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thread: 3 Months - 6 Months, September '05

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    Thank you Shannon

    Jo - Babies seem to change there routine quite frequently, for the last 3 nights Matthew has slept through again (something else the MCHN looked down on because he`s missing out on feeds). Hopefully Erykah will start sleeping through the night for you.

    Fi - How lovely, another trip back in NZ and all free, you`ve gotta love your Mum`s reward points.

    Sarah - Sorry to hear Zander`s teeth are unsettling him, they aren`t pleasant these little toothie pegs coming through, poor little man.

    Trish - I hope Tehya gets into a routine soon for you so you can have a decent night. I think I must have missed something did you decide not to go ahead with the other house you were interested in? What`s this house like?

    Just same old, same old here, Matthew`s still unsettled by his teeth, even if MCHN says he`s too young to be teething then I mentioned his symptoms and says oh he might be, she wouldn`t know.

    Remember a couple of weeks back I mentioned Mum had a dream that I was pregnant with a baby girl? Well last night I dreamt that I was pregnant and knew it was a girl and due at the end of May :-k I wonder what year though

    Take Care


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    Dee, sounds like your MCHN is a fool. First of all she is off at you for feeding him so frequently during the day and then when her does sleep for a good ammount of time overnight there is a problem with him going without a feed??? I say, just don't listen to her. Tehya has never fed to any real routine and since going into Tresillian she is finally onto a better feeding schedule rather than all over the place. She is fed 4 hourly now - well supposidly, unless I think she's hungry before hand Wow, Matthew sure did have a good growth spurt. I had Tehya's bare weight done and she was still under 7kgs at 6 months, she's 68.5cm long though.

    Jo, fantastic effort that Eryka is still self settling, one major thing done hey. It is pretty icey here today too, must be snowing somewhere.

    Fi, lucky you off travelling again. Jenna is going to be one well travelled bub. YAY on your Mums reward points too, got to love that.

    Finally got Tehya to go back down this morning only to have to wake her up to take Noah to swimming. She is in bed now and Noah is sleeping on the lounge (took my resting spot). All is nice and quiet here- for the time being anyway.

    Rang around to some of the local schools near we are looking at buying to see how I went about getting my kids in to them and if we were in the area for them. It looks like I'll be able to keep Joel in the same highschool which I'm happy about, he'll just have a 20 minute bus ride. The house is a 4 bedda with a formal dining and lounge. Ensuite off the main, all rooms with BIR. HUGE bathroom with a spa bath. Undercover entertainment area and an inground pool. All for the low, low price of $331,000.. AGGGGGGHHHHHH, what are we doing!!!!!!

    Take care

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    Dee - I agree with Trish - she does sound like fool. Please don't listen to her. Matthew is doing well, you are a good mummy and he will continue to do well. I know hoe upsetting it can be, gee these nurses realise how much they are upsetting people?

    Trish - house sounds lovely, hope you get it!

    Fi - yay at booking tickets, yay for your mum.

    Sarah - glad it all went well and the photos are gorgeous!

    Shannon - hmm.. you popped in and out so quick! Hope all is well.

    Jo - you have certainly jumped a hurdle getting her to self settle in her cot, well done and I hope all is well.

    The weather here is terrible. just makes you feel blurg, so I'm not doing much today at all.

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    Dee - Grrrrrr @ your health nurse!! You are not doing anything wrong. You said yourself, Matthew sleeps long hours at night so it stands to reason that he wants to feed a lot during the day. The health nurse is wrong anyway - BF babies are meant to feed much more than FF babies. So if FF babies are every 4 hours, then it stands to reason that Matthew wants to feed every 2-3 hours. Don't listen to her! As for the water, I was told that babies need a bit of water if it's a) warm weather b) starting solids. So nuts to that horrible woman for making you feel inadequate! I reckon going to them does more harm than good half the time!!

    Sarah - the photos of Zander's Christening are fantastic! WOW he looks like such a big boy when you are holding him! He must be getting heavy. Gabby looks so little up against me (as most things do when you are the size of a house ). Looks like you all had an awesome day! Bugga that your BIL didn't turn up!

    Fi - Jetsetting Jenna!! That's great that you guys are going to get back to NZ again (considering you won't be able to move back there when planned). Hope you have a fantastic time! LOL @ never drinking again. I know I will be like that the first time I have a few. Won't be for a while yet, tho. Still too scared to leave Gabby with anyone else over night. Yay for Jenna's first taste of Farex. Glad to hear she liked it!

    Trish - sorry to hear that Tehya isn't sticking to the routine. 6:30pm is really early for bed, isn't it? I have been thinking about putting Gabby to bed earlier (say, 9pm instead of 10 or 11pm) but I just don't fancy waking up at 4-5am. Selfish, I know... but you can kind of get away with it when there's only 1. Yay for the house! I hope it all works out for you.

    Nell - oh dear about the poor cat. He's gotta be the most expensive moggy in the world. LOL @ him never going outside. Good luck! Ewww @ Matty's big poo. Good to hear that Peter is enjoying being at home and that you are relaxed about it all. That's fantastic!

    Angel - LOL @ getting worried about the baby sleeping longer than it's supposed to. I do that all the time. Every now and then, Gabby will pull a 4 hour sleep out of the hat and I will get all stressed because it means she hasn't fed for 6 hours. It doesn't happen often tho!

    Shannon - hope all is going well with you!!

    Tanya - obviously no puter yet. Hope the girls are going well.

    Hello to everyone else!

    Gabby had her first taste of pumpkin on Saturday night. I mixed it in with her farex and she loved it. So I am going to stick with the pumpkin for a couple of weeks then introduce another food. What's the bet it happens earlier than that (like... I said I wasn't going to give her pumpkin until she is 6 months... ah well.... only 11 days early 8-[ ).

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    I thought the same thing with that photo Deb, that Zander looks huge in my arms! I think he'd be just over 9kg now - getting him weighed later in the week though. I struggle to hold him for very long now, but am ok with the baby bjorn, weird I know. Yay for the pumpkin, I bet her nappy was nice & colourful after that!

    The weather is cold & yucky here today too Nell. I stayed in my jammies until lunchtime cos I couldn't be bothered, but for some reason I decided to get dressed?

    What a pain at having to wake Tehya up to go out, I hate having to do that. Yay at Joel being able to stay at the same school, 20mins isn't too bad. The house sounds great & the price just typical of Sydney - EXPENSIVE Can't wait to see you guys on Thursday

    OMG at your MCHN Dee. Babies can be BORN with teeth, so I doubt he's too young personally. Yaaay on Matthew's growth spurt, you'd think the MCHN would realise that he's obviously getting enough even when sleeping through. He doesn't need water at 12months??? By 12months he would be having 3 proper meals & not so many bottles anymore, how is he supposed to keep hydrated????? Like the others say - trust you're instincts, Matthew is happy & gaining weight so you're obviously doing the right things for him.

    Yay at Erykah self settling, Zander is almost there too

    Of course Fi, Zander was thrilled with the wrapping paper & also the $50 his great-great-aunt gave him! He's not into sucking the paper so much but he does love the satin on the edges of his blankets which meant that he was sucking on his satin collar & sleeves yesterday! Yay for the trip home & yay also for your mum using her points.

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    Hehehe... Sarah... I was in my PJs until lunch time too. Actually... I had a nap this morning when Gabby went back down. For some reason I was still super tired. It was nice tho! Wow @ Zander being 9kgs! Any wonder he looks so big! I have been sorting out Gabby's 00 clothes and putting them into her drawers but I still think she's a few weeks away from wearing them. I think she has put on weight tho! I might go and weigh her this afternoon if I can be bothered

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    Feb 2004

    Dee - also remember that my Matthew got his first tooth at 15 weeks! Poohy to that health nurse.

    LOL at pj day today ladies...

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    Just to let you all know i am still around will catch up later when Alex is screaming less why do they always start when you log on for the first time today.
    Alex had his needles today so he is not very happy.

    I'll catch up with all your news when i have some quiet time.

    Hugs to everyone.

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    I know I'm not suppose to post here anymore but after reading Dee's post I need to get this out..
    We went for our 6 month check up today, was suppose to be Friday but MCHN cancelled and moved to today .I arrived this was the visit we were to have before starting solids, my usual nurse was booked out with her Monday girls so the Friday ones had to see a relief nurse.
    She went on and on how I had delayed her development as I was "so far behind most babies her age with feeding" Her weight had dropped 25% because of this and blah blah blah. I AM NEVER GOING BACK THERE AGAIN. Hmm yes Eliza is 6 months and about 4 days, and the new guidelines say that 6 month feeding. I feel like a total idiot.
    Sorry just needed talk to someone

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    Sounds like we have some naught MCHN's out there.

    Bec - Eliza is gorgeous, and is perfectly healthy and very happy. Dont listen to the old bag!!! And you can actually post whereever you want!! Dont worry, Sarah, Deb and Tanya (and Nell and Trish ) will move out soon, and you'll have plenty of people to chat with!
    That is so annoying to say that about solids. Like htere isn't enough stress on Mums anyway with it all. Pooey.

    Dee - You too. Nothing wrong with 3hrly feeds. Jenna has always been 2.5-3hrly, and she is fine. The only affect we have is I think she doesn't have quite as long a sleeps during the day cuase she wakes up hungry, and of course a bit of wind at the start. And water.... What is wrong with her???? Of course matthew can have a bit of water if needed. I had no problems giving Jenna some in Rarotonga, and it was only 25 odd degree there. Imagine Oz in summer. Babies need more to stop dehydration I say.


    Anyhoo - Deb, I can't believe that Gabster isn't in 00s yet!! Even though Jenna still fitted some of her 000s I put them away to be safe. I think there is a fair bit of overlap between them, so I hope you dont miss out on her weaaring some super cute stuff for leaving it so long! WE have to have a playdate soon. Of course - only if you want jenna to scratch her eyes out. She is a rolly little social baby.

    Sarah - LOL on the paper. Its so true. I'm sure I could just ge Jenna some cardboard boxes for Chrissie, and she'd never know any different!

    Shannon - I'd liek to see the person brave enough to drive a truck through a picket line..... Me being an engineer, and Shane being a fitter, there are sometimes some arguments about the validity of unions.
    And get this - the NZ election is on, and apparently I have a voting slip at my parents house. Well, my dad will only send it to me to vote here IF I promise to vote for the national govt. Like hell..... Not that I really like Helen Clark, but I will never vote for the national/labour govt. Tory buggers..... Sorry about that!

    Trish - hoping you had a good afternoon. It sounds good with the babies both asleep. Hopefully you got a kip too!

    Nell - I'm with you. It wouldn't been a nice day to do PJs all day. The pool is overflowing! So much rain. I did spend the afternoon at mothers group place, and it was so warm and toasty. A heater/fire going in every room. YUM!

    Hokey - off we go. Sleep.... Hopefully I can shake off the last of this bloody hangover!


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    OMG! Not another one. Bec - I can't believe how insensitive that HN was to you! As if you haven't been trying to get Eliza to drink more! As for not starting solids yet - a few days is not going to make much difference. Please, please, please don't let that woman get to her. You are a fantastic Mum and you know your little girl better than someone that has seen her for all of 5 minutes. Honestly, I am beginning to think we should all boycot the whole MCHN system. All it does in undermine confidence!! I'm going to email you when I get done here.

    Fi - yep... definitely a play date due. Name the day. The only day I am busy is Friday because I have MG. LOL @ Jenna being so social. She must get that from her mother LOL @ your Dad holding your voting slip for ransom. The cheeky man!

    Michelle - I hope Alex slept ok for you last night.

    Shannon - LOL @ all the execs getting their truck licences. Yay for Jessalyn's medication helping her to feed less often. Hope it's still working well and that you got a good sleep last night.

    Hmm... by the sounds of things, I should put Gabby in her 00's now. They just look soooo big on her! Admittedly, she has a few 000 outfits that are quite generous so she'll be wearing those for a little longer. She even has a 0000 trackie that still fits but I seriously think it was sized wrongly! Neil put a 00 jumper on her the other day and it was big but she could get away with it. So I might just have to bite the bullet and slowly phase the 00's in. The 000 legs are getting a bit short anyway. Shannon - I don't know how heavy Gabby is now. I will go and weigh her some time this week. Hopefully she is getting closer to 7kgs. She was only just over 6kgs a few weeks ago 8-[

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    Shannon - its really funny seeing the mums that get a bit of fear in their eyes when Jenna starts rolling towards their babies. I have to get up and move her! But there are some mums that are cool about it - Like Bec and Eliza. They other day they were both going at each other, sucking each others feet (they were head to tail) and it wasn't til Eliza clawed jennas eyes that either of them became upset. V funny, and didn't worry me at all.
    Yay on your sleep!


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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Shannon - sounds like Jess is going great guns and YAY for the magnificent sleep last night. You must feel like a new woman! I don't blame you for being panicy as far as Jessalyn is concerned. I think it's definitely your prerogative to be a little bit worried about everything as far as her health is concerned! Good to hear the doctors aren't worried tho!

    Fi - I don't stress out when other babies play with Gabby, either. As she is the youngest at MG, most of the other babies approach her and I just let 'em go. After all, they are going to be playing with each other for quite a while - they may as well get used to it, hey? Maybe Jenna can teach Gabby how to get the rolling thing happening!!

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    Bec - Grrr @ the MCHN, don`t they realise what they are doing to us. You`ve always come across in your posts as a very capable Mum who`s doing all the right things. You do wonder why we even go, I just hope I never see the MCHN I had yesterday again.

    Fi - Oh that must have been so cute with Eliza and Jenna sucking each others feet.

    Deb - The sizing on babies clothes are so weird, Matthew is still in some 000, yet some of his tops are too small in a size 00. Gabby looks so big in her photos, she looks a lot chubbier then what Matthew is, perhaps he`s going to be long and lanky like his Daddy.

    Michelle - I hope you had a good night with Alex. It`s always the way when logging onto BB baby calls, happens here frequently.

    Shannon - Yeah it would be nice if my dream came true, I`m not holding my breath for next May, AF is due today and I`m sure she`s on her way. So you think the 25th May would be a great labour day or c/s day, hmmm I wonder why LOL

    Nell - I thought of your Matthew getting his teeth at 15 weeks, that MCHN had no idea whatsoever.

    Sarah - I was also thinking by 12 months wouldn`t we be introducing juice by then, it`s ridiculous not to give a baby water as you say with our warm summers, how are they suppose to keep hydrated.

    Trish - Your house sounds lovely

    Better go Matthew`s had enough of playing on his playmat.

    Catch up with you all later

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    Shannon Great to hear you got some sleep last night. Hope Jess keeps it up for you.

    Debbie I have just sorted out all of Alex's clothes and he is in 00 i brought him some 0 clothes the other day as he is growing so fast. I need to buy him more as we have now run out of stuff Kimberley used to wear and i don't think pink would be his colour.

    Dee How is Matthew sleeping for you now ?? Thanks for saying about Baby Einstein Alex and Kimberley love it. Alex is watching it now and he is kicking his legs to the music. I went and put another one on layby today with some other DVD's for Kimberley.

    Alex slept ok last night he still wakes for a feed at night really would like to cut it out am trying to give him a top up feed before we go to bed will see if that works.
    Both of mine where awake at 6 this morning so we ended up going to the shops really early.
    My CYN is nice never have had a problem with her. Alex now weighs just under 7kilos.

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    locking this thread girls and creating a new one.


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