmental steps all the time… today he was absolutely fascinated by the fact that some of his blocks were exactly the same size and colour. He kept on pushing them together, then he’d look at us with a look on his face as if to say, “Would you look at that? They’re the same! It’s AMAZING!” It was very cute.

    Anyway, enough about my little man. I really should go and think about eating something now, or I’ll wake up in the middle of the night feeling like crap because I’m so hungry. I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend.

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    mooshie Guest

    hi girls

    christy - omg 3 wks to recover from gastro, i sure hope it ****es off out of our house reallllllll soon. oh no about matilda's early wake ups, you guys really need daylight saving up there - especially with the nice weather. how is matilda now and how are you, so bad when we are sick and still have to look after the littlies.

    michelle - 2am sorting beads what on earth lol. you did well getting the tribe organised for little aths, can be so hard some days just getting out of the door hey. lol at aiming for 9kgs for jessica, i was originally aiming for that for lani when she goes in a week or so, but i seriously doubt she will be there, i will be surprised she is still 8kgs - she has no tummy whatsover, she was getting a nice little pot but the gastro took all that away.

    - yay for daylight savings so nice, especially with the warmer weather i love it. hungry jacks and mcdonalds parties are soooo worth the money hey - i love it, unfortunately after about 3yrs in a row jay was getting a bit tired of it and wanted a mini golf party this year, that was great however at $15 per child i had to limit it to 10, he wanted all the kiddies from kinder (omg 30 - no way i could afford that) glad kam had such a great time.

    well lani has had no poohs today and even had 2min noodles for dinner - was thinking that would be better than a casserole, nice and bland, she has been eating home made soup so thats good. on the downside jay has just thrown up in bed, not a lot but he has and he rarely throws up so looks like he is coming down with it - poor love, lets hope no more spews for him. we have had to cancel a few things, were meant to be going out to lunch today but didn't and we were meant to be going to see friends after kinder tommorrow down the beach (and its going to be a lovely day) but we cancelled that as they have a brand new bub. i am just hoping and praying that everyone is well as i am meant to be going to oaks day on thursday with some girlfriends and i won't be able to if jay and lani are still not well. also meant to be having a cup day chicken and champane day here with my parents - i doubt they will want to come over if there are germs still around.

    oh well thats me and my woes - hope no one else is suffering. have a good night and day tommorrow.

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    oh no michelle I hope Jay doesn't stay sick for too long!

    Kellee thats fantastic that you had a great date!! Did you go to Queenies in Ascot? Its a great teahouse, we love it there!

    I've worked today but left early to have a nap before I pick up Matilda. I decided I wouldn't be able to do it. I've had a couple asthma attacks on the weekend & made DH come home because I wasn't coping. I had a friend come & help on Saturday and DH came home Sunday to help.

    Not much on for this week thank goodness. Hopefully a restfull one because we are going on holidays next week

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    HI girls

    Christy you poor dear, I am so feeling your tiredness and hope you feel better soon, it is too hard to be lone with kiddies to look aftr when you are sick, so good on you for calling Pete home. Hope things are better.

    Michelle- poor Lani, hopefully this is her turning point, IKWYM about watching the weight tumble off we had the same thing when Jess was sick, hopefully Jay doesn't get it but if he does, hope it's like my bigger kids, they had it for 24 hrs only! Would be so sad to miss Oak's day! Esp when you are looking forward to it, lets think positive though, they'll all be fine by then!

    Kellee- so good to hear you had a super night, they are really good for your relationship nights like that. Any sign of the naseua going yet, Charlie sounds so cute. Jessica has a couple of toys where you fit the shape in the hole and she is so cute, she does them all by herself and when she gets it in she claps, I can't remember the others doing that at her age, but maybe I have just forgotton!

    kathtyrn- hope you got the cage, can't keep having Fluffy inside LOL. The party sounds terrific, gotta love that price for a party and no cleaning up! And wow at the race track, Josh has a slot car set but can't set it up cos it is so big and if the babies get it it will be stuffed. I love daylight savings too, my plan is to go walking aas many nights a week as possible, gotta try slim down the bum and tumLOL, too mny snacks when the kids have gone to bed lately, so we will eat and then go walkig at 7pm, be back by 8 to bath the kids and put them to bed, sounds good doesn't it? Hope we can get motivated!

    Been washing and cleaning, 2 big kids are sleeping at MIL's and Arron is thinking we should ship the other 2 to my mum's so we can go out. We'll see, my mum usualyy whinges about minding them! PLus they had them Sat morning I don't want to ask, so if he wants to he can!

    See ya

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    Help...I'm going to post in the general section too but...

    Matilda can get out of the cot!!! At day care, the day care mum put MAtilda back into the cot 10 times before giving up. #-o and doesn't know what to do with her now, she tried to get Matilda to "lay down" with the other kids & she just kept jumping on them & running around & they couldn't sleep either. She hasn't gotten out of the cot at home [-o< and I hope she stays in that one a bit longer, but I just don't know what to do... she's too little for the big bed!! & we don't have a big bed yet... scary! I may have to try day sleeps on a mattress on the ground & take everything out of her room... ack!!!

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    mooshie Guest

    hi there

    christy - i replied to your other post re the cot situation but i don't think i really helped sorry. are you feeling any better

    michelle - the walking sounds like a fantastic plan, i love walking with my neighbour and only mentioned the other day when dh is on night shift then we should go a bit earlier and take the kiddies i figure get my excerise and fresh air for them - can't do any harm. and you have less kids atm too how nice, it would be lovely if you could hand the other two over so you can get some grown up time.

    kellee - your date sounds absolutely lovely and how nice having charlie looked after all night so you could sleep in, we have done that a few times when lani was a bub but only jay had a sleepover and lani was still with us being still fed etc - all the same it was strange not having him around in the morning

    kathryn - i would so love a bunny rabbit unforuntaley i think our dog would to lol - plus we live next to a national park and their is wild rabbits there (that are getting poisened atm) feral cats and foxes, i really don't htink a rabbit would do to well here. i used to have a guinea pig named scamp when i was little he was adorable, we used to feed him toast every morning.

    hi to everyone else, ambah, misty, bathesheba ummm okay mind going foggy oh thats right bon, dachlostar and everyone else hope you are all going well.

    boring sick day here - lani is i could say 99% right now, very whingy tho she is so hungry but she doesn't eat what i give her no matter what - not happy until she has a bottle, normal pooh for her today so thats good - but she won't let me out of her sight. jay is still not well he stayed on the couch all day no more vomiting since last night - so i truly hope thats stopped now and at one stage he got up of the couch and pooh just ran down his legs - he was mortified, chucked him in the shower and cleaned him up and the couch and the rug arhhhh - disinfected everywhere so i hope i got rid of the germs, he has not eaten at all today i haven't forced him he will tell me when he is hungry, he has had 2 cups of water, and 2 kool pop icypoles tried the gastrolyte ones but they nearly made him vomit. lets hope he is feeling better tommorrow. the other little girl who had it (the one whose party it was) well her 9 yr old brother is away camping with their dad and my girlfriend rang me this morning to say that the 9yr old was throwing up this morning - so that lady at the party has certainly made sure she shared the germs around.

    well i am off to shave and exfoliate my legs ready to start applying the instant tan for oaks day - gotta think positive right. hmmm i wonder if dh or myself will get it - i refuse to throw up i hate it so much lol. i will jump back on later all smooth and sexy legs lol.

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    Nov 2004
    Chasing Daylight...

    Hello lovely ladies

    I'm so stuffed, I haven't read the previous page so I'll have to catch up on all the news tomorrow.

    But from what I've read on this page, it seems like Christy and Mooshie - you both have your work cut out for you at the moment.

    Christy we put Gabrielle into a big bed when she was 18 months old, as we needed the cot free for Zeke. Sometimes I'd have to go in there at night time and pat her until she dropped off to sleep. But she caught on fairly quickly. For the first few months, we did what you were thinking of doing, and removed all "play things" from her room so she wasn't distracted during her afternoon sleep. She did, however, pull everything out of her drawers and throw clothes around the room, and we did often find her fast asleep on the floor. But it was summer and it didn't seem to bother her, and it didn't bother us 8-[ Sorry ... no quick and easy fix here.

    Mooshie you poor thing. It sounds like you're knee-deep in chuck and, well, other stuff. I hope it passes really quickly. Boo Hiss to the woman who brought her sick kids to the party. Not fair. I do hope you and your hubby manage to dodge it.

    Hi to everyone else... Ambah how's the turkey going?

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    Aug 2005

    Hello Ladies, can I join i?n I have a dd Janae, 2 1/2yrs and 1 on the way.

    Mooshie, it sounds like your having a rough time with your ds & dd at the moment. GRRR at the silly woman who brought her sick kids to the party. It's so horrible when your kids are sick. Janae vomited last night totally out of the blue, and no other symptoms, so I don't know what's going on there, but I feel terrible when she's sick.

    Christy, my sympathies to you at the fun your about to have with Matilda! Unfortunately I don't have any tips for you, we've only just put Janae in a big bed, but she never even tried to climb out of her cot. The mattress on the floor might be a great thing to try, just to get her used to the idea of sleeping outside the cot.

    Anyway, gotta go catch up on some other posts. Hope to chat with you all soon


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    Hi Bel - Great to have you with us.

    Christy - OMG @ Matilda being able to escape, lets hope she doesn't work it out for the cot at home. Lachlan is trying to figure it out but hopefully he wont for another 6mths yet. He will be getting a "big bed" for his 2nd birthday like Kameron did.

    Mitch - Yep I got fluffy his cage. It was the 2nd one we looked at. The first was $95 and had long legs on it, so we thought if the dog jumped up she might knock the cage flying. So the 2nd one we saw was about twice as long as the hutch in kindy could open 3 sides of it for easy cleaning, it was also low to the ground and on wheels for $155 so that is the one we came home with.

    Did I mention I love DLS LMAO. it is nearly 8am and Kameron is still asleep. Lachlan has been up for 30 mins

    Not much else to report. Have afternoon playgroup today so I should do some avatars


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    Kilmore Vic

    Oh Christy that's not what you need at all!lol We have always left the cot side down once our kids started climbing out of the cot. Jemma did it much earlier than the other 2, of course she had to be painful! She was about 20 mths and cos she slept with the light off we thought it was a little dangerous to leave the side down and got a bed and a safety rail. She wasn't too bad with wrecking stuff and until she worked out she could get out tof the room she stayed in bed, but for about 2 mths after that she was up and down almost every night. I hope somebody has a good idea for you! Fingers crossed she dowesn't do the home one yet.

    Michelle- I like the sound of tanning yourself up, I hope you have an ace day, so sorry for Jay, it's not fun at all at any age but esp when you are usually running around! Glad Lani is almost there, IKWYM about the clingy thing, it is tough to get a break when they are unwell and then to keep it up...

    Kathryn- I bet Fluffy is excited about his home, it sounds like a great hutch! Yay for extra time in bed! I love DLS too, liek having that little bit more time to work! Not really but....

    I am sorry I have to go, so tired, been washing like a trojan, stripped all the beds and am stuffed, will catch you all tomorrow.


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