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Thread: Babies Born April 2006

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    abs Guest


    Susan, I think you are meant to email the details as per the top post ??

    Quote Originally Posted by belgodfrey
    Abs - mentioned it before, but Jordan is just gorgeous!

    Glad you have Jen home. Is she feeling any better?

    You'll get the hang of bathing soon enough, I think everyone feels a bit awkward the first few times with a new baby, even when they've done it before with other children. I agree with Rose, try feeding him before, then at least he's not hungry...
    So very glad to have them both home - no more late night drives/early morning drives between home and the hospital

    You can't believe who many people can't stop saying that. We went out for lunch with Jen's parents and one brother today at the local larger pub. Quite a few people stopped by and crooned over him :shock:

    We ended up ditching the "bath on the table" idea, and went for a drive (his first trip out) on Saturday - picked up a Bath/Change table combo - will never use as both the bath & change table as it wouldn't logically work that way, but now the CT is up higher than the CT we had sitting on top of the cot - it also has side "soap" tray so can put things in their too

    Bathwise it should be at a nice height too - will probably give him a bath tomorrow, he'll be due for another then

    Jen is soooo looking to getting off these antibiotics. She is hanging for him to go back on the boob. 2 more tables (tomorrow morning and evening), then will probably convert him back to boob on maybe Tuesday evening.

    She doesn't want to wake me when she gets up to express & chuck her milk - she'll change & maybe feed Jordy then turn on the pump. Her milk glands seem to fill just as often as Jordy wants a drink

    We were told to give him by the bottle, 85mls/feed, but half the time he simply wont drink anywhere near that amount. Some earlier times he'd get close, then chuck half of it a little while later. Now we feed him maybe 40-60mls and he is usually fine with that... though means feeding more often

    Also this formula seems to make his #2's like a concrete sludge ! Poor boy

    Gotta go and run off a few prints from the digital camera shots - I took a high quality version of the main photo on his picture sight (see my www) and put some nice writing at the bottom. Gotta run off 70 x 6x4" shots, plus a few smaller ones. Will also do a few of that last picture too - he is simply soo cute

    Now to all these other April mum's, come on in - I want someone to chat to Our April pregnancy thread is slowing down with all the births going on, but still a few more to happen

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    Abs- Sounds like your getting everything worked out at home!! I bet Jan cant wait to get him back on the boob it would be a nice releif for her and not to metion Jordans poor bowels..... sorry were not chattin as often as you would like, i seem to have the time but always have visitors just when i want to get on here!?

    Rose- All the best for your impending birth! I hope all goes or has gone well!! Cant wait to hear from you again! Both DH and I arent overly tall 170-180cm, though Logan is a very solid little man!

    Kelly- How cool our boys were born on the same day!! You did so well to carry your 2 for so long!! Must be a natural at it hey! Hope they are behaving for you and settling well, I just cant imagine what its like having 2 little ones to tend too.......

    Bel- Cant wait till you join us in here with your new arrival!! unfortunatley the last few weeks are the worst in re; to waiting.... I went a bit crazy Im sure well my DH seems to think I did anyway! :smt016

    Susan- Congratualtions on your not so little girl!! She was quite a size too! no wonder you trouble gettin her out! LOL

    Cant wait to get to know you all better really soon!!
    Take Care!

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    Abs – Little Jordan has a decent amount of hair.

    Adam’s seems to have grown heaps more than Haydens but maybe just because it is darker it is more noticeable

    We gave Adam & Hayden baths again last night and they just loved them, relaxed and stretched out in the bath. It is a bit nervous holding them correctly but when I see them relax I relax too and it seems more natural.

    Abs – What sort of teets are you using. I found the ones in the hospital no good as the milk just poured out of them and I had read that you need slow teets so the babies have to suck to get the reward of the formula which helps them go back to the boob as they aren’t used to getting formula easily.

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    KelliC Guest


    Hello EVERYONE,
    I miss you all so much! I can't wait to join everyone in here, all these beautiful bubbies I just want to be holding mine...Not too long now I'm sure... [-o< [-o<

    the twins are absolutely beautiful, how are you coping with two of them?

    it sounds like you have everything worked out at home.

    congratulations on your bundle.

    good luck on the birth on your little one, loved reading your story.

    See you all soon,


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    abs Guest


    Hi girls - I know you're busy... given a bit of time, I'm sure we'll have some discussions going on again

    wishing we had everything sorted - today we hit a wall. Seems he isn't pooing much at all for well over 24hours - possibly 48.

    Went to go get some digital photo's printed, saved one photo as a GIF instead of a JPG, and of course the stoopid printer things wouldn't accept the image... so will have to go back tomorrow.

    Came back home, running late for a bbq over the road (where our ex housemate, Gary, now lives), got back just in time to put the meat on the bbq... then he cracked it. Scoffed down lunch and back home. Friend of Gary has a couple of kids and popped over to see how Jordan was going. She recommended taking a trip to the chemist to see what they had to say re the formula we are using... Linda came back with a thing to pop up his bottom... 20 mins later, woah, what a backlog

    Kelly, I don't know what teets we are using (bar the Avent ones). We do have 2 Avent bottles with the Newborn teets, but have quite a few Nuk(?) bottles which apparently had the right teets on em for newborns. I do know what you mean about different speeds. One Nuk bottle has been "discarded" for now, coz it's too quck. We have bought barely anything bottle wise due to friends passing on theirs - we know they are very clean livers, so was happy to use em

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    Hey all.

    abs - sorry to hear little Jordan was having a few problems pooing - unfortunately formula can do that to the little ones. It's horrible to see them so uncomfortable. Glad it's sorted now. Warm baths to relax their little tummies can sometimes help too, although sounds like Jordan had a pretty full bowel...

    As for the bottle teats - you can buy just the teats for the bottles in slow, medium or fast flow. That way you don't have to not use a bottle coz its got the wrong teat. The slow flow are the ones you want for now.

    Kelly - glad to hear the twins are doing well

    Hi to all the other girls - can't wait to join you! I've got another BP check appt tomorrow, so who knows, maybe it'll be sooner rather than later - here's hoping...


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    I'll email the details, but here they are:
    Forum Name: shell_l_d
    State: NSW
    Baby's DOB: 03/04/06
    Baby's Stats: Weight;6lb 7oz,2945gm – Length50cm - Head Circ – 35.5cm
    Gender of Baby: Female
    Baby's Name: Holly Maree
    Baby's Website:
    Health Concerns: Loose/clicky hips (breech), u/sound @ 3days old ok, follow up at 6wks.
    Notes: First precious bubby. Breastfeeding.

    Better late than never, but here I am. :-)

    Quick post for me. As for bottles & teats, my g/friend did research on these & I've also purchased them: Dr Brown's Medically Proven Colic Proof Bottles ($30 for 2) with Pigeon Peristaltic Nipples size S (designed to be as close as possible to a mothers nipple), also been using nipple shields due to cracked/sore/bleeding nipples, both have been helping & have made me able to cope better, as otherwise I would've had to go with formula. Even helped Holly with attachment issues, still on the learning curve with it though & hope to be able to go without the shield soon. :-)

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    Hi all,
    just a quick post to say Hi and that I can't wait to be here soon.
    Abs - glad to hear things are improving with Jen and Jordan - sure miss having you in the other thread though I know from your more recent post that you've been keeping an eye on us
    Shell - glad to hear the b/f thing is improving, I'm really looking forward to it but I can't even begin to imagine what it will be like, your comments make me realise it might be a challenge but worth it if we can get the technique right
    KelliW- love the pics of the twins. They are really beautiful Sounds lovely bathing them. My DH is a natural in water so might let him to the bathing thing as he will get a real kick out of letting our baby experience water. DH is mad keen on surfing, white water rafting, sea-kayaking etc.. so I imagine that our little midget will have those skills too asap!!!
    AMH - you're right about the APril thread, it was a real challenge to keep up and often a lot of us would skip threads and catch up when we had time. Congratulations on your little son Logan, love the name! I look forward to chatting with you as soon as our little midget decides he/she should come to join us out in our world!
    Bel - I know what you mean about getting in here. Won't be long just feels like it!
    Oops - this was meant to be a short post. Keep up the good work all and I hope to be here soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by abs
    Susan, I think you are meant to email the details as per the top post ??
    D'oh - my bad. I think I am having more 'pregnancy moments' post pregnancy than I did during it!! Thanks Abs.

    Also re: 85ml per feed - Amber usually goes through about 55ml and that's at a struggle.

    I'm a little concerned about her poo/weeing habits at the moment aswell - seems you're supposed to get between 6-8 wetties a day, we dont!

    Anyway hope all is going well for everyone. Will do a better post at some stage!

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    Hi guys I'll actually update your details later today when Matilda is asleep (hopefully...).

    I just thought I'd comment on the constipation is a thread where we started talking about it with another link to a previous discussion on it. A lot of us worry about constipation in our little ones and Matilda got it early on due to medication. I was told by the GP that constipation was if they had not had a movement in 3-4 days for a breastfed baby and 2-4 days in a bottle fed baby. Having said that when MAtilda was solely breastfed she could go a whole week without a poo and without being constipated. The signs are that they pull their legs up and grunt & even their faces will turn red. I would give some cooled boiled water & a good massage would generally do the trick. HTH!

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    abs Guest


    thanks for that Christy - much appreciated

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    abs just a thought on the bath issue my DH didn't really like bath time either Declan does but thats besides the point I felt it was important for DH to do it though to give them some bonding time I guess as I can feed and he can't anyway we put Declan in the shower with DH and they both loved it and enjoy the whole process alot more might be worth a shot my DH says it is sooo much easier as he isn't worried about slipping and drowning him just the slipping part but they are going really well with it now!

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    abs Guest


    Welcome home Theresa and Georgie

    So good to hear all is going so well for you

    Becky, we gave Jordan another bath this evening once we got some time to ourselves. I mentioned earlier we bought a bath/change table - worked well. Roll it to the bathroom, fill it up, roll it back to the bedroom where we have another "change table" that sits on top of the cot

    Jen held him and I washed - he was much happier this time, but maybe the feed he had beforehand helped

    Must remember to try the shower thing too... will see how the next couple of baths go

    Oh yeah, something I've been meaning to ask... for those that have pets... Cats in particular. Jen is still a bit worried about our boys. I think I'm pretty calm about them. They've only shown a very little bit of interest in him.

    But we brought home a wrap from the hospital with his scent on it for them to get used to. Placed it on top of the doona on our bed, and well both of em don't wanna sleep on the doona anymore. Just on the wrap !

    Other than that, umm, what else is new here... Oh yeah, Jen has her last antibiotic shortly. She has been given the all clear from her bloodtest yesterday and that she can breastfeed four hours after having the last tablet. She'll give it a bit longer - maybe after lunch tomorrow. Which is good, coz the tin of formula powder only has enough left to last about that long \/

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    abs Guest



    my boy is a superstar

    He was fed using the bottle overnight and this morning was going to be the test... Jen expressed a little to get the milk flowing, changed his nappy, and then asked for a little help to get him in the right position

    He latched on and started sucking RIGHT AWAY. A week of bottles & formula has done nothing for his desire for booby and its milky goodness \/ \/ He's already drained one breast

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    That's awesome Abs - I wish Amber would take to the boob but she's not interested in the slightest!

    Theresa - 190g in 2 days is awesome, Georgie must be going great guns! Amber got a little jaundice, but leves werent high enough to put her under lights. Good to hear you are feeling and recovering well after your c/s.

    Anyway, I've got a bucket load of clothing to put away - never knew one little person could generate so much washing.

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    abs Guest


    hehe, know all about the washing here too Susan

    Well Jordy has taken to the breast no problem, however, as Jen kinda thought whilst expressing not as much as they said to feed him, he didn't seem to be getting enough when he was feeding today

    Was pretty much continually feeding for nearly 2hours before snoozing for 30 mins and wanting another feed

    Then he cracked the royal big one. Nothing we tried would quieten him other than putting back on the boob. Jen was very much over it and there was nothing left to feed him anyway

    We finally rang someone who suggested maybe he's not getting enough (hmm, where have I heard that line before). So we have him a bottle... he basically skulled it all in no time. Poor little bugger was starving :shock:

    Hmm so we gotta try and get her supply back up to speed 8-[

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    Abs - found this recipe on Belly Belly months ago, don't know if it works but I remember reading the discussion about it at the time that it really worked well. If you and Jen are interested give it a try and let us know!!!

    Here is a little recipe my Grandmother gave me. My mum also got given this at the Old Queen Elizabeth Hospital when she was having trouble with my little sister and her milk production. I thought it might be helpful to someone:


    1 cup skim milk powder
    1 cup Activite (Safeway / Woolworths sell this)
    1 litre Milk (full cream was meant but I think you could substitute.)


    Mix all ingredients together in a Blender (or with a bar mix) until well combined.


    Drink one large glass in the morning then drink as required throughout the day. 3 Days should be enough to have your milk flowing like there is no tomorrow.

    Apparently it tastes like a chocolate thickshake. Will let you know in a few months. Everyone I know who has used it says it works like a charm.

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    abs, Jen will probably find that she'll be feeding Jordan pretty much constantly for the next few days to build up her milk supply again - not very convenient I know, but not many other options unfortunately!

    I've heard of that milkshake that Joy suggested too, apparently it works well. Another way that's 'supposed' to work is drinking guiness! Heard it from a few places, so not sure if it actually works or not.

    Just out of interest, coz it definitely doesn't sound like Jen would need to go as far as this, but Maxalon (the anti-nausea drug) increases milk supply too. Found this out when mums milk dried up when she was on antibiotics for an infection. She really wanted to b/f so the doc gave her maxalon to stimulate her milk again. Apparently they give it to women who want to breastfeed their adopted babies to get the milk going - :shock: bizarre hey! Just thought I'd throw that little tidbit in there!

    Anyway, off to bed for soon


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