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thread: 6 Months to 12 Months, February '05

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    Goodluck with the inspections etc Katanya. I don't envy you at all !!

    Well Lachlan now had 6 teeth. At least the last couple have come thru without much dramas.


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    katanya Guest

    Hi everyone, wow no one has posted yet today!
    Kathryn congrats on Lachlan's NEXT tooth wow these babies can pop teeth can't they??

    I had an paed appointment this morning, I posted about it here, bit depressing really.

    Well Felix has turning into a cruising monster, I have decided crawling is great and the cruising and desire to walk is REALLY scary. He has banged his head so many times I have lost count, I hate it, as he has a bruise on his head. He also tries to jump out of my arms and onto his feet. Well he might be skinny but he sure is developing normally!

    I am SO ready to actually get into our new house now, we get the keys tommorrow!~! I am very excited, but wonder how Felix will take the move. Have decided we will move his cot into his room for daytime naps, and the first sleep of the night then he can hhop in with us when I go to bed like normal.
    What does everyone think? am I being unrealistic trying to do this and have a new house? I figure It'll be a new room anyhow? The reason I'm doing this is because I wake him when I go to bed accidentally anyhow, so I figure it might him sleep better. We are also going to start a new routine with sleeping, but will wait for a week or so for him to settle in to the new house, don't want to overwelm him with change.

    Ambah hope the reason we haven't heard from you is that you have a new car and are visiting everyone!

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    oh katanya how exciting about the new house, I posted a reply to your paed visit

    Matilda had her first day in day care today! She only went for a half day, but I bawled my eyes out in the car park.... I really didn't expect that response.... then when I picked her up she hadn't slept, and refused a bottle at first, too much to do, and katanya today at day care (trust her to do something new there!!) she let go while cruising... and stood. OMG... I'll wait for her to do it at home, but I was a bit shocked when she did it there & they said she was doing it all day... :mad: she's not done that yet at home!!! I'm away for 4 1/2 hours and thats what happens... well she's come home & had her make up bottle and is in bed now... hopefully asleep!!

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    katanya Guest

    OH Christy you poor thing I think your reaction was REALLY normal, at least you didn't do it in front of her! That is AWFUL that the FIRST day she is there she took her independant stand..wow..she's only just 8 mths old !! What an amazing girl! i don't think it will take her long to do it again! it must been awful to hear she'd missed the bottle and sleep, but i'm sure it takes time to adjust. you are doing the right thing, girls thrive well on early childcare, boys find it a bit tougher, and Matilda is such a socially developed child she'll get the hang of it in no time! at least she'll probably sleep well for you this arvo!

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    mama mel Guest

    So glad to hear the teeth gaps are normal, thanks! I was wondering about it but I didn't really worry too much until a "friend" (who has a constant need to put Adara down lately) told me it was really bad and she'll have gaps until her other teeth come through. Won't waste your time with my *****ing, I'm probably gonna post in the Punching Bag soon about her if she keeps going like she has been though... :mad:


    Christy - That's fantastic the tonic's working for you. I'm sure it would've been hard to leave her at day care. Can you imagine how we'll be on their 1st day at school?! Sounds like she wasn't too fussed though! I can't believe how quickly she wants to grow up! She's truly amazing..

    Katanya - I hated having ppl come through my house all the time! Especially since we were renting and not gonna benefit from them trampling through. Yeah well you know I can sympathise with feeling sad about leaving! It is so hard when so many good things have happened there and it's their 1st home. I don't think it'd hurt to try the new sleeping arrangements, just don't be surprised if it doesn't work. You just never know how they'll react and every baby's different... I'm sure you'll remember how Adara bad was and wanting constant booby in our new place but then she was pretty sick at the time too.
    =D> Felix! Hope he doesn't get too hurt along the way! I've started wondering if Adara will ever want to cruise.. I don't mind though, I had been thinking crawling is more than enough to worry about!
    I'll check out about his paed appt tomorrow morning, too tired now...

    Kathryn - Wow those teeth just keep popping through, don't they? Great that it's been so easy for him.

    Adara's 2nd top tooth is through but she's having a hard with the 3rd now

    Gotta go, Andrew just came home over the moon b/c he got his black gi (uniform given out specially when you deserve it) at martial arts tonight \/

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Hiya girls, sorry for being awol... have just been really busy/preoccupied lately.
    Well... we didn't find a car on Saturday... what we did find out was that it is probably more worth it to pay an extra couple of grand for a new car, than buy a 2nd hand one at a highly inflated price.
    So atm we are looking at the new Nissan Pulsar... its a bit over our price limit, but it has some really good features and is the only car under 20K that has all of the great safety features like ABS brakes, etc...

    Aidyn has been in the wars a bit... he has a massive knock to his head almost once a day I swear! He almost got his eye yesterday too (missed it by about .5cm) that was pretty scary...

    Oh yeah, he is now saying Daddy!! (finally!!) DP is very impressed
    I also gave him his bottle the other day and he looked at it and said 'baddle?' which in my opinion is sooo close!!

    I am taking him to the library tomorrow morning, they are having a nursery rhyme and song session for babies under 1yr, where they will teach us lots of action rhymes to do with our bubs. They only have 2 more of these sessions left so I have missed out on a months worth which is a bummer! I only found out about it today whel I saw a sign about it in the library. I'm sure it will be good fun though

    Anyway, sorry I dont have time for personals, will do those tomorrow afternoon!
    to all!

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    Lucy in the sky with diamonds.

    Jan 2005
    Funky Town, Vic

    Ambah, looking for a car is the worst. It took me six months to find mine. I ended up going private, as all the dealers seem to have was ex-company cars with 6 million kms and terrible interiors.
    New cars do lose you a fair bit as soon as you hit the road though. Most of the big dealerships have cars a one or so years old, still witht the new car warranty (sometimes a year or two), you don't lose out on the stamp duty. It may be worth a try. Good luck with it.

    Mitchell is creepy-crawling now, and heads for anything electrical. I think he is getting bored lately, so will investigate gymbaroo, and the library too. Still on and off with the sleeping, so he's in bed with us again and I LOVE it heee, hee!

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    I'm jealous he's in bed again!!

    Ambah *HUGS* over and over!!! Yuck!! Dh & I were looking through the trading post on Sat at used cars because we are thinking we might have to use our savings to get a 2nd one...but its so hard at the moment with not enough $$ for anything too spectacular... we notice camry wagons are reasonable... but there are just so many out there on the streets. We're also looking privately because we had a really awful time with the car we have now. Its had major repairs within the warrantee and none of them are covered. GGRRRR

    Matilda's been getting some massive bruises as well. She fell over the other day in the play pen and instead of reacting I turned around (thats how I hide my face of shock O ) and she went on playing so I thought nothing was wrong, then I saw it a few minutes later & her cheek was huge with a graze on it #-o ...but she didn't cry...

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    katanya Guest

    Good luck with buying a car Ambah it's almost as bad as moving house close to buying one, such a big investment. I would go for the new car if you can afford it as they keep their proce better and you get to make your own mistakes not suffer with someone elses. some very cute words Aidyn is learning!

    Lulu Felix actually went to sleep on his own for the VERY first time last night, must have been me talking about Matilda doing it to DP! I still want to co-sleep with him, but need to put him in the cot for solo sleeps, he was so amazing last night he feel asleep after a few grumbles, and then woke up at my usual bedtime of 10:30 not crying and just pushed his head up and looked at me, so I brought him into bed with me..I'm not what I'll do if I have to give up having there if he starts sleeping through!! oh well there's always mornings!

    Christy: we have a camry stationwagon and I love it, I would recommend the 6 cylander one if you can affod it though because mine is 4 and has no power.
    Can totally relate to the bruises..got to try your trick of looking away, I try to laug but it comes out all wrong..

    Started moving today, just waiting for mum to come and pick up Felix, we got there this morning and guess what...fleas everywhere..so I went to the agents and hopefully it will get sorted before we move in tommorrow, having a floor baby isn't really compatible!!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jan 2005
    Adelaide, Australia

    Shayla has now decided that crawling is not for her and she is now walking everywhere, She seems too small to be walking so it is quite cute.

    She has now got over her cold and her first top tooth broke through the gum last night, so that now makes 3 teeth. The other top tooth looks like it wont be far behind.

    We will be starting Shayla in swimming lessons in the next few weeks we just have to find a suitable day.

    She has alsao started saying Duck. Where that has come from no one knows but everything is duck.

    Ambah - we had to buy a new car when Shayla was 2 months old because the pram didn't fit in the boot of my car lol. We now have a Ford Station wagon. I know what you mean about big knocks on their head. Shayla does it everyday, most of her bruises I have no idea where they have come from.

    Anyway I should be off.

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    Well done to Shayla for walking =D> and getting more teeth \/

    Not alot is going on here, I have had a cold since Monday and am feeling a bit nauseous this morning cause of the heat. Going to push 40c today first really warm day again for a while ](*,) body can never get used to it. Umming and ahhing about going to playgroup but I better make up my mind soon as Tatty Teddy comes as well. Probably will go been awake since 4.30am which wouldn't help how I am feeling.


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    We are a chatty bunch aren't we. All those kids must be keeping us on our toes. Well I think we are going to be on our last tin of formula now. Lachlan has taken to cow milk really well and has had no dramas. He has had it full strength for the last two days as well will no side affects. So I might finish the tin we are on, which has just been opened and that will be it.

    He is eating whatever we eat anyway, so he is gathering those nutrients from other sources now. They grow up too quick !!


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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Wow that is quick Kathryn!! Yeah...sorry I've been quiet lately... Matilda's been very screamy & not too unhappy just screamy & it means that when she sleeps I'm really tired so I've tried to sleep too which means BB gets put on hold

    We had swimming yesterday, play group today and just had heaps on lately! I hate it when life gets busy, you know when you have to pack her bag for the entire day rather than an hour or so out...I don't mind having one thing on, but lately we've been leaving with DH and dropping him at work and coming home in the afternoon...yuck. And now the house is a mess because we haven't been home in a few days and I have visitors tonight...never ends...

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    HI girls,
    Just popping my head in to let you know I will be in here next week. Jessica will be 6 months on the 2nd of March, and I am very sad my baby is halfway to being a person.

    I hope you are all well, from reading the few posts on this page looks like everyone is majorly busy so I hope I can keep up with you girls.

    Well have a good weekend and I will see you next Weds.

    Best wishes Michelle

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Hi Michelle it will be great having you here!!

    Speaking of busy, I cleaned the house yesterday and then everyone who was coming over cancelled about 5 minutes after I sat down.... :evil: I was soooo tired and grumpy that when DH got home I said why don't you go out so we don't get into a fight...

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    Lucy in the sky with diamonds.

    Jan 2005
    Funky Town, Vic

    Mitchell has been a monster the last couple of days. NOOOO sleeping during the day at all, and grumpy all night. He has started pulling the strangest faces and clenching his fists when he is frustrated. Making a major effort not to react as I don't want this to continue.!! DD keeps ROFL when he does it though!
    Took him back to the pool yesterday, yay! DP everywhere with the damn video camera, yes he nearly fell in. DS went almost straight to bed after, but it didn't last.

    Grrr to visitors cancelling after all that cleaning, haha to DPs reaction Christy!!


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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    *sigh* I was sitting here lastnight and had just finished composing a reply to everyone's posts, then we had a bloody power brownout and the computer crapped itself and reset, so I lost it all...

    After chatting to you the other night Kat, I checked Aidyns mouth the next day, and what do you know, tooth number 6 had just popped through! So he now has 4 on top, 2 on bottom. He must be trying to keep up with Lachlan, LOL
    Wow, that is great the Lachlan has taken so well to the cows milk, what a big boy he is now

    Awww Christy, what a pain for you for your guests to cancel! :mad: I guess at least you wont have to clean up for a little while now though? I hope you are taking it easy today!

    Woohoo Michelle, looking forward to having you in here with us again!!
    I cannot believe how fast the time is going.....

    Aww Lulu... I hope you have a better day today and Mitchell has a nap or 2...
    Aidyn used to do something similar when he was frustrated, it was very funny, but luckily he has grown out of it I think.

    Well done to Shayla on her new tooth, and walking everywhere too!! =D> That is sooo cute that she is saying Duck!

    Katanya - I hope the move is all going smoothly for you, and I hope they sorted out the flea problem too!!

    Well... no luck so far with the car, but we will get there. Not so sure on getting the new Nissan now, as there are too many extra charges on top.

    The only news for today, is that Aidyn said Bear!! i'm quite sure he did... When the opening music for 'Bear In The Big Blue House' came on this morning, he got so excited, clapped hi9s hands and yelled out 'Bear, bear!!!'

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    Welcome for next week Michelle

    Woohoo to Ambah for saying "bear" what a clever boy.

    I hope the moving has gone okay Katanya

    Christy I had to laugh at telling DH to go out again.

    Hello to everyone that I know I have missed

    As for us, not much happening Lachlan starting playing hide and seek today with a flannel which is cute.


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