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thread: 9 Months - 12 Months, July '05

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Hi girls,
    I got busy and didn't get back over the weekend.

    Kellee- hope charlie loved the cubby, I loved that too when I was little LOL. Good luck with the cake, I must say that I decided to cook Jemma's firt bday cake and thought it's be easy, Just make a no. 1, how hard is that.......Yeah right, I was so disappointed, I had the wrong icing, it just kept rolling off, of course It would have been good if I had a recipe to follow, but it was all in my head. That won't happen again I can tell you. I brought a cake book and may tackle Jessica's cake, we'll see!

    Michelle- It must be so hard for you at times, I am glad you know you can come here and be listened to and cared for! Bugger Winnie the pooh! Maybe try a differnet brand of nappy ! Hope Jay is ok tomorrow and gets to kinder, he is prob itching to get back.

    Lara- just making a date for the wedding sounds terrific, cos men don't want to plan too far in advance. I remember I aid to Arron in about OCt 2000, "Well I want to get married over the xmas hols so I can go away bf school goes back (I was starting a new job), so the 20th Jan is perfect so that's it!" and he said "OK!" He knew who was the boss! I think you guys will come to the right decision for you when the time is right, the good thing is you don't have to rush.

    Pee- Lucky you for having a winning team, I am a Collingwood supporter so you can imagine how that is!LOL It is a big shock going from uni to the workforceLOL Hope you both settle into the new routine soon, and poor Ryley. Hope you get some answers, yes you have to be forceful at times.

    Dasch- I wass so excited to see your news. Jemma and Jessica are only 18mths apart and I really liked it, I have had 5, 3 and half yr gaps bf so it was a little more demanding but the benefits of having 2 close together are worth it. Hmmm, if we decide on another we would p[rob have about the same gap! WOAH< that revs my head.

    We went to the mid season ball on sat night and I beat my drinking record (6 cruisers and a glass of champagne) and what's more I wasn't drunk and I felt really good the next day. I had awful bloating and pain though in the tummy most of the night. It was freezing cold and we ended up walking home cos the taxi was going to take 30mins and it is quicker to walk, Arron couldn't keep up with me cos I was practically running cos I was so cold, I was wearing a dress!

    Arron was very crook on Sunday and we didn't do much, except occasionally chat about no.5. I think he is very torn as well cos there are good and bad things about it and we really aren't sure what to do. I am going to let it ride for awhile, finish this months pill and then see what we think (I need a new script) so we will need to decide then.

    Today I have spent all day working/cleaning (lovely bathrooms and toilets) and Arron noticed that I worked all day and the house still wasn't clean (which was a good thing). We went and brought a tall boy for Jessica's clothes finally and it needs to be painted buit I am going to use it unpainted for the moment and when the weather gets warmer I will do it cos it is too cold atm and it would take a week to dry. I also brought my slow cooker and the plan is to cook silverside tomorrow, I am excited about cooking so that's interesting! Arron made gnocchi from scratch today nd he was disappointed cos it was a bit floury, but the carbonara sauce was absolutely spot on!

    Anyway must keep moving.

    Best wishes michelle

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    mooshie Guest

    hi everyone

    lani is having a naughty baby day today lol. she woke at 6am [-X then i went shopping whilst jay was at kinder and she only slept 1/2 hr in the pram and guess what it is now nearly 4.30pm and she still has not slept just screams when i put her down - not like her at all hmmm i wonder, she is fine crawling around playing now so i dunno - she must be overtired and forgotten how to sleep - she better sleep tonight lol.

    pee - congratulations on the win for freo - i barrack for carlton so i to know what it is like to barrak for a losing team and dh barraks for hawthorn so we are sad and sorry lot when it comes to footy around here.

    kellee - how did you go making the birthday cake. i was thinking today whether i should attempt lani's 1st birthday cake or just buy one am thinking along the lines of buying one seeing as we are anticipating around 100 people arhhhhhhh. i made jay's first birthday cake it was a complete disaster and tasted terrible, cause he had is allergies it had to be dairy, egg and nut free and it wasn't very nice - not even the kiddies ate it lol.

    michelle - glad school is back i bet you are, its nice to get back into a familiar routine - i feel sooooooooo lazy when the holidays are on. sounds like you had a big weekend and sounds like the two of you are seriously thinking about #5 good luck in whatever decision you both come to.

    lara - how are you going and how is little alana. i went to target today and they are getting all their toys ready for the big toy sale, nothing looks really different to the one they have on at kmart. i found a learning puppy at target for $39 which is what i am after (only $19 at kmart) and asked the guy their to price match - he said they will only price match kmarts original price little sh.....t i think he was lying. well i will keep checking out kmart each time i go, i really want 3 but if i can only get 1 that would be great.

    well last night my neighbour and i started our nightly walk - we walked for 5kms and it took around 1hr, it was cold to start with but soon warmed up and i tell you i felt so good after it but came home looking for chocky lucky none in the house lol. it is amazing how walking with someone else the time just passes so quickly and you cover so much more distance without really any effort - we are doing 2 to 3 times a week so thats great.

    jay hopefully is better - hasn't been to the loo since yesterday arvo and back to cheeky self lol he went to kinder today and enjoyed it but came home with way to many box constructions lol - i have to leave them for a while before i can start getting rid of them 1 by 1.

    have a good night all - i will probably be on later as i noticed all saints isn't on, only the darn cricket adn i need to do my online shopping so will probably pop back on for a looksie. did anyone catch bb uncut last night omg i couldn't believe the conversations (tell you the truth a few things went way over my head and i had to think about it for a while before i could understand what they were going on about).

    see yas

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    Nov 2003
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    It's very quiet today girls, what's going on, I actually thought no one had been here at all, lucky you did Michelle.

    Hope the shopping is done, don't you hate the cricket? I can't be bothered with it at all. My Mum and Arron love it. Hope Lani has a better day tomorrow, jess has had a couple of days like that lately and in the end I put it all down to teeth. To tell you the truth contemplating no.5 is just not fun at all. See my post in Vic members to see what I am going through. I min it seems like a lovlely idea and the next day there are so many other things to consider! I love my kids and am grateful for having them, but am so unsure whether we should go again. Arron is having the same dilemma and I was in tears tonight when he said about not going again, but in some ways I don't want to. I have my body back and sort of felt good, but that feeling of carrying and birthing a new life is just so tempting, then there are the downside of pg, fatness and pain and discomfort. But I am almost feeling guilty for thinking maybe I don't want onother like that bc I said it out lous, somewhere there is our no.5 bub just waiting and that saying "Actually I won't do it!" That I am disappointing/taking away the life of a baby. That sounds really strange I guess but I can't help it. I am going to sit down and write everything down, to get it out of my head and then talk mor ewith Arron about it. I was thinking maybe in 12 mths I wouldn't have even considered it. I mean the car and broom are ok but what about the dining table and the money we need to feed, clothe and support 5 kids through school.
    SIGH< why is this so hard!

    Anyway enough of boring you all, I hope everyone is well, Pee, Kellee and Lara and Ryley, Charlie and Alana.

    jessica still has no extra teeth, but she is starting to get very brave, standing up by herself and then taking off to walk to me, she took off from the couch and from a standing start ion the middle of thelounge, 2 or 3 steps is it but she is definitely in a big hurry to grow up. I made vege soup, although it isn't really like soup since I mashed it, but she wolfed it down for lunch today, you'd think she'd never eaten. I got about 5 lucnhes out of the small pot I made, it had celery, turnip, parsnip, potato and carrot, plus chicken stock.

    Anyway Arron is out fishing and I am about to go to bed

    Goodnight all
    Cheers Mcihelle

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    mooshie Guest

    hi all

    yes it is quiet atm - hope everyone is well and just busy.

    lani is better today she had a 2hr sleep this arvo and has been down 2hrs now - she slept all night so i don't know what her problem was, after her dinner she had her normal bath and bottle thing we do, she skulled the bottle and wanted more - luckily i had another in the fridge, she drank the first 260mls followed by another 80mls (i have never had to do that before with the others) anyway come 7am she is awake and absolutely saturated, so i changed the sheets etc and thought i might as well do all the beds and yup it hasn't stopped raining since lol - dryer is getting a good workout today.

    jay and i have been busy making mini dampers - he just wants to cook all the time but i freak about the mess lol i need to learn to relax, they turned out quite nice - i found the recepie in one of those super food magazines whilst looking for a scone recepie.

    michelle = why don't you sit down and honestly write up the pro's and con's of having another child, ask aaron to do one to - but not together do it seperate without discussion then come back in a few days and talk about your lists together and see what you come up with - that is what paul and i seem to do when we are thinking about making life changing decisions - ie purchase of a new home/car or new job another baby etc etc etc - good luck in whatever you decide. it is soooo hard i know right now if we do have another one i would not be fully satisfied thats why i said earlier thankfully the age is going to be a barrier. wouldn't mind studying to be a midwife its a long haul and i thought i would start after jessie died, even my gp said i should and not to worry about my age - dunno may even look further into it - if i decide to do it, then that hopefully will satisfy my craving of having more children.

    well i am about to make beef in red wine and stick it in the oven to cook, hopefully paul will be home when it is light cause i ran over some steel and my tyre is going to need changing i think, when i drove to swimming it was making a terrible noise like i was driving over train tracks the whole way there, i was scared that i would have a blow out and lose control - dunno if that would happen but that is what i imagined, sat on 40kms the whole way - i was a granny driver and jay kept asking why i was driving so slow lol.

    may be back on tonight dunno, am going walking with my neighbour - yup in the rain, i am so keen to get fit, am going to buy myself a pedometre in a few weeks i think.

    bye all

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    Nov 2003
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    Hi girls again! looks like it's the Michelle and Michelle showLOL

    Michelle so glad Lani was better today, I am the same about cooking with the kids, but I agree it is such fun once you do it, and the kids love it.

    I sat down last night and wrote my list. it was very involved, the cons far outweighed the pros, I guess the thing is my head knows the right thing but my heart thinks differently. Really wanting another seems almost selfish IYKWIM! Today is a "I'm happy with my 4 kids day!" I can imagine that I am going to seesaw for awhile bt the 2 choices, but ultimately I think we have reached the end, which is soooo sad cos it is the end of one amazing part of my life (I am actually sitting here crying as I write this), I have so loved carrying and giving birth to my children and can't believe I am really finished with that part of my life.

    My little boy, my only son as he likes to remind me, turns 6 tomorrow and that is so sad too. He is so gorgeous and emotional (takes after me I think), he said he doesn't want anyone to say he's 6 cos it makes him sad.....I think he likes being a little boy! I like it to, I don't want him to grow up, actually I don't want any of them to grow up.

    Anyway better go, sitting here blubbing isn't helping anybody LOL,

    Michelle hope the dinner went well, it sounded yummy.

    Hi to everyone else, feel free to join our discussion anytime LOL

    Cheers Michelle

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    mooshie Guest

    yup looks like the michelle and michelle show again lol

    michelle let you in on a little secret about the beef and red wine (it was a packet one) all ihad to do was add meat, onion, tomato paste water and mushrooms soooooo easy and yummy.

    been for my 1hr walk wow it feels good - even walked in the drizzle tonight, it is so much better when you have someone to go with cause it motivates you.

    michelle it is hard trying to figure out what to do - maybe just don't rush into anything drastic just yet, try and push it to one side and see what happens over the years.

    and happy birthday to josh tommorrow he sounds like a sweet little boy - are you doing anything for him, is he having a party, hope he has a great day.

    i am off to bed now (i try to get to bed b4 11pm)


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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Michelle- whatever tastes good sounds good to me, what brand was the packet, I might have a look for it.

    Josh is having a friends party 5 friends only on the 24th July. He is a sweetie although he is also very naughty sometimes.

    I think too that if I put it out of my head things will happen how they shoudl, afterall, once jess is out of nappies I may feel differently. The thing is I do now that once our babies are all grown up Arron def won't want to start again and I prob won't either. My plan is to go back to teaching full time once Jessica is in grade 1 so everything fits perfectly the way it is now. I guess thinking that is 2 yrs I'l be 33 and that means almost 40 when the youngest goes to school, is not good. If we had one next yr then that bub would turn 18 the yr we turned 50. I guess that means to Arron 2 more yrs bf they are all grown up and I understand that, cos I too want to do some things together once the kids are grown.LOL they'll prob all still be living at home.

    Good idea being in bed bf 11pm, never works for me. But I must go soon cos I am very tired and have a big day tomorrow, we have family over after tea for the cake, so josh will have a lovely day and night.

    How is the not smoking going? The walking sounds really good, it is better when you go with someone else, need a bit of a motivation buddy!

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    Kellee Guest

    Happy Birthday, Josh! I hope you're coping, Mitch. I know it's all very scary to think that he's grown up so much, but there are still so many wonderful things left ahead of you guys. Enjoy the day and give him a big hug from all of us.

    I'm sorry that I don't have much time again. I do check the forums to see what you're all up to, but it just seems to be busy city around here at the moment. We've got lots of gigs and rehearsals coming up, plus dinner parties (I don't know why I volunteer for this stuff!), plus a teething bub (who is screaming as we speak, but I've done all I can and I know he needs a sleep so he HAS to go to sleep!) and a teething Mummy! My wisdom tooth is coming through (yes, late, I know, but I'm not very wise, am I? ) and causing me to live in a world of pain, so I'm off to the dentist in about an hour. The poor bubs - I can't imagine going through this all the time! Also, an update on ttc - I think I would have ovulated last week, so I will test late next week and let you know. I'm totally exhausted, so maybe that's a sign! It's hard to stop thinking about and wondering if every little thing means you're pregnant though...

    Hello to Pee, Lara, Dach, and anyone else I missed (BTW, exciting news about the wedding, Lara! Are you actually "engaged" yet, or are you just talking about it for the moment? Sorry if I've missed anything in your posts - there's so much to catch up on!). Anyway, I think I'd better go and rescue my sad little boy (who turns ONE in less than a month! I'll tell you about the cake fiasco another time... LOL). Hope you're all doing really well and I can't wait to chat to you more regularly when all this crap is over!

    (BTW, Dach, what does inshAllah mean? Sorry, it's probably something really obvious, but I'm a bit dumb!)

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    mooshie Guest

    hi there all

    michelle - wishing josh a big happy birthday today - 24th july is a great day to have a party (that will be jessica's 7th birthday). holy cow don't worry about ages lol - if we have another i will be 40 with a 2yr old lol as it is i will be 40 before lani goes to school. alot of my friends are in the mid to late 30's and dh are in there early thirties and the eldest children are around 7 the youngest and brand new lol - it's all different to everyone. i think maybe just try and put it to one side for now.

    kellee - poor charlie teething and poor you. i know where you are coming from re wisdom teeth, i have one at the bottom that is impacted and needs to be cut out in hospital i have known this for over 10yrs but i keep putting it off 8-[ i only really think about it when it flares up. i guess i should get it done. good luck for testing hope it comes up a bfp, i will be thinking of you - i am a little concerned myself as i ovulated last week and we are using the withdrawal method as contraception (which we have done for around 9yrs now lol it has so far worked) however my dh mentioned my boobs were bigger the other day 8-[ dunno there i don't think i am but you just never know. i wouldn't really mind but would like to wait a couple more mths, i really want to shift a few extra kgs.

    pee - where are you - i see you posted a thread re cm, good luck for whatever you are wanting.

    hi lara how are you going.

    well i better make hay whilst the sun shines so to speak - jay is at kinder and miss lani is asleep.

    btw the no smoking thing is going well - 2wks today hooray

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    mooshie Guest

    me again lol

    thought i would pop on again before amazing race.

    our 14yr old cat has been bitten by another cat so dh took him to the vet - he needs an operation and get this it will cost $380 what the f do you do, arhh animals they cost a fortune. my dh is a cat lover but i am not.

    lani is playing up tonight, she is crying out every 20mins or so i have gone in there and given her panadol, bonjela and teething relief - #5 tooth is just about to cut through the gum (up the top) so i think its that, when she cries i wait a little about 1min then i go in she is nearly asleep whilst crying and stops as soon as i open the door then starts screaming when i leave arhhhh i am going to just monitor her cries i think - looks like i will be up and down tonight.

    the joys lol at least jay has no kinder tommorrow so he can sleep in.

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    Mar 2004

    Michelle, congratulations on2 weeks not smoking. You've made it through the hardest bit now. =D> =D>

    :happybday: Jay!!!!

    Kellee, inshAllah means 'God willing' or 'if God wills it'. Things can always go wrong or not according to plan so I don't want to jinx myself.

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    Pietta Guest

    lol impatient women! it's only been a day!!
    we are not ttc AT ALL!! we had a little extra heated moment tis all and i am freaked coz i'm returning to work- looking to buy house etc...

    not a good time but whats meant to be will be.

    gotta run sorry!! oh and btw Ryley has been put on infasoy- i'll explain later!!

    love pee!!

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    mooshie Guest

    hi all

    just filling in a little bit of time b4 we go to play mini golf, all housework done and dryer is working overtime atm lol.

    had an absolute shocker night with miss lani dunno what it was but she was soooooooooo unsettled every 20mins or so she would just cry out and would be on her tummy looking for her dummy ](*,) i was trying to watch the amazing race so i just got her up and ended up giving her a bottle which she drank most of she was happy just laying there watching tellee grrrr. i think her back may of been itchy and she just couldn't get comfy she has a bit of exema back on her back so i put some cream on - she seems to get exema when she is cutting a tooth weird hah. i ended up going to bed around midnight but she probably didn't settle properly until around 1am just tossing and turning and crying out etc not hysterical but enough to keep me awake lol she finally went quiet and woke up at 8.30am then had a bottle some breaky and went down again at 9.30am she is still asleep - when i got her this morning her dummy was on the floor so if she chooses to toss it then she has to learn to sleep without it lol. i think she is going to be one sleepy girl today she better settle okay tonight as i am off to a nutrimetics party.

    hope you all have a good day.

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Kellee- good luck with the test, hope it is what you want. Being busy is good cos at least you don't stress about ttc. Hope Charlie's teeth come soon, and hope the wisdom tooth getsall fixed. I have all 4 of mine but i am pretty sure they are rotton and should come out. Ah but getting to the dentisi is very hard....LOL

    Michelle- poor Lani is really a bit off at the moment. I know what you are saying about the age, I realise that being 30 is young but I guess cos I have been a mum for most of my adult life sometimes I feel that there must be a time for Arron and I too, IYKWIM. I am not going to think about it, but best get a new pill prescription or there won't be any thinking! LOL WOOHOO! on 2 weeks, Dasch is so right that is the hardest part done! Keep it going, plus the walking too, you must be feeling good about yourself, hope the nutrimetics party went well and you don't spend too much LOL, I am shocking with party plan, always want something!

    Pee- hope things work out the way you want them to, you guys have set a path but what will be will be.....

    Dasch- you didn't post a birth announcement? I couldn't find one to offically congratulate you. I am so happy for you and that is really lovely thing to have behind, the "God willing" thing. It is true anyway isn't it? Again, what will be will be.

    Joshua's bday went well, I think he was sort of hoping for more toys but he has so much that I wanted to limit it so he got 2 toys from us, one from my aunty and a game for the TV from MIL and my brother gave him a game which Jemma and my niece loved LOL. Tomorrow we are going to get in and get his room started, take down the winnie the Poos and make him a big boy! SOB< SOB. Sometimes you could just cuddle them to death and other times you could strangle them LOL ATM he's asleep so cuddling is good . He was very excited though just bf he went to sleep, I heard him reading some of Green eggs and ham all by himself and he yelled out Mum I can read this. He really is growing up!

    Jessica has been very sooky all day cos she went to bed at 10pm instead of 8pm. SHe is walking so much more often, and she climbed onto a little wooden chair today, got onto her feet, stood up and then let go, thinks she's an acrobat or something. just lucky she was in the middle of the seat or the chair would've gone over. So now I have to push all the chairs in under the kids wooden table so she can't get to them.

    And she is starting to want to be independent, at each meal today she has screamed like crazy, shaking her hands around so I can't spoon the food in, so I had to hoild both hands and put the spoon in her mouth, needless to say this doens't last long and so she hasn't eaten much. At dinner I decided I had to occupy her hands and gave her a plastic spoon and then she ate everything I had to give. I think now that she has control of feeding herself toast and rusks, she wants to feed herself, Oh boy that would be lovely!LOL

    Sorry if I missed anyone, it's very late now and my computer keeps dropping offline. I am going to start taking note of the drop outs cos this must be costing a fortune in connection. I have connected at least 20 times tonight.


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    Kellee Guest

    Hello wonderful women!

    Phew - I finally have more than two seconds to sit down and catch up on everything. So here goes...

    Mooshie - sorry that Miss Lani seems to be going through a "phase" (don't you love that word?!) at the moment. Did she settle down after Thursday night? IKWYM about the dummy - Charlie doesn't have one, but he doesn have a Teddy, and he threw it on the floor today and couldn't reach it from his cot, so he screamed the house down and we had to get up at 6.30 instead of him going back to sleep, like he usually does. They like to think that we're at their back and call, don't they?! I hope she's feeling better and that those teeth come through and stop annoying her. What did you get at the nutrimetics party? I've never been to one. Ooh, bigger boobs... I wonder? Once again, what will be will be. Hope everything works out like it's "supposed" to. Well done on the not smoking thing - I used to smoke a pack a day and I gave up about 4 years ago. It's bloody hard, but well worth it! You're doing really well!

    Pee - Wow, I hope things work out for you guys with the "not ttc" thing! When will you be able to test?

    Dach - what a lovely thing to add (inshAllah). I think that's really important to remember (I know I have a tendancy to forget). I, too, believe that all things happen for a reason, and sometimes it's easy to forget that. I'm sure that everything will go really well for you. How many weeks are you?

    Mitch - I'm glad Joshua's party went well. LOL at "Green Eggs and Ham" - that's so cute. I love Dr. Suess! I can't imagine the day when Charlie reads to himself. Hooray for clever little Jessica and her walking! IKWYM about needing to keep bub's hands occupied - I've found that giving Charlie the sippy cup (which he spilled all over the floor tonight... grr...) really works, and he drinks a lot more water that way, too.

    Anyway, not much to report tonight. DH is at a gig at IPSWICH (an hour or so drive away) so I have the luxury of a few hours uninterrupted internet time... bliss! I have been able to update my website and my blog and catch up on all my forum. It's been lovely. I'm trying to think of what else I need to tell you... oh, I made a birthday cake for my friend the other day. I was using it as a practice for Charlie's birthday, but it all went horribly wrong. It was supposed to be the "drum beat" one from the latest Women's Weekly cake book, but, as my friend's husband so aptly put it, it looked more like "something from a Dr. Suess book"! And, because she's wheat free, I had to make a cornflour sponge cake, so as well as looking horrible it TASTED horrible! What a disaster! I really hope the next one is better - I'm going to make him a rocket ship (it's for DH's birthday too, which is 2 days before Charlie, and we are both sci-fi fans, so I thought that would be good). At least I know what NOT to do!

    As I mentioned, my little boy is using a sippy cup now. He's also standing, unaided for about 30 seconds (especially when he's distracted by something else). He had a shocking night last night - here's hoping for a better one tonight. OH! And he said "mum" too! That's his second word (his first was "bub"). I'm really glad his dad was around for that - at least he knows that I am Charlie's favourite now! It's funny... I would have thought that, because DH and I are such chatterboxes, Charlie would have been talking more by now.

    Anyway, I'm glad I had a chance to catch up on what you're all doing. Have a lovely weekend, everyone.

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    mooshie Guest

    hi there all

    kellee - glad to see you can have a little bit of time to get things done. congrats on charlie and his standing and also saying mum. i actually call lani the crazy frog cause when she is hungry she comes crawling after me saying mum mum mum all together and she sounds like that crazy frog ringtone. your cake making efforts sound like mine lol. i tell you i made my mum the betty crocker devils food cake packet and it was really tasty, also if i make lani's b/day cake i will only be decorating, i will be going to woolies and buying the big square sponges to cut up etc, i am never making a cake again from scratch lol

    michelleglad josh had a great birthday and i must of missed the announcement the jessica was walking omg they do grow up quickly don't they sob sob. oh btw whilst i remember that packet mix for beef and red wine was maggi (i think) could have been continental arrhh i have forgotten but it is where all the cheating dinners (as i call them lol) are.

    hello to lara, pee and anyone else i may of missed.

    i did go to the nutrimetics party i only spent $35 i bought a nailpolish (to paint my newly smokefree fingers) some soaps (orange and berry) and also a mascara (hopefully mascara is good as i hate wearing it cause it usually dries on my lashes in clumps and i end up rubbing my eyes and then it goes everywhere) i usually have my lashes tinted but it gets a bit much every 6 or so weeks so i thought i would try the mascara during winter and go the tinting in summer.

    lani has gone back to normal, i just think the other night she couldn't get comfy - she seems to have a bit of exema on her back, i have now worked out she seems to get it when she is cutting teeth dunno if a coincedence or not, i used the elidel cream and she was as right as rain and slept heaps yesterday to catch up lol.

    oh i picked up our cat today get this $400 he has a shunt and stitches in his leg and the vet reckons it is the nastiest bite she has ever seen, thinks it may have been from a feral cat or a possum and it looks like our cat was running away when he was attacked - arhh the one night we don't bring him inside and look what bloody happens. jay is so concerned and says he is worried about puss - i tell you this cat better hang around another few years after all this lol.

    have a good night all

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Hi girls

    Kellee- Yay at Charlie saying Mum and standing. It will happen quickly when he does start talking, it doesn't seem to correlate bt how much you talk , but each child is different, girls usually, but not always, talk earlier than boys. Bad luck on the cake disaster, but I am with Michelle, I am aslo buying sponges and just dressing them cos it isn't worth the hassle, the rocket sounds great!

    Michelle- Jess isn't walking everywhere, but she is starting to step away from the furniture, 3 or 4 steps and she falls over though. And last night she did about 6 steps. I will look for the maggi sachet! Glad Lani is settled again! It isn't nice to have that happen esp when you are used to sleeping. Bugger about the cat and the bill, but what can you do! I guess you'll have to keep the cat in every night. That wasa good amount to spend aon nutrimetics, at least you don't have to mortgage the house for that!LOL My sis worked for nutrimetics, never did a party or anything though, but got all the pellets in her kit and I ended up with them, I don't mind the makeup but I don't like the price much!

    Anyway not much happening, trying to cook in my slow cooker and I am not liking what I am smelling and looking at, that's what happens when you don't go by a recipe and make it up as you go along, Arron and I are going to have an argument cos I am not going to be able to ea it and Arron will go right off when I tell him, cos then I'll say I'm eating nothing......LOL that's they way it goes when you are a stubborn ***** .
    The party last night was good and we ended up getting MIL and FIL to pick us up and drive us home on their way home from their night out. So I went and got the car this morning, wel 11.45am and my gf still hadn't slept!LOL I am tired though and so nothing has been done here!

    I am a little edgy though cos my stupid SIL (Arron's sis) is here. 26 years old and in playing dollshouse with Jordan in Jemma's room, kicking jemma and my niece out cos they don't want them messing up the game! GRRRRR!!!!! God she ****s me, but I can't be bothered talking to her so I will ignore it.

    Anyway better go
    Cheers Michelle

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    OOOH! very quiet here, I am replying again before anyone else has been in.

    I actually did eat the dinner I cooked last night and it was very nice, so I decided to try a beef curry tonight. I put less curry paste than it said but the kids only had a little and gave up!LOL Arron and I loved it. But it took an hr this arvo, so I didn't do much cleaning, which is bad cos the house is YUCK! Oh well can't do everything!

    I hope everyone is well, Jessica's top right tooth is pushing at the gum, I can see it and I don't blame her for being grumpy.

    I have had to endure another visit from stupid SIL and another episode of dollshouse playing, It really irks me but I guess i better just live with it cos it's not gonna change! She was told tonight that they wouldn't be playing in Jemma's room unless Jemma was in there. I got this story about how of course, she wouldn't lock her out! Yeah right just like yesterday!

    Anyway, I have organise a scrapbooking night next Mon at my Mum's, there will be 3 of us this time but another girl will come the next time, I am looking forward to getting something done as I never get organised to do any here, it's too late by the time every kid is in bed.

    Hope you all have a very nice Tuesday

    Best wishes

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