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thread: 9 Months - 12 Months, July '05

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    mooshie Guest

    hi there

    lara yeah yay that glenn got evicted - he truly didn't see he didn't do anything wrong did he? bit of a dill i think lol.
    i too feel for you during winter and exposing alana to all the winter nasties - spring is not to far away - chin up lovey. and inlaws well don't even get me started on my lovely mil she is the queen of all dramas and if anything goes wrong with anyone or anything in the family then she does the ring around and goes into total meltdown and exageration and somehow she turns it around so everyone feels sorry for HER or her golden child lol. one case is not long after my daughter died her golden child had a baby and i remember mil ringing me up saying what a bad night her daughter had with the baby she was up all night crying about jess - like i should have felt bad for her wtf what did she think i did in those early months sleep like a baby - hello i was on valium for the first 6 mths anyway off that topic

    michelle how cute with josh's sleepover i bet he can't wait, jay is always inviting or asking friends for a sleepover - hasn't happened yet only has the sleepovers at my mum's atm lol. good luck tommorrow at the children's hope you don't have to wait around forever. what movie are you thinking of taking the kiddies to? paul took jay to see madagascar jay loved it, paul thought a little boring not as good as shrek. oh and lani doesn't sing a particular song as such more of a singing voice as she commando's around the house. she gets on all fours but doesn't crawl just drops to the belly and gets around that way.

    kellee my brother and sil live in qld and my dh has family up there to. my brother lives on the sunshine coast and i try and get up there every year. mum and dad lived at mooloolaba for around 13yrs then they came back down to vic to live in 2001, don't know why they just wanted to come back - bummer cause we only needed an airfare back then, now if we go up it is a bit much for all of us to stay at my brothers and we wouldn't all fit so it is a bit expensive. we were meant to be going up in september but no money ](*,) maybe next year. there are a few girls in the 12mth forum in qld like christy,ambah and katanya you might all meet one day. speaking of qld members we haven't heard from spiddles in so long - she must be so busy with her work, hello spiddles if you are out there drop in and say hi.

    well am off to cruise the other forums paul went to bed at 8.30 (he started work at 4am today crazy man) so it's just me the computer, live 8 on the tele and a nice supply of pods.

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    Kellee Guest

    Bloody BB - not BellyBelly (that we LOVE) but Big Brother... are they all stupid or something? Hopefully Glenn never gets any again - he's such a tool. Anyway...

    DH has a "sick" day today - Charlie woke up for some unknown reason at 3.30 and proceeded to whinge for about 2 hours. He wasn't actually crying, so we didn't want to get up to him, but I fed him from one side then put him back. Maybe he was cold, I don't know, but it was on and off until at least 5.30 or 6, so we're both exhausted. He has a heater in his room, so I don't think it was that, who knows... babies are little enigmas, aren't they? *sigh* So I'm going to make the most of the opportunity and do some housework and have a big cook up. Oh yeah, and I have some little twinges like period pain, only it's WAY too early for that, so that it might be the beginnings of a little bub... who knows. I think we've definitely put in enough work, IYKWIM! Not that I'm complaining... *wink wink*

    Right, time to be a cleaning fairy. Have a lovely day! Hope the doctor's visit went well, Mitch - thinking of you.

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    mooshie Guest

    ohhh kellee

    fingers crossed you have something happening - when are you due for af? when are you going to test - keep us posted and good luck.

    don't you just hate it when they wake up and you don't know what to do, you mention charlie had a heater on in his room he may have been thirsty? i know i get thirsty if i have any heating in my room.

    i have been mucking around with my phone which has a camera so i took a pic of jay giving lani a kiss and sent it to my email and now put it in my ticker - its a bit dark dunno why but it'll do lol.

    better go and check on the monkey i have a feeling she maybe awake - most times she just stays and plays happily till i go get her - i heard her 15mins ago so better go and get her and do the nightly duties.

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    Mar 2004

    Michelle, what a cute pic of Lani and Jay. The other one was cute too. Most of the pics on Yasin's website are taken with pnones and I think they're ok.

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    mooshie Guest

    thanks dachlostar

    it was just one of those spare of the moment photos - i was actually fiddling with my phone atm and they were being cute together and bang i got this - pity it is a bit dark oh well.

    do you know if and how much it costs to send a photo from your phone to your email - that is what i did - hate to think how much it will cost, i better wait for the bill and suss it out before i go tooooooo crazy lol.

    you and yasin must be just about ready to come over and join us soon

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    Mar 2004

    Michelle, on my 3 account it costs 20c to send an email and I can fit 4 pics on it, from my vodaphone sim its 25c. I don't know how many pics I can send with vodaphone because I always use the 3 phone for email to save $$$$$.
    Yasin and I should be joining you in 3 weeks. I'm trying to fatten him up at the moment because since he started crawling his weight gain has really slowed and he's got quite skinny. I think he might take after me and be a bit hyperactive. Today we were at the ECHN and in comparison to him the other babies all seemed so calm and quiet.

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    Kellee Guest

    The pic is really cute! Well done... you've got some gorgeous kiddies there.

    AF is very irregular, but it seems to be around 6/7 weeks apart. Last AF was on 18/6 so this would be quite early. Maybe it's ovulation pain? I don't know. We'll just keep doing our thing and hope it works. I'll probably test in about a fortnight to see what's going on. Don't worry, I will certainly let you know!

    Not much time - Charlie just bumped his head. Will write later if I can.

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Hi Girls, I was MIA yesterday, flat out with hospital, and pics and Josh sleeping over.

    Firstly, We got tot the hospital at 10.30 and left at 12.40pm, so it took ages, luckily being the chn's hosp, the kids had toys and stuff to play with so they were pretty good, the short version is that they can see no real prob with jessica's eyes, just that as the bridge of her nose is quite wide you can't see much whites of the eyes and as he face grows this will prob prove correct, but we will go back in January and they will do another check, so that is good news.

    We took the kids to see Madagascar, Jessica was very fidgetty but ended up falling asleep in ,y arms, jemma moved seats about 50 times but it was good.

    Josh's sleepover was a disaster for him! He had 20 million reasons why he couldn't sleep and so the mother brought him home, but she also brought his friend and they were both going to sleep here, but the mum had a cuppa and it was after 11pm, and then josh and his mate hurt each other and his friend ended up going home. So there actually wasn't a sleep over in the end. He went today to play for a few hrs instead.

    Jordan has top be ready to be picked up at 6.50am for the netball camp, so I have to be up very early. I am trying to see whose bubs have arrived LOL.

    Now see if I can remember everything:

    Kellee- hope the pains are a good sign, my cousin got pg first cycle of trying last month so who knows, it can happent hat easily. Good l;uck with your subject, prob best to get it done even if you don't really want to. I am coming to QLd in Aug and the girls mentioned meeting up, it would be great if you could come.

    Lara- feel free to vent about IL's cos sometimes I really need to so I understand, my MIl does the same thing when Arron is at footy or away fishing with the thing about "who will do that now?" I do it all anyway!

    Michelle- the pic is cute! But how could it not be ?

    Nup, no good brain has turned to mush as it's way too late. And I too am happy that Glenn is out but he really is dum as dog **** isn't he?

    try to concentrate tomorrow arvo girls.

    best wishes Michelle

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    Kellee Guest

    Hey there ladies,

    Glad to hear everything went well, Mitch. Hospitals are scary places. Sorry about Josh's sleepover! I'm sure the next one will work out better. Some kids just aren't cut out fo things like that - my brother didn't even go on his high school camps because he didn't like being away from home, and he's a pretty blokey guy. Thanks for mentioning meeting up to me - I'd love to. We'll talk about it closer to the time, but that would be great! We both sound like chatterboxes, so it could be quite interesting!

    Good signs- was feeling like CRAP this morning and have been totally exhausted all day. Might just be from all the "practicing" though! It's awful when you're ttc - you're constantly over-analysing every little thing, every little pain, thinking, "Could this be it?" I just wish I was already pregnant and then I could stop thinking about it. Although, I'm sure I would find something else to worry about - I was a nervous wreck during my last pregnancy.

    Charlie has been very cute today. He's wearing a Mambo shirt with some "dirty" jeans from Pumpkin Patch. He looks very cool - cooler than me, anyway! I swear he's almost going to walk - he is getting very game about walking around things. He can almost run around the coffee table while he's holding on to it. I wonder if he'll do it before he's one... And for those who read my post about him not drinking out of a cup, he drank about 100mL from a cup tonight at dinner while I was feeding him. Maybe it's the actual cup I use? I don't know. We'll see how it goes tomorrow night.

    Anyway, it's someone's bath time, so I'd better go. Will write later if I can.

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    Pietta Guest

    Hello everyone!!

    Sounds like the sleepover was fun.. Maybe it's a boy thing? I really was disappointed in Madagascar- how about you Michelle? Glad the hosp turned out okay for you. Netball camp sounds like fun- Wish i had of gone on one when i was younger!!

    Kellee fingers crossed for you!! I was lucky- i knew when i was pregnant with Ryley. I love the boys Pumpkin patch clothes- i love getting the bargains from their website. Ryley also looks so much cooler than his Mum in all his PP clothes! Good work on Charlie using the cup!! I am yet to try a cup with Ryley.

    I love that pic of Lani and Jay! Amazing that the best shots are the random ones!!

    Hope i havent missed anyone but it ia late for me now!!

    DH started a new job Monday and is working his training at 6 am in a suburb that is like 40 minutes away and it is FREEEEEZING here at the moment. Last night was .5 degrees at 6 in the morning so poor DH is freezing his butt off!! Ryley stood up by himself and then clapped [email protected]! so cute!! He will be walking in no time i think.
    I am searching for an alternate job while I can because i start next week and dont want to work in the deli if i can help it- manager and all i would prefer to work at Baby Target!!

    I am now officially at my pre-Ryley weight so I am happy. Dont think the cheesecake Mum bought over today would have helped keep it that way though

    Take care all and good to see you soon Dachlostar!

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Very quickly tonight as it is really late!

    pee- well done to Ryley and thew standing and clapping. I thought the movie was good but not the best I've seen, the kids liked it.Did you hear abouit your job interview? What id DH's job?

    Kellee- hope the ttc journey is over, if not then you'll have more practising time.LOL

    Also forgot to tell you that I took Jess to be weighed and she didn't grow at all and she actually lost 160gms in the last month. She has been sick and teething (although no teeth came up) but still I was a little annoyed, luckily she is still over 8 kgs cos i wasn't going to turn the seat back the other way LOL.

    Anyway I am sorry I know I missed someone.

    hello to lara and was that Dash I saw here already?

    Best wisehs michelle

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    mooshie Guest

    hi there

    just a quick post to catch up

    kellee - i see you are over in the ttc thread - hope you get that bfp this month - maybe dachlostar and yourself will be pg buddies. i too love pumpkin patch but i don't buy it as much anymore there sales are no way near as good as they used to be. when they first started up before they had any stores they were so cheap at saletime, if you were lucky you would get a catalogue to buy all there super cheap items mostly all under $15. i actually buy alot of stuff on sale at myer lately, it is really nice and great quality and you can get some stuff really cheap. got my niece a lovely skirt worth $25 for $3 the other day.

    pee - baby target would be good to work at. the baby target over our way has closed and they have made a bigger baby section at the target at fountain gate, i think there rent was to big at the baby target store and seeing as there was a target nearby they just moved in. good luck in your job prospects. i hear you on the freeeezing nights brrr. i haven't seen madagascar - dh took jay last weekend but he also got a dvd of it and jay has been watching it most days - he walks around the house singing "i like to move it, move it". must sit down and watch it with him.

    michelle - bummer about jessica's weight. i reckon lani will be around the same i think i will get her weighed in a couple of weeks. poor josh on the sleepover, oh well hopefully one day he will be right with it.

    well not much is happening here. lani can throw her arms up in the air when you say hooray and she sits there laughing and throwing her arms up when she see sesame street lol - i think elmo could be a favourite here. i am also trying to teach her to say her name, she is getting close and watches our mouths so closely and try's so hard.

    she has also started being a bit of a bugger when i put her down for sleeps, she is fine when i put her down and walk out but after 5mins she starts wimpering then builds into a scream i go in and she has her dummy on the floor and is on all fours in her cot looking at it so upset. i just pick her up put the dummy back in and walk out she protests for a couple of secs but soon realises it is time for sleep lol i think she is trying to pull one over me - gotta love em.

    have a good day all

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2003
    Melbourne, Australia

    Michelle glad to hear everything went well at the hospital. Bummer about Jessica losing weight. She is moving around alot too, so I'm sure that would contribute to the weight loss. Because Alana isn't even crawling yet she isn't burning anything of. Though the way her mouth doesn't stop moving you would think that would be enough LOL! Shame josh's sleepover wasn't a success.

    Pee congrats at getting to your pre-preg weight. I have 3 more kgs to get to my pre-preg weight and want to loose just another 3 after that and then I am over it.

    Kellee good luck. I hope all those signs are due to a BFP.

    Not much happening here. Alana is still getting over a cold, but almost gone. But caught it of her. So feel a little crappy.

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Wow I am off with the pixies, cos I am asking questions that have been answered and missing info! LOL

    It's the school holidays, mum was on my case too about our ebay stuff needing ot be put on and I told her it's school hols adn I don't have a life.

    OK congrats Pee on the weight loss, that's terrific, and I saw the bit about the job, and I would also love to work at baby target better than the deli, hope it goes well.

    Lara- bummer about gettting the cold, hope you don't reinfect each other!

    Michelle- Lani sounds so cute.

    Well my brother went to the nearest target this morning at 7.30am and it was totally packed, 2 layby lines the length of the store and no learning doors left. So he went to the one near his work at 8.30am and luckily they had about 20 so I got it for $99, so Jessica's bday pres is started.

    Last night I brought a collingwood doona cover for Josh from a lady and pd and found out this morning I won't be able to get it in time. So now I have to cancel it and get her to refund my money. So this morning I have brought anohter and this one says I will definitely get it in time. Fingers crossed he's right!

    i must get the kids lunch, sorry if I have again missed important stuff, I promise to get my brain back after the weekend is over and my kids are in the classrooms!LOL

    Best wishes Michelle

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    Pietta Guest

    LOL Michelle I totally understand!!

    DH is working at Coles Express while he is at uni. It is not too bad pay and he can work nights which is great for us. I heard from another job today working for an internet provider so that might be interesting for me. I would prefer to get into a job where I can go up in management so it may be deli for me... I shouldnt complain at least it is a job hey?

    Good work Lara on only needing 3 more kilos!!

    Sorry guys but we had an exhausting day today trying to buy toys from Kmart with the sale but i tell you what Ryley can just wait for his birthday- 45 minutes in a line and not much closer was enough for this chicken!!

    Take care

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    Pietta Guest

    Out of interest if you want to see all Ryley's teeth I have added a pic to his website (my WWW at the bottom) in his photo gallery. He is too adorable (I'm biased!!)

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    LOL Pee you are allowed to be biased cos you're the mummy!

    A job is a job, as long as you get paid for the work you're doing then it is a means to an end, good that DH's job works in with the nights! Wow the teeth photo is awesome, he has so many.....poor Jess is a gummy baby!LOL

    I'm with you on not standing in huge queues. My cousin stood ina layby line at last yrs Target sale for 8hrs, and put n a $700 layby. SHe had a 5 mth old with her, there would be no way I would've bothered. I think if you really want stuff then you need to think ahead, save up and pay cash on the day cos there is no waiting at the checkouts.

    See lara I even missed your wiehgt info. That is so good that you are so close, I think you looked great when I saw you, not that that helps cos we all have our own picture of our own bodies and whether they are great or not. I have lost prob all the weight, but what annoys me is the tummy flab!LOL When you sit it's there IYKWIM? Good luck, 6kgs isn't much, but it is harder during winter to lose weight cos it's too cold out and food warms you up.

    Anyway kids haven't had tea yet, Arron has booted off to footy and I should be feeding them, I think it's toasted sangers tonight, can't be bothered with much more.

    Best wishes michelle

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2003
    Melbourne, Australia

    I went to the Kmart sale also. I was expecting a big huge crowd and a long wait a the registars, but nothing. I got everything I wanted (though out of the 5 toys I bought, only 2 were reduced #-o ) and didn't have to wait at all to pay.

    I hope Alana likes them, there for her birthday. I'm hopeless with toys. I just don't get the fun in some of them. And I have to stop myself from wanting to buy everything for her that is Elmo.

    Pee wow on Ryley's teeth. He is so cute. I just love all his rolls.

    I am struggling this week with the diet because of feeling blah. But I am happy with the weight loss. I think having had Alana and putting so much weight on with the pregnancy, I realised that I actually wasn't big to begin with. I really had issue before being pregnant. I think thats why I have decided on a more realistic weight loss and goal weight. And I have taken my time.

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