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thread: 6 Months - 9 Months, September '05

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    LOL Sarah... that figures. Gabby does talk a lot so it looks like she's going to be a bossy-boots like her mother!
    Yay for the avacado. It's great that Zander seems to like everything. You have certainly hurdled many challenges so, imo, you deserve for him to not be a fussy eater!! I will have to try avacado next. Bugga about the no-sleep. You are right.. the whingey thing they do is sooooo annoying. Gabby is having her needles this arvo so we'll see how she goes.

    I tried broccoli in with some sweet potato last night. OMG! The facial expressions on the child. She just hates lumps of any sort (even tho I mashed it to almost a puree). So no broccoli for another couple of weeks. She lurrrves pumpkin tho. She also loves apples.

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    May 2004


    Deb, I hope all htat folding was worth it... we were going to go to the Ute Muster (Esp now that Wato has a Ute!!) but we thought it better not to seeing as tho we are going to Melb the w/e after. Everyone here goes... lots of utes!! They have some scottish thing on here at the moment, two mornings in a row where someone in the units next door has been playing the bagpipes at 6am!!
    YAY for Gabby's tooth too
    Violet doesn't mind lumps in her food... I give her lumpy porrage for breaky now.

    Trish, I am lovin the new pics!! Toooo cute!! Sorry to hear you are still having trouble at night.

    Sarah, yay for Zander not being fussy... Advocado is a great portable food in it's own container... so it's handy when they like it
    Bummer about the bad nights too... not fun!

    Violet had a bad night too last night... not sure what is going on with her... she just wouldn't go to sleep!!
    She cracks 'em big time if you are eating and don't giver her any... she screaaaams!! Little guts!
    Chamba had a mouse, so Emily thought she would like it so she ran up and took it off him... I couldn't take it off her so she took it to bed with her 8-[ ... hmmm.... I think it was nearly dead from her hanging on to it so hopefully it doesn't escape!


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    Feb 2004

    Hey everyone,

    This is going to be a post all about me, so I hope you don't mind - just letting you know that I won't be around for a few days, my nanna passed away this morning and now I have no idea whether I am coming or going. We will be pretty busy as everything will be happening down in Geelong - the furneral is on Friday.

    Hope all mums, dads and bubs are all well.


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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Awww Nell. That's no good. My condolences to you and your family on the passing of your Nan. I hope the next few days go as smoothly as possible. :hugs:

    Tanya - oh dear @ the bag pipes at 6am! LOL @ Emily and the mouse. She certainly loves her wild creatures, hey?

    Well.. the 6 month needles are over and done with. I tell you what, I can tell how much Gabby has changed over the last couple of months just by how she behaves in the waiting room. All she wanted to do was grab everything! She was driving me batty. Only 2 needles so she cried that aweful cry but it didn't last so long. I had a bot-bot at the ready to shove into her gob. She took aaaaages to go down for her nap. Thankfully she is asleep now and she can stay that way for a while, LOL.

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    Jun 2005
    near the water

    Sorry to hear about your Nan Nell...I lost mine last year, I always thought she would be here forever.My thoughts will be with you and your family on Friday
    Sarah:Glad that the Avo went down well. Poor Zander with his needles hope tonight is a better one
    Deb: Gabbler is so clever...bonjella, I have a tube that is empty cause everyday I'm sure Eliza is teething..lol nope none here. Yah for Gab wanting to grab everything, as long as it isn't a face or hair.
    Tanya:lol at the mouse, poor little thing, I'm glad Emily found it a nice home in her bed.
    We had a nice day today, my little munchkin is a rolling her little heart out.
    Drank alittle too much a lunch and then alittle too much when I came home..my mum called in and told Eliza that her mother is a bad influence..sheshh she influenced me #-o

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    LOL Bec... ya booze-hag Actually... I could go a wine or two right now... hmm....
    Good to hear that Eliza is rolling around lots. Clever little chicken!

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    Breastfeeding mummy extraordinaire

    Sep 2004
    Sydney's Norwest

    Nell, sorry to hear about the passing of your Nan. I hope that the rest of the week goes smoothly for you.

    YAY on Gabby's tooth, usually after one appears the next isn't far behind so look out. I couldn't imagine any baby really liking broccoli, YUCK. In saying that though, my big boys used to ask me to buy "tree's" for me to cook for them.

    Sarah, sometimes I think just the whinging is worse. It's like 'if your going to cry then cry, if not, shut up' Sounds like Zander is really loving his food. I must try Tehya on some avocado, I heard it makes for really nice nappies though. Fingers crossed that Zander starts sleeping better for you too.

    Tanya, lol and ewww at Emily with the mouse. You can tell I'm a real girl hey. LOL @ Violet being a little guts too. I usually give Tehya a little try of what I am eating, although it does depend on what it is.

    Bec, good to hear that you had a great day. Lol at being the bad boozer influencer too.

    Umm, Tehya still hasn't had her needles. When she first turned 6 months we'd just gotten out of baby jail so I wanted to let her settle for the week, then the week after she had that shocking viral rash and the Dr told me to wait. Hmm still waiting, think I better make that appt for this Friday.

    Well, we got the building and pest report done on the house and it looks like all systems go on the new house. Check is getting handed over this afternoon and then we're in HUGE debt. Atleast it will be our home.

    Now that Tehya goes to bed earlier we are up at the crack of dawn every morning. What I would give for a sleep in.

    Hope all Mum's and Bub's have a great day.

    Take care

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Yay for the house, Trish! That's great news. I bet you can't wait to move in (though I am sure you can wait for the actual "process" of moving... urrgh!). I don't blame you for putting Tehya's needles off for a while. It's not exactly something you look forward to, hey?

    Gab woke up again last night. The poor little chicken must be in a lot of pain. Thankfully she just wanted the dummy. She absolutely hates bonjela so it's a battle to get that in the mouth. She has a really snotty nose - is that one of the symptoms of teething or do you think she has a cold? Despite her teeth, runny nose and needles, she still managed to have a good play time this morning with lots of talking and laughing - so she must be ok.
    More t-shirt folding today :roll: Neil leaves tomorrow morning so we are running out of time.
    Gotta go to the MCHN this afternoon. I have decided to reveal as little as possible about Gabby's feeding etc. Just go in, get weighed and leave. If I leave that place feeling inadequate one more time, I am never going back (and I will tell them so too!).

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jun 2005
    near the water

    Hi Girls
    Well I have been up since 5am and although I have the washing done and are all organised I think I would rather still be in bed...well at least little miss is. I totally understand about going to bed early Tanya..I did well last night to conk out at 8.
    Deb: Do you have another toothy??
    Tanya: Hm I only got Eliza's needles done last Friday...2 weeks late and she let me know that it hurt.
    Congrats on the house...its so exciting to be in debt 8-[
    Today is a yucky day, I had high intentions of walking into town..my digital camera is playing up, and I cant take photo's...so looks like we are jumping in the car
    I have a infant that hates milk and loves brocolli, so much she had some for breky..lol
    Have a great day

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Still just the one tooth, Bec. It's a shocking day, isn't it?? I was also going to do some walking today. Looks like the old bugga-lugs of a car gets another run or two. LOL @ Eliza having broccoli for breakfast. It's probably a really good idea! After all, it would be better for our diets if we all ate what we have for dinner at breakfast time and vice-versa.

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    May 2004

    Hi girls, just letting you know that I have put the girls new pics on Violet's webste

    Nell... huge hugs for you!! I am so sorry to hear you have lost your grandmother I hope you are all going ok.

    Trish, I just about always give Violet what I am eating... can't help myself 8-[

    Hope all goes well at the MHN Deb...

    Bec... lol @ broccoli for breaky... whatever makes 'em happy

    Iam at mum's at the moment, Alecia kept nagging me, so i said that if she cleaned her room we would go
    Emily's mouse died... it was inevitable, considering she wouldn't let the poor thing go!!

    ANy how, better po.... hope you are all doing well


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    ange-par Guest

    Ella went to MCHN today. I was told that I'm doing the wrong thing re meat. It is suppose to be finely chopped and I put it in the blender. I tried chopping it and she choked. What am I suppose to do???? Chop it and choke my child or blend it and let her enjoy it. She loves chicken, but it makes for horrible nappies.

    Ella has also learnt to roll back to front. She did it twice at Bec's house yesterday and then continued to do so for the rest of the day. I'm sure she thinks she is sooo clever now.

    Nell - Sorry to hear about your Nan. Will be thinking of you on Friday

    Deb - Yay for Gabby's tooth.

    Bec - Good on you for enjoying your wine. I love wine too as you know.

    Am picking Mum up from the airport at 6am tomorrow, then having lunch with my ante natal group. Better go. My girl has managed to roll under the computer table and is playing with the cords ](*,)

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    BellyBelly Member

    Mar 2004
    Hobart, Tasmania

    Hi everyone

    It's been a while, so I'm glad to see everyone is doing pretty well.

    Sorry to hear about your Grandmother, Nell. I hope that you have a lot of support for the next few weeks, and do youir best to remember how she would want you to.

    Grrraa... I cannot type today!!

    Deb.. yay at Gabby's tooth!! She'll have a mouth full before you know it.

    Yay for the reflux being history, Sarah... Zander must be happy about that too We must be linked on some plane, cause I was checking out Zander's pics and Bastian has the same hat!!!!

    That's soo cute about Emily and her mouse, Tanya... just a shame she squeezed it too much!

    A tip about the meat, Ange... our CYHN told me to grate it... so I did and it worked out really well. There were some really fine shavings with the occasional bigger bit too, but not so big that they choke. Bastian deals really well with it done this way and mixed in with his veges. Hope that helps

    I've been back at work for almost a whole month... and it feels like I never left most of the time. It's hard trying to fit in everything I used to do all into 2 days though... makes for a VERY busy mummy. Add to that the fact that Felius has been away on a conference in QLD for the week.. I'm pretty knackered!
    On the plus side though Bastian is now crawling!!! Well.. he's taking a few shuffles forward then diving for whatever he's trying to get his hands on. And he's also giving me kisses!!! It's sooooo cute... a bit slobbery, but cute

    I think that's about it... I know I've missed heaps of you guys, but a big Hello is sent your way.

    Bye for now... hope everyone stays well and has a good weekend

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    Ex adm!n, quietly rusting....

    Feb 2004

    *waaaaah* I want sleep!!!!!

    Maybe we were sisters in another life Zola Wow at doing everything on your own for 2wks, that's gotta be tough. Yaaaay on the crawling - Zander is exactly the same.

    Bah to the MCHN Ange, if Ella likes her meat blended so be it. It's not like she'll be going to restaurants in 20yrs time asking for her steak to be blended!

    Loove the new photos Tanya - especially the one of Em! LOL at the mouse dying, poor Emily!

    LOL at brocolli for breakfast Bec!! I'm sure we've all had something equally gross for breakfast at some stage - cold pizza anyone

    No snotty noses here when Zander was getting his teeth Deb. How is miss Gabby now?

    Yup the nappies are pretty gross on the avocado Trish, but hey most nappies are pretty gross in the first place if you ask me! Woohooooo on the house, sounds great

    Nell, I hope all goes well for you today. Thinking of you :hugs:

    As for us, not alot happening, especially not alot of sleep happening :roll: But I'm so used to it now that I can survive! Just about ready to go to work, Zander is rolling round the floor looking cute as!! My dad bought him a Tigers outfit for the Grand Final on Sunday, all the guys at work are Tigers fans so he has the jersey on now with black cords & orange socks & it's sooooo cute They'll love it at work!

    Oh and the reflux isn't quite gone yet We've had some spewy days yesterday & Wednesday, but nothing as bad as usual.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Tanya - sorry to hear that the mouse died. I guess it didn't like to be cuddled so much

    Angela - if there's one thing I have learnt so far is that MCHN's stick to such rigid guidelines. If Gabby was starting on meat, I would be doing the same thing as you. As it is, my HN told me to not puree the food because they have to get used to textures. Gabby hates huge lumps so she pretty much gets her food pureed. I'll save the textures for when she can handle them! Yay for Ella's rolling back to front! Clever little chicken. Hope you guys had a good time at lunch yesterday. Sorry I couldn't make it.

    Zola - yay for Bas crawling! Sounds like you are flat out like a lizard drinking girl!!

    Sarah - poo @ the no sleep and poo @ the reflux not being gone yet!! Grrrr. The Tigers outfit sounds sooo cute. I have to get Gabby a Geelong guernsey for next season. She has a little cats jumper but it's a bit dodgey. Plus, I want Neil to take her to the footy so that I can have a break

    Well, I finally got a taste of the "lack of sleep" that some of you have been suffering last night. Gab woke up every couple of hours. She was just grizzling for her dummy (eyes closed and crying) so I guess it wasn't so bad but I picked a bad night to only get to bed at midnight. Silly me for thinking she would sleep like usual!! :roll:
    Neil is at Deniliquin at the moment (hopefully selling lots of stuff). I leave on Sunday to meet him in Echuca for a bit of a holiday. Apparently the weather is meant to be pretty good so hopefully we'll be able to use the pool. Yay!
    Apart from the crappy sleep last night, Gabby is going pretty well. She's still relatively happy despite her teeth coming through. Went to the MCHN on Wednesday and she has put on about a kilo in a month. She's 7kgs on the nose! Her height, weight and head circumference are all back on the 50th percentile so she's back to being little Miss Average, LOL.

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    Oct 2004
    NW Tasmania

    Nell Im so sorry about your nanna,i hope everything goes well at the funeral....
    Deb thats great that your little one has a tooth,she wil have heaps before you know it!!!
    I havent got much time to do any other personals today,Dominic has woke up early from his sleep and i have to get Em ready to go to her nans for the night...
    Dominic had a rash on his chest the other day so i took him to the chemist and they think it is a thing caused by him having too much acid in his dribble so no more apples or anything acidic for him for the moment....
    he wasnt happy with me because i gave him veges for tea last night instead of his apple custard!! LOL!! I have even had to switch the formula he is having back to the newborn one because the follow on one has too much pantothenic acid in it....Its times like these i wish i were fully breastfeeding instead of only part feeding....
    I have to say though,he really isnt interested in food at all,so i am a bit worried about him ATM....
    Gotta go now,i will BBL

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    Aug 2004

    YAY GABBY!!!! What a clever girl on the teethies and the weight gain!! Although not so good on the wake ups. We have been having them all week, and it kills ya when there are one after teh other.

    Sarah - hope your sleeping gets better.

    Tanya - LOL on the mousie. Poor Emily that it died.

    Trish - I just truly laughed out loud with Tehya's photos, they are too cute for words! I bet you wouldn't have done that to your boys.

    Angela, Bec and Deb - hope you had a great lunch event hough I wasn't there. Where are we off to next month? Promise I wont be overseas next time. And Bec - I miss the wine!!! Allthough tonight I have had 3 nice big glasses of NZ Chardy, and I'm not drunk, and wont get a hangover! What is the go with that? I'm almost ready to try drinking again...... Remind me about las time?

    Better go, dinner must really be on the table!!!


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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Fi - yay for having some wine and not getting drunk! I knew your vow to sobriety wouldn't last long I didn't go to lunch on Thursday. Had to do stuff for Neil... but I am sure they had a great time. The wake ups definitely suck. She hasn't slept that well during the day either. Ah well... I have been very lucky up until now. I just wish that she saved it for another couple of weeks because we are going to Echuca on Sunday. So much for a nice holiday, hey??

    Suzie - that's no good about Dominic's rash. Poor little tacker. It's frustrating when they won't eat their food, hey?

    Gabby tried carrot today. She didn't really like it. She hates anything remotely lumpy. So much for doing what the MCHN said! It could be that she wasn't hungry tho because she ate heaps this morning. Now there's carrot everywhere!! LOL

    Neil's going to be on TV tonight. Hopefully it won't make him look like a complete tool, LOL.

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