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thread: 9 Months - 12 Months, July '05

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    Aug 2003
    Melbourne, Australia

    Sorry guys that I haven't been on. Alana has just been awful with her solids and meds and have just been so stressed. Nothings better but I'm tired of being stressed.

    Anyway sorry for no personals, but I hope everyone and bubs are fine.

    I do have a question. Has anyone tried those baby walkers or those bouncy things that attach to the door way? We were thinking about buying one for Alana, to help strengthen her legs. But I did hear the MCH nurses don't recommend them. Alana is still not crawling and thought that something like this could be a benefit. Like she kicks and pushes on her legs when lieing down. But if you put her in a standing position, she won't put weight on her legs.

    Anyway will endeavour to get on more now.

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    Kellee Guest

    Sorry you're having a hard time, Lara. Mum bought one of those things for Charlie - I think they're called Jolly Jumpers - but the one she bought had chain instead of the bouncy things, and we didn't have any suitable door frames to hang it from, so Charlie hardly used it. If I were to buy one now, I would get one that had it's own frame. I know you can get great toys that are like the walkers they used have when we were kids (that are not recommended now, apparently) but they are stationery, so they can just practice weight bearing. I hopeyou find a solution soon, and that Alana quickly moves on from the phase she's in. I'm sure it will pass. In the meantime, just keep chanting that mantra, "It's only temporary - this tough time can't last forever!"

    Good luck with it and big hugs to you.

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    HI girls

    lara- hang in there, like I said in Alana's thread, jessica has been in a similar eating situation, of course it is way more important with Alana, but I too was stressed, just keep trying, and eventually things will improve.
    I have a Jolly jumper (there are others similar, my gf has this sort of chair instead of the tie on sort that I have), my kids each used it a little, jessica esp more than the others. It puts the weight on the legs and they do get stronger I think from using them, it is recommended no more than 5-10mins a day I think. Kellee is right you can get a frame or put a hook in the roof, just screw it into a supporting beam. I don't like walkers, I think they are sort of dangerous esp if you have uneven floor surfaces, like slate or stairs or even a lip up from the lounge to the kitchen, the kids can tip the walker and get really hurt. Plus cos the kids practically sit it isn't supposed to be that good, cos that's not how you walk. But it's up to you to choose something you think you will use.

    Kellee- it is funny how the Michelle's can't stay away, maybe somehting about the name. Sounds like you were flat out all weekend, great that the gig went well, bummer they didn't record it. I guess it is hard for people who don't have kids when babysitting, and maybe they didn't take everything in that you told them! maybe next time write down some stuff for them to look at!

    We got Arron's mum to babysit and went to the 21st, which was ok, not a super night but a night out nevertheless. The sister of the boy is in childcare and Arron was talking to her and sussing her out for babysitting, so we'll see what happens next week. Arron reckons the draw isn't on Sat night, I am just going by what the girls are saying and Arron never seems to know what's going on. I will have to ask around. My gf was really annoyed on Sunday, cos we left at about 12.15am and I didn't even say see ya, cos the taxi was there and we just jumped in. Anyway, she teed up a lift with our nextdoor neighbour. So at about 1pm the neighbour went and got in her car. My gf and her dh were walking out to go and chatting as they went. they were standing at the botom of the stairs and then the girl who was giving them a lift drove straight past them and left them there, she didn't even stop and say are you coming or anything, so they didn't get home until about 3am. that made me feel bad cos we should have taken them in the taxi with us. Oh well next time.

    Michelle- I so hope you don't get too sick, there is nothing worse! Hope you get to see Shane Crawford, he went to Assumption college here in Kilmore and my neighbour when I was younger loved him too, but she soon found out how arrogant he was. I really don't like him at all, but that's ok, you can!LOL lani is starting to pop teeth all over! I hope that you had a lovely dinner yesterday with you parents and remembered Jessi in your own special way. Hugs to you all

    We had Josh's bday party for his 3 friends yesterday and my house was trashed at the end, they had a good time though and it only cost me about $40 so that's ok. I have spent all morning cleaning and Mum is bringing us subway for lunch so now I don;'t have togo the the supermarket, and she is paying for the subway so that's even better.

    jessica is going very well, gaining confidence everyday with her walking and taking off all over the place. Where has my baby gone? I finally rang the drs and got my pill prescription, cos Arron is starting to stress. I mentioned vasectomy again today and he is non responsive, which I am sorta happy with cos we are still both very young. I am sort of happy for him to wait till he's about 35 and then....I don't want to take the pill for ever iykwim.

    Well have a good day everyone

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    Hey girls!!

    So busy doing tax and work and stuff i feel like i am going nuts!! LOL

    Glad your gig went well Kellee. I wish you had some pics to show us of your blue number and Charlie!! Sounds like your bro freaked out a bit. It is hard when you havent had kids before!!

    I hope all gets better with Lara for you. It can be hard being a Mummy sometimes.

    I have found the Jolly Jumper to be a waste of money for Ryley. He was in it once and loved it but he was too big!!

    I dont like Shane Crawford either Michelle!! ( I love Matthew Pavlich... hmmmmm)

    Anyway enough for me atm. Will chat more later

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    hi all

    thanks michelle and kellee for your thoughts of our dear jessica yesterday, it was a hard day gosh i can't believe she would have been 7, it seems to get a bit tougher each year. jay was sweet and told me not to worry as i still had him and now we have lani. we lit her special candle and my lovely neighbour bought us a special candle as well so that was nice. dinner was okay kids were tired and cranky and paul didn't come cause he wasn't feeling well - he is off work today arhhhh ](*,) at least i get to drive the new car lol.

    lara - it is so frustrating when they don't eat and has michelle said even more so for you. how about letting her feed herself - it will make a huge mess but it might just help. i try and give lani what we are eating and as soon as i put the spoon to her mouth she clamps up and shakes her head no - so i just give up and give her the bowl and quite often she eats it - with her fingers, as soon as she starts tossing the food over the highchair i get her out and say no more - hopefully she will get the hint. i also have a jolly jumper but hardly use it - it's okay lani likes it but i just keep forgetting to get it out - the health nurse said once that if they can't bear weight on their legs then to put them in it to dangle not have there feet touching the ground. it won't be long that alana is weight bearing her legs - lani is just starting to do it now and is very wobbley.

    michelle - glad to see josh had a good party and you got out of it quite cheaply. and no auskick did not come = wrong week arhh the timetable siad the 23rd they must of changed it - apparently next week. yes shane crawford does seem to be quite arrogant but i just like his face and body lol and his hair he has a school boyish sort of charm to him lol. good to see you had a goodnight saturday night. oh and i love subways - the terriaki chicken yum yum - i always get a 6" but i reckon i could finish off a 12" but am to embarressed to order a big one lmao.

    kellee - glad the gig went well. hows the weather up in qld, hopefully it is nice and sunny and all the bugs down here in melbourne are not up there lol. you sound really busy at the moment, what a bugger the abc didn't record it - hopefully next time.

    well i am a little nervous well a lot nervous actually, you see i went to the doctor about 2wks ago as i wasn't feeling right, tired and lethagic and just not right, i also had a lump in my neck that i was ****ting myself about - well the doctor examined my neck and she said all seemed to be okay and explained it was more likely a swollen gland however she sent me off for a full blood test to rule out any nasties. she also included in the test to check my rubella (apparently it was low when prg with lani although i only had a booster done in 2001) also iron levels and my thyroid - she said not to worry if anything was amiss on the blood test she would send me a letter to come and see her. well i got a letter from her today saying i need to see her as i have an abnormal result, holy cow i am shaking i am so scared it is something really bad i feel like crying, i just hope that it is my iron levels or rubella, i am going to see her after kinder drop off tommorrow at 8.40am so please fingers crossed everything will be okay.

    well i better go and look busy seeing as paul is home sick - apparently he might even have tommorrow off ](*,)

    have a good day/night everyone

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    Michelle- I hope you don't stress out too much tonight, I can say that but I know I'd be feeling just as you do about the results. It's pretty mean to not write what the thing to discuss is, I mean couldn't she have written something in there about how urgent or what it was regarding, at least then you would have some idea. I wonder if drs think like people sometimes!LOL Fingers crossed for your for a minor prob!
    Sounds like yesterday went well, as well as possible. It is frightening how time flies isn't it? I htought the same when looking at my kids the other day.
    Forgot to say I am scrapbooing tonight at mum's with my cousin and mum. Am going to try and fly through the pages, aiming at 6 in 2 hrs....see how I go. How many do you get done on a night Michelle?

    Pee- it is the busy time of the year, hope you have all the tax stuff done. I have 6 mths of receipts to organise for Arropn's business and a BAS statement to finish bf our tax can go in. LOL Not much !

    Oh well going cos I have to do tea, just spag bol tonight, kids will be rapt as it's their fav.

    Cheers michelle

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    mooshie Guest

    just got back from my nightly walk - am stuffed lol

    pee - sorry we were posting at the same time - you sound super busy, it is a busy time isn't it. i am lucky dh tax is pretty straight forward we have already lodged it and got our refund - although it paid for the cat's vet bill lol

    michelle - have fun scrapbooking tonight - wow 6 pages hope you get them done, i have done max 5 in one night, sometimes i only do 1 but aim for 2 depends how long we chat for and how i am going for ideas. i am scrapping on friday night.

    forgot to mention before i got a quick weight in for miss lani today and drum roll she has hit 8kg well 7.9kg so she's close lol just under the 50% so am happy there, it was just a quick in and out (no appt) so didn't get height done. stupid health nurse said she should only be on 2 bottles a day phewy to her she is on 3 she also said she should have breakfast first in the morning not her bottle - well i am sorry but i have always laid in bed with my kids giving them a bottle at 7am then breaky is around 8am so more civilised for me lol - even now jay gets up and has a drink of milk around 1/2hr before breaky. i just nod and agree with health nurse lol.

    am going to watch bb uncut

    night all

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    Mooshie thats exactly what I do with MCH nurses too. Every child is different. Alana is still on 3 bottles. I feed Alana her solids first in the morning, but only because she's at her hungriest and its the only way I can get her to eat them. I only did this when her dietitian recommended it. Otherwise I would be doing bottle first. Yay on her weight gain!

    I hope you appointment shows nothing to bad. I'm sure it will be fine. I will check in later to see how you went.

    Thanks everyone for answering my question. We have decided now not to worry about getting either. I think I just ned to move on and stop worrying all the time. I tell you I am going to do my head in!LOL!

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    mooshie Guest

    hi girls

    well i am back from the gp and PHEW all is okay but the results showed my iron levels were right down. doc doesn't want me on iron tablets just yet as they will make me more constipated, i need to eat red meat in particular beef at least 3 to 4 times per week i prefer lamb or chicken but will have to change my diet. thank god there was nothing nasty i tell you my tummy was doing somersaults whilst i was waiting.

    well i better go have paul home sick again yuck don't you hate it when men get sick arhhhhhh

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    Aug 2003
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    Good news Mooshie! I would have thought a phone call to let you know that your iron levels were low would have been better, instead of sending a letter a worrying you. But glad all is ok!

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    Kellee Guest

    Hello all! My god, I know I've said it before, but you gals are fast! I'm glad I decided to take 5 minutes to check on here... if I had waited another couple of days I would have never caught up!

    Glad to hear that it was "just" your iron levels, mooshie. I will have to hunt around for some fabulous beef recipes for you. I have a great one for beef and red wine pie... mmm... I'll give it to you when I've got time to type it up.

    Yay for Lani gaining weight! It takes a load off your mind, doesn't it? You know your bubs better than the health nurse, so you just do what you think is best. Sometimes I think that they get cross if you don't follow their advice to the letter. Silly twits!

    Big hugs to you, Lara. It's hard not to worry, huh? Don't feel bad about that - it just means you love Alana very much and want what is best for her. That's all you can do. You're a wonderful mum.

    You sound busy, Pee! How's the job going? And I've been meaning to ask... how did you manage uni with Ryley to look after? I'm about to (on Thursday) start doing a uni subject (psychology - yuck!) and I'm worried about fitting it all in!

    Charlie has an appointment with the paed tomorrow. His breathing has been really bad lately, even though the paed told us at his 6 month check up that he would "grow out of it". Grr. I think it may be asthma - I actually hope it is that, because then it's not as sinister as I think it might be. I will let you know.

    Anyway, must put the boy to bed. Hope you're all really well and I'll write more later.

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    Mar 2004

    Hi everyone, i can't believe we're here already. (I'm feeling a bit lazy today so the next bit is just a cut and paste.) I'm a bit saddened by how fast he's growing out of the baby stage. He often looks more like a little boy than a baby now. In a few years I'm going to be one of those tragic mums standing outside the school on the first day bawling my eyes out.
    He cruises the furniture now and loves to throw stuff. If I put him in the cot while I shower he's perfectly happy as long as he has a big supply of stuff to throw on the floor. I bought him a learning table at the target sale and he loves it, he likes the blocks I got him too because they make a big bang when he throws them on the table. Such a boy!! :roll:
    He's started getting very wary of anyone other than me and DH in the last couple of weeks. Of course MIL is carrying on like its the end of the world and a major personality flaw caused by our parenting rather than a perfectly normal developmental stage. Funnily enough he still loves DH's Bangladeshi aunt (he's always been quiet and happy when he's with her) which drives MIL nuts because she tries to grab Yasin and he screams and then Rahat picks him up and he's really placid. lol.
    We have to see the ECHN on Thursday. I hope he's put on some weight because last time he hadn't although I think that he did but then lost it when he started crawling.
    Its DH's birthday tomorrow. I'm still tossing up whether we should go out to dinner or just have something nice at home. I geuss he's the birthday boy so I'll let him decide. I really feel like making (eating) my super-duper seafood soup. I'm going to make a choc-cherry birthday cake as a practice run for Yasin's birthday. Its meant to be a cupcake recipie but I was thinking that for DH I might just put it in a cake tin and bake it for about ten minutes longer.

    Michelle, my iron levels are always a tiny low no matter what I eat. I think I just have trouble metabolising it because even when I take supplements and multivitamins it stays low. Vitamin C helps you absorb it so they say you should have a glass of orange juice when you eat meat or take your multi-vitamins etc.
    woohoo for Lani's weigt gain \/

    Kellee, I hope that Charlie's breathing isn't caused by anything nasty. Yasin was really wheezy a while ago but when the Dr checked with the stethescope it wasn't his lungs it was his throat.

    Pee, you sound busy. You reminded me that I have to take care of DH's tax asap. Maybe tomorrow.

    Michelle, lucky you having a night out without the kids. Good to hear that Josh's party was a sucess and didn't cost you too much.
    Congratulations to Jesssica on her walking =D>

    Iris, I hope little Alana stops stressing you out soon and starts eating better. I've read that the walkers are quite dangerous but lots of babies love the jumpers. My friends daughter had one and she was crazy about it. I tried Yasin in it and he wasn't very enthusiastic but maybe he might have been if he had more oppurtunity.

    I've got to go. Idol is on and I love the early weeks with all the talentless people, after that it gets boring.

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    Pietta Guest

    Hey all
    i'm going to be ia for a while coz i'm finally getting my tooth pulled out. it is killing me now!!! :-({|= :-({|= :-({|= [-X [-X i shoulda done it before.

    quickly Kellee i had Ryley in day care one full day a week on a day i wasn't at uni and did it all then. i did psych too!!

    i'm going to put Ryley to bed and have a few glassesof pain relief wine

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    OMG Dasch, already? Welcome to you both. And when your next bubba comes Yasin will seem like he's all grown up *SOB*. And don't worry i am planning to do the teary mum thing for both Jemma and Jessica, I've been fine for the others but I worked n wasn't home all the time so it seemed different, like I'd given the others away when they were little so it was ok LOL. Hope DH has a good bday, and that is so funny about Yasin liking the aunty better than the MIL, you must be doing siomething rightLOL I bet MIL gets ****ed off.

    Michelle grr at the drs worrying you so much! SO glad it is a minor thing, there's nothing like a lovely piece of steak YUM! And good news on the weight gain! Are you going to wait to turn the carseat around? You are doing so well with the walking.

    And I was way too ambitious last night. I did writing on one page, and made photo mats for pics i had already cut out and finished a 2nd page. So way off the 6 I planned for, but we didn't get started straight off so that's why, we are meeting again next Monday! i plan to crop the pics during the week so it saves time next week.

    Kellee- I hope things are ok with Charlie and it isn't asthma.

    Pee Hello and hope you are not too tired with all this working you're doing.

    We have to pay almost $1000 from the business for gst and payg tax. Better hope there is enough there! I think that will practically wipe out the bank account. I tried to tell him not to take money! Oh well it will be fine I'm sure.

    Anyway not much happening, Jessica walks further and more often each day. I will take her to be weighed next week and hopefully we have weight gain. I am sure we will as we have had more success with eating lately, now that i let her do some of her own feeding.

    Lara- it's hard but you do need to stress less, everything is fine, Alana is doing very well and will do things when she is ready, unfortunately for us mummies, I would have swapped the walker for the sitter, that was my plan LOL.

    Anyway have a good day tomorrow everyone.
    Cheers Michelle

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    Feb 2004

    Welcome Bon and Dacholstar to this forum!!

    Details all across.

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    Kellee Guest

    Hey ladies,

    Hi Dasch! Good to have you here. Although you and I are never in the same forum for very long! Hopefully I fall pregnant really soon and we're in the same forum with our next bubs too. Glad to see that Yasin is being beautiful and generally creating mischief, which, I'm convinced, is the job of all little boys!

    Grr GST, Mitch. I used to be registered for it until I stopped gigging so much - it's such a pain! Hope the money magically lands in your account. Don't stress if Jessica hasn't gained weight... it all evens out in the end, and with all the walking she's doing she's probably burning off heaps anyway. What a good girl.

    Poor Pee with the tooth! You'll feel so much better for it... eventually! I hope it's not too much of a hassle. Big hugs to you, and I am having a glass of wine in sympathy as we speak! Mmm... Grant Burge Merlot... mmm...!

    Well, we went to the paed today, who assures me it's nothing to be worried about. Charlie's breathing is still a symptom of the trachaeomalatia (under-developed windpipe) he was diagnised with at three months. The doc said that it's probably gotten 'worse' in the last few months because he's gotten more active - well, not that it's gotten worse, just that we're noticing it more. She was very pleased with how he's going otherwise... he broke the 9 kg mark today (9.2) - hooray! IN YOUR FACE to the silly GP who said that his lack of weight gain was cause for concern... his height was just increasing a little faster than his weight, that's all... anyway. The next step is to take some video footage of Charlie sleeping with his shirt off so that the doc can see how his little lungs move when he sleeps - it's probably just the t.m. again, but he's a really REALLY loud snorer. We have another appointment on the 24/8, so the paed assures me everything is and will be fine until then, and that his condition doesn't increase the risk of SIDS or anything. Can't help being worried though - I hate that he breathes like that. Anyway, that's the latest.

    Oops... just realised that this is quite long! Sorry! Better go and check out the ttc forum... they are even faster than you guys! I bet they've all moved across to the April pregnancy forum and I'll be a nigel. Just joking.

    Hope you're all grouse and big hugs to you and your bubs.

    BTW, just realised that it's only 2 weeks until I bid you all adieu again.

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Hi all

    Kellee- good to hear Charlie is ok, glad they are foloowing stuff up though, nothing like vague answers to annoy mum's! Have fun videoing! And I can't believeit, only 2 more weeks.....not fair, seems like only yesterday you left the last forum! It may not be the Michelle and Michelle show in the next forum...although there are 3 Michelle's in that forum alreadyLOL, so with Mooshie as well there'll be 4.

    Pee- you poor thing, we posted at the same time and I didn't see the post about your tooth. Once it's out the pain will go, so good luck.

    Not much to say today, I picked up the kids, met Arron in the next town and we drove to Sunshine to pick up a new transmission for his car, cos the old one he tried to rebuild and it still won't go. Then we raced into Target and Josh brought 3 xbox games with his money. I allowed Spiderman2 even though it was M rating, but I said he had to buy G rated games cos I am sick of the agression he is displaying toward Jemma and Jordan, gotta try something!

    Jessica is so happy ATM, now that 1 of the teeth have come through, and the walking is more and more each day.

    I hope everyone else is well. I watched that house MD show tonight and I liked it but once Arron is in charge of the remote I won't see it so bad luck for meLOL He is a channel surfer, highly annoying.

    Anyway gotta go
    Cheers Michelle

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    mooshie Guest

    hi there

    gosh with only the few of us we can chat lol

    dachlostar - welcome to you and yasin, he sounds like a cheeky little monkey can you believe at how quickly he has grown. how is everything going with your prg. i always have low iron and i take vitamins daily with o.j but i have started having o.j when i have a beef meal so hopefully that will help.

    michelle - lol at being over ambitious re scrapping i do it all the time, at least you got a little done. don't worry about jessica's weight as kellee said with all that walking and movement she is sure to slow down a little. btw i changed lani's car seat around last month (was sick of banging her head on the car doh). will be interesting to see how jessica goes at her weigh in.

    lara - how are you going, how is miss alana and her eating. i gave lani spag bog tonight (she refussed to eat of the spoon for me) so i just gave her the bowl and she ate all the pasta then proceded to tip the bowl out onto the tray and have her first go at finger painting with her dinner arhhh then she would pick a bit up go to drop it over the edge of her highchair and look at me and shake her head for no, naughty baby she is a devil lol.

    kellee - good news in a sense re charlie and his breathing it must be so scary for you, i hate it when my kids breathe quickly especially jay, quite often i think gosh he is breathing very quickly and then i realise he has just spent the last 10mins running around lol - gosh we never stop worrying do we.

    pee - good luck with the tooth pull, hope all goes well there and we see you back soon.

    not much news here - paul is going back to work tommorrow HOORAY and jay is over his flu to (although he has a terrible cough) he is back to normal. fingers crossed lani and i don't come down with it - having said that i guess the odds are the one of us will get it by friday - cause that is when i am meant to be going out to scrapbook with my girlfriends. i am busy trying to organise lani's first birthday i know it is 2mths off yet - we are having it a week early (11th sept) only cause if we have it on the 18th there will be a few people that won't be able to make it due to going away etc. i have so much to do as we are having around 60 adults and 50 kids ranging in age from newborns to teenagers so it is going to be a nightmare to organise - it will sort of be a thankyou to all the friends and family who have helped and supported us over the last 3 years. i think i am going to go to a finger food place and get a heap of frozen stuff to heat and eat - coles had pepsi cans on special this week so i have bought a couple of boxes as well as chips they had on special (i just hope that they stay in there packets and i don't open them at night for a snack).

    i am just going a bit silly wondering how i am going to organise such an event but i must admit it is fun to do, it will be one of the biggest parties i have had to do - although jessica's wake was back at our place and although it wasn't a party there was alot of people, thankfully everyone bought a plate and i didn't need to do anything.

    well i am waffling so i think i better stop, i may go to bed and read the paper. oh speaking of news i noticed on channel 9 last night they had a doctor on some pedophile charges and he was the ******* registrar that worked as an offsider with jessica's neurosurgeon - i never liked the guy and was just sickened when i saw it on the news bloody creep.


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