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Thread: 3 Months - 6 Months, September '05

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    Sarah - Yuk at the vomit Alex has done a couple of them before. Lucky it did not go all over you.

    Angel - The fitball sounds great hope it helps Kynan heaps.

    Shannon - Hope your new routine works out and you get a longer sleep.

    I took Alex to the clinic today and even with him being sick he put on 300grms. He has started to feed every 3hrs during the day now so not sure if he wants any solids i keep putting food near his mouth but he does not always open it. He does like to put things in his mouth i have even caught him with his thumb and finger in there he does have little sores on his hands where he keeps sucking on them.

    I'll try and cacth up with you all again tomorrow.

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    Deb, glad to hear the Blokesworld thing went well! Hope you managed to get some rest and are feeling a bit better now.

    Deeanne, yeah the CHN was saying that babies keep going through growth spurts every now and then and they'll feed heaps so it sounds like that's what's going on with Matthew. Bummer about having milk gushing everywhere though LOL. Makes a mess doesn't it LOL!

    Shannon, *hugs* Good luck with the new routine. Hopefully it won't take long for Jess to settle into it.

    Tanya, yay for Violet trying to get mobile! Won't be long before she's on the move.

    Sarah, hope Zander likes the fitball. Urgh @ the spew! Sounds like it would have made a horrible mess in the capsule!

    Michelle, wow that's great the Alex has had such a good gain in weight!

    Kynan has been getting scared of things lately. Stuff that he's seen or heard lots of times before but now it makes him cry, really scream and he sounds so distressed. Like the other day I when I sneezed, and in the parenting room at the shops when he heard the hand dryer going off. Also the last 2 times after we've changed his nappy in the parenting room. Nothing else has really changed but I guess maybe he's just getting more aware of what's going on around him.

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    Angel - oh dear @ Kynan being scared of certain things. I guess it's a pretty noisey world to try and get used to, hey? Gab gets a fright at certain things too but it doesn't make her cry.... yet.

    Michelle - yay for Alex's weight gain! What a clever little chappy!

    Sarah - OMG @ Zander's vomit. That must have been aweful!! Glad to hear he was smiling afterwards tho.
    Actually, I had a dream about you guys last night! You and Zander were shopping @ my local shopping centre. Zander was walking and was the height of a 5 year old! But he still had a bald head and couldn't talk, LOL. Gabby was the same as she is now and we put our trolleys together so she and Zander could say g'day (he must have somehow been put in the trolley). Very bizarre!

    Tanya - I hope Wato likes his harmonica. That's an excellent present for father's day. Wow @ Violet trying to push off on her belly. Gab's a long way off from that!

    Shannon - thanks for the tip about the echinacea. I will have to invest in some, I think! Bummer about Jessalyn's operations not being done until next year. It would have been good to get them over and done with, hey? Good luck with the new routine. Hope it starts working asap!

    I'm feeling a little better today but still a bit icky. I've been sucking on vitamin C like there's no tomorrow so hopefully it won't hang around for too long. I think this is going to be a housework day today. I HAVE to put all our clean clothes away as I have let a gigantic pile develop over the last few weeks. I am sick of having to go through it to find a pair of undies, LOL.

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    Angel - Matthew is exactly the same and it is all part of the developmental process. He is starting to get better but if it is a loud sudden noise he'll burst into tears. Just yesterday he did that when my dad dragged a table across the garage floor.

    Sarah - everyday I wake up hoping this will be a vomit free day. But it never is. I hope your bubs and my bubs and all the other bubs this happens to, grow out it very soon!

    Deb - hope you feel better soon and lol at your dream of Sarah and Zander.

    Shannon - You feel a bit out of sorts finding out that Jessalyn won't be having the surgery when you thought. They must be happy with her progress? Hope the new routine works well.

    Thinking of you and Tehya, Trish.

    Michelle - great job Alex! Hope your house is a happier house now.

    Hello everyone else, it's a lovely day in Melbourne, have to hit the shops soon. DH let me have a sleep in this morning, I got up at 8.30 and I wish I didn't. I feel so out of sorts now! Have a great day.

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    Hi mums and bubs,
    Sorry I haven't posted for awhile but still feeling shocking but on a good note I have found a new GP that is "hot" lol I am so norty...Eliza will appreciate it in a few years, DH might not.
    Sarah: You poor thing...vomit is scarey, I am always worrying that it is going to go down the windpipe.
    Deb: Hearing you about the kitchen table was covered with folded and ironed clothes that I couldn't be bothered putting every morning I had to do the nudey run to it( not good when your kitchen is covered in windows) I don't know whether that was more embarrassing than visitors purusing my
    Angel: Eliza is going through that stage..unfortunatly it is usually DH that does it after work too noisey and starts to cry. Poor pet his ears must be working well.
    Michelle: Well done on the weight gain, it's hard work but worth it.
    Shannon:Hope the routine is working well, bathes at night time are so relaxing...for bubs not so much for
    Fi: Wearing my sunnies on the odd chance I run into you and your finger Congrats on the weight loss. Hope you had a great time on holi's.
    Nell: Hope the sleepin was peaceful, I'm sure it was well deserved...have fun at the shops.
    Tanya: Isn't Violet clever, bum up head down...good work

    For those I missed sorry will post soon, it's too hard to let it go more than a few days.
    Nicks at the footy so its a girl day. Might go for a walk down the waterfront its such a nice day.
    I probably should think about going and getting a fathers day pressie. Oh Dee funny thing happened the other day...I recieved an email about Desperate housewives and the following page had your ticker on I'll send it back to you...small world, this friend I received it from is an old school friend.
    Rambled enough

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    Debbie Lee Guest


    Nell - isn't it always the way?? You finally get a sleep-in and you end up feeling worse for it because your body isn't used to the extra sleep! ](*,) Have fun shopping!!

    Bec - LOL... you are such a dag! Yay for the hot doctor. Soooo.... which clinic do you go to *wink, wink* *nudge, nudge* LOL @ doing a nudey run and visitors perusing your undies. Some friends of ours once caught me vacuuming in my undies when I was preggo. Luuurrrrvely!! NOT!

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    It is soooo cold here today and i need to go out. Having to wait for DH to get home until i do.
    I have just given in and feed Alex some baby rice as he was wanting another bottle of milk and that would have been 3 bottles since 7.30a.m. He eat a teaspoon full of it and drank 120mls of milk after and finally he has gone to sleep. Still not sure if i am doing the right thing but i will only give it too him if he keeps feeding like that and will talk to CYH when i go next week.

    Nell - Have fun shopping. I would love to sleep in but i am like you think most the day has gone if i do. No chance of that anyway with Kimberley being up at 6.

    Bec - LOL @ the hot doctor.

    Deb - Well done on putting all those clothes away. I have a big pile that needs washing but it is raining today and i don't have a dryer.

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    Afternoon girls

    LOL @ deb and Bec!! I always search for my undies in the washing pile before I get undressed!! Deb you are a braver lady than me... there is no way I would get around my house in my undies let alone Vacuum!! LOL @ your dream too... I thought the bit where he was older but still bald was the best bit!!

    Michelle.. If you feel you are doing the right thing please don't stress about it... It sounds like it may have filled a hole... I hope he sleeps well for it

    Yay for the sleepin this morning Nell!! I got one too
    Have fun at the shops

    Sarah, does Zander get really frustrated that he doesn't get anywhere? I know Violet growls all the time cause it is so frustrating... poor thing
    Ewww @ the big vomit too!! Poor little guy!

    Had a bit of trouble getting Violet down last night...?? I fed her and bathed her at 8:30, tried to put her to bed about 10pm and she didn't want a bar of it so I got her back up and fed her again and put her to bed at about 11pm ... she slept till 9:30 this morning... Only prob was that she woke up unsettled heaps of times last night... don't know what her problem was. She has been doing it a lot lately. Also She loooves Emily's Strawberry shortcake doll... so I hve put it in bed it her and she grabs that instead of pulling her dummy out... Now I am going to have her attached to a doll!! AUGH!! What to do, what to do?
    Emily did a wee in the potty today and as she was getting off she had a no drips there


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    Deb, glad to hear you are feeling a little better today. LOL @ the pile of clean clothes. IKWYM!!

    Nell, hope you had a fun day shopping & got some good bargains. Yay for the sleep in!

    Bec, good luck deciding what to get for a Fathers day pressie.

    Michelle, hope you're having a good day today despite it being rainy and cold!

    Tanya, maybe Violet is having a bit of a growth spurt and it's making her unsettled? LMAO @ Emily having a shake as she got off the potty! How cute!

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    Tanya - LOL @ Emily having a shake after her wee. Very funny! Good to hear you got a sleep-in. Sounds like you needed it with having to get up so many times over night. Oh dear @ Violet now being attached to a doll. I know kids that have blankies that go everywhere with them so I guess it's just normal to have an attachment to something. One family I know have little pieces of material (I can't remember what they call them... a "Lollol" or something like that) as little security blankets. I think their Mum did it on purpose so that they were convienient to carry around. I guess it's a bit better than having to carry a blanket or a doll around everywhere. I should ask about it and the reasons behind it. I think Gabby will be attached to her blankets. She has 2 that she gets wrapped in at night (bright yellow, polar-fleece things) so I wouldn't be surprised if one of them ends up being a security blanket. So long as it's not both of them!! LOL

    Michelle - how did Alex go with eating the rice cereal? Did he spit much of it out or gobble it all up? Like Tanya said, it probably filled that hole.
    Hehehe... I haven't put the clothes away yet... once again, I have managed to get distracted. Should go and do it now while the Gabster is still asleep.... bet it won't get done

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    Shannon - The best thin I ever did was to get Ella into a routine. She is soooo much more settled. She now goes to bed at 6pm and wakes between 6 and 7am. Very rarely does she wake during the night. She has a bottle when she wakes, one at 10am, solids at 12noon, bottle at 2pm, biscuit at 4pm, bath at 5.30pm and then final bottle and bed.

    We are back to the Paed on Monday and the ENT specialist at Royal Childrens Hospital next Tuesday. Hopefully we will find out why she can't hear and an operation will fix it....

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    Hey all,

    Angela - great to hear you are getting somewhere with Ella and the specialists. Hopefully it will be fixed up sooner rather than later!

    Tanya - PMSL at Emily on the potty. Shake shake shake, shake shake shake, shake that booty, shake that booty oh shake shake shake etc ect etc. is the song that went through my head as I read it!! LOL Jenna is the same with crawling too. She gets her bum in the air, but her arms just aren't quick enough to catch up. She has however become very proficient at rolling - everywhere! A doll isn't too bad, as long as it is washable! Jenna has started sucking on the muslin chucky clothes. Its quite cute.

    Deb - We've started calling Jenna - Mooser - (short for Missy Moo), so I had a little laugh when I saw Gabster. Will these children ever know their real names?

    Michelle - I'm sure you know better what to do with Alex than the CYN. Some of them are daft - or maybe you have a good one? Follow your gut is what I say.

    Dee - There is definitly a 18week growth spurt. I think they are 6,12 and 18weeks, and then they settle down fror a while. Hopefulyl your BBs settle down quickly. If not - make sure you store some milk in the freezer for arainy day! or a sunny one - when you get to go shopping and leave Matthew at home iwth dad!

    Bec - I was thinking about walking around to see you for a cuppa this week. Are ya up for it? Wednesday might be good for me? And I have been caught doing a naked walk through my house - only to find a tradesman working on the house next door with his eyes above fence height!! I ran to the next room, but that had lots of windows, and so did the next one etc.... VERY embarrassing!!!

    Nell - hope you had a nice day shopping. jenna and I wandered the streets of Melb CBD while Shane was at child support yesterday. She couldn't stop looking at all the people, places, signs and colours! It was very exciting for her!

    Angel - It wont be long until Kynan thinks anything happening is incredibly fascinating - so much so that everything else stops so he can watch it! We have battles sometimes with feeding. So it wont be tears, but giggles and big bright eyes!

    Sarah - Ewwwww on the spew!!! Poor little mite. Hopefully those days are numbered. The magical 6mth mark is rapidly approaching, and I'm sure youa re looking forward to it as me! Fingers crossed all our spewy babies settle down then huh?

    Shannon - bugger about the op, andI hear you on moving the cot further away. I still wake up with all her gurgles, but I'm getting better at waiting them out. Arms reach is too tempting huh? Your routine sounds much like ours. We like to have her in bed by about 8pm, and then she'll wakeup anywhere from 3-5am for a feed, but the great thing is, she's started going straight back down. Gone are the days when I was up for 90mins at 3am. YAY!

    Right - better go watch the all blacks trounce the wallabies. Go the mighty All Blacks!!


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    Fi - LOL @ leaving Matthew with Mark while I go out shopping one rainy day, that will not happen until Matthew is at least a toddler, Mark doesn`t have the patience with Matthew if he started crying for Mummy I`d come home to two very stressed boys, he`s fine with him if Matthew`s happy and content anyway I don`t have an expressor. My BB`s have settled, I think Matthew is drinking more per feed rather then feeding more IYKWIM I mean he`s forever feeding but that`s just him.

    Shannon - Hope you have a better day today with Jess`s routine.

    Ange - Let us know how you get on with Ella on Tuesday.

    Tanya - LOL @ Emily, aren`t they just so cute at times. How big is the doll, probably enormous????

    Michelle - You probably know what`s best with Alex and solids, afterall my MCHN said 6 months ago they recommended 4 months now it`s 6 months, she said another 6 months it will probably be back to 4 months, trust your heart.

    Bec - I`m confused???? The only place I use my ticker is here on BB. LOL @ the hot Dr and at you making a run to get your undies.

    Angel - matthew gets scared and cries at a lot of things too, he has a cow which moo`s he`s fine with it until it moo`s then he screams, he also cries when MIL is holding him and he hasn`t seen her for a while.

    DEb - Your very brave to clean the house in your undies while pregnant.

    Nell - Isn`t it an awful feeling when you sleep in and you feel worse for it.

    Sarah - Yuck @ the spew, poor little man.

    Okay I know I`ve missed an awful lot here but I don`t feel in the mood, I`m very emotional today, I didn`t realise I`d be feeling this way today.

    Take Care and I hope all the Daddy`s are having a good day.


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    Michelle, Zander is feeding every 3 or so hours as well, but he's been doing it for a long time. So how did Alex go after the baby rice?

    Angel, I noticed that when Zander got to around 3.5months he started getting scared by things easier. I try to explain before I make a big noise if I can or if it's unexpected (like a sneeze) I explain it to him before he gets upset, which works most of the time. For example, whenever he sneezes I say "blessyou", so if I sneeze loudly I say "mummy did a big sneeze, blessyou mummy" so he can relate the blessyou part to something he knows. He probably doesn't understand what I'm saying but it seems to work!

    Soooo Deb, my baldy is going to be a baldy for a long time huh?! We're the same with the pile of clean clothes, I have a reason to get into this week though - MG is here on Wednesday!

    Isn't it funny how you sleep in & the whole day goes topsy turvy Nell?! Are you back to work tomorrow? Or is it laster in the week?

    LOL at the visitors perusing your undies Bec! Did you make it to the waterfront?

    Yup Tanya, Zander gets very upset wen he can't get to where he wants to, especially if there is a toy out of his reach that he wants. How cute of Violet liking Strawberry Shortcake!

    Good luck with the appointment tomorrow Ange. Hopefully they can help Ella out soon.

    I'm not holding my breath for the reflux to be gone at 6 months Fi. I was the crazy one that got m/s AFTER the 13 week mark!

    Sounds like little miss Jess has other ideas about her routine than you do Shannon! Hopefully today she will be better

    Dee, funny how you're emotional today - were you like that on Mother's Day too?

    Happy 6 months to Sebastion as well - Zola did you ever expect to be here???

    Bad bad bad night over here last night. We had friends over how didn't leav until midnight, whih was fine cos Zander was in bed at 10.00pm BUUUUT after they left he woke up so I was up and down all night until about 5am when he finally decided to sleep. VERY frustrating.

    Not muh going on here today, it's raining & yucky so I'd love to just snuggle up & watch a movie. But nope we're off to the art gallery (just been renovated) for lunch with the ILs and we ssooooo don't want to go. Ah well the things we have to do!

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    Sarah - Sorry to hear you had another bad night, ou must be feeling exhausted, try and have a good day today with the IL`s. No I was fine on Mother`s Day, I was still in hospital and it was the first day Matthew and I had spent all day alone together so it was a great day just me and my Baby in hospital. Just have FIL on my mind all the time, I`m even dreaming about him hence why I`m emotional today without him here with us.

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    Hi all

    Me and Erykah have graduated today. Boy how time flys when you are having fun. Just a quick post as busy today with fathers day.

    Hope all have a great day with DH/DP and bubs


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    Ange, all the best for tomorrow!

    Fi, awww @ Jenna sucking on the muslin cloths. How cute!

    Shannon, hope Jess does better at the routine tonight!

    Deeanne, big hugs. What a tough day for you. Thinking of you.

    Sarah, I do the 'bless you / bless mummy' thing with Kynan as well although I don't think he's really noticed yet. Hopefully he will soon though as I sneezed again today whilst I was holding him and he scrunched up his little face and cried, poor thing. Sorry to hear you had a bad night last night! How did lunch with the ILs go? Not too bad I hope!

    Welcome to Jo & Erykah!

    Kynan did his biggest laugh ever today. He did a little laugh and I laughed at him so he laughed back at me and then he just kept going for about a minute LOL. It was so cute, he was getting so excited LOL.

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    Debbie Lee Guest


    HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the DH's and DP's and DF's and FIL's out there!

    Welcome, Jo and Erykah!

    Angela - good to hear that things are going ahead with specialists. Here's hoping little Ella's ears can be all fixed up without too much fuss

    Dee - today has gotta be an emotional day for your family. I hope that Mark is coping ok. Neil decided that he didn't want to go to his Dad's plot today. It's his day so I didn't argue. It would have been nice tho.

    Sarah - lol - yep... Zander is going to be bald for a while if my dream means anything. Somehow I don't think it means a thing tho! Bugga about yet another rotten night for you guys. Hope you had fun at the art gallery.

    Shannon - sorry to hear that Jessalyn has decided not to try on her new routine. It's always the way! She's getting right to the same age that Gabby was when she just refused to sleep much during the day. She eventually got the picture and is very good at it now. Here's hoping it's the same for Jess.

    Fi - I was just gonna ask you if you were free for a walk on Wednesday! LOL How did the All Blacks go? LOL @ calling Jenna "Mooser". Very cute!

    Neil seemed to like his present (though I didn't get the reaction I wanted. I HATE it how he is so un-emotional! Urrgh!). He decided that he just wanted to spend the day pottering around at home which suited me just fine. We have to head out to my Dad's place very soon. Gab woke up 30 minutes ago but I popped the dummy back in and told her she needed to sleep a bit longer so she is happy for Opa. Blow me down, she went back to sleep, LOL. Don't you love it when things go as planned??? Betcha the little bugga sleeps for another 2 hours and makes us late, LOL.

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