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    hi !

    finally max slept through last night till 5am.. if only he could sleep a an hour longer would be perfect. oh well am happy for now so much better than waking lots of times like has been for a while now... hopefully tonight will be the same

    max did the funniest thing today, he ripped a piece of newspaper that DH was reading and the satrted belly laughing really loudly. so then DH ripped the paper again and he laughed again so uncontrollably that hefell on the floor in hysterics, so DH and him kept taking turns ripping paper and he kept laughing more and more was hilarious

    i know what you mean by loving them so much, when i am holding him and he cuddles me back with his little arms i feel like am am the luckiest person in the world

    max says mama and dada too !

    sorry no personals am finding it a bit hard to keep up.. oh except HAPPY BIRTHDAY VANITA!!!!

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    I'm just going to squeek in with a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Vanita! And lots of happy's to you Fletchy for tomorrow! Mine is at the end of the month (lots of us Feb babies!!!).

    I've been very lucky with Pup sleeping through the night since he was about 8 weeks old, but I am now finding that getting him to sleep is taking a bit more than usual. It is a catch 22 situation - he won;t settle unless he's swaddled, but after i swaddle him, he fights to get out! Sheesh.... hope it's just a phase.

    Deb, I reckon that Al is just finding his feet again with being with just you and not hordes of people. I'm sure that in a couple of weeks, you'll be back into a routine again. And it wil be better than the one you had with him before you went O/S because he is that much older. You're not doing anything wrong.

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