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thread: 6 Months - 9 Months, October '05

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    Oct 2004
    NW Tasmania

    hey everyone
    Zander sounds like he is going really well with everything,and yay for the sleeping being good!!!
    Hope fully Violet and Emily will settle down for you soon.It is bound to happen eventually!!!
    Dominic has been ok today,had lunch and i am planning on giving him tea for the second time today too,and then maybe he might start sleeping a bit better...He was awake from 12pm to 2am last night,and it is really starting to get on my nerves!!!
    Hope everyone else is well too,this place has been very quiet lately.....

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    ange-par Guest

    Hi Everyone - Just a quick post before I goto bed. Ella woke at 4am this morning screaming blue murder. It's a cry that I haven't heard before. I had to put her in bed with me and hold her really tight before she would stop sobbing. Poor little thing.

    On a happier note I had her christening last Sunday. She looked like a little princess in her long gown. A great day was had by all. O

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    May 2004

    Ange, great to hear that the christening went so well... congrats Poor Ella must have had a pain or something yesterday morn...

    I hope tea did the trick last night Suzie.

    Well I didn't hear a peep last night I just hope I didn't sleep through any crying... I was veeery tired!

    Alecia informed me today that we will be in Melbourne the same night that Simple Plan are playing .... We could've went Mum.....


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    Feb 2004

    If only Alecia knew hey Tanya Hopefully Violet is settling back down to her long sleeps. I often wonder too if I just don't hear him cry.

    Go Zander! That is so great he is eating so well for you. Yay on his sitting too.

    yay for Declan!

    Oh no Angie, I hope Ella is okay and it was just a one off.

    Suzie I hope the extra feed gets Dominic sleeping better.

    All okay here girls. Matthew is getting back to good habits during the day with his sleeping. He is in his cot and rarely protests. DH was home with him yesterday is positive he waved! Also his crawling is almost going from commando to normal.

    Hope everyone else is well.

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    Oct 2004
    NW Tasmania

    hey everyone.
    Dominics extra meal didnt work last night he just plain wouldnt eat it for me....
    he only had one today too,so maybe he just isnt ready for two yet....
    he slept from 10pm to 3.45am this morning and then went straight back to bed til 8am when the alarm woke him this morning,so i dont think that is too bad...
    He went to bed a lot earlier tonight,so i dont imagine he will sleep past 12am...Oh well i hope i can get him back to bed easily,i sooo need sleep!!!
    Ange,im glad the christening went well for you,and poor little thing waking up so upset....
    Tanya,its great that Violet is sleeping so well for you!! I am cursed with the ability to wake whenever Dom makes a peep,so i dont have the bad thoughts about sleeping through them crying....If Vi was crying im sure you would have woken up
    LOl about the Simple Plan thing,Lucky girl to have a mum like you!!!
    Nell im really glad that Matthew is going back to his great habits!!! yay for him crawling properly,Dommie has only just started to do it properly in the last couple of days....How cute that dh is sure he waved!!!
    Dommie is nowhere near sitting up properly yet,but im sure he is babbling heaps more in the last couple of days,i was nearly sure i heard him say some words (of course it wasnt lol)
    He is looking up at furniture lately like he is scoping it out to climb on it,so maybe he wont be far away from walking!! LOL!!
    Gotta go,Blue heelers is about to start!!
    hope everyone is well

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    May 2004

    Morning Girls...
    Suzie, I am sorry to hear you had to get up again last night... not fun! Great to hear about the crawling tho... clever boy

    Nell... how cute that Matty waved!!

    Deb, great weather here this morn, I hope it continues for the rest of the day...

    Well I had to get up a couple of times for dummy replacements last night... which is better that for screaming for no reason So we did ok here last night.

    Might go to Shepparton today to get some stuff for our trip to Melb... I got a really expensive hotel 8-[ Not that we can afford it, but I thought we never do these type of things so why not!!


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    Jun 2005
    near the water

    Hi ya strangers =P~
    Well I havent quite fallen off the face of the earth...just dangling on the edge. Eliza is alittle unwell at the moment and I am having a hard time trying to settle her at all but other than that we are good.
    Tanya: Hope you do abit of shopping in Shepparton, whoohoo on the hotel, it's nice to live it up
    Nell: Yah on the wave, how clever
    Deb: Hope miss Gab is enjoying the sun and letting mum have a nice break
    Suzie: I have Eliza on 3 meals a day, which some people think is too much, but after having a bub that wouldn't feed for 6 months it is nice. Hope his appertite is big today
    Ange: Hope Ella Bella is behaving, she probably just knew that cuddles from mum is soooo much nicer than sleeping
    Been to she Dr Hotty today...whoohoo that put a pep in my step, he was proud of my little weight loss, if he only knew that I havent really been doing alot!!
    Mum came over and looked after Eliza so I could do a mamoth grocery shop, least my wallett is a little thinner too!
    Hope everyone is well and bubs are behaving!

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    Oct 2004
    NW Tasmania

    hey bec,good to see you!!! Glad Eliza is eating well for you,i wish Dommie would for me....We didnt even get one meal in today,he just plain refused!!! he has a runny nose and had rosy red cheeks today so i wonder if he may be getting more teeth?? I have heard that they go off their food sometimes when they are teething!!!
    Good on you for losing some weight!! it is always a nice surprise to get....My sympathies about the grocery bill though,it was my day for it yesterday....
    Dominic has gone to bed now though,didnt even drink close to a full bottle,so i imagine he will be awake at God knows what hour in the morning!! LOL!!
    Good on ya for doing some shopping Tanya,hope you had fun!! Dummy replacements are better than being stuck up all night I really wish Dommie would take one sometimes!!
    had my hair cut off heaps today and layered a bit,it shows the color i got ages ago well now,and i am happy with it...It is so much easier to manage being just below my shoulders instead of down my back!
    hope everyone is well!!!

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    Ex adm!n, quietly rusting....

    Feb 2004

    I hope Dom is better with his food for you today Suzie. What time did he end up waking? Yay for the haircut, always makes you feel great doesn't it!

    Sorry to hear that Eliza has been unwell Bec. Yay for the weight loss & the shopping, sounds like yesterday was very productive for you =D>

    Yay for not having to get up for screaming on Wednesday night Tanya. I wish!

    Yay for Matty sleeping well during the day & for his crawling, is he there yet? How cute that he waved as well, and of course it was for daddy :roll:

    Oh Ange, you poor thing that scream must've scared the life out of you. Yay for the christening going well though.

    I think you guys must've misunderstood me on the sleep thing - Zander is still not sleeping real well, it's just that I am coping with it better! Last night was an absolute nightmare. He has a rash under his chin & behind one ear, went to the ECHN yesterday & she said it was from all the dribbling & cos none of the creams I'm using have done a thing we should go to the Dr for something stronger. My Dr is booked up til the end of the month, so we can't do anything just yet. So he's a bit sooky & clingy yesterday afternoon, but after he had been in bed for an hour he was screaming & screaming. I went in & the poor little guy was trying to scratch behind his ear. I ended up going to bed at about 1.30am but Aaron was snoring so loud I didn't get to sleep until after 3am and then was up at 5ish for half an hour & am now up to go to work. I have no idea how I'm going to do the hour drive half asleep!

    On the upside though the ECHN is most impressed with Zander She kept asking how old he was and saying how strong he is! He's now 8.8kg and 65.5 - his height is in the 10th percentile but she's not worried cos it always has been, just eans he's a little shorty!

    Well better go get ready. School goes back next week so I'm in for a busy one today.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Hey guys... I am baaaa-ack. We had a lovely time away. It was fantastic to get out of Geelong, that's for sure. The weather was lovely most of the time but not hot enough to use the pool unfortunately. Ah well. Gabby went on her first paddle-steamer and I did lots and lots of shopping. Little Miss slept very well - she didn't skip a beat. She didn't really like all the travelling in the car though so it's minimal car trips today I think!

    Sarah - awww! Poor Zander trying to scratch his ear. The poor sausage. Good to hear the HN was impressed with him. That's great! I hope you manage to function today with hardly any sleep. Have an energy drink or two on stand-by.

    Suzie - I hope Dom slept ok for you last night.

    Bec - yay for the weight loss! Good job. Hope Eliza starts feeling better soon.

    Tanya - that's fantastic that you have splurged a little for your trip to Melbourne. It's always nice to do something a little more special every now and then. Life would be boring if we stuck to the budget all the time (at least that was what I was telling myself when I spent $300 on clothes in Echuca, hehehe). Apparently Neil did ok at Deni. He only sold half the amount of stuff that he'd hoped. Apparently his site was a little out of the way. He has made some great contacts tho so that's the main thing. He bought Gabby a little wife-beater singlet, LOL. It's all class here in the Morris household!!

    Nell - yay for Matty's wave!! I hope he does one for you soon. Gabby always does stuff for me and it takes a while before Neil gets a chance to see it. Woo hoo for the crawling too!

    Angela - good to hear Ella's christening went well. I expect to see photos for the next get-together! How did she go last night?? Better, I hope!

    Miss Thing decided to get out of her wraps last night. She started grizzling at 5am for her dummy and lo and behold, her little hands were out! She was still asleep though so I just left her that way and she slept for another hour or so. Her hands were freezing so I am not going to try putting her down unwrapped quite yet. It's good to know that she isn't really waking herself up tho.

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    Oct 2004
    NW Tasmania

    Well good news to report on this front!! Dominic slept from 10.10pm last night to 6.20am this morning and then went back to sleep for a couple of hours (when dp yelling woke him up!! GGRRRR)
    I was so happy with him,and hope it becomes a routine,but i am afraid it wont...He has only ever slept through twice since he has been born now,and i wish he would every night!!!
    Debbie Glad you had a good trip and are all relaxed now....Im pleased someone else is still wrapping their baby,Dominic is too,and i was worrying that he was too old,but plenty of people have said that they wrapped theirs for ages,so i dont feel so bad now....
    Sarah Poor little Zander...I hope his rash gets better soon,i have to take Dominic to the drs for something along the same lines,so i hope they can help both the little men...
    Gota go snd do something now,Dominic has cut out his morning sleep,so i have him up and about and have to amuse him as well as doing housework,and i have dp home to annoy me today as well *sigh*
    Hope you are all well!!

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Suzie - yay for Dominic's great sleep! Maybe a sign of things to come? Yep... I still wrap Gabby. She sleeps so well so I figure, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Also, the weather is still pretty cold overnight so I will definitely wrap her until I know that her hands won't freeze off.

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    Nov 2003
    SE Melbourne

    Hi All

    Sorry that I havent been around, way too much happening here.

    I have almost everything organised for Hayley's naming ceremony this Sunday, so at least I feel like I am getting something done.

    Hayley is doing okay but having a lot of trouble with these darn teeth, keep coming up then going back down, really annoying!

    I am also posting now to say that I wont be around much for a while as my Dad has just been told that he is now terminal and I have to put all my energy into helping him for the time he has left, so BB is something that will have to go for a while. Treatment options to prolong his life will be decided next Tuesday, but we dont have a lot of hope and as I am sure you can all understand I am totally devastated. We have yet to tell the girls, but are doing that next Tuesday night.

    I will hopefully have some time occasionally to pop in and catch up.

    A huge HI to you all! I hope you are all doing well and bubs are behaving.

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    May 2004

    Dinky I am so sorry to hear of your Father!! I hope he keeps his spirits up and you all keep well. Losing your Father is no fun, and I suppose being told how soon it may happen must be horrific!

    Sarah... I am sorry your little man is still finding it hard to settle, sounds horrible! I am glad to hear the MCHN found him so well tho

    Deb, fantastic news that your holiday went so well Yay for all the shopping too.

    Suzie, great to hear that Dom had a good night for his mum I hope it continues

    Bec, how much easier is it to do the shopping with out any kids!!??

    WEll I took both girls swimming today... the worst thing about it was the getting dressed bit. Violet was very tired tho, so she sooked for most of the lesson. We gave her a little rubber duck to chew on to keep her quiet, and she sooked when she wasn't chewing on it so we made sure it stayed in her mouth... lol. I went into Shep a little earlier than usual to get a few things done... I won't do that again!!
    Finally got some more RAM for my comp... OMG it is sooo much better!! Now I can make a new site for the girls


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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Oh no, Dinky. Sorry to hear about your Dad. I can't imagine how difficult the next little while is going to be for you and your family. I can completely understand why jumping online isn't going to be much of a priority. :hugs: for you.

    Tanya - well done on taking both girls swimming. That's a fair effort! LOL @ Violet and the rubber ducky. It must be so nice to have the computer running more quickly for you. There's nothing worse than a slow computer.

    Had MG this morning. Gabby was a pain. Even though she had a huge nap this morning, she was all sooky. She kept vomiting everywhere too. I swear she spewed up the whole bottle. Now I kind of know how Sarah and Fi have been feeling dealing with a chucky baby! Ick. She is in bed once again. She just seems so tired. She's got a couple of little pimples on her face so I think it's another growth spurt. She seems to have sleepy phases when she is about to go through one.

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    Aug 2004

    Ha Deb - try it day after day after day after day after day!!!!! Its enough to send anyone mad. And even better after Jenna's first swimming lesson yesterday. I swear she chucked up half the pool when she got home! Poor mite.

    Out again for 4 more days...


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    ange-par Guest

    Dinky - Sorry to hear about your father. My thoughts will be with you. I sort of know what you are going through as I went through it about 6 years ago.

    Ella and I had a lovely day today. We went to the Parents, Babies & Childrens Expo with Bec and Eliza. I wish I was rich. There was sooo much I wanted.....

    Ella went to ENT surgeon again today. She needs to have grommets in her ears to drain the fluid and then have another audioligy test to see if it is fluid or nerve deafness that is impairing her hearing. If any of you have a sick child I would highly recommend the Royal Childrens Hospital. They are just sooo good with Ella and the best thing is that everything is explained in simple terms....no big words.

    Hope all our Mums and Bubs are well...

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    Feb 2004

    Hi girls, just a quick visit from me.

    Huge hugs for you Dinky.

    Sarah - Matty has the same rash under his chin and I am sick of people asking- what is that rash? GGRRR

    Deb - great to see you back and that you had a good time. Hope Gabby feels a bit better.

    Tanya - you deserve a big gold star for taking them both swimming - just taking Matty is enough to put me off!

    Angie - I hope that Ella is ok, poor mite.

    I was at the Expo today too and I agree it was really good and come home with lots of little goodies. We had to come home early though as Matty ran a temperature and was not himself wouldn't eat or anything... got him home, still running a bit of a temp and now he is snoozing thank goodness. I just hope that he is ok tomorrow!

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