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thread: 3 Months - 6 Months, June '05

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    Scarlett Guest

    Nell - Hope you are feeling a bit better today, and yey for the money from the pool table. Have fun spending it.

    Trish - nice win, Emily is 6.8 kgs and 64cm long (well she was two weeks ago when she was 4mths).

    Had a horrible afternoon yesterday, I was cutting her nails and cut the top of her thumb. Poor kid screamed and it bled really badly and still has a flap of skin attached. Kev keeps telling me not to worry about it but I feel like the worst person in the world. Not easy to keep a bandaid on either.

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    May 2004

    Hey all!

    Yay for your DVD/VCR Trish! What a great pize... well done!
    And Yay for Teyah weighing in at over 6kg! Shes getting a big girl! I am not sure what Violet is now... I suppose she would be 5.5kg?? I suppose I can weigh her on the bathroom scales...?? lol

    Deb I hope those Vit C do the trick! We are wanting to get a rug for the lounge too... They aren't cheap tho! Although this is the time of year to get one

    Scarlett, I am glad that roll thing help a little...

    Bec..lol at one day Eliza giving you a massage!! We can only hope

    Yay at Hayley getting a bit better Dinky... fingers crossed it continues!
    How was Taylah's P/T interview? any insight to why they want to keep her down?

    Well Violet is very well . She slept form about 9:30 till 7:45 this morning which was a relief! The night before she got up twice during the night... it's hard to get up to them during the night when you fall out of the habit.
    Swimming yesterday, we got nearly all the way into Shep when I asked Wato if he grabbed the bag... he didn't!! So we had to turn around! GRRRR!! Oh well Emily's instuctor let us stay for the next class as well .
    Last day of the term for Alecia yesterday, her report was really good!! I bought her an MP3 player for doing so well... hopefully it will help keep her grades up .


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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    May 2004

    Scarlett... I refuse to use nail clippers... I would rather bite their nails off. I know so many ppl who have done just what you did.


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    Ex adm!n, quietly rusting....

    Feb 2004

    Hey Trish, check out this thread, heaps of us have added in all of our bubs details from birth, some up to 3yrs I think! Anyway, Zander was 6.5kg when I weighed him last week, 63cm & head 42 (I think). LOL at Noah enjoying his massages! Woohooo at the DVD player, what a great win!

    LOL at Neil attempting to wrap Gabby, Aaron doesn't get it right either!! Yuck at the cold, mine is still lingering as well. Enjoy your shopping today & good luck with the garage sale.

    Same here Scarlett, Zander will sleep for about 40mins in bed, but 2-3hrs with me! We've been doing the same - the afternoon naps on the lounge, so if Emily is spoiled so is Zander.

    Good luck with leaving Eliza next week, you'll be right!! Enjoy the sleep!

    The girls in my mum's group always talk about corrected age too Dinky. Apparently premmie bubs reach their milestones at the time they would have if they were born on time - ie, if they were born 10w early a milestone they reach at 4 weeks normally, the premmie bub would reach it at 14 weeks. Kinda confusing, but I understand why they do it.

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    Ex adm!n, quietly rusting....

    Feb 2004

    Ooh, didn't see your post before Scarlett. Poor bubba, but I'm sure she'll have worse accidents before too long

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Awww Scarlett... don't you hate it when things like that happen? The amount of times I have clopped Gabby's head into things! It's a wonder she has any brain cells. The guilty feeling will go away soon. Sux tho, hey?

    Sarah - sounds like you are feeling a little better. How has master Zander been sleeping at night?

    Tanya - #-o at leaving the bag behind. I did that today. I left a bag at the supermarket and had to go back and get it. Grrrrr! Such a pain in the bum because the car park is full of ferals today. Sounds like Alecia's report was awesome. She's a lucky girl for getting an MP3 player. Still, by the sounds of it, she sounds like the type of kid that would really appreciate such rewards. Good on her!

    Gabby was so cute today. Neil told me to leave her with him out in the garage while I had a shower (got to 12:30pm and no shower!). I made sure I had a nice, reeeeeeeallly long shower too! I came out and she was fast asleep in her bouncer on the workbench, LOL. Not wrapped either! I am hoping to eventually have her napping without being wrapped sometimes. It would be handy. I have a mouth full of ulcers. Ouchies! I'll just have to keep pumping that vitamin c into me.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2004

    Hey everyone,

    I was busy all day yesterday so no posting from me...all about that in a tick.

    Deb - we plan on having a garage sale soon as well, get heaps to it? Glad you got to sell what you wanted. Yay on your sleep! (and Gabby's!)

    Tanya - yep, ditto #-o from me about the bag, I am always forgetting things too.

    Trish - yep check that thread out, Matty was 5.8kgs at his 4 months check up. There is also a thread there for 'firsts'.

    Scarlett - can you tell me what the anti roll thingy is? Matty is still getting stuck, poor bubs! Ouch at Emily's thumb! I also bite and file the nails down. I do it when I am feeding him. You can do anything to him when feeding him, getting that food in is all he cares about!

    Having said that, he is not taking to the bottle atm. DH and I went out last night to a dinner and MIL was here looking after him, he refused to feed the EBM bottle I left. Also he was only down 1 hour before he woke up and screamed the place down. We rang to check at 8.30pm how he was going and he was screaming, we couldn't get out of the place quick enough. Got home, on the boobie, nice drink for him and then down for the night. Poor love was hungry, plus I think he is still teething. As today we had trouble putting him down for naps even you can tell he is so tired. Thank goodness for bonjela! Great stuff.

    Yesterday was good though. Some of the mums from my mums group went for a big long walk pushing the prams, it was such a lovely day to get out and about.

    Hope all are doing well.

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    Scarlett Guest

    Nell - I got the anti rolly thing from target but have seen then at big w too. They are two curved cushions that attach to a sheet that goes under bub. You position them depending on whether or not bub sleeps on their side of back. It has helped hold her in place a bit, until she goes up and out of it. Hope mattys teeth come through soon for him.

    Deb - hope the ulcers heal up soon, my grandmother had a trick - dilute a few drops of tea tree oil in luke warm water and swish around. Tastes foul but does the job well.

    Sarah - I love my afternoon naps with Emily, does Zander lift his head occasionally to check you are still there? she does, smiles and goes back to sleep - so cute.

    Very sad day here as Emily starts day care tommorrow. I only have one week leave left so figure she needs to get used to it. Am really hoping it doesn't upset her too much because it will be so much harder to leave her knowing she is unhapppy. Figure tommorrow will be a crying day for me but fortunatly I have work to do to try and take my mind off it.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Nell - awww poor Matty! Those teeth must be hell on his poor little mouth. Hope he doesn't reject the bottle completely tho! Good luck with your garage sale.

    Scarlett - good luck tomorrow. I know it's gonna be reeeeally hard but I am sure she will be fine. It will just take a bit of getting used to by both of you. As you said, soon you will have work to distract you.

    Gabby let me have a nice long sleep again last night. It was much needed as I was sooooo sore and tired last night. Even my knees were sore! Funny how a cold can affect you in weird places.
    She is getting soooo big. I now have to put 00 wondersuits on her. There's a bit of growing room but the 000 ones were getting to tight (I didn't like how tight they were on her little toes). Sometimes I look at her and I swear she has grown over night! I still can't picture her walking and talking tho!

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Ok.... where is everyone??
    I was half expecting to have 3000 posts to catch up on because it's been 24 hours since my last post. What is there?? Nothin! Nadda! Zip!

    I am just about the worst mother in the world I reckon! Gabby was sooooooo fussy yesterday. I just could not get her to sleep. She had about 2 20 minute cat naps and I was really at the end of my tether. Anyway, it got to bath time last night. I undressed her and noticed that her left arm pit was red. So I lifted her arm up and it was more than red! It was all gunky! Ewww! Anyway, it looked reeeeally sore. The poor sausage. Any wonder she didn't sleep! I make sure I dry her in all her little crevaces when she has a bath but I must not have dried under that arm as well as I should. She has a bath every second night but now I am thinking I should give her one every night. When I change her nappy, I check under both arms and under her neck in all the little folds. I am terrified that it's going to happen again. All day she was trying to tell me she was in pain and I didn't notice. It has cleared up a lot since last night. I wiped it down with diluted tea-tree oil then put some nappy rash cream on it after her bath. It should be gone by tomorrow. Just feel so rotten!

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Thanks Shannon I'm glad to know that I am not the only one that has done it. It's just amazing how things can flare up on their skin in an instant!

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    LOL - one of the first thoughts that jumped into my head was "What if my MCHN sees this??". Lucky it will be healed up by the time we go to see her next. Phew!

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    SE Melbourne

    Hey Everyone

    Scarlett - I am too scared to use nail clippers, I find it easier to tear them off after a bath. I am sure she is over it all by now though. Good luck with the day care thing, I am sure that you will be more upset than she is!

    Tanya - The parent/teacher interview was fine. They have decided that they will see what happens with Tayla next term, but since I have said that I will pull her out if she stays down they are saying that she will do okay, I just dont get it. YAY for Alecia getting good grades, you must be sooo proud of her.

    Sarah - I sort of understand about the adjusted age thing, but then the MCHN keeps saying that she shouldnt be doing this at this age, but she is older than she should be. Very confusing. The paed says the MCHN is nuts!!!

    Deb - I hope that you are doing okay and that your mouth isnt too sore and that you are getting over your cold! Poor Gabby, if only they could tell you the problem.

    Nell - I hope that Matty is being good again for you.

    I hope that I havent missed anyone, if I have, I am sorry!

    Hayley is being sooo good, touch wood, lol! I cant believe it. I went and bought a few sleeping bags for her as I think she was getting cold as she would wake at 4am every morning but wasnt hungry. Well, she has been in them 2 nights now and she has slept 11 and 12 hrs, YAYYYY!!!! I cant believe it. She is having another nap now, so I am making the most of it and just waiting for DH to get home so that I can go shopping to Spotlight, need some wool to make some stuff for Hayley, have found the cutest patterns in Powder Puff and Feathers. Cant wait to start them now.

    I have just finished 6 loads of washing, revolting kids that I have. Shannen is home from camp, feeling crappy but finally caught up on the lack of sleep I hope. I am feeling horrible too, still waiting for AF to show up, not sure what is happening there, almost 7w since my last one, maybe its the mini pill thats making it weird.

    Okay rambled enough, have to go and keep the kids entertained again.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Dinky - YAY for Hayley's grrrreat sleeps! We were talking about that in mother's group - about temperature and everything. One of the Mum's suggested putting bubs in a sleeping bag then wrapping them because it works for her little boy. A couple of them tried it and their babies slept better too. Glad that the sleeping bags have helped her out! I will definitely be putting Gabby in one once it starts getting even colder. Sorry to hear you aren't feeling the best.

    Gabby has slept from 10:15am until now (nearly 2pm). Making up for yesterday! It must have been her little arm pit that was stressing her out yesterday. Poor little chook!

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    Breastfeeding mummy extraordinaire

    Sep 2004
    Sydney's Norwest

    Hey Girls, wow it has been quiet in here, Not even 2 whole pages for me to catch up on.

    Dinky, woohoo on Hayleys great sleep. Sleeping bags hey, might just have to try Tehya in one of those although I don't think her being cold is the problem.

    Deb, Tehya gets a little red in the creases in her nappy area and her armpits too sometimes. It can be really hard to get under their arms as they don't like to put them up when their naked. I found that even just putting alittle baby powder (we use the cornstarch one) on my fingers then smoothing it under her arms works great. I don't do this all the time just if I think it is looking alittle red or gunky.

    Scarlett, I hope that both you and Emily went well today. I'm sure that you did well though. Poor Emily's thumb, I think thats why I have always bitten all of babies finger nails. Even tearing them you risk pulling them back too far.

    Nell, bummer about not getting to have a proper night out. Poor Matty and his teeth. Hopefully this whole teething thing doesn't drag out too long for the pair of you.

    Tanya, Yay on Alecia's grades. We are having it the opposite way around here with both the boys atm. Bugger leaving the bag behind, atleast you got to stay for the next lesson though.

    Sarah, hope that you had a good day at work today. How's Mr Zander doing? I'm sure that he's being a little Angel for your mum today too.

    Not too much going on around here. Not enough sleep thats for sure. Tehya was up 4 times last night. Every 2 hours or so. I swear I get less sleep now than I did with her as a newborn. I have been getting really bad headaches, right between my eyes, not sure if it's because I haven't been getting enough sleep or what....

    Tehya is snuffly again and has started coughing again too. Keeping a very close eye on her as you can imagine. Took Noah swimming this morning and I can honestly say that I don't think he's learnt much in the months that he has been there. He won't kick properly, atleast not on top of the water and is still too chicken to do jumps into the pool by himself. Not sure whether to keep it up or not. I know if I don't take him that he has no chance of learning anything but at the same time while he is there he stuffs around and doesn't learn anyway.

    Take care

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jun 2005
    near the water

    Hi everyone,
    Sorry I havent posted for awhile, We officially have made our first midnight run to Casuality, Eliza started with a snuffle that turned into a cough that consequently turned into respiratory distress as she couldn't catch her breathe.So for the past couple of nights I have been so worried I would hold her all through the night so she wouldn't choke on her phlem.
    The wonderful part of our journey was that it was a Sat night and thankfully we didn't have to sit with the bloodied drunk people waiting for stitches, they rushed us through- but tonight she is in her cot fast asleep and not coughing [-o<
    Dinky- I agree the sleeping bags are wonderful, it makes a big difference through the night,I sometimes try and trick Eliza through the day and pull the blind and put her in it...she hasn't woke up to that trick yet.
    Deb-Your a wonderful mum, I use powder all the time in creases. Hope you had fun spending the vouchers.
    Gotta run apparently there is a mouse in my house!!! erkkkkkkk

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    Ex adm!n, quietly rusting....

    Feb 2004

    Poor Gabby with her yucky armpit Zander has a yucky ear at the moment - I think I did the same Deb, didn't dry behind his ear properly & it got a bit gooey. And IMO, you would be the worst mother in the world if you didn't care about Gabby's yucky armpit, but you do so you're not

    LOL at the paed thinking your MCHN is nuts Dinky!! Woohoo at those big sleeps as well, that's fantastic. LOL at the 6 loads of washing - I have that many sitting here & I only have the 1!! Buuuut it has been raining here since Friday, does that excuse work

    Yeah Trish, had a good day at work, but again I was ready to go home by about 2pm. Mum was working as well - he's staying with Amanda from now on. He was good for her too :roll: Uhoh at Tehya being snuffly again, I hope it's nothing too serious this time. Strange that Noah hasn't learnt anything at swimming, maybe it would be worth pulling him out for a few months?

    Awwww poor Eliza. I hope she's feeling better now Bec. Yuck at the mouse too *shudder*

    Well, my little guy has decided to trick us again & is sleeping pretty well. Sunday night he was in bed by 10.45 & didn't wake up until 6ish when I was getting him organised to go to stay with Amanda. Then last night (after a shocker first) he was in bed at 11ish, slept til 5.30 then was asleep again between 6.00 and 10ish. I just wish he'd follow some sort of pattern!!!! I think though the change was because we have given him a very dull nightlight - we had the loungeroom lamp on before which was pretty bright, so hopefully that's it & he'll keep it up for a while

    Other than that all is good with us, lots of smiling & laughing but still lots of crying too

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    May 2004

    Hi all,
    Deb, IViolet had exactly the same prob when she was only a few weeks old... I didn't even notice it until the MCHN was doing her check!! I was lucky it was warm weather when it occured so it was easily dried out.

    Bec, I hope Eliza is doing better. Sounds very scary!!

    Sarah, glad to hear Zander is having a bit more sleep of a night...

    Trish, I hope that sniffle Tayah has doesn't get any worse!!
    Are there any other pools around that you could take Noah too? I was saying to Emily's instructor about Emily just mucking around, and she said it's fine, at this stage they are just trying to get them to relax in the water.

    Dinky, sounds like you have been busy of late! I have a tonne of washing too! It never seems to disappear! Yay for Hayley's sleeps too...

    Violet has been really good... as usual. Haven't been doing much of late. Wato has his court case today... hopefully that goes well... other than that It is pretty boring here.
    Alecia loves her MP3 player... prob is she has the earphones in allll the time... it's like talking to a brick wall!! She couldn't wipe the smile off her face when she first got it going ... make me happy that she is happy


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