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thread: 6 Months to 12 Months, February '05

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention that Aidyn was in the wars a bit yesterday.
    My little sister was watching him (or meant to be) whilst I was hanging up the washing, and he crawled over to our pedestal fan and started tugging on the electrical cord, and managed to yank it on top of himself! Its a fairly heavy fan... poor boy, he wasn't too hurt, just got a small bruise. But sooo silly!

    I'm soooo annoyed right now. He fell asleep not even 20 mins ago, and now he is awake again... I didn't even get a chance to have a shower... #-o

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    Hi Girls

    I have been MIA a bit. I was laid up all day yesterday with a shocking migraine. I am going to have to go onto progesterone tablets to prevent them since it is AF related. Will wait till next time I have to see the doctor though. Still have the headache but will survive.

    Anyway just gave Lachlan is first hair cut =D> He had long bits over his ears so I just cut them off.


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    Lucy in the sky with diamonds.

    Jan 2005
    Funky Town, Vic

    Hi Mel! yay, I'm down the road in Bayswater. Actually I've noticed quite a few of us live here!
    Oh the bloody pain all over again!!! Its mainly because I was just starting to get my brain/body/boobs back and here we go again.!
    The night we conceived again I said to DP, you know I just don't think I could handle another pg yet. We had planned to have a February baby this time, thinking the timing would be about right.
    I've spent the past few weeks being petrified about how I'm going to do this whole thing again, but starting to really like the idea now, and I'm dying to meet this next one!
    I still have those last couple of weeks of being unbearably uncomfortable etched into my mind. YUK, YUK YUK! Reflux was so bad that I used to wake up choking. CHARMING!
    I'm a lot happier now I have booked into the Birth Centre at the Angliss, I didn't know it was there before. I can have a waterbirth this time too!!

    Once this all consuming tiredness goes away (fingers crossed), I'm sure I'll feel lots better.
    Now you can see why I went to sleep school with Mitchell!!

    Astrolady, biggest hugs and I hope the migraines get lost soon. I don't know how you handle it.

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    I don't know how you girls are doing it being PG and with little ones... wow I'm so impressed. I've been so tired and exhausted & I had such a hard time in my first trimester last time & the last few weeks! WOW... I hope you have heaps of support!

    Kathryn its good to see you around! I hope the "migrane fuzz" clears quickly! I used to take a day or two just to get over the fuzz. Thats cute on giving Lachlan a hair cut... I read that he had long bits over his ears so I just cut them off and I was thinking you cut his ears at first #-o ... LOL

    Oh Ambah I hope Aidyn settled again for you! Matilda did the same thing and is in her cot singing at the moment... yuck... ouchies on the fan!

    katanya - its getting quiet without you I hope packing is going well... and felix is so cute in the box!

    Matilda's not been so fantastic today, but thats okay because we had 3 fantastic days in a row... now if she would just sleep more...

    Ok... I just went to a homeopath because I'm tired of being so exhausted all the time and I just wanted something natural to work at... and the Dr said bloods were generally normal for me... so I was going to the homeopath to pick up some natural medicine for Matilda... the vaccinations stuff I've mentioned before... and anyway we got to talking about me & now I'm on some potion to give my body a bit of a kick start. It was $12 but I said I'd give it a go and see how I went. If it works it will be cheaper than a coffee a day...LOL and I've been having 3 a day to stay awake lately...

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    LMAO @ cutting of Lachlan's ears Christy. That gave me a good laugh.


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    Jan 2005
    Adelaide, Australia

    Hey All,

    I have been missing for a while as my hard drive died and I had to wait for DH to fix it. All is good now.

    It is good reading about how all the babies are advancing into small children now.

    Shayla now has both of her bottom front teeth and is currently getting both of her top teeth. She has a viral throat infection at the moment and she is not a happy chappy, poor little thing she is usually such a bubbly energetic baby and now she can't really be bothered. Don't blame her tho9ugh cause I feel the same when I am sick.

    In other news she now is a lot more confident in her balance and will stand in the one spot not holding onto anything turning in circles watching me as I do the house work. She is also up to walking about 6 steps unaided. She could probably do more but is still using things for a little support.

    Shayla can also now say mum, dad and ta. She waves goodbye to people and claps her hands. She is growing up way to fast.,

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Wow Clare, Shayla is such a star!! Thats fantastic... how cute doing circles!

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    Kellee Guest

    Can I just say... you all must be SuperMums... how on earth do you get a chance to write on here so often?! I can't keep up with you all... anyway...

    Charlie is FINALLY eating 'properly'. He loathed Farex, so we gave up on that, but he loves pumpkin. Any ideas on what I should introduce next? He's also sleeping better at night, and settling himself better through the day, but his day sleeps aren't very long - what is 'average'? Sorry for all the questions, but I am new at this mothering caper.

    DH has been home from work the last two days (SDOs), so I won't know myself when he goes back to work tomorrow. Anyway, bub needs a drink, so must go! Hope I can visit more regularly from now on!

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    katanya Guest

    Hi everyone, I shouldn't here as I still have LOADS of packing to do, but since Felix is finally asleep and I feel like Cr#p I thought I'd unload on you all

    We went swimming yesterday, because I didn't want him to miss out, and he got SO cold he went blue, and screamed and screamed till I took him into the sunshine, then he wouldn't eat (normally eats truckloads afte swimming) slept for 3 hours (got lots of packing done yay!) and so I took him to the shops to get valentines picnic stuff, and when we got home I notice he looked very pink, I put him on the floor in the kitchen to put stuff in the fridge and he lost it! I took him and BF him and took his temp..was 38.8 and rising, so I took him into have a cool shower and BF him again, he was still going when DP came home, we gave him panadol, and his temp after dropping after the shower continued to soar to 39.14, so back into shower, and put fan on him..eventualy got it down to about 38.5, he just fed continiously for 2 hours straight, and was all listless and getting a rash from heat..needless to say our plans for Valentines Day were dashed! Eventually asleep at about 7:30, we ate our gormet picnic food infront of the TV! All night woke up crying and hot, I was stressing, took him for showers every couple of hours.

    Anyhow went to Dr today and he's got red tonsils, I feel yuk too..he has BF'd like a manic all day. One good thing is he has been eating like a starving child and I am really happy because it might mean a growth spurt (he's 9 mths today) Bad news at Drs she read the specialist report and apparently the chest xray was not normal as I previously thought, which means the same outcome, but I was kind of hanging on to that as a positive.

    Wow sorry epic post!! Well Christy you did say it was quiet without me

    Lulu The aquarium sounds so great, gorgeous about Mitchel talking to the fish: I know Felix would love something like that, the only aquarium here is Seaworld and that is really expensive to get in just and he's still a little too young for anything else!

    after saying that about DP, he has said No charting etc, but I am going to chart just for my own informations sake, and because i want to expereince it after Felix being here unexpectedly! Is that method the "shellings"method? because there is a gilr in the Qld thread using it?

    Ambah: ah!! how scary with the fan, that has nearly happened so many times with felix, but I know how much he likes it,so I watch him..how awful for your sister!
    Kathryn: hope you get the Migrane thing sorted, you definately don't need that sort of thing while trying to take care of two little boys! I have to cute Felix's hair too, I'll try not cut his ears off LOL @ Christy
    Christy: good luck with the Homeopathic remedies, i bought the Brauers colic remedy for my friend Sabiene and sent it to belgium today, was it you that recommended it to her? If your boost tonic works for you I might investigate it! Wonderful to hear Matilda's great days have been happing more and more!!
    Wonderwoman: Sounds like Shayla has got a smilar thing to Felix, not fun for them is it? That is amazing about her walking so much already, she sounds like a clever little girl!
    Kellee:Not sure about supermums being able to post so much, more like bad housewife! I leave the cleaning second to belly Belly during Felix's naptime! On the what to try next what about sweet potatoe, I found Felix really enjoyed that, also tryavocado, zuchini, potato, brocali, peas, and then move to fruits, banana, apples, pears, etc..as for sleeps..ahh not a good time to ask me, but on a "good " day he'll sleep about 1-1.5 housr in the morning and about the same in ther afternoon, but every baby is different, so don't comapre them on that one!

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    URgh at the high temps Katanya. It isn't nice is it. Thankfully we have been okay with Lachlan so far, but Kameron has pushed 40c a few times cause of ear infections. Hope he is feeling better soon.


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    mama mel Guest

    Ambah - Don't you hate it when stupid things happen when other ppl are meant to be watching them? I've realised now that even if somebody else is meant to be watching, I still need to watch over or take away dangerous stuff anyway. Hope he wasn't hurt too much by it.

    Kathryn - really hope the progesterone helps you! I've only ever had a couple but I'm an absolute mess for ages with a migraine. They really knock you out, I don't know how you keep going with your boys with them all the time!

    Lulu - Sorry, I just meant in this thread there's heaps of QLDers. I know I'm the same, I'm so excited about this baby yet at the same time finding it hard to get over the fact that I only just ran this marathon and won. I've been through a few different stages with it that come and go - guilt for Adara, fear of having 2 babies, absolute joy over the gift I'm giving them (hope they see it like that anyway!), excitement and even fear of having a newborn again and knowing what to do with him! :smt102 The thing I'm finding the weirdest ATM is, even though I remember Adara's pg like it was yesterday, nothing is the same this time around. I couldn't imagine a more different pg if I tried to!
    I booked into a birthing centre to have a water birth too! I found water helped more than anything else last time. Also, DH and Adara can stay with us in private room this time which is important to me.
    When I first fell pg I was BFing Adara still and lost all my milk, so she was waking up hungry every hour for a couple of months until I found a formula she'd drink... I know what it's like to panic about getting them to sleep better before the next one arrives! It's so hard not sleeping properly in the 1st tri, I really hope he gets easier for you soon.

    Christy - hope the homeopathic stuff picks you up a bit. Did you end up going to the Dr yesterday?

    Clare - Shayla's amazing with the walking in circles! =D> Hope she gets better soon!

    Kellee - Adara hated rice cereal too until I started to add steamed apple or pear puree to it, you could try that or just the fruit alone, a lot of babies love the sweetness of fruit. It's all just trial and error though With the sleeps 'they' do give outlines on number of day naps and the length but I think your baby will just sleep as much as he needs to, personally. Adara still sleeps heaps, 12hrs at night and 2 x 1.5-2hr sleeps during the day but that is way more than any other baby I know! (Takes after mummy!) There's babies here that don't sleep very much at all.

    Katanya - How scary that must've been with Felix! Atleast he's eating more now and not less. Sorry, very ditzy... What does that mean with the x-ray?
    No, it's the Shettles method. To sum up a 200 page book in a sentence - girl's swim slower but live longer so BD just before you O, for a boy at the exact time or just after you O. Well it's a lot more than that but that's what I picked up....

    I swapped my website from Adara's to the baby's and uploaded some new belly pics... if you want to see the difference in my size btn 1st time around and 2nd - I'm 18wks pg in the wedding photo and 20wks in the new photo.

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    mama mel Guest

    Wow Katanya, you and I could compete in an 'epic-post-a-thon'!!!!

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    katanya Guest

    lol mel yep we could ! LOVE the new avatar, just going to look at your website!

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    katanya Guest

    oh my god mel you are enormous!!! in a gorgeous pregnant way of course!! isn't amazing how different a second pregnancy is?? you can't see your belly in your wedding shot! i bet i'll be huge! and since i wasn't with felix it will be a shock i think!
    #-o the Shettles method, sorry that's what i meant too! the x-ray of Felix chest somehow i thought was clear, which means it wouldn't be a structral thing, now thid sort of means there is more chance of something congenital i guess! just that when i was talking about it to someone they said it was good that the chest x-ray was clear, now i find it's not..

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    mama mel Guest

    I know, I got huge straight away this time! I didn't have a belly at all at the wedding, luckily! A week into our honeymoon and I popped to almost where I am now though... Only had 1 skirt and 2 tops to wear for the rest of the trip! In the begining I got 'it'll be a small baby' but (I'm only little so I ended up MASSIVE with Adara) then I got 'are you sure it's not twins?!' from everyone I passed. Hillarious when you're feeling like a beached whale anyway.

    Oh ok, I get it now... I'm sorry to hear that, I really hope you can get some actual answers about all this soon, and can stop living in limbo worried about the unknown. I'm sure you've told me but when are you going back to the specialist?

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    WOW Mel!! Your belly has popped out straight away hasn't it!! That is amazing!! Its a lovely PG belly btw!

    Katanya - Poor little Felix Sounds like he was feeling pretty bad, what awful temps he had too! I hope he is feeling better now though, please give him a big cuddle from his Auntie A
    Sorry to hear that the x-ray news wasn't what you thought it was. Still hopefully it is not too bad..., and the specialist will be able to give you some clear answers at your next visit.

    Kathryn - how cute, Lachlans first haircut!! =D> I wish Aidyn had enough hair for me to cut... but it is going to be many more months (or years?) I think before he will need it!

    Christy - I hope you are feeling a bit better sweetie!? Do you think the new stuff from the homeopath is helping at all?

    Kellee - LOL, no Supermum here, thats for sure! I have enough trouble keeping up with these girls as it is!
    I agree with Mel's suggestion for the farex - try adding a little bit of pureed fruit to it. Or you can even buy apple and pear flavoured Farex - Aidyn used to love that stuff!
    As for naps during the day, Aidyn used to have about 4, for many many months (usually at least 45 mins each). But he has now dropped to 2 or 3 a day (aprrox 45min-1hr each).

    Clare - WOW Shayla is doing so well!! 6 steps unaided, that is awesome!!
    I hope she recovers from her throat infection soon, poor little bubba...

    Nothing much to report here... Aidyn is zooming everwhere... I had a hell of a time trying to vacuum today, cause he just kept chasing the vacumm cleaner around and getting in the way, LOL. Poor cat is getting rather put out too by being chased and jumped on... its so funny to watch though!

    I have a question - how have you girls gone about babyproofing your homes? What sort of stuff have you changed, or blocked off, etc??
    Have you made a drastic effort, or do you figure that bubs needs to learn sooner or later what and where not to go...

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    I LOVE the new avatar Mel!!! & the belly shot is fantastic!

    katanya - oh thats awful! I hope you & felix feel better today! I have missed having you around here O Did they give you any advice on what to do now with the abnormal chest xrays?? Do you have to come up for a scope?

    Well...I think I spoke too soon, BIL showed up on the doorstep yesterday (he lives in Melbourne) and stayed most of the day & then Matilda cracked it around 3.30pm screaming for no apparent reason, I tried everything again & he calmed her down :mad: I'm not mad at him, I was relieved but after 20 minutes of straight screaming for no reason, he walks in & she's laughing...gggrrrr....but then I went out last night & she screamed for him & DH for around 30 minutes & they said they both wound up sitting outside and taking turns...LOL...well off for another big day today of swimming... I actually have to leave in 15 minutes but I had to come on BB first!

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    In response to baby proofing. We don't bother. They get a firm no if they go near something we don't want them to touch.


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