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thread: 3 Months - 6 Months, June '05

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    Scarlett Guest

    Hey everyone, havn't been online much as have been making the most of my last week with Em at home. Am really not coping well with her starting day care next week. I am looking forward to being back at work but am hating the idea of someone else caring for her and getting to spend all day with her.

    She has a new trick - rolling over from back to front but does it at night and wakes herself up. So any ideas on how to overcome this would be great.

    Hope everyone else is well and that your bubs are doing great.

    Now off to catch up on your posts.

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    Breastfeeding mummy extraordinaire

    Sep 2004
    Sydney's Norwest

    Scarlett, big hugs to you sweety. I don't know how your going to do it. Totally understand wanting to get back into work though, there's only so much baby conversation you can handle.

    Tanya, I hope that Alecia had a great night out and isn't too tired for school today. Poor Jorge, hopefully all his screaming scared away whatever was out there. Must be the time for windy baby's, Tehya has been farting like a trouper, so loud in the middle of the night. [email protected] Emily pulling her dummy out. Actually I shouldn't really laugh coz Tehya does that now, especially when I'm trying to get her back to sleep.

    Deb, Hoping that the rest of your day was great. Sounds like you have a little nudist on your hands there. The simple things that makes them happy hey.

    Suzie, Hopefully Neil got the message and is leaving the house more quietly from now on. Don't you hate it when they wake up the kids as their walking ut the door, leaving you to deal with them of course. Luckily Mark is pretty quiet in the morning but sometimes he still wakes Noah up. The bathroom is right next to Noah's room. I will be so glad when we move.

    Tehya went down a bit latrer last night and woke for her feed around 2.30am, she stuffed around for abit after it and I don't think we got much more decent sleep after that. It is bloody freezing here. A great morning to sleep in and keep warm. If only the kiddies would let me do that.

    I finally got around to putting some pictures of Ned on Tehya's page, just click on her name.

    Deb I copied you back and made some extra albums in there

    Hope everyone has a great day.

    Take care

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    Ex adm!n, quietly rusting....

    Feb 2004

    Guys, not round much at the moment cos Zander & I both have this lovely cold. I'm worse than he is which is good I suppose 8-[ He's a bit sniffly & has a little cough but still smiling & happy most of the time. I've got the works, aches pains, headache, sore throat blah blah blah! BTW, how much does it suck getting up in the middle of a cold night when you're sick.

    I agree with it being a great morning to sleep in & keep warm Trish, it's only 9deg inside the house ATM, I dread to think what it is outside. Isn't Ned a little cutie & I agree, those hands are huuuge! Work was good, I remembered everything & it was like I hadn't even gone! I'm doing every Monday now (but with mum) and Amanda will take Zander (hehe that rhymed!). Anyway, I got $140 for the day so that will be a great help.

    Awww Scarlett :hugs: I'm sure you & Em will survive your first week apart. Yay on the rolling over too, if only she did it during the day rather than waking herself up!

    LOL at changing your sig again Tanya! Poor Jorge, I wonder what it was that was bothering him... How did Alecia go at the social?

    Yay at Gabby grabbing for things Deb, Zander hasn't quite gotten there yet, other than his dummy - he sounds like Tanya's Emily on that front!! Zander is the same with the pants off play time. We did baby massae at mum's group yesterday & he wasn't impressed, I'd thought being naked he'd love it!

    Yuck at the $400 to fix your car, that's what you get for being a good samaritan hey?!

    No such luck with the fantastic sleeping arrangements Bec, I'm getting up 3 times a night again! What a pain having Eliza push the bottle away, Zander does that sometimes too or tries to get his hands in his mouht with it!!! Hopefully yesterday was better?

    Forgot to tell you guys as well - I did it, chopped all my hair off!! We took the before photos, but no afters yet, I'll get Aaron to do them tonight so you can see. It's soooo much easier to manage so I'm loving it for the moment.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2004

    Hi folks,

    Yay for the 3 month old bubs, they are growing so quickly. I can't believe Matty is 4 months. It was only this time last year I was pregnant...

    Deb - oooh you've done an album of Gabby! How exciting must get it out, can't wait till I get a chance to do Matty's. He loves his nappy off time as well, but he keeps swinging his arms down and hitting himself in the gonads (for want of a better word) surely it must hurt him!

    Trish - hope Teyha is well and naps well for you today. How is the rest of the family, everyone well? Yay on having 2 nephews on the same day, I haven't checked the photo out yet but I will.

    Tanya - did Alecia have a good time? You would think they'd have socials on a Friday? Surely she isn't the only one that would have been home so late? How is Violet and Emily?

    Scarlett - kwym about going back to work. I am going back part-time in September and I get sad thinking about it now. I'm sure you'll go fine though.

    Matthew has just started rolling from his back to his front - but in his cot, he gets stuck halfway and then cries and cries cause he can't move - but it has done it before! Hopefully this won't last too long? I'm not sure how to help Scarlett - sorry.

    Hi Suzie, glad to see you back Glad Dominic is going well and yay for the sleeps getting longer at night.

    Sarah - hope you guys are okay and not too ill.

    Welcome Bec and Eliza again. It's funny that you guys are from Deb and Fi's ANC. I have a Rebecca who is mum to Eliza in my mothers group and she was born in April. Funny hey?

    Hello to those I have missed, hope you are all going good.

    Matthew has discovered his feet - so cute! Very hard to change clothes and nappies while the feet are in the air and in his mouth. It is even more important to remember the cover while changing his nappy now as I am right in the firing line when his legs and feet are up in the air!

    Have a good day.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2004

    Hi Sarah - posting same time!

    Oh no with your lurgy - get Aaron to look after Zander and go back to bed!

    Yay at chopping your hair off - can't wait to see your photos!

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    May 2004

    Hey all
    Nell and Scarlett, Yay for your Buba new tricks, all my girls rolled form back to front b4 front to back. With Emily I used one of those cot snuggler things for when she move to a cot. I found an earlier discussion some of the girls have had about it here https://www.bellybelly.com.au/forums...pic.php?t=7634

    Trish...Ned is very cute!! And so tiny compared to Teyah! I forget how fast they grow!

    Yay at the change Sarah!! I have been thinking about getting mine done too. I am just so scared that i'll regret it and my hair will go all boofy! I have really thick hair and it is getting waaaay to heavy!
    Get Well Soon!!

    Violet had Colic again last night and just cried... we ended up falling asleep on the couch together at 12:30 and we didn't move or wake until 7:30...poor baby!
    Alecia said she had fun at hersocial... she was very tired and sore...lol
    I asked her if she kissed any boys, she just laughed and said "NO!"...lol

    I am sure ai had something else to type...can't remember!


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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    SE Melbourne

    Hey Everyone

    Just wanted to pop in and say that I am back finally! Hayley is doing a lot better although still throwing up after every feed, but I think that may have something to do with no longer having EBM, maybe it just takes time to adjust.

    Hayley is still very small, but I guess that is just her, she is still wearing 0000. She is only 4610g at 13w, which is pretty small. I am still having trouble with the MCHN, who is totally hung up on the adjusted age thing...keeps telling me that she is really only 8w, so have only just had that check done.

    Tanya - totally understand the colic, Hayley gets it too, but I am using the Brauer Colic drops and they are just brilliant, helps heaps.

    Sarah - I hope your cold goes away quickly.

    Scarlett/Nell - Hayley has been doing the same and hates getting stuck on her front in her cot, so starts screaming, but I bought a sleep tight thing a couple of weeks ago and she doesnt have the problem anymore, its adjustable and stops her from rolling over, pretty good for $20.

    I know I have missed people but I am hoping that I will be able to catch up a little more, especially with school holidays next week, YAY!!! Shannen is away on camp and its freezing where she is, down to 1 overnight, and no heating in the cabins, so I am dreading her coming home tomorrow and being sick. Tayla is home with me today, has a lovely cough and they were only watching dvds all day, so easier for her to stay home. I have her parent/teacher interview tonight, geez that will be fun, NOT! They are threatening to keep her down but her report was really good, I dont understand.

    Anyway, rambled on enough, will hopefully be able to keep up from now on.

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    BellyBelly Member

    May 2004

    Dinky - Great to see you back and Hayley is doing much better. Hope she stops being sick for you soon.
    I find it strange they are saying Hayley is only 8wks old i have never had that problem with mine.
    Maybe try and see someone else or take her to the doctors for her check ups.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Tanya - awww... how sweet that Alecia didn't kiss any boys. That's gotta be what you wanna hear?? It's sad how fast kids have to grow up these days so it's nice to hear when they are still acting thier age iykwim? Glad she had a good time.

    Sarah - ick... you sound terrible! Must be taking its toll on you. I am a bit sniffly today so I have been chowing down on vitamin C. Glad work went well for you. Nothing like a few extra $$ for a bit of a boost!

    Trish - Ned's a little cutie! How cool that he won't be much younger than Tehya so they will be able to play together. How did you get the text under each photo?

    Nell - how cute that Matty has discovered his feet! LOL @ you being right in the firing line!

    Scarlett - sorry to hear that you are not coping with the idea of going back to work. I don't blame you. Yay @ Emily's new trick but it's a pity it is waking her up at night.

    Unfortunately Gabby's good day didn't last yesterday. She slept all of 20 minutes between about 3pm-8pm where I gave in and gave her a bath early. She was in bed by 9:15pm (consequently, so was I!) and I expected her to wake up at 3am. Nope. 8am!! What the?? 8-[ Now, don't get me wrong, I am not complaining, but I would rather her go back to 8 hours and have some sleep during the day. She must know that she has just passed the 3 month mark so it's time to mix things up a bit, LOL. I kept her up this morning. I had a shower while she played then we did the groceries. She fell asleep in the trolley but only for 10 minutes so I fed her and put her back down. I am not banking on this nap lasting very long. I am cleaning @ Neil's work again tonight but this time he is going to bring her home. I am actually looking forward to it!! I get a mini-break. There's a bottle in the fridge ready to go. Still, there's a small part of me that is nervous about whether or not Neil will do the right thing, iykwim? Gotta let go of the reins some time, right??

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Sorry Dinky, didn't see your post.
    Good to hear that Hayley is doing much better. I hope that Shannen comes home fighting fit and not too affected by the cold. Good luck with Taylas parent/teacher interview. The teachers hate it just as much as the parents I reckon. Makes you wonder why they bother having them.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2004

    Just wanted to sneak in and say hi to Bec and Eliza!! Yay the geelongians are making the charge!!!

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    Breastfeeding mummy extraordinaire

    Sep 2004
    Sydney's Norwest

    Sarah, hope that you and Zander are feeling better real soon. So you went for the chop hey. Glad that you like it. Good to hear that your day at work went great too, a nice little break and $$ to boot Re Ned's hands- I wondered how a babies hands could be soo big, I swear they are bigger than Tehya's already, they look quite odd actually. Without sounding too mean.

    Dinky, Glad to have you back and that Hayley is doing better. My gf has a premmie and he was always corrected age wise for his checks. I wonder if it has anything to do with HOW premmie they are. Her bub was 10 weeks early.

    Tanya, Do you think Alecia would have told you if she did kiss a boy? Hopefully hey. Sorry to hear that you had a hard night with Violet. Colic is the pits isn't it.

    Deb, it's hard to loosen those reins, isn't it? On the pic site, after you have loaded the pics, right click on the pic you want and choose edit text. It will bring up a little box on the left hand side, this is where you write your caption. Ummm I think thats all. You don't need to press return or anything just click on the next pic, the box should've stayed open for you. Hopefully this works, if not let me know and I will go through mine and email you the details, Which is what I probably should of done in the first place

    Nell, make sure yoou keep that guard up now when changing him. I don't know how many times I got peed on by the boys. [email protected] Matty hitting himself in the "gonads" wait til he gets alittle older and likes to stretch the thing. And every nappy change has him putting his hand down to grab a handful Oh the joys of little boys....

    Tehya is starting to sleep abit better, still not enough fo rmy likings but what do you do. She woke up before screaming the house down, a real pained cry. I ended up having to put her on the boob to settle her down, not sure what was up though. Don't you wish they could tell you what was hurting sometimes.

    Mark has taken Noah back to the Dr's, when I picked him up from preschool this afternoon his right cheel was quite red and he was abit warm. Hoping that his ear isn't infected again.

    Brought Ned some cute little clothes today. Was fun shopping for boys stuff again. Don't miss it though So hard to find cute stuff for boy's still, girl shopping is SOOOOO much better. I was going to buy for Marks brothers baby too but decided not to. Everytime I go and get his family presents he never gives me the $$$ back.

    Housekeeper did a better job today although mum and I did heaps of cleaning up yesterday so there wasn't as much for her to do. I left the pine o clean and other cleaning products in the appropriate places for her so they got used this time.

    Take care

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jun 2005
    near the water

    Hi all,
    Guee I can't believe how much goes on in one day here.lol
    Sarah: congrats on the chop, I tend to let mine go and then chop..at the moment it is falling out in chunks,aparently it usually happens to mothers that bf..so I have no idea why it is happening to me 8-[
    Deb: I'm still funny with leaving Eliza with Nick, I go out and she is asleep and when I get home she is giggling with him(I'm sure he wakes her up),he will soon learn!We are leaving her with my mum next Friday night - I am already stressing.
    Dinky:My gf had a premmie at 29 weeks,she said the hardest thing was weight and milestones...with the MHN. Good luck
    Trish: We just did remedial infant massage at Mothers Group..they say that a specific massage across the tummy (clock wise) can help with pains and constipation...I'll give it a go, getting her to stop screaming to do it will be the biggest prob
    Fi: Hi, hope all is well with your little family, looking forward to catching up with you and Deb next week
    Nell: It's funny how the little cute things bubs does always makes it harder for us mums.
    Tanya: I love the snuggle up sleeps, not so good for the back thou..Hope Scarlett settles for you.
    For those I have forgotton - I'm sorry
    Well today we had mothers group and did massage, all the time we were there I was thinking one day Eliza will do this to me..lol
    Fingers crossed for a big sleep tonight..well at least till ER is over.

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    BellyBelly Member
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    Oct 2004
    NW Tasmania

    well i had this big reply written out but the dang thing logged me out and so i lost it all!!!
    I have to say hi to everyone who said hi to me,and i promise to keep up better in future!!!
    We get our car back tomorrow,and it only cost $220 in the ned and that was with the charge of getting it there (via tandem trailer) too
    Found out it was Neil who didnt notice the fan belt had broken,and that was what caused it to break down....Fancy that,a $10 part ending up costing us all that money,plus the fact they had to reset the computer because it was saying all sort of crazy stuff,lucky that i didnt have to get a new one apparently they are 2000-3000 $
    Looking forward to getting it back and getting on with selling it (which we were going to before) i plan to get a 4 cylinder car (a barina) i have my eye on because all the kids arent normally in the car at once,and petrol is going up to $1.20 a litre here....
    Dominic has been asleep since about 5:30 tonight and it is now 9:44,so i hope he doesnt want to get up and play when he does finally get up!!!
    Take care everyone!!

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    Scarlett Guest

    Trish - Ikwym about wishing they could tell you whats hurting. Sometimes it can be so confusing. I hope Teyha is a bit more settled for you.

    Sarah - hope you feel better, yay for the haircut. I want to do mine but Emily's new trick is to grab fistfulls of it to swing off so its best if it can be kept back at the moment or I will be bald.

    Nell - LOl at Matty grabbing 'himself' I have friends with boys who tell me they use it sort of like an elastic band as they get older so wait for that.

    Deb - I am constantly 'checking' up on kev when he is resonsible for feeding/bathing etc. I try not to but cant seem to help myself. I hope Gabby had a good sleep during the day for you. I have found that Em will go down for about 40mins and half wake up and if I hold her on my chest she will go back to sleep for up to 2hrs so we have been having naps together on the couch of an afternoon. I know some would say this is spoiling her but I love it.

    Tanya - I hope violet is feeling better today.

    Well I tried one of the 'anti rolling' things and it worked for a bit until she moved herself up and out of it. Have no idea how she did it but when she rolled over she fussed for a bit and then went back to sleep for another hour of so, so thats an improvement. I hope that as she gets more comfortable on her stomach it wont bother her so much.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Scarlett - anyone that tells you that you are spoiling Emily for giving her the love and attention she needs to have a restful sleep can go jump in the lake, I reckon! One day you will be begging her for cuddles so make the most of it now. Good on you!

    Suzie - good to hear the car didn't end up costing as much as you thought. It is amazing how small things can lead to big things if left to get worse in cars. Hmmm... makes me think of the many small things that are wrong with my car atm... 8-[ Hope you get a good price and can find a decent 4 cylinder to zip around in. As far as petrol goes, I really miss my little Meteor. It was a good car. There was nothing wrong with it when we sold it. Still, I love being able to take off and not get passed by everyone (including trucks) so I will keep my 6 cylinder I think. It's even better in Neil's V8! Woo hoo! Road rage!

    Bec - LOL @ Eliza giving you a massage one day. Kids are really good at it. My kids in my class last year kept wanting to give me massages. I always politely declined (uno... appropriate behaviour of a teacher crap) but I relented on the last day of school because I knew I was going to miss them soooooo much. It was very relaxing, that's for sure!

    Trish - thanks for the instructions about putting captions under the photos on the web site. You are a handy person to know! LOL @ the boys always grabbing a handful when you changed their nappies. They never really grow out of it, do they? Why are men so facinated by their in-betweens?? LOL. Yay @ Tehya starting to sleep a little better. You need the break, I am sure! I hope Noah is ok and that ear infection stays away. Good to hear your housekeeper did a better job this time. The subtle hints must have done the trick!

    Fi - I am with you.... GO GEELONGIANS! LOL

    Cleaning @ Neil's work went much better last night. I got heaps done but was still over it after 3 hours. I was feeling rather ick actually. Got home and felt worse! Gabby had only had a couple of cat naps but Neil had done a good job. He had attempted to wrap her. LOL - it was so funny. I didn't say anything tho. I will show him how to wrap her before next week tho. I put her to bed after she had been awake for 5 hours with no sleep! Again, she slept for 10 hours. I tell you, I needed the sleep! I feel like crap today. I have been eating vitamin C like it is going out of fashion and have helped myself to Gabby's Fess Nasal spray a couple of times, LOL. Any wonder she hates it when I squirt it up her nose. It's odd, that's for sure!
    We have to go shopping to spend some of Neil's gift vouchers that he got for his birthday. He has said he wants to buy a rug for the loungeroom which is rather nice of him. When I said I would feel bad if he spent his birthday money on something for the house, he asked me what I would do if it was mine. Exactly the same thing! LOL. There you go.
    We are having a garage sale tomorrow to get rid of some of our junk. Neil is trying to sell his pool table because it's too big. He just wants a pub-sized one. Hopefully it sells and we get some $$$ [-o<

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    Breastfeeding mummy extraordinaire

    Sep 2004
    Sydney's Norwest

    Hey Girls,

    Gee it's been quiet in here. Everyone must be really busy.

    Scarlett, it's not called spoilt, it's called "well loved" I spent many a day like that with Noah. Now with Noah around there is no way I can do it with Tehya.

    Deb, I hope that you found a nice rug for the house and that there is still a few extra $$ for something special for Neil. Good luck for your garage sale today too. heres to making lots of $$$$.

    Suzie, YAY for the car not costing as much. Didn't you DH know not to jump start a car when you have electrics on your own car. Even I knew that one. So much for doing someone a favour hey.

    Bec, my kids give me a massage sometimes, it's not the greatest but it's better than the ones that Mark doesn't give me. Somedays when I'm feeling nice I will get out the lotion and give Noah a massage, he loves it. Problem is I think he loved it alittle too much, when he rolled ovver he was very much at attention IYKWIM. LOL, just like his dad.

    I went out to the raffles at the club with Mum and some other friends last night. Spend quite a few $$ on the tickets and I WON. I won a dvd/vcr player. I was really hoping that they had the recordable dvd player this week, they did last week. Anyway, that was the first major prize I have won there in ages.

    Got Tehya weighed yesterday and she is 6.09kgs (13lbs 6oz) 64cms long and hc 40.1cm. She has gained just over 300grams in 2 weeks. I knew that she had had a nice growth spurt, she is starting to get chubby legs.

    How is everyone elses bubs growing, I like to make comparisons. Not in a bad way of course but it's god to see how she is going with her other bubby peers.

    Take care

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    OMG @ Noah's reaction to your massages, Trish! I can't believe that even at such a young age boys can do that! God, I will be in for a shock if i ever have a boy, hey? Woo hoo @ your big win! Well done! I will let you know how big Gabby is when she is weighed in a couple of weeks.

    I feel like crap. Neil has been doing all the work for the garage sale. We've sold a little bit. He sold his pool table so now he has to move everything around in the garage to get the thing out. It took 8 blokes to move it in here and they all broke a sweat!

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