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thread: 6 Months - 9 Months, October/November '05

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    Aug 2004

    OUchy on the finger Tanya. Poor little mite.
    Deb - hope the funeral is OK. PMSL on the target sale. I'm hoping it wont be tooooo over the top. I hate being pushed in shops, so if someone tries it on, I'm likely to slap them.

    Nat - hope you get some good specials in the sale too. I was gunna get the big $100 things, but have decided she really doesn't need them, and I'd rather get some things she can start enjoying in a few months time. Of course, this all depends on how much stuff it even left in the shop!

    I do get annoyed with these sales. They dont seem to get much stock in to cover what they will sell, so everything just disappears so quickly.

    Better dash, we are off to swimming from the sale, so I have to make tracks and ensure everything is ready to go. I hope Jenna wakes up in time.....


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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Hi Chrissy! Never fear... there'll be STACKS of photos, I am sure of that!

    Nat - just had a look at Jacob's site. He's such a cutey! Looking forward to those new pics!

    Fi - have fun swimmin' and shoppin'!

    Had a better night last night. I think I only got up 3 times? Something like that. I refused to put the dummy in her mouth until 5am so I let her grizzle for a while. Lo and behold, it worked! She managed to bust out of her blankets in the wee hours so she had probably 2 hours of sleep with her arms out. Naturally, they were freezing because she had a short-sleeved body-suit on (too hot to put anything warmer on her AND wrap her). Still, I figure it's all practice for eventually going to bed without being wrapped.

    She seems to be a bit better today. Still a little snotty but not as bad as yesterday. Was a short-lived cold!! (not that I am complaining!)

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    Jun 2005
    near the water

    Hi all,
    Deb: glad last night was a little better, good little Gab to sleep not wrapped with summer coming she might be cooler not wrapped
    Fi: Your energy exhausted me ..I hope you have to wrestle grandmothers and kiddies for the perfect gifts.
    Chrissy: I'm hoping that I get my camera back in time, nasty just out of warranty and packs up.
    Eliza is soooo much better that she passed her poo child tmi, I'm sure her bowels get so large it makes her tummy even smaller. We are off to Gran and Pa's in a minute cause Pa hasn't seen my girl crawl ..(backwards)
    Then off to my girlfriends for a cuppa and a chat.
    Better go

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Have fun today, Bec!
    LOL @ the "poo child"... gosh you crack me up!

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    May 2004

    Bec, I am glad Eliza is doing better since her "Poo Child"...lol Have a good day visiting

    Deb, good to hear that Gab did ok with her arms out... fingers crossed that you will have no probs in the future.

    Fi, hope you had fun swimming

    Hmmmm... Violet is just about doing a 'normal' crawl, and she rides her little mororbike. Only goes forward cause she can't steer it yet (of course)... she loves it .

    Forgot to tell you all that the lizard eggs didn't make it I think it was something I did that caused them to become infertile... Oh well hopefully I get to have another go at it and succeed

    Hope you all have a good day.


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    moof_mum Guest

    Hey all,

    Today Hannah and I went to our first playgroup! Oh and it was great! I have a good friend that takes her 3 kids to it. But it was awesome. Only $3 and there is so much for them to do. Hannah cant do much yet obviously, but i enjoyed it. The other mum socialing. My mums group closed up so i havent been to one in over a month, so it was good for me too. Plus there was about 8 babies all around Hannah's age. So they will all be getting into it soon as well.

    bye bye!

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    Aug 2004
    Hunter Valley, Wine Country, NSW

    Kirsty - That`s fantastic that you and Hannah enjoyed Playgroup.

    Tanya - Yay for Violet doing a normal crawl. Sorry about the lizard eggs

    Bec - Hope you had a good day today. Lol @ your poo child!!

    Deb - you class getting up 3 times a good night, I think twice is bad!!

    Fi - LOL @ playing naughties yesterday morning, must have been the morning for it if Shane is anything like Mark he tells me that all this practicing is a good thing, typical men hey, the longer it takes us to get pregnant the more they can BD. Hope you had a good day with the sale and swimming.

    I didn`t get a chance to post yesterday after work, I could think of better places to be then working with sick kids in a 39 degree day, then had Matthew`s vacs after work, he did so well, hardly cried, the nurse put the needles deeper into his muscles to hopefully it will stop the bad swelling we got last time. Today we had a trip into Sydney and back, at least we were in a lovely air conditioned car.

    Take Care

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    Aug 2004

    Hi All,

    Well the sale was done!! We did alright actually cause the teller returning my goods from last week didn't account for the 15% we got off, gave me full credit, and then the teller who put the new stuff through took off the second cheapest item - not the cheapest. Stupid women.
    We got out just as it was getting rough - all shopping done in about 15mins. It helped we had the catalogue and we knew what we were looking for. We got 6 things for $200, and I've decided it was about $400 worth. Very happy mummy and daddy.

    Dee - practise makes perfect!! Definitly feeling the PMT knocking on the door here. I'm all bloated and yuck, and getting a few spots. Oh well, maybe next month huh? I saw on the weathe forecast it was a stinker this morning, and I thought of you. 35 and then storms huh? Hopefully the rain cools you guys off.

    Deb - must have been the night for children breaking out of the swaddling. Jenna got out twice during the night - luckily she had a HUGE 0 suit on - still plenty of room in that one, and she's only wrapped in a spare cot sheet, so she doesn't overheat, but her little hands were so cold this monring, and her head was right at the top of the cot. Little monkey. Maybe another toothie coming through with all this unsettledness? Jenna still hasn't come close to popping her first!

    Tanya - bummer about the eggs. I'm raising a pile (11) of african cichlids. Little tropical fish. They are growing, despite the adversity I put them through. Fed every 2nd or 3rd day, cleaned every 3-4 weeks, no heater. I'm the worst mummy in the world! But I've only killed one, and I've had them for nearly a year. Shane was disappointed when we went into a real motorbike shop the other day and found out the little quad bikes aren't recommended until 6years old. LOL. Have you used your bike trailer yet? They are just the coolest!!!!!

    Bec - Glad the poo-beast came out. No wrestling - not like at aldi's yesterday. Hope you had a nice cuppa, and gran and pa were impressed

    Kirsty - glad your playgroup was good. I'm going to join our local when I get a chance. I think they are about $30 a term or something, and it seems like fun. Glad you got out to see some other mums.

    I just biked down the road in the rain for a bottle of wine. I need a treat. jenna is covered in broccoli, carrot and potato. More washing.....
    Does anyone else's kid only like finger food? Jenna wont eat when we feed with a spoon (well sometimes she will) but give her finger food, and she is as happy as larry... Whos larry?


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    Aug 2004
    Hunter Valley, Wine Country, NSW

    Yay for the great buys Fi. LOL @ Who`s Larry, Matthew`s still happy eating from a spoon thank goodness. We got caught in the storm about 20 minutes from home but rain well do you class a few drizzle patches rain, unfortunately yet again it missed us. Yeah that old saying of practice makes perfect, it worked for Matthew but obviously we didn`t practice enough throughout pregnancy for his sister/brother. Those symtoms could be pg signs, but then saying that I thought I was pg a few months back but it was silly AF playing tricks.

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    Jun 2005
    near the water

    I reckon Larry is some **** that went around telling everyone that he was happy!! Then they started to pay him out..lmao

    Or maybe he was a grumble guts and they still paid him out!
    Either way!

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    Ex adm!n, quietly rusting....

    Feb 2004

    Ok, Slacko Sarah is back for a mammoth catch up! I have been reading most days, just no time to post. So I'll go back to Monday & do a catch up for the week then hopefully I can be about a bit more often.

    Same here with the plastic tub for toys Fi & Nell.

    Sorry Fi, I know I've been slack. I promise I'll try better. As for Trish she moved house last weekend so I'm hoping we'll have her back very soon as well. Ouchies on the coffee on Monday, did you get a burn from it? Did you get any good stuff on the sale? We had the same one here a few months ago & I got a gumball machine, train with peek-a-blocks & a musical thingy with drums etc.
    Maybe Larry Emdur… He's always smiling!

    Awww Deb, so sorry to hear about your friend from school. Her poor bubbas How did the haircut go? Zander is the same at the moment when I leave the room Deb. He's just not happy being alone. He'll play on the floor by himself but as soon as I leave the room that's it. So I feel your pain babe!

    LOL at Matthew thinking that cows are big cats Dee. I often think that our cat looks at Zander as if he's just a large hairless cat! Zander's the same with his toys Dee – he'll talk to them for ages then let out a big scream and crawl away from them. I'd love to know what they're thinking sometimes.

    Isn't it good when DH goes back to work after being off Bec! I mean it's nice to have them around but after a while you just get nothing done. Poor Eliza with a cotton bud up her bottom!

    Zander's eczema is pretty bad again as well Ange. MIL gave him a bath tonight with pinetarsal in it but it seems to have made the rasher redder Yay for more teeth, very exciting isn't it?! Yay for the swing as well, sounds like she loves it.

    Welcome Kirsty & Hannah Yuck at the needles they are the worst aren't they.

    Go Jacob Go!!! Well done on the weight gain, you have to be pretty happy with that Nat.

    Awww Tanya that's awful about the girl you know. How could you live with yourself after that Yay at the houses. Poor Em with slamming her finger in the door.

    Well as for us, what has happened….. Zander now crawls EVERYWHERE. He has this caterpillar move that he does, he'll do a few normal crawls then decides the caterpillar is faster! He says mumma now which is sooo cool. He gives kisses (puts his forehead on my forehead) and cuddles, but not a demand just yet. He waves bye when he feels like it. In the last few days he's started pulling himself up onto furniture properly. Ummmm, he's decided he's sweet enough so he doesn't need sweet stuff. The face he does is a classic – as if we have just put lemon in his mouth LOL!! His favourite food is now baked beans, pureed of course! He loves swimming & will kick his legs like a lunatic.

    I think that's all for now. Be back on Saturday (working tomorrow).

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    Aug 2004

    Great to see you back Sarah - lots of news from you! LOL on the kicking at swimming. Jenna WILL NOT KICK!!!! Shes happy enough, but just isn't getting the kicking part. There is a baby in the class though that kicks like a demon possessed. Even when you lift her out of the water she keeps kicking. Very funny.
    Bummer the eczema has flared up again. I remember seeing an infomercial on telly (GMA or KAK?) about a cream for all rashes. I wonder if that would do the trick? Designed by a guy who's children had eczema.
    Great job on the toy front. We got the trailer with peek-a-blocks, and I wanted to get the drums, but shane got the phone instead. Its dumb. I'm thinking about giving it my stinky niece for christmas. My niece isnt stinky - but her parents are!!!!

    PMSL Bec. Larry sounds like a Pain in the Butt anyway!!! Imagine being around someone who was happy all the time. GRRR - I'm go mental!

    Definitly just PMT signs Dee. Ijust have this feeling this month that AF is around the corner. Maybe now that Jenna's feeds have slowed down, I'll have a better chance next month. Always next month!

    Yay - Gramma might be coming to visit!! There is a quilting expo in Melbourne next weekend, and she came last year, but none of the stuff she bought sold at all!! So she's hesitant about coming again, but really its a cheap trip when accommodation is covered as is transport. So hopefully she'll come over for 3 days or so! How excitement!!!!


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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Yay for your Mummy coming, Fi! Hope she does better at the expo this year.

    Sarah - wow @ all of Zander's new tricks! What a clever little man crawling and all that jazz. He'll have to teach Gabby a few tricks when they meet. Bummer about the eczema. It's gotta be frustrating!

    Bec - LOL @ your definition of Larry

    Dee and Fi - I still shiver when I think that you guys are on the TTC wagon again. It frightens me! (not that you would get pregnant... just the thought of me getting pregnant again....ykwim?).

    Moof - yay for playgroup. Sounds like you and Hannah had a good time. Hopefully Gabby will start one next year. That sux that your MG didn't last. I guess some groups just don't gel.

    Tanya - bummer about the lizard eggs. Better luck next time!

    Okies... gotta high-tail it to MG.

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    May 2004

    Just coming in to say Hi to everyone we are joining you all today.

    Had alex's 6 months check today and it didn't all go well so we have to go back again in 3 weeks.

    I will catch up with what is going on once i get him to sleep. Hopefully that will be soon.

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    Nov 2003
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    Hey Everyone

    Welcome Michelle and Alex. Happy 6 months!

    A huge HI to everyone else. There is no way that I will be able to catch up with all the news, but will try to do so from now on!

    Hayley is doing really well although has a shocking cold atm, something to do with teeth, I think. Wish the damn things would hurry up and stay up and push through.

    I have just been to the funeral of my friend, she passed away from cancer, leaving 2 girls the same age as my older ones. So sad and very hard.

    The other news is that Hayley is moving, only little bits but she can crawl, well, frog jump forward, so is moving all over the house, time for me to put her in a cot now.

    Hope that you are all well and will catch up with you all again soon.

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    Aug 2004
    Hunter Valley, Wine Country, NSW

    Sarah - Wow Zander is doing so well. LOL @ thinking Zander looks like a big hairless cat to your cats, Matthew gets so excited with the cats and screams if they don`t come up to him LOL Do you find with the heat that Zander`s eczema flares up big time, I`ve noticed that continuously, isn`t it strange how they are all different with lotions, oils, creams etc Matthew is fine with the Pinetarsol oil but with the OV bath OMG, it looks like I have one burnt child after that.

    Fi - I hope your Mum comes over for the quilt expo. I`m thinking the same thing with Matthew with his BF`s and TTC, he has dropped them dramatically at times he can go 5 - 7 hours throughout the day not wanting a BF, if I force the matter I get bitten so I try not to worry as I`m sure he`s not going to starve himself, so hopefully we`ll both be pg soon with our drop in Breastfeeds.

    Deb - LOL @ the thought of TTC scaring you, I`m very surprised at the number of girls here on BB going back for seconds so soon, I thought I may have been in the minority but obviously not. Have a good day at MG.

    Michelle and Alex Welcome - sorry to hear the vacs didn`t go so well, What happened?

    Dinky - So sorry to hear about your friend, hugs to you. Yay for Hayley crawling, I hope she`s feeling better soon and those teeth pop out shortly.

    Woohoo Matthew slept through the night from 9pm to 6.30am, that`s the first night for weeks

    Plus he is saying Mummum as plain as anything, My Dad asked me yesterday all excited 'Did you hear Matthew say Mummum?" It is so cute, I say it back to him and he says Mummum again.

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    May 2004

    Deeanne - it wasn't his vacs that he had done today he had his 6 month health check. Having his vacs done on Monday.

    Yay at Matthew sleeping last night for you hopehe keeps it up.

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    Feb 2004

    Hi everyone,

    Hope you are all doing well,

    Sarah - great that Zander is saying mumma! And crawling along

    Fi and Dee - I am a bit slow on the uptake, didn't realise you were both TTC - good luck to you both.

    Fi - great sales from Target. I couldn't think of anything to get

    Anyone else TTC?

    Deb - I am with you. The whole pregnant again thing is a bit freaking for me atm. I am just keeping my head above water as it is with work, home and here. Let alone add a pregnancy full of m/s and tiredness…

    Hi moofy - great to see you, glad mums group was fun.

    Tanya - great to see you, how's the house hunting going? Yay on Violets crawling.

    Welcome Michelle.

    Dinky - so sorry to hear about your friend, lots of hugs for you.

    Well Matty's rash has almost gone thank goodness. We are all well and happy here.

    Have a great weekend.

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