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thread: 12 Months - 3 Years, October/November '05

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    *slinks in*...

    Hey there girls... 8-[ Sorry for being so awol again...

    Welcome to Melbee and Snowy, and anyone else I have missed!

    Christy - hope you're having a great holiday and that Matilda wasn't too much trouble on the plane.

    Melbee - Hope Eliana has a fantastic 1st birthday tomorrow!

    Pee - Sorry to hear that you guys have been so sick Goodluck with your exams!

    Yikes Michelle, at least you know what your getting DH for Christmas, I havent even thought about it yet! LOL

    Kat - PMSL at the blue whale floating down the street!! :smt043 Hope your party preparations are coming along nicely!

    Well last Saturday I sat the STAT test to help give me a score for uni entry... so I'm just hoping now that I did well. It was pretty challenging, but I did well on the practise tests at home, so am hoping that I will get a similar result for the real one... [-o<
    Not much else happening here... still going to the gym every day. And still eating far too much for all the excercise to be having any effect, LOL
    Aidyn's speech is improving every day now and he is really trying so hard to say new words, but a lot of the time he just gets SO frustrated at not being able to communicate. He is going through a pretty grumpy phase actually, where he in whingey and clingy... I hope it passes soon!
    Tomorrow may as well be a week day for me cause DP will be out all afternoon and night getting p*ssed at a work BBQ.
    But I suppose I will have my turn next week when I go to Melbourne!! YAY! I am SOO excited!!

    Sorry for missing anyone with the personals! 8-[

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    Kellee Guest

    Just a quick one to say HI MEL! Can't believe your gorgeous girl is one already! How time flies. Welcome girls!

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    Pietta Guest

    Welcome to the new ladies!! I can not believe that Wolf is ONE!! My goodness- mind you i cant believe Ryley is 14 months

    We're doing a bit better here which is great!! We have found out that we will probaly have Ryley in day care full time next year which is great considering we have to work and go to uni 3 days a week plus try to study and have a life!! His centre is awesome and the waiting list is 1 and a half years so i am glad we have got in.

    It was DH's bday last Sunday and mine on the 25th so we are having our birthday party tonight. It is Austin Powers theme- DH is going as the pimp Austi from Goldmember and I am going as a 70's chick. I couldnt find any costumes to fit Damn size 20 body!! I will add some pics to my site next week. I am going to have a blonde afro, black flares, and i love my outfit. DH has a red white and black zebra type striped crushed velvet suit with a same colour hat and a fluffy shirt and a huge $ sign around his neck!! It'll be great- plus we dont have to pick up Ryley until midday on Sunday!! =D> =D> =D>

    Good to hear your going to the gym Ambah- i hope to is fun!!

    Take care all!! Talk to you on Monday (post hangover!! LOL)

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    May 2004

    Hope you have a lovely party Pee.

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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Ooh Pee, sounds like you are going to have an awesome party!!! Can't wait to see some piccies!

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    Jan 2005
    sunshine coast

    thanks everyone for the welcome - the party went well & she had a great birthday - loved unwrapping all her presents & we took her to southbank for a swim after playgroup & eliana loved the fact that she could crawl around in the water - im still finding it hard to believe she is one & of course cried when everyone sung happy birthday to her!!
    will catch up with some personals soon - i really should be putting all the stuff away that we had to take to the park for her party plus i need another room for all her presents!

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    Nov 2004
    Chasing Daylight...

    Melbee glad to hear Eliana's party went well. SouthBank is great for kids' parties, isn't it!

    It has been quite dark and gloomy up here on the Coast today, and there's another big storm rolling in now (hope the computer doesn't get hit by lightning 8-[ )

    Ambah how is turkey town going? Hopefully the chicks have hatched and they've all "left the building".

    Hi to all the new Mums who have joined us. Good to see you here

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    Pietta Guest

    Hello all!!
    Well the party was brilliant!! You can see a small snippet of the pics on Ryley's website- i need to update on my www so here it is for now-


    Once i have updated i will erase this and lead all to my www!!

    I am sure you will think our costumes were pretty funny

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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Happy bithday to Eliana! Glad to hear her party went well!

    And yours too Pee... the piccies look fantastic, love the outfits!!

    Christine - its a sad story with the turkeys actually... a number of the babies have been caught by our cats... and there's nothing we can do ](*,) We had a cute little baby come up to our door yesterday, so we tried to catch it but it was too fast for us. Not too fast for our cat Moggles though... Its really sad....
    I hope we suceed in catching at least a few to save... we are going to drop them off in the Mt Cootha Nat park which is not too far from here, I figure they would have the best chance there...

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    It sounds like everyone had great parties. !!!

    Aww at the baby turkeys Ambah but you have said all along they will have no chance with the cats

    I was busy all day yesterday hosting a surprise 60th birthday which went off fantastically

    There have also been a few dramas between my step-dad and his own daughter at the end of last week, so that story will probably unfold a bit more as the week progresses. ](*,)


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    Kellee Guest

    Yay for parties! I'm glad they all went well. What an awesome costume, Pee. That's very funny. I love costume parties.

    The poor turkeys, Ambah. I hope you get them all off the park safe and sound. Good on you for going to the gym too - I just started swimming today and it's RAD! makes you feel so good.

    Glad to hear that your party went well, Kathryn. You're a braver girl than I am! Sorry to hear about the family situation too - families are such complicated things at times. I hope that it resolves itself soon.

    Sorry to anyone I missed. This is just a quick procrastination visit - I'm just about to start studying, but I hadn't checked any of my friends blogs or most of my forums for almost a week and there was so much to catch up on - I have my priorities, you know! Nothing much to report here anyway, other than that I have my first ultrasound on Wednesday which will be nice. It's weird to think that after almost three months all the evidence we have of the existence of Bob (as we have named him while he's still "in" - DH would call him that when he's "out" if I let him, but that's not happening!) is an ever-expanding waistline and some sickness. I haven't even been able to hear the heartbeat yet, so I'll feel much better after Wednesday. How are things going with you, Bath? Hope you're ok.

    Right, psychology, here we come! Hope you're all fabulous and wonderful and that your bubs are treating their mums like the princesses that they are.

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Hello girls!! Just a quick note to say I'm back!! Got back this arvo & I have pages & pages to catch up on But I'll start here saying we had a great time, except for flights, we were "that" couple with the screaming child the entire time, even with maximum sedations.... 8-[ I'm not looking forward to America in a month eeeekkkk!!!

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    May 2004

    Christy hope you had a nice time away.

    Glad your party went well Kathryn

    Ambah hope you manage to catch your turkeys.

    Kimberley had her last day at day-care on Friday only one of the workers said goodbye to her. I was so upset by that not even the director that i saw in the morning say anything.
    Kimberley will only be out of day-care until Feb.
    She is starting to get dry nappies when she sleeps but i still don't want to take them away just yet.

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    That was a bit rude michelle. I'd be ****ed off with that as well.

    Christy great to have you back chook. @ Matilda screaming on the plane. OMG I don't envy you going to America at all now LOL


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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    OK I have shocking news...and I don't entirely know what to do about it if anything....

    Matilda poo'd on the toilet tonight.

    Thats right. DH was giving her a bath and said she seems to need to do a poo (she does one after her bath around 85% of the time) and I said, go for it. So he did and 1 minute later she poo'd on the toilet!!!! I mean she can't even get up to the toilet & stay on...

    So I'm off tomorrow to buy a potty and get a new bed for Matilda as she can definately get out of all cots. She's pretty safe about it now, but its a definate LOL. She got out of the cots after sleeping during holidays, but it was funny, she'd have her sleep & pop herself out of the cot after a couple hours and it was always just as I was going upstairs to check on her...

    So YAY for Matilda!!!

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    May 2004

    Yay Matilda.

    Hope you have fun sleeping in your new bed soon.

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    mooshie Guest

    hello all

    haven't been posting in this thread much SO SORRY - am reading everything but most of my posts have been in the ttc thread, but i think i will pop in here more as i think i am getting a little obsessive.

    christy - great to hear you had a nice holiday not so great about the plane oh well lets hope your big trip to america will be better and OMG MATILDA what a girl - poo on the loo (oh that rhymes lmao) and a bed, she is one advanced little chicken you have there christy what a little darling - gosh it used to give me a fright when the kiddies would wake from there nap and just "appear" i used to jump out of my skin all the time lol.

    ambah - just read your fantastic news on your studies that is awesome - you are going to study nursing aren't you - oh good luck i think you will be fantastic - so sad about the turkey babies

    mel - hi to you and eliana, sounds like you had a nice party - and also re eliana's weight (read that in another post somewhere) don't worry to much, i am having the same problems with lani, although she is only 8.8kgs but 78cms so long and lean just like eliana, trust me you will know if something isn't "right"

    pee - sounds like you had a fun time at your parties. are you all better in your household gosh i hope so, you have had a bit of a bad run

    kathryn - you have been busy busy too, with a big party - gosh all these parties and drinking hmmmm i am a tad jeleaous. how is kamryn enjoying kinder?? jay is getting sooooo excited about school next year, he wants to wear his uniform every day around the house lol

    bon - how are you going up there in sunny qld?

    kellee - you sound like you are well, how many weeks are you now, are you gonig to find out if you are having a pink or blue baby. how much study to go for you - sounds exhausting

    misty - hi to you too, how are you going - you guys were struck with the gastro bug to weren't you, hope it has long gone

    michelle - that was a bit sad about no-one saying anything to kimberley or you on her last day.

    michelle - where are you, hope you are all okay and jsut busy with the kiddies.

    dachlostar - where are you haven't read a post from you for ages. hope all is going well with your prg.

    gosh i do hope i have said hello to everyone - so sorry if i haven't and hello to you all

    well nothing much exciting here - lani is now walking with her little car things alot more but is not game to let go lol. took her to my gp, as i needed my iron levels rechecked and mentioned to her that the health nurse wanted me to get a referral to see a physio re lani being pigeon toed, i was worried when i heard this from my mchhn but saw a friend the other day whose daughter is the same age and is doing the exactly same thing with her feet - so i thought i would ask my gp and she said everything is fine and normal and the health nurse was wrong in saying what she said, she also said she doesn't believe in using toddler milk for babies, that cows milk is the way to go. she said that alot of mums that use toddler milk feel a bit more relaxed if the child doesn't eat the right sort of foods (ie vegies etc) as they are getting it in the milk and the babies tend to drink more milk - certainly makes sense to me as that is how i have been thinking - so cows milk is the go now in this house and i have been cooking up creative type meals and appetite is getting alot better.

    oh and lani has a bit of a runny nose happening and looks like the other molar is on the way, along with a couple of eye teeth - lets hope she gets them before christmas so she is nice and happy.

    well i better go before this post gets way to big - that will teach me for not posting more often sorry.

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    Great to hear from you Mooshie.

    Well we had a bit of drama here tonight. I will copy my post from the Mod forum, so apologies to Christy and Ambah who would have already read it.

    I was sitting here minding my own business (well cooking tea actually) when I heard Kameron turn the pedastal fan on in our room. I yelled 'KAMERON TURN THAT OFF RIGHT NOW" then I hear the sound of something being put into it I go screaming in there and Lachlan is screaming. He had stuck his finger in the fan through the guard !!! Blood was ****ing everywhere his finger double in size.

    I rang my surgery and my GP was fully booked but they said to come in and he will be waiting for you. I rang a friend to take me as Andrew had just left work, but her phone and mobile both rang out. So I rang another friend and got their answering machine !!! so I locked the house and started door knocking. Thankfully my neighbour was home so she took us straight there. I sent an SMS to andrew to meet us there.

    My doctor was waiting for us bless him, and took us straight into treatment. all the skin on the underneath of his pointer finger has come off so it is now all fully dressed and we have to go back tomorrow to get it re-dressed. He is now dosed up on panadol and asleep. When I walked out of the doctors rooms and saw andrew sititng there I nearly started bawling. I think the shock for me is now setting in as I am still sitting here covered in Lachlan's blood.


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