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thread: 6 Months to 12 Months, February '05

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    mama mel Guest

    Ambah - LOL at Aidyn with the vaccuum and the cat! The terror has been unleashed on all! :badgrin:
    With baby proofing, I admit I haven't done as much as I should've... I've emptied out the bottom shelf on the bookshelf, taken out any floor lamps, vases, candlearbras and unstable coffee tables for the time being. I never went to the extent of fixing cabinets and bookshelves, etc to the walls b/c we rent. Oh, and I moved all the cleaning products and any other poisons to the tops of cupboards, just in case. I just keep a fairly good watch over her whenever she's on the loose and never let her out of my sight for more than a couple of minutes.
    I've also been meaning to ask what you guys think I could do with an open fireplace? It's the one thing that she can get into in a second and it's so dangerous and FILTHY in there!

    Christy - How frustrating that would've been for her to stop crying for your BIL!

    Kathryn - with telling them 'no', is it actually meant to do anything yet? I swear that it just eggs Adara on more to do what it is I don't want. I tested her the other day as she was going for the dinner plates in the cupboard, she looked at me and I just smiled. She got closer and I still didn't say anything so she stopped and went for Andrew's shoelaces instead.

    I forgot to tell you about Gymbaroo yesterday. She climbed up a staircase that went down again on the otherside. Of course I was worried when she got to the top but she sat herself up across the step, turned around and started to crawl backwards down the other side!!! =D> That was her 1st attempt going down!

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    LOL @ Adara, Mel. But i do notice that with Lachlan too, if I don't say anything he will go off and do something else instead. Kameron was really good though if you said no he would go away from it. Lachlan is starting to get there, but if he does it to often I will pick him up and distract him with something else. He is slowly getting better at not touching the dog food LMAO.


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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Mel - we have an open fireplace too... however it has a sort of wire mesh curtain that we can pull across... not that it will stop Aidyn if he is really trying. Have you thought of maybe putting a babygate across the opening? or would that be too wide? I was also considering using a large heavy box/chest thing to block it off, but then I ended up using it to protect the tv/playstation/laptop etc.
    I have moved all of the cleaning and kitchen chemicals to the top shelf, but still need to go through our bathroom toiletries... maybe I should get some safety latches for the drawers... or maybe just keep the bathroom door shut!
    Wowee and well done to Adara for getting down the stairs!!! =D>

    Hey Christy, I hope you guys had fun at swimming today!! I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at playgroup too

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Hi girls! We did have a good time at swimming! Matilda was great again, she loves the water so much.

    Yesterday I found out the girl that has taken my place at the vet was "made redundant" ... and then my boss called to see if I could come in for a chat on Friday.... I hope they don't ask me to work more, or take on responsibilities... I think I'm doing all I can at the moment.

    YAY for playgroup today! I'm taking the train today & walking so hopefully the 30 temp won't feel so bad...LOL Ambah it should be good, I might set up a playpen so we can put our babies on the move in there and have a coffee...LOL go to playgroup so we can have a bit of a break

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    Hey I goto playgroup to have a break, why the hell not is what I say LMAO. There is another mum there that Lachlan makes clucky so she is always all over him like a rash Dont have to worry about him when she is there LOL


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    Well I just gave Lachlan is first bottle of diluted cows milk. He drank it all so that is a good start


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    katanya Guest

    Felix is feeling much better today, but not eating, but what's new :smt102 we both had a much better night's sleep last night.

    Ambah: I have plugged the power sockets with the protector thingies, and done the dangerous things, but left most stuff as I am trying to give him things I can say NO to, and learn what he can and can't touch, he shakes his head at me when I say no, and gets a mischevious look..hmm
    Aidyn sounds like he has REALLY taken off, Felix seems to ahve lost interest in crawling ATM, he just wants to stand all the time, and can now pull himself up on the coffe table and edge all the way around and reache to the couch and move over to there..!!It's abit scary as I don't want to leave him to do it alone! He still isn't crawing on all 4s yet!

    Christy: don't you hate it when they are all smiles for other people and save their worse for you! Glad to hear the swimming is still going so well!!
    Isn't that what Playgroups are for? to share the load and have a bit of break while the kids play with each other? good idea about the playpen, they'll have fun in there together!

    Mel that is amazing about Adara and the staircase, Felix would get up I'm sure and cry for me at the top! I am worried about the new houses pot belly stove too, we'll have to look for a sturdy grill!

    Kathryn Congrats on Lachlan's first cows milk!! hope he goes well with it!

    The thing with the Chest x-ray is it doesn't make things any different for the time being, I just misheard the Specialist and thought he said it was clear. I haven't heard anything yet about the tests (which I think I would have it they were positive) and see the Paedrician (GC one) on Monday, will find out results then, and if negative will be most likely be doing the brochialoscopy next specialist appointment. My GP said the letter says if there is a problem with his health in the mean time they will review him sooner,(which is reassuring) but all that is happening ATM is the low weight and deep breathing, he is still happy and developing normally.
    *sigh* sick of all these doctors and not knowing anything other than something is wrong!
    He was weighed today, and gained 60 grams in 2 weeks, not great, but the MCHN said considering he has been sick it is great he didn't lose weight..I said I was hoping to get him to 8 kgs by 9 mths..he still only 7.8 and that's with the poly joule additive!
    Anyhow I better go pack considering Felix is asleep!!

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    wow been around 24 hours since anyones posted! That must be a first for a while....I hope you & you bubs are all going well!

    I've had problems getting on BB today, everytime I post I get logged out, so I've got my finger's crossed for this working

    We had to puppy proof our house when I was PG and we just left it the way it was for when Matilda got here... and put those plug protectors on too... but that was mainly putting things up high that we didn't want destroyed or chewed on. We still have to say "no" to the speaker cables & cat litter

    After two really good days for Matilda, today's not been as good...so I'm off to have a sleep., hopefully this one will go through!

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    Jun 2003

    HI everyone

    It is good to read your posts but I am not able to post much at the moment. Asha is doing well and is 8 months old today. She was weighed yesterday and we have hit 8kgs! She is 68.5cms long and her HC is 43cms.

    I havent been posting much because we have been so busy especially now I am working 3 days again. I think I might be over doing it slightly as I have been diagnosed with shingles today!!!!

    Asha is almost crawling she took a couple of forward crawls yesterday but she still has no teeth!!! She loves swimming and spends a lot of time splashing!

    Edited to add that we finished breastfeeding yesterday I am a bit sad about it but it had to be done as I have a weekend PD that I need to go to for work and I cant take Asha with me so she needs to get by without the boobie feeds!

    Better go my back is killing me.


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    Wow @ Asha being 8mths old. Time flies. at both the Shingles and having to give up breastfeeding. I hope you feel better from the shingles soon.

    As for me we were out with friends tonight and one said "wow Lachlan when did you get 5 teeth" and I was like 'What the ... " sure enough his 2nd middle tooth at the top is now showing. So we have 3 on top and 2 on bottom.


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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    LOL, Lachlan would be a toothy twin to Aidyn then atm!!

    Kelly it is great to hear from you
    Wow, I cant even imagine how busy you must be! Are you enjoying being back at work?? I hope the shingles get better soon too.

    Anyway, I guess I dont have much else to post... have had a pretty busy day going out with friends, and then MIL this evening. It took hours to get Aidyn to sleep tonight, he was sooo overtired and crazy.
    We are going looking at cars tomorrow, and I SO hope DP finds something that he likes/can afford... I am going stir crazy I think being stuck at home without one. Please for us!!

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    Registered User

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Ambah I've got everything crossed for you!!!

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    Well Lachlan woke crying during the night, with a very runny nose, so he was struggling to breathe when sleeping ](*,) ](*,) ](*,) Sure enough still has it this morning so looks like it is the onset of his first cold


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    katanya Guest

    Hi Kelly great to hear from you and happy 8 mths to Asha! That is sad about having to give up BFing due to work, I am sure if I were in that sitution where I couldn't have Felix with me while I work, that I would be forced to do the same..I know it would make me feel very sad though BIG to you and hope you feel better soon with your shingles, you need some rest yourself!

    Kathryn Hope Lachlan gets over his cold quickly, it is awful when they are so stuffly they can breathe through their noses!

    Felix also has 5 teeth now, they sort of sprout in patches don't they?? I keep looking in there wondering if any more will appear as the 3 top ones just all followed each other! Looks scary now when he's coming for my BB's!

    Ambah I have everything crossed for you too , as having a car would make your life SO much easier! I am not sure how you've managed it and stayed so positive! I would be going nuts by now!

    Felix has been sleeping SO well the past few days, not sure if it because we have been at home all day long or because he is catching up from being sick, he even ate a few mouthfuls for lunch and a few more for dinner last night! :eat: YAY!

    Go to go pack I'm feeling guilty! :roll:

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    mama mel Guest

    Ambah - Hope you found a car today!

    Kathryn - Hope Lachlan's ok and doesn't get too sick... Wow at all the new teeth!

    Yay for the great eating and sleeping, Katanya!!! O

    Christy - How you going on the homeopathic stuff? Did you end up going to the Dr? Hope you're feeling better lately.

    Quick question about teeth - Adara's got 1 on the top, with another 2 ready to break through at any minute. It looks like she's going to have gaps btn her top teeth, is that normal?

    Nearly used up all of my internet usage allowance for the month so I probably won't be able to come back that much in the next 10 days or so... Luckily Feb's only got 28 days! Gotta get an unlimited plan I think!

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    Lucy in the sky with diamonds.

    Jan 2005
    Funky Town, Vic

    Hey Mel, don't worry about Adaras teeth just yet, they do move around a bit, looking for their place. I gotta get unlimited access too, I'm just worried about the $$$$ side of it. Another bloody bill!

    Kelly, I bet there would be a homeopathic remedy that would be great for shingles. The shingles could be a good indication of stress on some level rising to the surface IYKWIM? take care of yourself O.K lady??!

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    mmm I actually got the homeopathic remedy for it for Matilda, since its the same virus that is in chicken pox...I'm giving it to Matilda tomorrow because her first day of day care is Monday.

    Mel the homeopath has given me a "tonic" which she believes will help and its only the 4th day, but I already have more energy. All my tests came back normal from the Dr so he didn't have any other ideas for me and just said it was normal to feel this way in the first year of having a baby... I sort of agree, but I should be able to get out of bed when I hear her cry...

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    katanya Guest

    Mel Felix's teeth look exactly the same, and as the other babies I've seen have the same I figure it's just what happens? His bottom teeth look so much closer tha the top, it's weird isn't it?

    Christy: glad the tonic is working, does it have a name or do you just ask them for a "pick me up?" Hope everything goes well with Matilda's homeopathic vacination, let me know how it goes as if we find a good homeopath then we might go that way with it too!

    We had an open house today, and HEAPS of people looking at applying, I felt a bit sad at leaving here, especially since it is where Felix first came home to...Felix loved all the little kids coming in the place, and was laughing non stop over two cute kids playing peekaboo with him.

    SO much to still do but we are getting there slowly..better get back to it while Felix is sleeping!!

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