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thread: Babies Born January 16th ~ 31st 2009 #2

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    I have had a horror last few days. Emily is refusing to sleep during the day. The last two afternoons she has been refusing to settle and just screams whenever I put her in the cot. She is happy to be picked up and sit in bouncer/lie on playmat but anything bed related produced screaming. It really drove me crazy. Today she is also on a hunger strike and fed well at 6am then had an ok feed at 9am and nothing decent since (it is 6pm!). I have been out all day today as could not cope with another screaming afternoon and basically have not tried to get her to sleep. She has been awake with a couple of naps since 8am but just fell asleep in DH's arms while he was warming a bottle of expressed milk (to see if she would take it as refusing breast). Not sure how long she will sleep just glad she is. Not really sure what to do. I am home all day tomorrow so hopefully we can establish some sort of routine but whether I am home or not sleep in teh day is always an issue. I might call Tresillian tomorrow if she is bad again.

    Anyway just wanted to vent..DH is being wonderful and cooking dinner while I do nothing (even though he has a sermon to prepare for the weekend and should be doing that)

    We were also planning to start trying again for another in 3-6 months but Emily being difficult makes me wonder if we should. However we are not being all that careful now so might just happen.

    I hope everyone has a lovely mothers day whether first or not. As corny as it sounds just spending time with Emily is reward enough

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    Hi yummy mummies, sorry have been MIA - PC probs but all seems to be fixed..lets hope it stays that way!

    Me-lisa - - Ella went through the same thing just over a week ago but is now in a good routine (i completely changed her routine based on some wonderful advice from another BB member)
    Ella has been in her cot for the last week and all seems to be going well - although DH and i miss having her in her bassinette in our room she actually sleeps better in her cot (goes down at 7.30pm - i do a dream feed at midnight and she sleeps through til 7.30am) - this has only been happening over the last week and it took a full 3 days of persistence to establish the routine but i'm glad i persevered as she has taken to it really well

    As for ttc bub #2 DH and i will start trying again at the end of this year (unless it happens before then, we're not exactly being careful

    Ren: i think you asked about the Grobags? - Ella is in a 6-18mth one and its terrific! - i feel much more calm knowing there are no blankets for her to get caught under now she is her nursery (which is at the end of the house from our bedroom!)

    Not sure what DH has planned for mothers day... although i am excited about it being my first mothers day, its also tinged with sadness as my mum passed away 20 years ago (i was 12) and even though i miss her everyday, i feel it more on mothers day, BUT having said that, this year i have my own daughter to celebrate with which will be nice

    anyway can feel myself getting teary (i'm such a sook ) hope everyone else is well and bubbas are doing great too!

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    Hi lovely ladies - have not posted in a while but i have been lurking and keeping abreast of goings-on. So great to see everyone going ok.

    Just wanted you all to know that I am leaving BB (sad and sorry heart but know it is the right thing to do). If you can imagine the warmest hug imaginable it is being sent to all of you from me. Please PM your details if you would like to stay in touch.

    Now, for one last time....... lovely ladies.

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    PLC - Sorry to see you go!! for whatever reason... look after yourself and your little kidlets and all the very best. Stay in touch (I Pm'd you). Thanks for your support during our TTC days and of course PG days and baby days!!

    MeLisa - I think it's something to do with the age! My DD has been the same! since turning 12 weeks it's like she's a different baby! I find it VERY difficult getting her to sleep during the day... not sure if you read my post few days ago but this time last week (weds) it took 14hrs to get her to sleep... i kid you not. the next day i just went out to the shops I didnt even try to get her to sleep i couldnt do another day like the previous one! it was shocking!!! And soooo tiring. But this week she's heaps better
    I'm STILL trying to establish a better routine..... but trying to be very flexible for DD's sake as demand feeding. And we do the same, if she wont feed properly, give her bottle of EBM instead!!!

    Ellabear - thanks for the feedback re: grobag! I'm glad that size fits Ella. Maybe that size will fit Ava? Although Ava is lean, she's very tall so it may fit? We should get it in a few days.
    Can you PM me some details about your routine? Did you get the idea off that thread you started??? We had a routine but now its out the window the last week as her sleeping patterns have shifted!!!

    Well lately it feels like I have a newborn again! DD has dreamfeed 10pm goes to bed, then wakes 130am for feed, 330am (settle her back again) and then 430/5am for a feed again then its hard to get her back to sleep!!! I hope it passes soon.... I liked it when she'd sleep 10pm til 4am then wake again 7am that was great!!!!!

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