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thread: 6 Months - 9 Months, September '05

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    Scarlett Guest

    Sarah I hope you are feeling better soon, migranes are horrible.

    Deb, Emily was a fussy eater to start with and is still not hugely interested. She eats well only if really hungry and if she doesn't want it - its not worth the fight. Figure they wont starve themselves.

    Dinky, yay for the tooth arn't the first ones so cute.

    Tanya, I'm glad the needles were ok. LOL at the backwards crawling, Emily did that to and it was the funniest thing to watch. Happy clothes shopping.

    Nell, I'm glad Matty is sleeping better during the day it makes such a difference.

    Had a fantastic sleep today, I have a cold and kev is on holidays so he let me sleep till miday. Was so good. Back to work for both of us monday though.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Wow... vewwwy vewwwy quiet in here!

    Scarlett - yay for Kev giving you a good sleep-in the other day. It sounds like you needed it. You're right about the solids. They'll eat if they are hungry. Gab is getting a little better. She'll probably eat at least a teaspoon - sometimes two if I am lucky.

    Sarah - sorry to hear that you have been so sick! You poor thing! It sounds terrible.

    Tanya - yay for your computer getting fixed! You must have been going nuts without it (I know I would!!). Awww @ Emily not wanting to go into the centre for fear of more needles. Sounds like Violet is going great in the weight stakes. Yay for crawling backwards! Oopsie for giving away all your size 0 clothes and OMG @ the wasp!! Ouch. Did you have to go to the Dr?

    We've had a pretty full weekend. I went to a friend's house to help her out with her daughters 6th birthday party. They had a BBQ afterwards and we ended up staying the night because I wanted to have a few drinks. Gabby slept all night which was great! Not bad considering she was in a different environment. I had quite a few drinks but didn't get drunk I didn't feel too bad yesterday morning - just tired. We stayed pretty much all the next day and watched the AFL grand final. It's the first year that we haven't had a huge grand final party. For some reason, we didn't really give a rats who won this year, LOL I had to drag Neil home because he had got stuck into the beer again. Lucky I did drag him home tho - we were all in bed by 9pm!

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    Scarlett Guest

    In case all you southern AFL types have missed it:

    THE COWBOYS MADE THE FINAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just a little excited up here today, first time ever and as Kev's mum's partner is their CEO it is very exciting for him. So go the cowboys and boo to any tigers fans out there.

    Well now we have got that off our chest, hope you are all well.

    Deb glad you had a good night and that gabby slept so well, now why is it you didn't host the party????cant think of a good reason, LOL.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Yay for the Cowboys (not that I would have a clue about NRL, LOL).
    Scarlett - yep... not interested in hosting a huge party this year. A couple of years ago we threw a big one with about 100 people here. We had 2 kegs of beer and karaoke - yee har!! We normally share it around our group of friends and we take turns at hosting a party. This year it was a fizzer because, let's face it, two interstate teams... snore! LOL I reeeeeally didn't care who won. My step sister's hubby goes for Sydney and my sister's BF goes for West Coast and both men are losers. I am glad Sydney won tho as I am more mad at the BF that barracks for West Coast, LOL.

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    Ex adm!n, quietly rusting....

    Feb 2004

    Heeeeey - Tigers fan RIGHT HERE Scarlett, there our home team :smt016 Anyway now that that's out of my system, yay for a lovely sleepin - I had been sleeping half the days away since Wednesday cos Aaron stayed home to look after me. Yay for almost walking, that must be very cool.

    Wow at the weekend you had Deb & as for who won - GO SYDNEY!!!!

    Sounds like you've had eventful few weeks Tanya - wasp bite, needles, backward crawling, broken puter, giving away the wrong clothes, portraits, new bubbas! No wonder you haven't been round much!

    Yay for a first tooth Dinky, even bigger yay for some words!!

    We have had some interesting things happen in the last week - Zander is soooo close to crawling, he can get about 4 shuffles forward, but sideways & backwards he can do easily now. It's funny,l if he wants something now he can generally get it himself!

    Zander has decided he is totally in love with solids :eat:! He had rice cereal for 4 days starting last Sunday, then pumpkin until today then he'll have avocado next. I'm thinking of probably doing some potato with brocolli later this week, potato would be too boring on it's own IMO. So are you guys making food or buying canned food? I'm obsessed with cookbooks & now that has gone on to be obsessed with kid's cookbooks! There are great recipes in them, including things to make food more interesting for fussy toddlers.

    Teeth are through now, so officially we have two little toothies down the bottom that you can see every time he smiles, it's so cute Now all I need is to get a photo of them!

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    Ex adm!n, quietly rusting....

    Feb 2004

    Oh oh, forgot to mention - Nell, can you remove the reflux part off Zander's notes in the intro thread please? I am very hopeful that no spewing in the last 1.5wks means it's all over \/

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2004

    All removed Sarah - that is so fantastic that Zander is not vomiting. Matty is still doing so, although not as often, the vomit free days are getting more frequent. According to MIL, the days he does vomit it is something I am eating!

    Sounds like Zander is going great guns on solids, as Matty is too. I agree with the humble spud... what we do is mix sweet spud or pumpkin or tuna with it and he lllooovvveeess it all! Am going to try zucchini, parship, carrot next. I agree the kids cookbook are great. I have a heap from the library, heaps of great ideas.

    Deb - full on weekend here too although has nothing to do with the footy. My g/f had her baby, all 6 lbs of him! We went visiting and he is just too cute for words. Oh dear, I had forgotten how small newborns are!

    Scarlett - well done to your footy team, you guys must be rapt. it is all over the news down here so I knew what was going on. Good luck for the weekend.

    I am also happy Swans won - great to see.. it was so close!

    Great to hear from you Tanya!

    Anyone heard how Trish is going?

    Matthew is all over the place now, he is zooming all over the floor. We have baby proofed the house, just have to get some safety gates.

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    May 2004

    Ahhhhh!!! Just lost my HUGE post!! Dunno how it happend, I was typing and I looked up and it was going going... GONE!!

    Alrighty then!

    Scarlet, Yay for the Cowboys!!! Just one monre game!! Your little Em sure is clever!! She is very forward isn't she. Makes me recall on how forward Alecia was... very scary!!

    Deb, I was very excited about the final this year... I have a huge soft spot for the Swans... I think it is because 2 of my fave ex Collingwood players play fo rhtem (Paul Williams and Nick Davis). The year that Noth and Carton were in the final bored me to tears.... it was such a predictable game... everyone knew the roos would win. I remember Carton beat the Bombers to get there... remember when they were unbeatable... Anyway... I'll shut up now 8-[

    Sarah.... Yay Tigers!! Now I don't know who I am going to go for!! Yay for Zanders Reflux (knock knock) subsiding Sounds like solids are doing him good... he is such a big boy!! I agree with the spud too... Violet is not too keen on it by itself.

    Nell... yay for Matty and getting everywhere by himself!! So are there any plans for any more or are you still not thinking about it just yet?

    Violet has been really sooky the passed 24hrs... not sure if she is ill or not but I'll keep an eye on her. Forgot to say that she is sitting up now... after I thought she never would No teeth tho... not even close! And she say "Mum"... persistance pays off
    Everyone always coments on how active she is... My reply is "I am scared!!" She is going to be into everything!!

    Trish I hope you and your Brood are doing well.


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    Breastfeeding mummy extraordinaire

    Sep 2004
    Sydney's Norwest

    Hi Girls, going to try and get this in quickly before my puter dies again on me. I have been able to get on occassionally, sometime I even get to look for 1 minute at BB then it crashes again. STUPID, STUPID thing. One day I WILL get a new one.

    Deb, welcome to you and Gabby. Yay on the big half birthday. Go SYDNEY, sorry all you Melbourne girls. I don't even like AFL but it was a Sydney win

    Sarah, hope that your head is feeling better. Migraines suck hey. Yay on Zander liking his food, I bet he's glad to eat real food now.

    Tanya, my post's always get lost. I think someone on here doesn't like me Oh well, tough. I'm with you on being scared about how active they are. Tehya is the same, she has been sitting since just before she turned 6 months although she still hates being on her tummy so I think it will be a while before she tries crawling (thankfully). I hope that Violet isn't coming down with something. There are so many bugs going around at the moment. Speaking of bugs, ouchies on you finger.

    Nell, yay on Matty crawling. Here comes the fun times. I was just saying to Mark yesterday that we should buy a playpen for Tehya, I like the old fashioned wooden ones. Great for putting the xmas tree in so they can't crawl under it and raid the pressies.

    I hope that all bubbies and mummies are going well. That is about as far back as my review goes.

    Tehya still isn't sleeping great. The daytimes are certainly better but night times are shockers. She will no longer settle just with her dummmy or a cuddle she needs a feed. Well, so she thinks so anyway. It's alot harder with a houseful of kids, I can't just let her cry herself back to sleep. Hopefully when we're in out new house and the rooms are set further apart we can try it again.

    She still only has 2 teeth but the top 2 are getting close. She sits up beautifully by herself and if she'd actually like laying on her belly I think she'd get the idea of crawling real fast.

    Don't know if I posted in here but I put some pictures of our little meetup with Sarah, Zander, Fletch, Zane and Nadine on Tehya's page. I also just picked up Tehya's 6 month old portraits, as soon as I get the chance (and if my puter stays alive) I will scan them in and put them on her page too.

    School holidays here and the first day it's raining, Oh the joy of having a houseful of kids at home #-o

    Take care

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Hooray! All the chatters are back

    Trish - bummer about your computer being such a PIA!! Sorry to hear that Tehya still isn't sleeping so well at night. Yay for sitting up! LOL @ not even following AFL but jumping on the band wagon when Sydney won. I am the same with Melbourne Storm. I have never, ever watched an NRL game but if the Storm win, I will be the first to jump up and down and shout; "Go Storm!!" LOL

    Tanya - awwww @ Violet saying "Mum". What a clever girl! LOL @ her getting into everything. It's so nice when they stay put, hey?? I hope that she isn't coming down with something.

    Nell - congrats to your gf and her new bubby. It's amazing how little newborns look now, hey? Good to hear that Matty loves his tucker so much. Good on you for getting the house baby-proofed. That's something that we'll have to do one day.

    Sarah - WOO HOO for no spewing!! That's bloody unreal! Yay for Zander! And WOW at all his new skills. He sounds like he is a couple of months older than Gabby than one day!! Yay for the solids too. Sounds like there's no going back now, hey? Good to hear you are feeling better and everything is going well.

    Well... must get back to folding t-shirts. I have sooooooo many to fold up and put in bags for when Neil heads up to Deni. Fingers crossed he sells out of all of em!!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jun 2005
    near the water

    Hello bubs and mums...
    Haven't had alot of spare time on my hands..due to school holi's and all of my siblings thinking that it is great to have a SAHM to babysit...guezz there is a down side to it.
    Deb:Good on ya for having a fews drinkies...keeps the sanity why should all the guys get all the fun. Whoohooo on the sleep over, one step closer to leaving that gorgeous girl for a sleep over.
    Nell: Yah on the solids...Eliza is loving brocolli at the moment which is good cause we have it growing, I agree with the potatoe too cluggy too!
    Trish:Puters can be soooo annoying, I have one that disobeys all time.
    Poor little Teyha if they only knew how great it was to sleep!!
    Sarah:Yah for now more spews...fingers crossed it continues.
    I think I just bugga'd up that if it doesnt make sense ...I'm sorry #-o
    Life here is good..very busy but good, solids are going great and making more washing!! mental note to buy more bibs.
    Better run have to go and pick DH car up from the mechanic..apparently I broke it..lol as if, I'm sure I have to pick it up so I have to pay.

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    Breastfeeding mummy extraordinaire

    Sep 2004
    Sydney's Norwest

    Deb, have fun folding all those shirts. Bad enough having to fold the household washing without having extra to do.

    Bec, thats probably why you've been asked to go and pick it up. so you can pay.

    I have updated Tehya's page with her 6 month portraits. They are in Tehya's album in the portrait chapter.

    Take care

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    The pics of Tehya are great, Trish!! Love the glass vase - soooo cute!!

    Bec - LOL @ you picking up the car so you have to pay for it. Good to hear that Eliza is loving her num-nums. I will have to get some broccoli from the supermarket today for Gabby to try. She tastes some vanilla custard today. Of course - she loved it Sweet tooth like her Mum. Hmm.. but she hasn't got any teeth!!

    Sooooo over t-shirts. I have had 3 spak attacks at bags that won't cooperate. They are now in the bin, LOL.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2004

    PMSL on your photos Trish! The ones of Tehya in the vase are priceless!!!

    *Sneaks out for another 2 weeks.....*


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    Breastfeeding mummy extraordinaire

    Sep 2004
    Sydney's Norwest

    Fi, why are you laughing at my pics

    Deb, LOL on the sweet tooth. Tehya and I are just the same.

    Thanks for the comments girls. I am so happy with how they turned out.

    Take care

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jun 2005
    near the water

    I love the pics Trish..it reminds me of the add where the women blends into the couch!
    Deb: did you make the custard with formula...might be a way to stop me from eating it.
    Fi: Drank a lovely bottle from NZ...you were in my thoughts...lol
    Gotta go ..visitors

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    We have a tooth!!!! Hooray!!
    I noticed that Gabby had a little white mark on her bottom gum and, lo and behold, it's a tooth making its grand entrance!! She won't let me see it but I am allowed to feel it. We rang Neil straight away to tell him what his clever little girl had done over night. Any wonder she woke up crying at 4am! Out comes the bonjela tonight I think!
    So, she may not be rolling or trying to move around the room but the girl can grow teeth, LOL.

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    Ex adm!n, quietly rusting....

    Feb 2004

    Gooooo Gabby \/ Don't worry about not moving round yet either Deb, she'll get there. Does she talk alot? One of the bubs at MG doesn't move much at all but he talks soooo much more than the rest - the ECHN said he'll be bossing the other kids round soon making them do things for him!

    Love the portraits as well Trish, cuuute! I hear ya on the not sleeping great as well - Zander will happily sleep during the day but overnight is still a shocker here, so I feel your pain. Looks like the rain has set in for a while here, hopefully it clears up out your way.

    So how many kids are you looking after Bec?

    Yaaaay on Violet sitting up & saying mum \/

    Nell we are still getting some spews each day, but it's more the huuge spews are gone now. Never thought of tuna with the potato, how old do they have to be for fish? Wow at Matty crawling, so does he chase you round the house all day?

    Oh Shannon it's fantastic to have no more big vomits. I'm loving being able to put him in an outfit without covering it with a bib and having to change him at least 4 times as day.

    As for us, like I said Zander is still not sleeping well. I got cranky at him last night cos it was not even a cry, just whinging, which I'm sorry but it's very very annoying. He had his needles yesterday which could have been the cause - but for 12hrs after he was fine, it was just when he was in bed.

    Zander tried avocado yesterday & loved it. So far he has liked everything so I'm hoping that trend continues.

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