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thread: 12 Months - 3 Years, October/November '05

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    Hiya Mitch

    Pergola came up good, but we have had 26mm of rain in less than 19 hrs and the gardens etc are not coping with all the water so we are having a small flood and the water is running all into our patio LMAO. I said to Andrew so much for a $5000 pergla, but our yard does look like a lake at the moment from all the rain. So it has to go somewhere *sigh*

    Woohoo at the weight gain too. I really must go get lachlan weighed and measure one of these days. Actually he is up for an 18mth check up with the GP I keep forgetting about them, and I used to do it spot on all the time with Kameron LOL.


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    Kathryn I sympathise with the flooded pergola that happens here too. It has ****ed down rain all arvo here and there is huge puddles out he back.

    Arron hosed the pergola yesterday as he has to do another coat of sealer on the spraypaving and it smells terrible cos of the stinky dog. Have decided if we ever get another dog when Kobi goes to heaven, it will be a tiny little thing!

    Cheers michelle

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    mooshie Guest

    hi girls

    i'm back after 2wks of coping with kids with gastro arhh - dh has it sort of now - just really queasy and tired, i tell you i better not get it. sorry to hear you have sickies to at your place bon and misty, i so hear you on the washing - i am absoultely sick to death of washing towels and bed sheets, and i was washing them twice including once with dettol on hot water - anything to kill the germies.

    good to hear everyone is doing well and yay to jessica on her weight gain.

    i also have a minor woohoo re lani's weight gain - she was weighed today and yes she put on 810 grams in 2mths even with not eating for a week whilst she was sick, so she is now 8.8kg and 78cm - going to be long and lanky that one lol - she is so similar to your jessica michelle.

    and she has 9 teeth - 7 have been out for a while and 8 popped through the gum today and when i was playing around with her whilst changing a nappy she was laughing so much i saw something up the top at the back of her gums and stuck my finger in - ouch sharp little molar got me, she must of cut that one whilst she wasn't well.

    still on the ttc journey - af due on friday at the latest, not holding out much hope this month as with the sickies i was to buggered to dtd, plus all i could smell in the house was disinfectant - nothing like a bit of pine o clean to set the mood.

    anyway going to read up on the goings on and will chat again soon

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    Mar 2004

    Hi everyone,

    Harry is better now thankfully, michelle good to hear things are better in your house, hopefully DH doesn't have it!

    Took Grace to the child health nurse yesterday, she weighs 9.6kg and is 78.5 cm long. I actually thought she might be a bit heavier than that, but she just feels heavy! I remember Harry was 12 kg at 12 months, he was a heffalump.

    I am planning on making a christmas cake sometime this week, I am doing it early because we are moving on 19 December and I won't get a chance to do much at all except unpack and clean before xmas day. Our chrisco is coming on 14 December so except for the cold stuff I won't even unpack it because we are moving only a few days later. I won't even have a christmas tree up until we have moved because there is no point doing it then having to pack it all up to move. But at least we are spending christmas in our new home!


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    Ooh Bon your Chrisco comes late. Ours is arriving Nov 30th!! I would rather your late date


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    Mar 2004

    I would rather your date - can we swap? LOL


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    LOL I was going to do crisco this year! but we are going to the US for Christmas so I thought maybe next year...

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    Well girls I've offically started packing. Its so hard to pack for 6 days with a toddler & travelling on a plane... ack!! I'm going crazy. Plus I don't have heaps of shorts etc for Matilda, so I've been doing the washing furiously hoping it stays dry up here!!

    We went to the Dr yesterday to discuss sedation for the flights as Matilda is still tantruming EVERY time she gets strapped into anything. And while we were there I put her in the pram & it was the massiveist tantrum anywhere, she was on the kicking & slamming her body around, and got tangled up in the straps so I undid them and she was throwing her body into things & the Dr just kept talking to me while it was happening about her behaviour and what he would do if it were his child etc etc... and then he said he thinks sedations a great plan especially for America, but for Sydney too!! So after yesterdays massive 20 minute tantrum she slept for 2 1/2 hours. We bought the stuff, but are hesitent to use it. We decided last night we would give her a half dose and see what happens so we will have an idea when we go to America what is going on. At least she had the tantrum so he could see what she was like. I don't mind the tantrums at home, its just when you are on a plane with all the other passengers & having to have her strapped to one of us that I mind.

    Anyway...better get this load of washing hung out & keep going....I will stop by again before we leave

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    Good luck Christy!!! Hope your DD deals with the sedatives okay... good idea to test them out before you get on the plane! We've put off flying this year because of the departure taxes being so high but I'm kinda relieved because I get really flustered when my children annoy other travellers (people are never sympathetic... although if I was next to you I'd probably try to help!) We're driving interstate instead and are in for a noisey trip I just know it! Anyhow, all the best, look forward to hearing all about it when you return!

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    Urgh Christy. I hope she is a good girl for you guys and you don't have to sedate her, but at least you have them just in case. It is better to have them and not use than not have that option at all iykwim.

    Goodluck with the packing it was bad enough going 4 hrs by car and not knowing what to take LMAO


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    Pietta Guest

    Hi all-

    Just popping in to say hi- we've had more sickness here- not sure what happened up to last time but Ryley and i have had tonsilitis I was in hospital with terrible gastro- Ryley also had a chest infection...

    this list goes on and on. anyway enough of my whige- Ryley is 81cm and 12 kilos now- much more of a boofer than your gorgeous little girls in here (Lani, Grace and Jess!!) Bon sounds like Harry and Ryley are both heffalumps!

    I also need to add- Hi my name is Pietta and I am a patchaholic. Pumpkin Patch has come to a localish shopping centre and i have already spent over $100 in there- $50 today on sunnies, shoes and a hat for Ryley- ahhhh but they are so cute.

    I hope you dont need the sedatives Christy- good luck!!
    Big cuddle Bathsheaba- Sometimes it takes men to have something bad happen to them to realise when something isnt working- it's stupid really isnt it! Sometimes i think they genetically have a self absorbed gene. My DH told me today I can buy Ryley as much as I want at PP as long as we get his x box (which he has had since sunday for his bday) modded. It alwasy relates to them... Hugs for you.

    Mooshie i hope things start settling for you. I KNOW how terrible this round of gastro is.

    Bye for now- i need to study on biological psychology for an exam- how much fun does that sound!!

    Oh and also I had a preg BT and I got a BFN. Maybe next time...

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    Wowee Pee it sounds like you have had your hands full with all the sickeness plus trying to study as well. LOL @ being a Pumpkin Patch a-holic too. Thankgod we don't have one close to us.

    What a crap day it is currently hammering down with rain outside. I am meant to have stuff delivered for the party on Sunday as well and I need to tidy up outside ](*,) Ahh well they will just have to work around it. We definitely do not need this rain though. We had soaking rains the other day with some places receiving over 100mm and alot of areas are in flood. All of our dams and reservoirs are 100% or over full. it rained so much the other day that our local brewery had all their christmas display wash down stream. One man opened his front door to see a blue whale (from the display) go swimming by.


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    Mar 2004
    Switzerland at the moment

    Hello girls!

    Just poking my head in to say "Hi" and see you in 11 days. Wolf, my mom and I are flying to Japan tomorrow and are coming back Sunday night before Wolf's 1st birthday, so my next post in the Baby & Toddler Buddies will be in this group!

    Good to see plenty of familiar faces. :smt039

    Christy - I don't envy you flying to US. I am worried enough about flying with Wolf and being 26 weeks p/g (though luckily my mom is there so hopefully she can do rounds of the plane with Wolf).

    Chat to you soon!


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    OMG Snowy, already? Hope you hav a good time in Japan, and will see you on Wolf's 1st bday.

    Kathyn I pmsl at the whale thing, that would have been a sight! Hope the party preparations are coming along.

    Christy- at least if you do sedate matilda you will be able to relax too! Hope you have a wonderful trip! What exactly was the dr saying he'd do if Matilda was his child? gotts love the advice some people give!

    Bath- hope you are well. When is your drs appt?

    Michelle- thank god the sickness has passed! Did you get to Oaks day? It's quite funny how close Lani and JEssica and Grace too by the looks of it, are in weight and height. Jessica is the shortest though, poor dear must take after her mummy!

    Well I am stressing about xmas being so close, I'm sure that I won't have enough money to pay for everything! Laybyed arron's pres today and not sure how I will find $350 (a BBQ). Oh well, I will just plug away. Plus after xmas we have a wks holiday which is over $800 for accomodation and then actual money while away and we have to pay off our dishwasher end of Jan, it's so much fun isn't it?

    I am going to sneak off to bed now and prob flake it in 2 mins LOL

    Hope everyone else is well

    Oh almost forgot Pee- LOL at patchaholic, good luck with the exam, how many more? Hope your sicknesses are all over and good luck for ttc next time. Probably will happen once exams and xmas is done!

    Best wishes Michelle

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    OMG @ you joining us Snowy !!!! Time sure does fly. You have a fantastic trip and a great birthday for Wolf.


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    Kellee Guest

    Hi everyone. I will try to do the personals thing, but I’m really sorry if I miss anyone – it’s been a while since I visited and there have been lots of posts!

    I wish I could give you a big hug, Bath. I hope you’re feeling better. It’s really hard being pg and having to look after little ones, especially with no help. How about I come and visit you and give you a hand for a while? LOL That would be nice. I hope your ms is easing and that DH comes around and realises that he is not the only person in the family.

    Hey Kathryn. Yay at your pergola being up! That would be so cool. Damn the rain. I hope it doesn’t do that everytime you have a storm. Mum and Dad had some tiling done in their patio a few years ago and the idiots that did it laid them so that they sloped IN instead of OUT and now every time it rains their patio floods. Gggrrr. LOL at the whale thing. That’s very funny!

    Yay for Lani and Jessica’s weight gains! Poor little Lani – I’m glad that things are looking up at your place now mooshie. IKWYM about the teeth – I think that Charlie’s immune system goes down when he gets his teeth which means he catches everything that’s going around. I think that’s why he got sick a few weeks ago because after he was sick two little teeth just popped right up. Maybe the same thing happened to Lani? Glad to hear that Grace is feeling better too, Bon.

    Hey Christy – I hope all goes well for you and Matilda on the flight. I really take my hat off to you for doing that! I don’t think I would cope very well with Charlie on such a long flight!

    Pee, I hereby forbid all sickness from coming into your home. That’s just too much to deal with in one hit! Yay for Ryley being a heffalump. Charlie’s weight is somewhere along the lines of the girls’ I think – not like a little boy at all! I think he’s more like 10kgs, but he’s a bit older than Ryley. Oh well, they all grow at different rates, don’t they? I’m not worrying too much about it. And you need to go to a PP Anonymous meeting I think! I make sure I never go in there, even for a browse, because I don’t trust myself! And good luck with the exam – I had to defer mine because I have been getting bad ms and haven’t been able to study. Although that’s exactly what I’m supposed to be doing now… oh stuff it.

    Also, hello to Snowy. I don’t think I’ve met you yet, but I look forward to chatting with you soon.

    Well, not much to report here. We went away to Bribie for the night, which was lovely. Charlie kept giving the cat and dog lots of cuddles, and he slept well which was good. Shame I didn’t though! I’m sleeping badly (anyone else get that while they were pregnant? Any ideas? It’s driving me nuts!) which means that every few days I totally crash and need to stay in bed all day. Gggrrr. Apart from that we’ve just been taking it easy. Except for one rehearsal on Sat, DH and I have the weekend free! That’s almost unheard of at our place so we’ll be making the most of it by doing very little. I’m supposed be studying for my deferred psychology exam (which is going to be sometime in early January) but this is much more fun! Actually, what I SHOULD be doing is learning some songs for a gig I’ve got with a friend of mine at the end of Nov – because I’ve been crook I haven’t even LOOKED at them yet! Maybe that’s what I’ll do. That’s more interesting than studying anyway.

    Right, well I hope everyone has a lovely weekend (good luck with the party, Kath!) and I will try to write later.

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    Jan 2005
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    just popping in quickly to say hi - cause i can! my baby is one - hard to believe & i wonder where the year has gone to - anyway just saying hi - have had a busy day today & tomorrow is the big party!!
    hope everyone has a great weekend

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    Awwwww Welcome Mel I hope the party is fantastic.


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