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thread: 3 Months - 6 Months, September '05 #2

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    Fi your right you wouldn't know Alex has a health problem.
    Hope Jenna starts to sleep at night again for you. Have you tried giving her some warm water when she wakes at night ? I did this with Alex and two nights later he was back to waking once a night.

    Juliette hope you and Hannah get into Riverton soon i really don't know why they would make you wait so long. Keeping everything crossed for you that Hannah will sleep soon for you. *hugs*

    One thing i should have said the girls at the clinic are not always bad and they do talk to me and ask how we are doing. I think i was just having a sensitive day today. The CYN was going to call me today if i had not gone as i have not been for a couple of weeks and we where going every week.
    I turned Alex's carseat round today and it was the first time he has not cried in the car he loved it. Played with his eeyore and looked at his toy. He was even happy when i got him out of the car

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    Oh Michelle, Hendy is the same, absolutely hates his carseat! Its the only time he will scream blue murder. At what stage can you turn them around??

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    Ours you can turn around at 8 kilos i think most of them are the same.

    I know Alex is not 8 kilos yet but he's not far from it and i do like a happy baby in the car.

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    Juliette - I`m so sorry to hear about your problems with Hannah, I have no advice at all for you and if I did I`m sure you`ve heard it all before. You must be totally exhausted and when your so exhausted you don`t feel in control of anything and often feel frustrated. Aren`t you able to get into Riverton any earlier, don`t they have any spots for an 'emergency situation" like yours would be?

    Michelle - hugs to you, I hope your feeling better today, Alex is doing so well, hows he going with the solids now? It`s great that you`ve got a happy baby in the car now.

    Fi - I hope Jenna starts to sleep better for you very soon so your not feeling so tired and can enjoy your time away.

    Yay Tanya Welcome back even though you`ve left us for the big babies thread. Ouchies on being bitten by a wasp. Violet sounds like she`s doing very well.

    Angel - Grrr @ the receptionist, I`m sure another 2 weeks will be fine, I was 2 weeks late for Matthew`s due to a few circumstances.

    We haven`t turned Matthew around yet but I think we will have to soon, his legs are getting too long.

    Matthew`s leg is looking better, still very red with a lump but not the angry looking colour it was, he didn`t seem to be worried about it, Mummy was instead and Heather at this stage Matthew doesn`t seem to have reacted to the needles like last time.

    Matthew`s getting cross at the moment, he`s trying his best to roll over but gets stuck LOL, he`ll get there one day eventually!!!!!

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    Dee, those are great pics of Matthew with the kitty! Our cats would freak if Kynan got that close to them LOL. Glad to hear Matthew's legs are looking a bit better.

    Tanya, hope your wasp sting is better!

    Fi, bummer about Jenna's night sleeps going haywire! How did she go last night?

    Juliette, good luck with the sleep school. Fingers crossed that it helps!

    Michelle, that's great that Alex isn't crying in the car now that you've turned his seat around. How are you feeling today? Hope you've had a better day.

    Shannon, how's Jessalyn's sleep going these days? Has she settled down into a routine?

    We're having so much trouble trying to get Kynan to sleep of an afternoon lately. Between about 2:30-7pm he cries every time he's horizontal and refuses to sleep even though he's clearly exhausted. I've tried so many settling techniques but nothing's worked. This afternoon I fed him to sleep as it was the only thing that would work (had to leave a boob in his mouth until he was asleep in the cot - very awkward & uncomfy!). He's even asleep in my lap atm still attached to the boob LOL. He sleeps so well at other times.

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