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thread: 3 Months - 6 Months August 05 #2

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    Feb 2004

    Awww poor Violet. I hope she gets better real soon Tanya & that the antibiotics help her out. Sounds like you might need to leave her with Wato for a night so you can get some sleep.

    Yay on Declan going so well with his growth Simone

    Sounds like you had the perfect Sunday Deb. Yay for Neil cleaning and cooking while letting mummy have a sleep.

    Woohooo on your offer being accepted for the house Trish, how exciting Sounds like you did well out of the undercover wear party, well done!

    Yay for starting solids again for Eliza, Bec. Hows she going?

    Nell, Zander is getting close to those things you've descibed Matty did when he was ready for solids, so we might be starting pretty soon.

    Boring shopping guys - ink for the printer & groceries! I'm going to a kids book party tomorrow with the girls from MG, so that will be some fun shopping!

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    Aug 2004
    Hunter Valley, Wine Country, NSW

    Oh no poor Violet, I hope she feel better real soon.

    Sarah - Have fun tomorrow at MG

    Simone - Sounds like Declan is thriving

    Deb - sounds like you had a great day yesterday

    Deb/Trish - I`m glad I`m not the only one around who has to feed their bubs often throughout the day and Deb your correct MIL did go by the books with their guidelines and becuase of the 4 hourly feeds it wasn`t enough for Mark so he was on solids at 5 weeks

    Trish - Yay at making an offer on the house, I`m so excited for you \/

    Bec - It was nights like Sat when I wasn`t well (still not), baby wanting me for food and I`m trying to prepare dinner that I do feel like downing the tools, not sure what MIL would have thought of that though

    We brought a new washing machine today, we`ve been unsure what to do as the one we like was $1899 - a lot of money for something to wash your clothes in but today decided to go ahead and buy it from Harvey Norman with the buy now, pay in 18 months but we`re going to pay $100 off it each month so at the end of the 18 months we don`t have to pay 27% interest each month if we don`t happen to have the money. We haven`t got it yet, they had to order it in so hopefully pick it up in a day or so.

    Take Care


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    May 2004

    Alex slept much better last last he even slept in till 9 just a shame Kimberley woke so early i would have had a lovely sleep in.
    I am going to try and keep him away from solids till after 4months old. Not long to go now anyway.

    Poor Violet hope she feels better soon.

    Deeanne sounds like you had fun shopping don't you just love buy now pay in 18months. That's what we did on Saturday.

    Sarah - Hope you have fun at MG.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Tanya - sorry to hear about poor Violet. I hope she gets better soon. How scary!

    Michelle - good to hear that Alex slept well last night. Just a pity about Kimberley! I guess that's the hard work with having more than one, hey? No sleep at all for Mum!

    Dee - wow... solids at 5 weeks!! That should have proven to your MIL that she needed to BF more. The things they used to do in the past! Wow. Yay for your new washing machine! The 18 months interest free is great (though I have had HEAPS of trouble with GE Capital - still, they fix their mistakes each time). We have bought several things from Harvey Norman and Retra Vision with interest free and it's great because you don't have to wait to use the stuff like you do with layby. It also means you can get what you want and not have to worry so much if it is an expensive item.

    Sarah - sounds like MG will be good tomorrow with a book party. One of the girls in our MG does body shop parties so we got to soak our feet last week. Very nice. I don't think anyone ordered anything tho! I hope she wasn't annoyed with us.

    Simone - I hope Declan is ok and that the sleeping isn't a sign that he is sick. Good to hear the WA meet went really well. His weight is fantastic!! For a premmie, that is unreal! Gabby has yet to hit the 6kg mark though I am hoping she has by now. Will find out on Wednesday when I get her weighed.

    Went shopping with my sisters today. I got Gabby a couple of things from PP on the clearance racks. I wasn't overly impressed with the sale prices so I only got a couple of things. We went to lincraft and got some more scrapping stuff (again, not overly impressed with the prices). Then I bought myself some jeans and a jumper that actually fit! YAY! I am glad I managed to get something for myself.
    I can feel AF coming on Poo! I guess I wasn't imagining it last time (though that was 2 months ago 8-[ ).

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    ange-par Guest

    I shouldn't have spoken so soon. Ella cried for about 2 hours this afternoon and was a monster for the rest of the day. The only good thing about today was that the Paediatrician believes that he will be able to get her eczema under control. More medication and more money ($110 for Dr and $32 for medication).

    They cost us so much money, but we could never live without them.

    Second tooth is about to cut so I guess I'll have more crying.......

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    May 2004

    Alex would not go to bed last night he kept falling asleep in my arms and as soon as i put him down he screamed we left him for a little while but he just would not stop. I finally got him to sleep but giving him some more milk but he woke again after 4hrs and again screamed when i put him back to bed he did the same 4hrs later i had to rest my hand under his head until he was alseep. Not sure what is wrong he has gone from waking once a night to 2 or 3 times.
    I am seeing the CYN today so i will ask what else i can do.

    Hope everyone has a nice day.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Angela - bugga about speaking too soon. Poor little Ella! Good to hear the paed thinks he can get her eczema under control.

    Michelle - I hope the CHN can shed some light on what is happening with Alex. It's gotta suck having to get up so many times a night.

    Gabby was SUCH a grumpy-bum last night. She woke from her nap at about 6pm but was soooooo grizzly that I put her back to bed. She slept until 8pm but was grumpy again when she got up. 2 hours of grizzling!! :roll: I tried some farex but that just made her sook more. I ended up making Neil give her a bath because I was just over it. She was almost falling asleep as I was dressing her. She was sniffly when she woke up this morning so I am thinking she might be coming down with something. Looks like I am in for some fun too!

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    Feb 2004

    Gotta make this quick, Matty is in the jolly jumper but starting to tire out.

    Deb - I hope Gabby doesn't come down with anything. Fingers crossed. yay to your Sunday though.

    Tanya - I hope that Violet gets better real soon and noone else on your house gets sick.

    Trish - yay on your house offer being accepted! I hope it all comes through for you.

    Michelle - I hope Alex has a better night and hopefully your CYN will have some ideas.

    Angie - sorry to hear about Ella.

    Dee - how's everything going? Yay at new washing machine. That's one thing us mums need to be working properly.

    Sarah - yay at your scrapbooking! Now the kids book party sounds like a party I would love to go too, hope you have fun!

    Okay, little man is getting cranky, time for boobie juice. Hope all is well with everyone else.

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    Aug 2004
    Hunter Valley, Wine Country, NSW

    Nell - I`m okay, feeling a little better but still full of this cold and feeling extremely tired all the time and I`m going to bed at 8pm 8-[

    Deb - I hope Gabby`s not coming down with a cold. Oh no at feeling AF come, has she arrived since Gabby?

    Michelle - I hope the CYN can give you some advice.

    Sorry ladies have to dash, Matthew`s wanting food, will come back later

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    Nov 2004

    I think both the kids are coming down with something. Declan went to sleep at 6pm last night (without a feed) slept til about 3, had a feed, then is still asleep. And xander went down at 7.30 as usual, and is still asleep as well!! Im still in bed, dragged the laptop in every morning i just feel soooo yucky, tired worn out and 'off.' wish whatever i've got would go away!! Hope everyone feels better soon,

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Dee - nup... no sign of AF yet... just cramps yesterday. I feel ok today tho. Sorry to hear you are still feeling ick! Hope it goes away soon!!

    Nell - sounds like Matty is fighting fit. LOL - I laugh at the "Boobie Juice" whenever you say it. Very cute!

    Hehehe... I am still in my jammies. I suppose I should get my butt into the shower. It's one of those days where I just can't be bothered! I bet someone pops over for a visit and catches me being lazy, LOL.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Sorry Simone... posting at the same time.
    Oh dear! Sounds like one unwell household for you atm. Wow @ both the boys still be asleep. Sounds like rest is just what they need (and you too). Hope you are all feeling better soon!

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    Aug 2004
    Hunter Valley, Wine Country, NSW

    Nell - I forgot to say before we were looking into a new washing machine because of two reasons, I need a bigger one then the one we have plus the one we have uses about 76 litres of water per wash and when your on tank water and it doesn`t rain that`s a lot of water which we have to buy in.

    Simone - Wow @ the boys having a big sleep.

    Deb - Perhaps your ovulating without getting a period that`s why your getting cramps but no AF, just a thought.

    Angela - I hope Ella`s 2nd tooth comes without too much crying for Ella. That`s great that the Paediatrician thinks he can control her eczema.

    We had another night of waking, it seems to be becoming a ritual for a night feed now, then sleep for 3 hours and want another feed so Matthew seems to be getting up earlier in the morning now even with a feed in the middle then what he was with going all night sleeping. Just when I thought after 5 weeks of sleeping through he was in a routine.

    Take Care


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    Mark&Jess Guest

    Hi All,

    Hope everyone is well. Once again we've been slack at posting 8-[

    Jess is doing great and adapting well to motherhood. I'm really enjoying being a dad too Kristanna & I have now created a ritual daddy/daughter day on the weekends - we will go out and about and spend the entire day together while Jess has some time to herself. I think it is giving Jess a much needed break, and also gives me some bonding time with Kristanna that I miss out on being at work all week.

    Kristanna is thriving. She had her 4 month immunisations last week and got a clean bill of health from the doctor. She now weighs in at 7.6Kg and is getting closer to another clothes size. She's a long one, tends to want to pop out the legs of her growsuits.

    In the past week she has perfected rolling from her back to tummy, and takes great delight in rolling over every chance she gets. (Usually during a nappy change). She has also found her voice and yabbers at everything from the TV to the cat to strangers in the shopping centre.

    It's really exciting to watch her grow and develop and to see her personality starting to show.

    How are all the other bubs, mums and dads going?

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Mark - wow! Kristanna is doing reeeeallly well by the sounds of things! Rolling and everything?? Gabby isn't even doing that now at 5 months! What a clever little girl you have. Good on you for giving Jess some time to herself on the weekends. Even though you have to work all week, it must be nice to have those "Daddy-Daughter" moments.

    Dee - wow! Any wonder you wanted to change washing machines. Bummer about Matthew's new sleeping habits. I am waiting for Gabby's to change. I have a feeling that once the teeth start happening, so will the night-wakings.

    I just went to kmart and picked up a layby. I got the "Music for Dreaming" CD. So far so good. I used to put on a soothing music CD for Gabby's naps but it was all separate songs. The music for dreaming is continuous so I just have it on to repeat the whole cd and it keeps going. Helps to drown out all the outside noise. I also got her 2 of those baby einstein DVDs so I will put one on after her nap to see if she likes them. I think I will save one of them for Christmas. You don't think she will be too old for it then??

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    May 2004

    Saw the CYN and she said it is called wonder weeks something to do with them doing new things also she said as alex did not sleep much yesterday he could have been over tired from doing stuff like playing as he did have a lot of play time yesterday.

    I'll be back later once Kimberley has stopped playing with everything she can find she is now just going to pick up the telephone to talk to it. Lucky we brought new ones and we unplugged the old one.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Michelle - I guess that makes sense. They say that good sleep promotes good sleep so, if they sleep well during the day, they are meant to sleep well at night. It's amazing how many people say "Oh well, she has had a big day with hardly any sleep. At least she will sleep well tonight!". Soooo not true. I guess all of it is exaserbated by taking in all the new information that they are presented with. Gabby was funny today. When she was feeding, some music came on the TV and she spun her head around to look at it - like lightening. She's never done that before. She's really starting to "notice" everything around her. It must be amazing to discover all these new things!!

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    Aug 2004
    Hunter Valley, Wine Country, NSW

    Mark - Kristanna sounds like she`s doing wonderfully and good on you for giving Jess a day for herself so you can spend it with Kristanna.

    Deb - I`ve been thinking about buying a couple of the einstein DVD`s but haven`t got around to it yet, I don`t think she`ll be too old for it by Christmas.

    Michelle - I guess that could be right at this age they are learning so many new things, it must be a lot to take in and remember.

    Keep meaning to tell you girls yesterday while at Harvey Norman all Matthew wanted to do was blow raspberries, I couldn`t keep a straight face - what do they say small things amuse small minds. I also don`t think I`ve told you that Matthew laughs and giggles each time I change his clothes, they crack you up don`t they - I tell him he`s like Daddy loves having no clothes on LOL

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