thread: 9 Months - 12 Months, August 2005

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    Jan 2005
    sunshine coast

    michelle - how's your dining room table pile going? when you've finished mine needs doing too (i see you are coming to QLD so im sure you will have time to pop in & do it for me!!)

    eliana has put on weight \/ i weighed her yesterday she has put on 200grams & now weighs 8.8kgs & is 75cms long so im happy. she fell off the bed yesterday - one of those slow motions moments when i couldnt get there fast enough - so i worried about her all day but she seems fine - she's bopping away to playschool at the moment

    kellee - you will have to take a photo of your cake creation - im sure the day will be brilliant

    pee - lol at the ryley walking joke - i found when eliana wasn't sleeping properly i just kept playing & still do the same relaxing song over & over again for 20mins - even when she wakes for her dummy i just switch it on & she is back to sleep & the music turns itself off

    it is cold here today - think some of the cold weather from down south has made it's way over the border - it was lovely & warm yesterday!

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    Kellee Guest

    My boy is all grown up *sniff sniff*... well, almost. He doesn't seem to care that it's his birthday today, but I certainly do. I was a little bit sad when I realised. We're going away for the weekend (after DH finishes work) so that will be something nice we're doing as a family to celebrate. Charlie will love playing at the beach (if the weather holds out - it's a bit cold here atm - and the house we're staying at is huge, so he'll be able to crawl around like a mad thing.

    I did a whole heap of baking last night... I made anzac biscuits, teddy bear biscuits (except I made them too big and they turned out looking like teddy bears from a "Chucky" movie... oops...), white chocolate crackles and the cake, but I will ice the cake on Sunday when we have a little picnic.

    Well, even though I'm "officially" not supposed to be in here, I will pop in after the party and tell you all how it went. It's been so wonderful sharing the first year of Charlie's life with you ladies (and my first year of motherhood)... thanks for everything! Hope you have a lovely weekend and I'll write again on Sunday.

    - Love Kellee.

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    BOO HOO! Bye Kellee and Charlie! I have already left a message for you in the 12mths thread, but I will gladly say again Happy Birthday Charlie! Sounds like a yummy picnic to me, have the best day! And also the best weekend. Hope the cake is lovely! I am coming to Qld cos my sister lives in Wooloowin. So far so good on the sickness front. Those Teddy bear bickies sound great!

    Pee- I would have been sad to to miss the first step, your Dad is very cheeky! Hope you enjoy going back to uni. yay at bargain shopping again! Hope Ryley starts sleeping and you keep that BP down, not good to be like that. What have you tried sleep wise? i will start Jessica on cows milk after she turns one, I will gradually introduce it until she is fully drinking it in a bottle though. You could start giving Ryley cutlery whenever you want, you can have a spoon and so can he and fill his spoon up for him and let him have a go. jessia is getting to the stage where she wants to feed herself, and use her hands, she has pretty good hand eye coordination actually, but I haven't let her have the bowl yet. I am going to buy a good bowl with the suction cup underneath so she can't throw it on the floor, she's very uninterested in food atm. I still haven't given Jessica a cup much, only everynow and then, she doesn't really drink other stuff much, just occasionally water.

    Mel- I cheated with the table, I packed everything in a washing basket and put it on my bed last night LOL, but I went through it today and it is all packed away now, so I have a clean dining table. I don't know if I'd have time to drop in to do yours though LOL, took long enough to get to my own. yay at Eliana's weight gain, all that worrying for nothing, see weighs more than Jessica after all LOL. And I'm sure it won't be the first fall from something, she'll be fine.

    People here are getting better, All home today but they will be back at school on Monday or I may leave LOL. They start to fight and then I know they are getting better!lol

    I will see if I have time to pop back later and see what else has been happening, gotta try to do some other things today LOL

    Cheers Mcihelle

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    Mar 2004

    :happybday: :happybday: Charlie!!!!
    Kellee, I hope you have a great weekend and a fantastic party!!!

    Michelle, ROFL about Lani's hair standing up and the chalk incident. I can't believe she is up to tooth six!! Yasin still has only two. It sounds like a smart move buying some maternity clothes while they're on special and at the beginning of the season. I bought a pair of maternity jeans a while ago. I kept all my maternity clothes from Yasin but they are all winter clothes #-o

    Melissa, happy half birthday to Eliana. woohoo for her weight gain. I'm glad she didn't hurt herself in her fall. Yasin fell off the bed once and I felt so guilty afterwards but he was OK so now I'm just extra cautious.

    Michelle, not long until your holiday \/ . I hope that you don't get sick and that all the sickies in your house are feeling better by then. The suction cap bowl sounds like a great idea for Yasin because he's very keen on throwing and dropping stuff.

    Pee, how cheeky of your Dad - but funny too. I hope that your BP comes down soon. conratulations on saving so much at Target. I love sales. The more you spend the more you save!!! 8-[

    Poor little Yasin has been a bit sick lately. On wednesday he had a temparture of 39.6. The Dr said it was tonsilitis so he's on antibiotics and he seems almost back to his normal self. I've been getting heaps of cuddles. Usually he's to wriggly and fidgetty to cuddle for very long but since he's been sick he's been happy to kick back on the sofa with me.
    He slept from 8.30 to 4.30 last night!!!! I hope that he keeps it up and its not just because he's in recovery mode.
    He can walk for a really long way now if I hold his hand or he pushes his little push car but on his own he still falls over after about 5 steps.
    I'm soooo tired. I wish he would have a nap so I could have one too but he seems full of energy at the moment so I geuss that I'll just have to wait. I nearly vomitted this morning. I'm really looking forward to second trimester. I have heaps more morning sickness this time and I'm getting big mac cravings :feelsick: . Usually I hate McDonalds so I know its got to be pregnancy related.
    We were planning to go to the Bulldogs v parramatta game tonight but DH just rang to say its sold out so we'll just have to watch it on TV. A night at home is probably better for Yasin right now with the cold weather and his tonsilitis.
    I hope everyone has a great weekend.

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    hi everyone

    thought i best post before i forget what everyone has been up to:

    firstly kellee wish charlie the best of birthdays "happy birthday for friday charlie" i probably should post this in the next thread for you. btw did you end up doing a prg test - how did you go? have a great weekend away and i hope the cake turned out super. see you in the next thread in a little over a month (sob sob)

    mitch how are the sickies all going. not long before you go up to qld lucky you and how cool being able to meet up with some of the others fantastic. thats a great idea about a plate with suction caps - i remember i bought one for jessica obviously 7yrs ago and it was a waste of money she still was able to pull it off. let me know how you go and the brand it may well be the best money spent in this household lol. jay's school tour went good - school has around 750 kids so not to bad, they try and keep the preps to around 21 or 22 so am happy with that. i did a double page of my photos last night i am happy with that, tonight i am going to sit down and organise every single photo left so far of jay and plan out what i am going to do with them and write it all down and sort them - i find my problem is i spend an hour or so trying to figure out how to do the layout - this way i can just grab the photos and my sketch of the layout and get to it should power through well thats the theory.

    pee cheeky bugger your dad tricking you into ryley walking. i was just thinking the other day how dh usually misses out on the milestones so i will be using the video on my phone to record lani's first steps if he is not home. i quite often take it to swimming and record jay so dh can see how well he is progressing. re fork and spoon - i don't bother with lani she will just chuck it round the place anyway lol - she has been using a sipper cup with water since she was 5mths old and drinks really well with it. re the milk i will introduce cows milk around 12mths just by doing it a little at a time ie: 1/4 full cream milk 3/4 formula for a few days then slowly increase it till she is taking a full bottle of normal milk. i am not fazed with bottles whatsoever or dummy's for that fact, she will probably be drinking from a cup in the mornings when she is on full cream and will let her have a bottle before bed as long as she wants, have done it with my other children and worked well for us.

    melbee welcome to you and eliana, they do grow up so quickly. we are on the ttc train atm and i am currently 10 dpo (i think lol lost track) am due for af next thursday and if she hasn't arrived by then (which i think she will) i will test next weekend. goodluck for you - are you testing this weekend - keep us posted.

    dachlostar how are you going with your prg - i try and read all the threads to catch up but after bb being down the other day there were so many posts i missed i am still catching up lol. poor thing with the ms - i remember reading somewhere that if you have bad ms it could be a girl - i remember thinking i may be having twins with lani cause i was terribly sick in the first tri and worse than the other two but then jessie my first i can't really remember how sick i was. poor yasin and the tonsillitis it sucks i had it heaps as a kid (should have had them ripped out) hope he gets better soon. and how clever at him walking with his push along thing. lani is getting a couple for her birthday so that may encourage her a bit - currently she stands at her activity table and has started ever so slowly pushing it along the floor - she is a bit unsure of the floor tiles cause they can be a little cold and slippery.

    now i think that is it - hope i haven't missed anyway. we are all well went to auskick today lani enjoyed the hot dog lol (not a full one 1/2 of mine) next week is last week at footy for jay and it is presentation day so we will all go with the camera so i can do a scrapbook page on him playing footy.

    lani is being a little silly in the mornings waking up around 5am but i usually can get her back to sleep until 7am, she is a bugger with those dummies lol i swear she tosses them out just to get me in there lol - she has two and likes to hold them whilst she sleeps sometimes she even tries to stuff them both in her mouth at the same time, i reckon if she had a hundred in there she would still toss them all - oh well she will get over it, i just pop them back without saying anything hopefully she will realise that it is a boring visit and won't do it lol.

    hope you are all having a great weekend - quiet one for us (as usual i suppose) but having fish and chips tonight so am looking forward to a big greasy meal. plus i don't have to cook.

    take it easy

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    Jan 2005
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    kellee - hope charlie's 1st birthday party was a success & hopefully you will pop in & let us know how it all went

    michelle - wooloowin is about 5mins down the road from my place! bet you are looking forward to getting away - are the kids all bettter now?

    dach - eliana is 9months not celebrating her 1/2 birthday - hope you are feeling better & getting some rest when you can - poor yasin being sick - has he taken any more steps? bummer you couldn't get tickets to the game but it was great that parramatta won - DP is a huge fan

    mooshie - how is the TTC going? i am on day 33 & still no AF - will get a pregnancy test today but im too scared to do it - i would rather get AF than a BFN - i think lani & eliana have been talking to each other cause she has started waking at 4am & won't go back to sleep unless i take her to bed with us

    we had a pretty quiet weekend - spent the day shopping on saturday & then went to DP's mums for dinner - yesterday was just a lazy family at home but eliana finally said mum mum \/

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    Mar 2004

    Melbee, #-o of course Eliana is 9 months...... blame it on placenta brain and also I was a bit excited by Charlie's 1st birthday. What a goose I am!!! LOL.

    Michelle, I fell for you with the morning wake up calls. Yasin wakes up at 5 every morning and needs to be convinced to go back to sleep. Atleast he's dropped the 3am call most nights.

    I feel like death warmed up today. Yasin's toxic antibiotic nappies are awful!!! I've caught a cold and between that, morning sickness and 1st trimester exhaustion all I want to do is crawl into bed and stay there for a week. Unforunatley thats not possible since Yasin would get really cross with me and my Dad is coming to vist so I need to get my home clean - its a total mess right now.

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    Kellee Guest

    Hello all! Thanks for the birthday wishes... we had a great day. Unfortunately we had to come home from our weekend away early because I had an asthma attack, but we were able to still have a lovely weekend. The picnic went really well - I didn't cry until the last line of Charlie's song, so I was pretty happy with that. He got so many presents! I kind of forgot that people give presents at a party, so we were surprised by how generous everyone was. The cake turned out brilliantly - but only because DH decorated it - but it tasted nice too, and that was because I made it!

    Pg test was BFN on Thursday, but still no sign of AF - felt horrible last night, very nauseous, so fingers crossed! I will test again tomorrow if no af. Temps are up, but I haven't really been temping, so I'm not sure what that means. Wil let you know, for sure!

    Anyway, must go and pop into the 12 months forum (boo hoo!) before I start my uni work. Hope to see you all soon, and I will pop in here to let you know how things are going and check up on you. Hope your bubs are all healthy and happy (and their mums!)... see you soon!

    PS - Mitch, PM me about Thursday - I'm still keen and Wooloowin isn't far from me (or from melbee by the sounds of it!). Is the wonderful Miss J coming too?

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    Nov 2003
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    Kellee- so glad the party went well, and the song too, good girl for holding back the tears, bummer about the asthma attack, hope you feel better, fingers crossed for the BFP!!!! I know you saw the post in 12mths about the met up, I'll talk to you in there about it, will make it easier than answering in 2 places, Jessica isn't coming! I am being alone for a few days, just for something different. LOL

    Dashc- sounds like you need to sleep, or esape atm, bugger the house. Maybe yor Dad should clean it LOL. I hope you found the energy you need and that Yasin is better very soon.

    Michelle- good luck for testing but if not, next month. i am bracing for the phenomenal price of the suction bowls, but I know to get a good one you have to spend up. I brought on e for a cousin's little one and it was great but by the time it got to me it wasn't anygood anymore. I'll let you know how I go! Sounds like the tour was great, that's terrific. You are a scrapping machine atm, good going!

    Melissa- good luck for you too, and I too would prefer af than a bfn, well not me personally now, cos I'm not ttc, but...YKWIM!LOL All you girls trying to have more babies, I miss it you guys make me wanna go again, but I think just to be one of the girls, not cos I need more kids LOL. Do you want to meet us on Thursday Mel. We are going to the Roma st Parklands! Christy from 12mth forum is picking me up at the airport and we are meeting Ambah and Kellee there, you are most welcome!

    Everyone is alomost all better here and I am too, which is such a relief for me. I am a bit annoyed at DH just bc he is a grumpy ****, he hasn't had a smoke since he got sick and now that he is better he is starting to get very annoyed, of course if he wears patches he isn't as bad, but he ran out and didn't buy more, wouldn't you know it. I am coming up to 6 months on the 24th August and I actually can't believe it has been that long, seems like I only told you girls I was quitting yesterday.

    Anyway better go and try to finish up, gotta sleep sometime.

    Cheers Michelle

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    Jan 2005
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    dash - you poor thing - i agree to get your dad to clean up & go book yourself into a day spa or some relaxing place!! at least when he is there you can get a nap in while he watches yasin

    kellee - hope you havent had any more asthma attacks - has AF turned up - still no sign of her here, im on day 34 now but have had really bad cramping last night & a headache today but still nothing - the cake sounded great & im sure charlie will look back on his birthday & see what a great day you created

    michelle - id love to meet up on thursday - just let me know what time & whereabouts in roma st parklands - will be great to put some "real" faces to the the typing

    its been a quiet time here - DP's mum called in yesterday afternoon (don't you love those suprise visits) i was going to take eliana to the park but my belly is too sore & my headache is hanging around so just might have a really lazy day

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    Mar 2004

    Hi everyone

    Wow so many posts since I last posted here...

    Let's see,

    Kellee - Happy Birthday to Charlie! I hope you get the BFP you are after!

    Mel and Mooshie - Good luck to you both also with the TTC, hope you see those BFPs soon!

    It seems like everyone is either pg or TTC atm! DH and I have discussed it and we probably will have another, but we are not even going to think about it until Grace is 2. We are going to focus on other stuff like getting our finances in order and finally buying our own home.

    I have been feeling a bit crap the last week, just tired and generally not right. I know I am not pg, as I have been perfect taking the pill so it's probably just due to looking after the kids and I could be eating better...

    Anyway gotta go I have a cranky miss today. Sorry to those I missed, I did read everyone's posts, promise!


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    Mar 2004

    Hi everyone, I hope you're all well.
    Yasin only has one dose of antibiotics to go so we're about to see the last of the antibiotic poos .
    Dad is busy today seeing some old freinds for lunch but we'll be spending tomorrow together along with the fiancee. I can't say I'm looking forward to it. Every time i call him I can hear her talking in the background - it would be nice to be able to have a conversation without her listening in and interupting.

    Bon, its good to hear from you. I hop you start feeling better soon.

    Michelle, I hope you have a great time on your holiday and enjoy meeting all the brisbane girls. They seem like a friendly group.

    Mel, I hope AF continues to stay away, I hope you enjoyed your lazy day yesterday.

    Kellee, bummer about the BFN. I'm glad the party went well and charlie got lots of presents. How brave of you not to cry until the last line.

    Yasin is sitting on my lap trying to type nso I'd best go and find a more constructive way to amuse him.

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    Nov 2003
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    Yay Dasch for the last of the antibiotics. Don't you love when our treasures want to help with computer stuff. Jessica pushed the escape button twice while I was writing an email the other day and I had to start over. Needless to say the content of the email was very brief by the time I got to the 3rd time of starting again.

    Bon- so good to see you back, hope you are feeling better soon, I can relate to the better eating thing, I think we often neglect ourselves when we are busy. I think I am about the only 1 not ttc or pg, yoiu girls can keep that for yourselves I think. LOL. If it accidently happened then ok, but I douibt that very much!

    ANyway best be going and doing something lol, house isn't too bad but I have washing to fold, and my bag to pakc, kids to dress etc.

    Have a great day everyone

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    Kellee Guest

    Hi guys!

    Just popping in to check up on you all. Looks like you're doing fine without me *sniff sniff*.

    The gals in the next forum are rad, so tell your bubs to hurry up and turn one already! Only joking... I know you don't want them to grow up!

    Not much to report. I'm procrastinating because I don't want to study. I'm giving myself 15 more minutes and then NO MORE FORUMS!

    Anyway, haven't tested again because I don't think I'm pregnant this month. I have felt a few period cramps, so I think that blooy af is on her way. Oh well, 3rd time lucky I suppose...

    Must dash. Looking forward to meeting Mel and and Michelle tomorrow... wish the rest of you could be there too!

    Love Kellee.

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    mooshie Guest

    hi girls

    okay i am going to try and do personals - what a catch up, i haven't done any as usually there is not much chatting going on but wow there is a bit of catching up. i will scroll down as far as i can.

    kellee - lmao not wanting to study and spending all your time cruising the forums lmao. charlies party sounded like it was lovely, hope your asthma attack wasn't too serious. catching up with michelle and the other brissie girls sounds like fun hope you have a great day. have you done another hpt, when is af due - good luck for all that. i have done 2 tests both bfn did one on saturday and monday but am due for af tommorrow if i don't get it buy saturday i will be a hpt to do on sunday morning. it's good i have no money till tommorrow so i can't go and buy one today and mum will be with me tommorrow and she will ask me to many questions if i bought one tommorrow lol.

    michelle - when are you leaving to go to qld today or tommorrow you lucky duck we were meant to be heading up to see my brother, sil and neice (they are on the sunshine coast) but we are trying hard to pay some debts off (mainly our c/card) and once that has happened we will start to save to go up. having said that i think i would prefer to go up alone lol like you arhh a lovely few days without the family just what the doc ordered. have a great time.

    bon - hi there. in an ideal way i would love for lani to be a bit older before ttc another jay was 4 1/2 when i had lani and it has been wonderful, jessica was 21mths when i had jay and it was hard - great but tiring but you get through. i must admit i do enjoy having them further apart as you can spend a little more time with them and enjoy it a bit more without being in a fog all the time. re not feeling right maybe get a blood test done - i did a month or so ago as i was feeling crapola and my iron levels were extremely low - since my intake of alot more red meat and switching back to the blackmore pregnancy and breastfeeding vitamins i have been feeling better.

    dachlostar - hope yassin is feeling better and those nappies are kinder to you lol. i remember only to well when prg with jay and jess's teething nappies omg it was shocking - also when prg with lani, there was a few yucky times when i had to help jay wiping arhhhh i hate morning sickness, i hope it all eases up for you in the near future. hope you have a great visit with your dad, i wouldn't worry about cleaning up, rest up you need it.

    melbee - how are you going, have you done a test yet. fingers crossed you get your bfp. a lazy day sounds lovely. so you are going to meet up with the other girls how cool hope you all have a lovely time.

    well for me not much going on - lani has cut number 6 tooth so hopefully we will get a little rest from teething for a while, she is still being a little bugger waking between 5 and 5.30 i just give her a bottle and put her back to bed but then i have to wake her up around 8 so we are not late to go to kinder i seem to be forever rushing around lol. i think it is getting lighter and the birds are chirping earlier and rather than going back to sleep she probably realises she is hungry i have sometimes been tempted to just give her the bottle in the cot but then i think of all the bad things that can happen and she usually drains the bottle in less than 10mins so i just sit there and give it to her and put her back down. she seems to have been doing a bit better with keeping her dummy with her (well dummies she has 2 lol) and doesn't seem to toss them, i guess she realises it is not a game and if she really wants them she will keep hold of them lol. i was considering taking them away all together, they stay in her cot and she only has them when sleeping, she even takes them off and gives them to me when she wakes which is cute, but i have relented and let her have them, as long as she looks after them lmao.

    well sun is shining and have changed all the beds and done heaps of washing, time to do folding and ironing. plus jay what is with him lately he is going through some major growth spurt he is eating every 5mins and constantly saying he is hungry - i have literally no food in the house, although he has just asked for ice cream wtf he usually only has that for desert. he is eating so much dinner lately almost as much as me - i am starting to wonder if he has worms lmao.

    better go and get the ice cream

    take care all

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    Jan 2005
    sunshine coast

    bon - hope you are feeling better & that grace has been having a better day

    dach - how did it go with your dad's fiance - i was thinking of you as i know it must have been hard - guess by now yasin's poo's are back to normal!

    michelle - it was great to meet you today & see some photos of your gorgeous kids - hope you enjoy the rest of your stay in brisbane

    kellee - also great to meet you & of course charlie - he is such a cutie

    mooshie - how is lani's teething & sleeping going - eliana has settled back into sleeping in - actually DP gets her up & brings her to me just before he leaves for work - got any ice cream left?

    AF came for me this afternoon - no idea why she was so late but will keep trying to keep her away for 9 months - we met up with kellee & charlie, ambah & aidyn, michelle & christy today \/ was great to put some faces to the typing - i was doing some vacuuming this morning & eliana went hysterical, seems she now doesn't like the noise - that's fine by me cause DP can now it - any excuse to not to have to do housework

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    mooshie Guest

    hi there

    melissa - bugger about af turning up, i wish she would turn up for me so we can get onto trying again this month - she still hasn't arrived and i am usually 28 days to the dot sometimes 29 - have done 3 tests but all bfn, last one was yesterday, if af hasn't shown i will test again sunday so waiting waiting for me.

    lani is doing well with her sleeps and she has 6 teeth through now so that is good hopefully a few weeks rest before the others start coming, she is still waking at 5.30am for a bottle and then goes straight back down again but as i said it is making my mornings sooooooo busy i usually wake her around 8am so i can get ds off to kinder on time, just wish she would go back to 7am wakeups as it was working really well with that and having naps between 9am and 11am then 2pm and 4pm but alas no she has other ideas - ah well these are the things that are meant to try us aren't they.

    michelle hope you had a great meet up with the girls and the weather is super up there - it is raining today yucky, at least i got to try out the new coat i got for lani the other day lol. better not rain tommorrow, last day of auskick for us and its presentation day so i want to take heaps of photos to do a auskick page, haven't told jay he will get a trophy (all kids get them) so he will be sooooooo excited when he gets one.

    well best be off to do dinner now and go to the toilet and check the nickers again lmao (sorry girls that was way tmi) but i am so waiting for af to turn up, it's driving me crazy.

    have a good one - i may pop on again tonight, or i may not as i got some more scrapping supplies today and i am a bit inspired to do a few pages - we'll seee lol.


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    Pietta Guest

    Busy busy women!!

    I cant chat just wanted to say hi and that I'll write more on the weekend!

    How did the meet up go guys? We're tyring to get a WA one but there arent too many enthusaiatic ones of us!!