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thread: 6 to 12 Months, November '04

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    6 to 12 Months, November '04

    Hi Girls

    Feel free to use this thread to dicuss the daily antics of looking after a 6-12mth old.

    Lachlan turned 6mths old today !! Time flies when you are having fun. He has been a little bugga all morning crying and screaming. I think the sun is waking him up early even though he has a 100% blockout blind on his window. I ended up putting him back to bed at 8.30am just to give me a break and he fell asleep. Just starting to stir again now.

    Teeth are definintely on the move as well which isn't helping. Can feel the gums one hour and they are rock hard and the next hour have softened up.

    Still shows no interest in sitting unaided and gets frustrasted when he can't roll all the way over. But my GP said he is pretty chubby

    How is everyone else's bubbas going.

    Love :hbeat:

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    Okay I am talking to myself

    Lachlan has been better today, not as grumpy but still a bit upchucky. Think it could be the warmer weather too as it pushed over 30c for the first time this season today. Loves his pear juice so that is good and the eczema is looking alot better. The GP thinks it may be diet related and wants me to change his forumla but seriously I don't see the point. He has been on the same brand forumla since 3wks old and he never got the eczema till about 4mths old. Surely it would have popped up before then. Well I think so anyway.

    Love :hbeat:

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    May 2004

    Awww Kathryn... I'll talk to you! Sounds like you are getting nice weather over there... Wooohooo... that means it'll be here soon too (we get Adelaide's weather). Your not being stubborn about Lachlan's formular are you??? What's is he on?

    Well Emily is going to be 1 in just over 2 weeks... scary how time flys!! She is walking everywhere now, I still think it's quite amusing! She is also fully weaned, and only drinks milk out of her sraw cup. Mind you she is chewing on the straws which ruins the cup, so I have to buy new ones all the time!! Theu are the non spill ones that are almost $10 a pop. I wonder if I wrote to the company and ask them for replacement straw wheter thay would or not.... hmmmm. I might give it a go.


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    Yay !!! I do have a friend. Lachlan has Heinz Nurture formula. Just swapped to the follow on formula this week, so we will see how he goes. He is just getting into holding his own bottle as well YAY so hopefully within a couple of weeks he will be holding it from start to finish.

    Aww @ Emily being nearly 1. 3 wks today and Kam will be 3, Kameron has a couple of cups with the straw too and he chewed on the ends so I just brought him a sippy cup instead

    Love :hbeat:

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    May 2004

    Prob with the sippy cups atm is Emily doesn't like drinking out of them (well I haven't tried for about a month), she'd scream when I gave them to her cause she couldn't drink out of them....frustrating.

    Kameron's birthday is only 5 days after Emily's... I am sooo excited! Alecia's is next Friday, she is so excited about it.


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    Do you have a big party planned for Emily? Kam has playgroup day of his birthday not having a party for him this year. have to see if the ILs can come in the arvo as my parents are coming that night. Poor guy is going to be knackered

    Lachlan has had dirrohea most of the day today, must be the warm weather plus he is having a lot of juice probably not helping matters LMAO.

    Love :hbeat:

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    May 2004

    Yeah, we are having a party, can't help ourselves!! Plus she's Wato's first child.

    I hate when they have the runs... yuck. It's bad enough when they do it in the toilet, but when oyu have to change their nappy.... ewwwww!!


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    Morning. Checking in to see how everyone is.

    Lachlan went from his tummy to his back yesterday YAY !! I know he could have done this at a much younger age (Kam was doing it from 5 wks old) but he doesn't get any where as much floor time as what Kameron did, mainly due to the fact of Kameron rugby tackling him lmao so he doesn't get a chance to try and roll even if he is on the floor.

    He is getting a bit better at balance when sitting up, so hopefully it wont be to much longer and he will be sitting on the floor unaided. I know Kam was from 6mths 2wks, but again we spent alot more time with Kameron teaching him how than what i can with Lachlan.

    Definitely in no rush for him to grow up !!

    Love :hbeat:

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Yay for Lachlan rolling!!!! =D>

    I too can't wait for Aidyn to sit up on his own... will make it much easier for him to play with his toys, lol

    I know, they grow up very fast don't they... I have been thinking all morning how much I want another one!! I hope I can start trying next year!! (or maybe it is just my crazy AF hormones talking!)

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    Lachlan was screaming while i was cooking tea, so i chucked a spoon and a Petit miam for babies at Andrew and said "see if Lachlan will eat some of this will you to keep him quiet" not only did he eat some of it he ate it ALL !!! So looks like we are onto a winner there

    He is also rolling onto his stomach within a couple of mins of being put onto the floor so we have that down pat now too.

    Love :hbeat:

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2004

    Gosh, it's so quiet in here. I'll be able to only check once a day instead of three times lol.

    Well Brandon is 6 months today. Where did the time go?

    He is rolling to thr right from tummy to back, and sometimes over agin to back, and again to tummy, but he can't roll leftways yet, which frustrates him when he runs out of room, and doesn't want to be on his tummy anymore.

    He can't sit up unaided, but the other day I was sitting behind him, and he was leaning with his hands on his knees, and I let him sit by himself, and just straightened him up when he started listing to one side. It was kinda like Grandpa Joe learning to walk again in Willy Wonka last night lol.

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    Lachlan rolls to his left, don't know if he has done it to his right yet. YAY at Brandon being 6mths. Happy 6mth birthday Brandon !!!!

    Lachlan still isn't sitting up by himself either but he will sit between our feet okay it is just when you move a foot he falls over. Shouldn't be too much longer Kameron was 6wks and 2 days when he was sititng unaided, but Kameron did get alot more practise than what Lachlan gets.

    Lachlan will be 7mths old in 12 days . Time is going by too fast.

    Love :hbeat:

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    Vanessa Guest

    I didnt see this post until now...

    Hello everyone!

    Happy 6 months, Brandon!!! I know what that is like rolling in only one direction, it can be very frustrating for the little one. Although eventually Liam who is now 7 months old, rolls in both directions, in fact I never noticed when he did it :-s

    Well, today for the first time he got on his knees and wriggled forward in a crawl, we were at a baby gym class and I couldnt beleive it! I had tears in my eyes, he wanted a balloon that was in front of him but he couldnt reach! He crawlled on his knees two times!! Hasnt done it at home yet!!! He has been wriggling backwards for two weeks but this was a definite forward crawl!!!

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    aww that is fantastic Vanessa !! Well done Liam. Lachlan is rolling forward and back now took a pile of photos of him doing it today and they are now on his website.

    Love :hbeat:

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    Vanessa Guest

    Oh wow! I looked at your photos of Lachlan, and hasnt he grown!!!! He looked very proud of himself after he had rolled over!!! =D>

    I havent updated Liam's photos for a few weeks but here is a link that will show you some photos of him at the beginning of October.


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    Vanessa Guest

    Just a mention, if you use Heinz products; they have a promotion if you collect the bar codes, it closes the beginning of November, I saw the info at my local supermarket. Anyway, I am madly collecting to get the Fisher Price xylophone dog. I hope to get enough.

    Have you ever collected the Huggies barcodes as well, they have good promotions too? We go the huggies playmat with the newborn barcodes.

    I am love getting something for just postage!

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    I did the huggies barcodes last year and they actually ran out of one thing I was after this happened to a lot of people so be warned. I got one of the last bikes that was available as well. Alot of people ended up with a portacot instead in which they complained as majority of people already had one.

    Love :hbeat:

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    oh forgot to add Liam is just gorgeous Vanessa. He looks so grown up !!

    Love :hbeat:

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