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thread: 3 Months - 6 Months, September '05 #2

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    Nov 2003

    Ange, sorry to hear Ella's hearing is worse than you though. Good news that it looks fixable though. When do you have to go back? I've heard putting a cloth soaked in chamomile tea in the nappy can really help with sore bums. I think it's has ant-inflammatory properties?

    Deb, yep I was worried LOL! I had to keep checking on him to make sure he was still breathing! LOL @ the pic of Gab with pumpin on her face! Looks like she's had fun with it. Good idea about writing down Gabby's routine. My DH wouldn't have a clue what to do if he had to take care of Kynan for a few hours LOL.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    I'm glad Neil's not the only one, Angel. I tell him things but it goes in one ear and out the other :roll: Like, when he did the dishes, he left all the bottles in the sink - unwashed. I had to tell him that it's ok to wash the bottles like normal because I sterilise them afterwards. I have told him over and over again about the process. I swear - he tunes me out!! LOL

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    Nov 2003

    hey girls,
    sorry dont frequent this forum as much anymore.
    hope everyones going well.

    Chloe is now rolling from front to back all the time, she did it yesterday and hasnt stopped since hehe

    ill be back later
    take care

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    Feb 2004

    Sleep??? I remember that word!!! My goodness I wish this boy's teeth would come fully out & leave him alone! I'm back to getting up over 6 times a night (lost count after that!). I am soooo tired. Worst thing is I get up at 7.30 - 8.00 because the sun is blinding in our room & yesterday the little rat got to sleep in until 10.45! He's stirring now & I want him up soon cos we have to drive to Penrith at 10am & I don't want him to get sick again

    Well done to Chloe on rolling over!

    Maybe Neil's nervous of doing the wrong thing with the bottles Deb? Aaron put ours through the dishwasher & then sterilised them (I was told dishwasher is sufficient cos it gets so hot in there). I asked him why & he said he knew they were ok out of the dishwasher but didn't want to get in trouble for not sterilising! Good thinking on writing out your routine as well. Aaron has got it sorted now, cos he has to look after Zander every week. Wow at that super fast getting ready yesterday for the awning!

    Aww Angela I'm sorry that you've found out that Ella's hearing isn't as good as you hoped. They can do amazing things these days. Not sure if they have it down your way - but in NSW there is the Shepherd Centre for children with hearing problems & they are faaantastic (I've met the owners). As for the red bottom, at MG yesterday one of the mums was talking about paw-paw cream & she said it is great for any sort of skin rash.....

    Ooooh another one getting ready to TTC hey Angel?! I noticed how you tried to slip that one in unnoticed Yay on Kynan's weight gain, it sounds good to me!

    Wow at speaking for the conference Juliette, how did you get that? IKWYM about seeing every hour - I've been doing it since Sunday cos of these darn teeth.

    The camera is in my nappy bag already Shannon! I took it last time but that was when Tehya had pneumonia so they didn't come & it was only me, Zander & Fletch (well Zane was there, just not out yet!). Well done to Jess on such a good sleep the other night, how was she last night?

    Have fun with your relos Dee When are you going to go back to work now?

    Yaaay for self settling Fi, hopefully miss Jenna will get the hang of doing it all the time now.

    Well, Zander is more awake now so off to get him up, have a bottle & lay him down calmly so as not to shake the milk up before an hour drive. Change of clothes for him & me going into the car soon LOL!

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    Nov 2003

    Deb, hehehe my DH is the same with stuff that I tell him - in one ear and out the other LOL!

    Lesley, woohoo for Chloe rolling!!

    Sarah, have fun in Penrith! Hope Zander doesn't get car sick again.

    We are off into town today. Bleh... trudging around in the rain! And Kynan hasn't done a poo for 4 days now so what's the bet that he's going to do a huge one when we're out LOL!

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    May 2004

    Well Done Chloe on rolling over =D>

    Dee - Have a nice time with your family.

    Angella - Sorry to hear that Ella's hearing is worse than you first thought.

    Angel - That is a great sleep Kynan had. Well done on his weight gain.

    Welcome back Juliette.

    Welcome Brooke and Lisa

    Alex is still waking at night. He feed at 7.30pm, 12, 4am then woke at 7.30 for another feed he is only taken just under 150mls. I have tried him with some solids but still don't think he wants them. He did take it ok after his bath and then had some milk thought that might have helped him sleep more but no. I'll going to try and cut out one of the feeds by making his bottle weaker so then i can change it to just water. Hopefully then he will stop waking up if he is only getting water.

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    Lesley - good to hear from you. Yay @ Chloe rolling all the time. Sounds like she is going really well.

    Sarah - I hope everything goes to plan today and Zander doesn't yak all over himself and you again. LOL @ having a change of clothes for both of you. Actually... I shouldn't LOL but ykwim? So cute that Aaron double sterilised the bottles. At least they were reeeeeallly clean I have to admit, I still sterilise them after they have been in the dishwasher. I am still skeptical of the dishwasher as this is the first time I have had one (apart from a really crappy one we had when I was in high school that made the dishes dirtier than what they were in the first place :roll: ).

    Angel - I hope Kynan doesn't do his long-awaited poo while you are out. Have fun shopping!

    Michelle - sounds like watering down the formula might be the ticket. Sorry that you are having to wake up so many times at night.

    Hi Tanya!! Hi Trish!! It's not the same without you guys gas-bagging in here!!

    Going for a walk with Fi and Bec today. I haven't seen Fi and Jenna for aaaaggges so I am little bit excited, LOL. I wanna see Miss Jenna's tricks - all her rolling and what-not. Hopefully it will rub off on my lazy-bones Gabba.

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    May 2004

    I've booked Alex in to see the Dr today so i can talk to him about his kidneys and his feeding. I am so not dealing with this very well at the moment. I also tried to bring his hospital appt forward but had not luck. Just hope my own Dr can help with this all.

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    Aug 2004
    Hunter Valley, Wine Country, NSW

    Lesley - Yay @ Chloe rolling, I`m sure Matthew`s too lazy, he`s been rolling onto his side more but doesn`t go any further, he`ll get there one day.

    Brooke - Hope you have a better night tonight and let us know how Maya goes at her MCHN appointment today.

    Michelle - I hope the Dr has the answers your wanting, let us know how you get on.

    Deb/Bec/Fi - Have a great day together. Deb - LOL @ all Jenna`s tricks might rub off onto lazy bones Gabby.

    Angel - Try and have a good day in town in the rain. I hope AF arrives soon so you and DH can start TTC #2 Kynan`s doing so well, 400gms in 4 weeks is still fine, remember BF babies do plateau out, Matthew put on 1.2 kg in 4 weeks, next month he only put on 600gms.

    Sarah - I was hoping Zander would just pop his teeth up for you, I hope they come through soon without much bother. Hope you had a good day today with the BB girls.

    Angela - I`m so sorry to hear that Ella`s hearing is worse then anyone first thought, it`s great that she`s been diagnosed early as I guess the longer it`s left it may have been harder to fix.

    Juliette - Great to see you back, Hannah`s is doing well with her weight, I`m sorry to hear she`s not doing well with her sleeping.

    Shannon - How big is the Baby Einstein Mirror?

    We`ve had a good day today but I`m totally exhausted, all this walking with my relos has worn this Mummy out.

    Yes I can take Matthew to work with me, it`s the first thing I asked before saying I`ll do it, I thought there wasn`t a problem just had to make sure, it`s only 1 day at the moment, she wanted me to do more but I don`t really feel like it plus I don`t want Matthew to get out of a routine too much by being out everyday.

    Take Care


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    Aug 2004

    Hi All,

    We had a lovely day with Deb and Bec. Jenna is being a super cranky pants at the moment. I think its the old teethies popping through. Grrrr - really bad sleeps at the moment. I figure while we are sleeping so badly anyway, we may as well try to get this night time routine happening. You know - let her cry for 2 mins before getting up to settle her.
    Its a killer.

    LOL Shannon @ Jenna sleeping through. If only!! Still, she has had her two bad nights this week, so hopefully tonight we are in for a good one. Fingers crossed! Problem is, because she has been feeding the last couple of nights, even if she doesn't wake up, I'll still leak everywhere. Grrr.

    No personals - sorry. I need to hit the sack soon!!


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    Feb 2004

    Aww Fi, I hope things are better for you tonight

    Yes we made it Shannon with no spews \/ I was sooo pleased with that! It was funny, Tehya was a bit spewy & Zander wasn't at all :smt102 And yes they are old friends - met three times before they were even born LOL! Yaaay on Jess' sleeping, it sounds like she's doing really well there. So do you think dieting can affect milk supply, hmm never knew that!

    You can really see his teeth now Dee, just ask Trish! Yay at being able to take Matthew to work, that's great.

    Eek at the bad night last night Brooke, hopefully tonight's better for you.

    It is pretty funny Deb that I have to take clothes for both of us! Hope you had a good day with the other girls. Sounds like today was the day for meetups!

    Good luck with trying to sort out weaker bottles for Alex Michelle.

    So did the little man give you a massive poo while you were out Angel or was he a good boy & did it at home?

    Penrith was good, but not nearly enough time for a good gossip! All the kids were great, Zane slept most of the time, but he is soooo cute & sooo tiny - he weighs less than Zander's birth weight!!! As Shannon mentioned, there are photos on Zander's site

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    Feb 2004

    Just popping in quickly before I go to work cos I forgot to tell you last night --


    He made two forward shuffle movements last night & a couple of sideways crab like movements as well. Worst thing is I'm working today & I bet he does it even more & I'll miss it

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    Aug 2004

    Yay Sarah on the crawling!! That is fabulous. Jenna gets up on her knees sometimes too, but I think she is still a couple of months of crawling. As it is, she can get everything she needs by rolling and shuffling. She sees something interesting - give her 3-4 mins and she'll be ther. Better night last night - 7:30 til 4am, then 4:30 til 7am. Can't complain about that.

    Shannon - dont be naughty with the dieting!! Rather than eating more, maybe throw in a couple of glasses of milk, or a bit of cheese, or some yoghurt in, and make up your calories that way. After doing a bit of reading, I'm making much more of an effort to keep up my calcium cause I'm terrified of osteoporosis! And dont forget the water.......

    Angel - TTCing as well huh? Well we had no luck here this month. I tested this morning adn BFN even though AF is due today. I'd love to know what my chances of conceiving are, even though I have regular AF but still breastfeeding. Hmmmm :-k probably not as good as if I stopped feeding, which aint gunna happen... Does Kynan get grumpy when he hasn't done a poo?

    Dee - when are you working?? Are you a little excited? You're a childcarer aren't you? Shane's SIL takes her daughter to work most days, and she loves it. Its great to see a 12month old covered in glitter. V cute.

    Michelle - sounds like you are hving a really rough time with it all. Surely if he has put on so much weight, itsnot all bad?? Good luck with the dr.

    Righto - netball this morning. Should be good. We lost so badly last week, but this week our GS is back - thank god. Hopefully we can pull off a win.


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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Sarah - woo hoo for Zander! What a clever little chappy!

    Michelle - hope the Dr. can help you out a bit and shed some more light on what's happening with Alex.

    Dee - that's fantastic that you can take Matthew for work. It's gotta be the plus to doing childcare, hey? It's not like there are many perks (like magnificent pay!!).

    Fi - have fun at netball today!

    Shannon - I hope you have a better day today, matey. Sending milky-booby vibes your way.

    Brooke - hope you had a better night last night.

    I had a great day yesterday with Bec and Fi. It was great to see Jenna for the first time in a couple of months. Man, is she one clever chicken or what?? She was moving all over the place. At one stage, she was playing with Gabby's face and Gabby just lay there, dumb-struck. Jenna the social butterfly!! The three of us spent all arvo gas-bagging.
    Gabby didn't wake until 5pm which is the time she normally goes down for her last nap of the day. So I thought I would try something different and string her out until 8pm and put her to bed early. She was down for the count by 8:30pm when I got a call from my sister. Her a-hole of a BF dumped her in front of all his mates while they were out and she didn't have her car or any money with her. I jumped in the car and picked her up. We went back to his place, collected all her stuff (she was too nice and didn't want to trash any of his stuff... she's a stronger woman than I!!). The poor thing. I didn't know what to say to her. She was just beside herself. I ended up sending a text to him about how gutless and low it was to end their relationship the way he did. Tossa!! AND, get this, she has an exam today!! What a bastard!!
    I didn't get to sleep until 11pm so I was expecting to not get much sleep because Gabby had been put to bed so early but she slept until 7am!! OMG! Sometimes that little bubba really knows when to pull a rabbit out of a hat! She's a clever little chicken!

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    Jun 2005
    near the water

    Hi All,
    "Miss Jenna did teach my girl how to roll YAY a real one too" lol
    Hmm when was that milestone suppose to be hit!!
    I think looking down from her chair to see this little girl rolling all over the floor paid off. Hope she caught a glimpse of Miss Gabby eating her vegies.lol When had a great day too, we must do it again after Jet Setting Jenna gets back.
    Well we are off to the Pead for our 6 month review....and then if Eliza is lucky we "might " go and have our needles...isn't she lucky..lol
    We post back here later, once all the Excitment is over.
    I have a 30th Birthday tonight & Nicks off to footy..tossing up whether to get my parents to come over, not go or take her with me.
    Can't wait till the footy is finished.
    Hope all is well with everyone...sun is shining better go do some washing.

    Must of posted when you did Deb...what a pig, I'm with you it would of taken all my strength not to tamper with food or accidently break something on the wall.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Sorry Bec... we are on at the same time again today. Hope all goes well with Eliza at the paed and lucky her having her needles today. YAY for her roll!! That's fantastic! It's so exciting when they start doing stuff like that. Or... like Gabby... start... stop....start...stop...

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    May 2004

    Dr could not help much in fact i think he made me feels worse than i already do. Alex has to stay on his antibiotics so he does not get an infection in his bladder. The Dr told me if he does not take them and he ends up getting infections he could end up with kidney failure and need a new kidney. So i walked out of there feeling really bad.
    Alex did wake twice last night but the second time i just changed his nappy pulled him back under his blankets and gave him some warm water which he did not take any but he went back to sleep no problem at all. But he then did wake again two hrs later and would only take a small amount of milk for DH.

    Sarah - Pictures are great on your website glad you all had a nice time. WTG Zander on nearly crawling =D>

    Debbie - Great to hear you also had a great day yesterday. Sorry to hear about your sister hope she will be ok.

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    Aug 2004

    OMG Shannon - I did that too!! It was either when I was realllllly preggers, or Jenna was just born, but I was horribly emotional, and it happened, and Shane laughed and I went psycho! Bawling like the world was ending. I'm an idiot.

    Yay Bec and Eliza!!!! Thats wonderful that she rolled over - was it f to b, or b to f or over and over??

    And Deb - woohoo on the big sleep from the Gabsters. Are you tempted to try her earlier more often?? It will be interesting to see how she sleeps today.

    Good game of netball, we won, but the other team were in wheelchairs. Well they weren't, but they played like it.....


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