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Thread: Babies Born July 2006 #8

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    Hi all

    Wow lots has been happening on here. We are still in reno city but it has gone a bit pear shaped with my mum (it's her house) going a bit dramatic and trying to take over the job because she thinks we are 'stressed' about it and it is no good for our family, WTF we are doing it for the family. Anyway she is a major drama queen and does stuff like this a lot so I am a bit p****d off with her today and have had a major cry to DH about it all. What a mess. Anyway things with Dylan are pretty good he is still commando crawling but does try to get up on his hands and knees sometimes but then just crashes back down to the ground. He is cruising a little bit if I put him up to something like the coffee table, couch, etc and is trying to pull himself up on things. Oh and he likes ot get up on the couch wuith you and then he gest back off it himself but then doesn't know where to go, hee hee. He is saying mum, dada, yeah, nang nang nang, bub bub bub, and he will say it back to you if you say it to him, he especially likes the word nang and will say it really loud and plays this game with you like he is the loudest and you have to say it back. Oh and today he said meow cos i had been singing a cat song to him with meow in it. He is very into doors and boxes and papers at the moment. Sleep is still an issue at times though his day sleeps have gotten better but some nights he wakes quite a few times like last night and he is still being fed over night but this is going to finish this week.

    Kel Sounds like things are sorting themselves out with Charlotte that's great.

    Dustmite That video of you little guy was so cute and so funny your wife sounds lovely. Dylan just throws things on the floor that he doesn't want.

    Carly The soup sounded yum yum yummy. Hope you are feeling ok.

    Fee Wow Cooper's development is really full speed ahead that's great. Sorry he is still giving you sleep issues.

    Em Charlie is so cute love the photos. Hope they help you out with some sleep strategies.

    Mads Happy birthday mate hope you had a great day and your busy week is fun.

    Anyway enough from me I have to go get Dylan's lunch ready (ham and cheese sandwich)and dry my hair. Byeeeeeeeee.
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    hey girls how are we all i no this is late but happy easter lololol had a very busy easter my little girl turned 3 on easter monday she's getting big and i cant belive bailee will be one soon its gone so quick nothing else to report here im so busy latly its not funny talk to ya all soon

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    Hello everyone

    Cooper is 9 months today and he celebrated the start of his birthday by waking at 2.00 am and wouldn't go back to sleep! Lately when he wakes I try to re-settle him but it never works. Sometimes I've tried up to 1 hour and then I give in and BF him. Anyway for the last few nights I just BF straight away – no mucking around and he goes back to sleep. But not this morning – he was awake nearly 2 hours! The worst EVER in his life.


    I tried expressing for the first time last night. I tried after Cooper's last feed of the day. I got 80mls from both sides. I only pumped for a few minutes each side though. I got bored! Hehehe. Anyway I was just testing it out. A friend lent me her Avent Isis Pump. I found it easy and got milk flowing in about 10 seconds. So that's a relief. At least I know I'll be able to do it come June when I go back to work.

    Yesterday we tried just 3 breastfeeds during the day. It worked out fine (6am, 12pm and 6pm). I'm trying again today. Good to know anyway for when I'm back at work in June. On the days I'm home I think I will still just feed whenever. My MCHN said it shouldn't confuse Cooper too much.

    carlys – Celery soup sounds so good! Can you share the recipe please?

    kmh – So Charlotte is going to be a climber? Cooper definitely is! And how cute she is saying mum.

    Cassie – Dylan is saying a lot of words. "Nang" sounds particularly funny!

    Mads – Sorry to hear about the scare with Freya and the highchair. Can you believe Mark nearly did the same thing the other day?! Cooper was in the bathroom in his chair and Mark went to move it. He also grabbed the tray and it half snapped off but luckily that's all that happened. Poor Freya.

    Baiza – Happy Easter to you too! LOL. That's a very cute pic of Bailee in your ticker.

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    Hi everyone,

    Stupid computer stopped working for 2 weeks and I've missed you all! Such a lot has been happening in here.

    Sarina, her dad & I went camping over Easter (in Eden) for 4 days and it was gorgeous. Sarina was wonderful - took a day to adjust but loved being outside and near the beach. I managed to do my first scuba dive in 18 months - but was actually more excited about being able to fit into my wetsuit again!

    Very upset with people in the tent next door though who persisted with 'controlled crying' with their 14 mnth old whilst camping. Tents have no sound barrier and I personally don't agree with it anyway...grrr..

    Quickly, her recent development so far is:

    * is starting to reach up to tables , my legs etc to pull herself up
    * has 1 tooth on the bottom and 2 on top (which popped through this morning!)
    * started making 'singing' like noises (but nothing like a 'mama' yet - more like aaaaeeeee)
    * still commando crawling but gaining speed
    * loves flicking pages of books
    * can recognise & wave 'bye-bye'
    * can clap hands when I saw 'clap hands'

    She still HATES pureed food and likes sucking on pieces of bread, steak, carrot etc but doesn't really swallow. So we're still BF about 4 or 5 times a day and i'm lucky if she eats any solids. She just won't - and i've stopped stressing really as my MCN isn't concerned.

    Sleep is good, on and off. Generally she goes to sleep at 7pm and sometimes wakes around 3am but normally goes through till 5.30am. I give her a feed in the dark and she goes straight back to sleep for another 2 hrs or so.

    Will do personals next time - so hello everyone!!

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    RoyaUK - Awsome! Sounds like alot of fun. Heidi took Corban to the park recently and at first he seemed a little bugged/perplexed by the feel of grass, but then he realized he could two fist grab the grass and was very happy about it.

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    Hey Ladies! Hope you are all well...

    Not much to report here, just standard boring mummy stuff.... had a case of the tearys the other night (preggo hormones i think!) getting all sad that all i do all day is talk baby talk, and Nathan goes and 'has a break' at work all day, then comes home, gets to have all the frilly bits about parenting, the goos and gaas and kisses and smiles, then hes off to footy training twice a week from 5:30pm til 8pm...then away with footy all day Saturday....LUCKY HIM!! I WISH i could just come and go whenever i please... Oh well... not that I would change it for the world.. i LOVE watching my bubby grow up, and i too get the frilly bits...its just that it would be nice to have the freedom to do other stuff every so know, like go and sit in the hairdressers for hours getting pampared like I did B4.... I know its silly...its not that I WOULD go out all the time...cos even if I could i would WANT to be a t home with my baby... just venting really.......eeeek...sorry !!!!

    Mads - Awwwww poor little Freya I know its terrible... Georgia pulled herself up to stand the other day and head butted the corner of the desk... shes gunna have a nasty bruise... no blood thank goodness!!!!!!

    okay, Celery soup:

    2/3 bunch of celary, sliced (use the leaves too, full of vitamins..not all the leaves, just the nice tender ones)
    1 Onion Chopped
    1 Clove of Garlic (optional)
    2/3 cup of rice
    1 1/2 ltrs of chicken or vegie stock
    Salt and pepper to taste


    Fry onion and garlic in pot with small amount of olive oil
    add stock, bring to boil
    add celary and leaves and rice, bring to boil, then turn down to simmer for 45mins or until tender.

    Remove 2/3 of soup from pot and blend until smooth, then ass back to remaining soup...

    serve hot with fresh crusty bread and butter....


    And this is a good one for bubby;

    Banana Pudding.

    Mash one Banana in a bowl
    Add 2 egg yolks
    1 teaspoon of plain flour (or rice flour)
    and half cup of full cream milk

    Mix well and pour into custard bowls (or a muffin tin) and sit the bowls or the muffin tin into a baking dish with water in it, (the water should come half way up the sides of the muffin tin or custard bowls and will stop the edges from burning).. Bake for 30mins at 180 degrees

    Serve with yougurt

    Makes 4 small bowls

    Im making little mini quiche thingies with the same recipe but with vegies instead of banana, plus i will add cheese... its nice for something different for Georgia, and can be frozen easily too....i will let you know how they turn out.

    Anywayz, chat soon ladies (and gents!)

    love Carls xoxooxxx
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    Hello everyone.

    We are having some bad nights here, as Charlotte is getting ther 2nd tooth. She did not want to go down until 10:30pm last night and I had to cuddle her to sleep, and then she woke up at 2am and did not go back down until 3:30am and then woke up at 7:15am. We had mothers group this morning so she missed her morning sleep and she went down at 12:30 and just woke up at 2:45pm. So Miss Charlotte will be having an early night around 6:30-7pm.
    She started to give Hi-5 yesterday, its so cute and she laughs every time you do it with her. She is still comando crawling, but its getting faster and she is exploring more. Charlotte is also able to entertine her self abit more and for longer peroids as well.
    We went to the health centre this morning and Charlotte put on 105 grams for the week. So now she weighs 7.090kg's and is 67.5cms long. We see the pead next week and then I wont go back to the health centre until next month (hopefully)

    Carls- I still feel like that, I wish I could go out, even when i get my hair done its at a friends house and She has a 2 year old so we have to watch both of them.

    Fee- you are lucky to get 80mls I have not tried for a while, i might have to try and pump again soon, Tim wants to take me out for dinner. I hope your nights are getting better.

    Anyway i have to go and change a nappy. I hope you are all having a great week

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    Hi all. I hope you don't mind me crashing this thread again...haven't been around for a long while. I have Ky who is coming up 9 months.
    I'd like to say how beautifully all of your babies are growing. It still amazes me how quickly they grow and change and learn new things.
    I have had a look at your posts every now and then, and have found I am having many of the same problems as you all. Well actually Ky's sleeping problems couldn't have got any worse than they were a while ago, hence why I was never on BB....always too tired!!!
    We have progressed in terms of sleeping (after a week long stint at sleep school). He now goes to bed at 7 and wakes 2 - 3 times, and up for the day at 7. Much improved on waking every 40 mins to 1 hr ALL night!!! How I did that for a few months I'll never know.

    I would like to pick all of your brains though on different types of meals that you give bubs. Ky is having 3 meals a day, and at the moment will only have pureed food or finger food. No in between, no mashed or lumpy food. He has either rice cereal, mixed cereal or baby porridge for brekky with fruit, and just started with toast. Lunch is usually fruit and yoghurt and dinner pureed vegies with a bit of meat or chicken (all a bit boring I know!!) You would think I would have a clue, having had 2 other kids!!!

    Anyway, sorry for the long post. I hope you all don't mind.

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    Fee Guest


    Hi all

    More new things here!

     He can say "la la la" (it sounds like he is singing)
     He bounces up and down like he is dancing
     He can drum on his toy drum with both hands (one at a time)
     He can shake hands - Mark taught him this
     He gives kisses - Mark also taught him this

    So much is happening!

    Yesterday I went to the MCHN today (not the lady I usually see) and she was asking about Cooper's sleeping. I was telling her how he's been waking up at night for about 2 months now. And how it's always different (ie one week he'll wake 3 times and another week only once and how sometimes I can re-settle him but other times I can't etc). I said sometimes I am BFing him as it's the only way to settle him.

    She said he's now settling into this as a routine and expecting to be fed. She said if I want him to sleep through again I have to do control crying. She explained how I should go in to him and give him a pat and say "good night" but not to get him out of bed. Then leave and shut the door. She said he will scream but that's okay. She said he may even scream until he's hoarse. She said it won't harm him, it's not as if he's being strangled! Although I admit he's been husky from crying lately but I am not sure why as I don't let him cry too long!


    Mark thinks we should try it. The MCHN said it will only take 2 nights and that Mark needs to help with it so we should try it over a weekend. She said be prepared to get no sleep.

    I can sort of see how it's meant to work. I guess it makes sense that if I keep giving Cooper breastfeeds at night he will come to expect it? I get what the MCHN means but I just don't think I can let Cooper scream! She said it's up to us and for it to work we need to want to do it. Otherwise he's just going to want to have feeds.

    Am I really setting Cooper up for bad habits? Is he going to continue to wake during the night when he's 3 years old?!

    I do want Cooper to sleep through again but I don't know what to do!

    So anyway last night I put Cooper to bed for the night around 6.40 pm. Usually he self-settles, sometimes he doesn't. Last night he didn't. So Mark want to try going in and patting Cooper and then leaving. I gave in and said okay.

    I suppose what we were sort of doing was "baby-led CC" ... definitely not "clock-led". We just waited until Cooper sounded very upset but it was awful and I cried. I can't remember how many times we went in but eventually he fell asleep.

    But then he woke just 40 minutes later. He's never done that. We tried the same approach a few more times but in the end I couldn't take it so I went in and picked him up and cuddled him. Then I put him back in the cot and patted him to sleep.

    And guess what? He slept through like normal. I didn't hear a peep until 5.00 am on the dot. This is what he always used to do. So I fed him and he went back to sleep until 7.30 am. How funny.

    This is why I never really wanted to do CC because it's not like he's never slept through before. For the past 2 months he might sleep through one night and then not the next, but sleep through again the following night. This has always made me think that the night he didn't sleep through, something must be bothering him and he needs me.

    Anyway I'll see what he does tonight. But I really do not like leaving him to cry at all!

    I said to Mark if he does wake at night I might just try to be persistent with not feeding him and just try to resettle him no matter how long it takes.

    Sorry for the long post (hope it makes sense - I copied and pasted some from another forum I go on). I've been having an awful day today. Had trouble getting Cooper to go to sleep. Finally he fell asleep after lunch and is still sleeping now. I guess he'll just be having 1 nap today instead of 2.

    Roya – Hello! Sounds like Sarina is doing very well and learning lots of new things like Cooper. It's a very fun age (well apart from the sleep issues some of us are having!).

    I would just keep giving her the finger foods you are already doing. Cooper doesn't eat puree anymore at all.

    Carly – That ramble of yours about Nathan getting a break etc … OMG I totally agree. I often have moments like that, yet at the same time I wouldn't change how things are. I just know exactly what you mean!

    Thanks for the soup recipe!

    Kelly – Great news about Charlotte putting on more weight. She is doing so well!

    Hayley – I'm starting to give Cooper "family" meals. He's doing okay with lumps etc. So we are trying to cook things which he can eat (leaving out hot spices and things). So any types of risotto (he enjoys this), spaghetti bolognaise, pasta dishes etc. He does love finger food though and we have just recently started him on bread which is enjoys. The MCHN says there's not much babies this age can't eat, so go wild!

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    Fee- I have treid the CC last night as well, as Charlotte went down fine, but then woke up after an hour I tired leaving her for 30mins going in and placing her dummy in and laying her down, then I tried patting her to sleep and she was asleep but as soon as I walked out she started to cry again, so after an hour of doing this I got her gave her a top up feed and cuddled her to sleep. She woke up at 11:30pm gave her dummy and she went back to sleep, then she woke at 1:30, tried CCbut i ended up getting her up and giving her a 5 min feed and she went back to sleep and slept until 7:15am.

    I treid CousCous tonight and she loved it, mixed with pumpkin, Charlotte is still behind on the solids as she has taken soooo long to get the hang of it.

    Also she has learnt:
    she gives HI-5
    say's ta when she gives you something( most of the time)
    and also she can bang on the drums
    and sometimes I think she say's hello, this is very cute.

    I have to go and get Charlotte has she has crawled underneath the dinning room table. Talk to you soon.

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    Hi there,

    Sarina had her first swimming lesson today. Little cutie absolutely loved it - she just giggled for 30 mins! Then when we got home she slept for 2 hrs straight!! Yippee!!

    Regarding, Controlled Crying, I was thinking about going down this route until I attended the sleep seminar a few weeks ago which included speakers Pinky McKay, Anni Gethin and Beth Macgregor. Anni & Beth have just written : Helping Your Baby to Sleep: Why gentle techniques work best by Anni Gethin and Beth Macgregor.

    I would really recommend you have a read and then see if this suits you. I know my local library already has a copy. Personally for me, I feel I treat Sarina with respect during the day - feed her when she's hungry, tend to her needs promptly etc and find that 'controlled crying' doesn't sit right with me/us and there has to be a smarter way. She's a baby for such a short period of time, there are such a lot of variables that could be the reason for night waking and surely tending to the crying promptly teaches that she/he will be responded to with love? I just think I'd never leave my DH by himself if he was crying for whatever reason, so why would I with my baby?

    It's tough though when you're exhausted and just crave sleep!

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    My experience with controlled crying is;

    I let my baby lead, i dont lead by the clock...(but i dont exceed the time limits recommended) if she gets too the hysterical stage, i will pick her up, and cuddle her until she is calm again.

    I only had to use this method for 2 days, she goes to bed with not even a peep now...even if she plays in her cot until she falls asleep.. but she is not crying at all when i put her in her cot now, she can self settle.

    At this age, babies can cry for attention, or just because they know it gets a response from if you can tell the difference between the cries, it helps. for example, i know when Georgia just wants my reaction.. or if it is really a needy cry.. ie: nappy, hungry etc.

    Georgia used to cry EVRYTIME she went to bed, so we ended up rocking her to sleep EVERYNIGHT AND DAY!! It was totally exhausting, and my decision to do controlled crying was based on the need to TEACH my baby how to self settle, and now she sleeps through the night from 7pm to 6 or 7 am... maybe i am just lucky.. but i think it was the CC that did it, cos she was so bad before!?

    Also, its only the first 5 mins or so that are hard... then i went in to settle her, then it got to 2 mins and she was asleep... and again, i only did it for two days, and shes a changed baby!

    I look at it this way... teaching your baby to be able to self settle is a very important paves the way for her future sleep health... so five minutes is nothing compared to the anxiety it causes when your baby grows into a child that cant go to bed with out mum and dad being called in every five seconds!

    Also, just for the record for those who feel that those who do CC are not treating their children with respect....I tend to my child's needs meticulously, feed her when shes hungry, kiss her, cuddle her, change her, bath her, love her..etc etc... but when their is a need to help her to help herself...then i just do what i have to do..we all need sleep.... and this was a way that i taught we can all have some rest!! It is working well for me so far. And it has not caused her to be a grump or fretful baby...she is a very well adjusted happy baby.

    I think some parents seem to think its like you have to leave your bubs to cry for hours... thats NOT what CC is! It is 'controlled' crying...and its not that big a deal!!

    A well rested child is a happy child...and a sleeping child makes for happy mummy and daddy!!

    Good luck for all those with sleep dramas, i hope you can find the secret for your bubs! Every ones child responds differently.

    Love Carls

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    carlys Guest


    just to add that CC IS VERY hard for us as parents... but you have to just bear with it, and not give in and feed them etc... this is what I did:

    we get into our PJ's.. and we just wind down on the couch together for a hour or so before bed time (which is 7pm)... just a quiet feed, with the lights down low... and not to much talking... and cuddle together... then she give daddy a kiss... and we say goodnight...then its off to bed ....

    I give her a kiss, say goodnight...put her down, and cover her up... and walk out and close the door most of the way closed...

    If she cries, I wait 5 minutes .... go in calm her, DONT pick her up... just lay her back down, and say goodnight, and cover her up..then walk out and close the door most of the way closed again!...

    Then if she cries I wait 6 minutes...then do the same again... but honestly she got to two minutes the second time round, and was SOUND asleep!!

    I agree its SOOOO HARD!! especially when you really WANT to go in and cuddle them, and kiss them and tell them its okay.. but you have to be strong, and it will pay off.

    Hope that helps

    Carls xoxoxoxxx

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    I too have used Control Comforting ( thats what it is called now), and it works, if she gets to upset, then i will go and pick her up and then most of the time she will fall asleep in my arms.
    I think about 99% of the time she will fall asleep by herself now. She does wake over night either its for her dummy or a quick one side feed.

    I think its up to yourself and if it works for you then thats great.

    Not much happened here since i have been on, Charlotte is nearly cralwing, she is getting so dirty from comando, she is cleaning my floors for me lol. We are going shopping today, I wonder what I can find for my girls.

    Has anyone thought what they are going to buy there babies for their first birthday? I think I am going to get Charlotte the Fisher and Price door thing, and some new clothes to wear on the party.

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    Fee Guest


    I can see both sides to CC. I mean I wouldn't let Mark cry and ignore him. And if I was unhappy and wanted a cuddle I would be extremely upset if he didn't give me one.

    But I can also see that perhaps Cooper is getting used to overnight feeds and will continue to want them.

    Last night Cooper woke around 3.00 am (I think) and I sort of tried the CC thing. It actually didn't take that long – maybe 15 minutes? I didn’t leave him to cry long at all. I went in heaps of times! But I never picked him up. Just patted him and gave him a few kisses. Then he slept until 5.50 am!

    I still felt a bit bad but I think the longest I left him to cry was 1 minute? And he didn't get hysterical. It was hard though and I still feel awful as CC is not something I'm really "all for".

    But I think every baby is different and parents just have to do what's best.

    I guess I sit on the fence but maybe lean more towards being against CC. But I suppose what I did last night was CC?! Ahhh so confused. If it was CC, then it was definitely "baby-led" and not "clock-led". I just followed Cooper's cues and went in to comfort him a number of times.

    I did lean right down into the cot and gave his kisses and also picked him up slightly (just to move him to the middle of the cot). But I did not pick him up. Normally I would have done this and then he'd be really awake.

    Hmmmm ... this is all very hard for me. I just find it frustrating because Cooper used to sleep through and can self-settle half the time. It has always made me think that when he doesn't self-settle that there must be something wrong and he needs me to comfort him.

    Gee I've babbled on. I've been a mess the last 2 days trying to figure out what to do. So weird as I read an article about Anni and Beth's book and then there was the talk with my MCHN and the next thing I know, Anni and Beth were on "The Catch Up" yesterday talking about their book. Talk about coincidence!!!

    I don't want to harm Cooper and mess him up. :-(

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    Oh Mads - that's awful (about your cat). How did it happen?

    I didn't mean to upset anyone - about controlled crying. I completely agree that it's so important for a baby to be able to self settle. I guess I was referring to advice that I'd been given about CC which included leaving her to cry for long periods (like 20 - 30 mins) without picking her up which I just couldn't do.

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    RoyaUK- I went to a sleep clinic last month and they will not let you go with out going in ( if they are cryinf for no longer then 10 mins) but again its up to you, and it they are getting distressed then you are to go and and resettle them. I leave Charlotte no longer then about 5 mins, if she is winging I will leave her longer. But now she will put her slef to sleep most of the time and its wonderful to be able to put them into bed say good night and walk out and have them go to sleep all by there self.

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    Fraser Guest


    hey ladies - I see the CC topic is up for discussion!

    we went to the parenting centre today to get some sleep strategies and basically have been told to stop feeding Charlie through the night - he doesn't need it so it's only habit - so we're going to have a tough couple of nights teaching him to re-settle suring the night without a feed...... waaahhhh!!!

    one thing the nurse said was to make sure Charlie got some protein every day because that helps with sleep - have to admit that I'm pretty lazy when it comes to meat - but I do feed him a fair bit of tofu - perhaps I should switch back the the steaks.

    Hope everyone is doing ok - those with sleep issues hang in there!

    ps: ohmigod - I can't wait for the teething poos to go away!!!

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