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Thread: Babies Born March 2005

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    near the water


    :smt026 :smt026 Happy 9 months Gabby :smt026 :smt026
    You have been out as long as you had been in!!!

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    Debbie Lee Guest


    LOL Bec... I hadn't thought of it that way!
    Thanks for the congrats

    We had our MG xmas party yesterday. Just a BBQ with partners invited. Our babies decided to be little buggas. One was on an "angry" riot, screaming the place down. One decided to projectile vomit all over the host's Christmas presents under the tree (and consequently all over himself and his Dad) and Gabby thought she would pull a small table onto herself and end up with a nice bruise on the bridge of her nose and her forehead. Other than that, it was a great evening, LOL.

    Gabby slept her first night unwrapped last night. One of the girls at MG suggested I try her in a sleeping bag at night but still wrap her during the day. It worked for her little boy because he seemed more tired for the night time sleep so it was easier for him to get used to. Eventually, he got used to the idea that the sleeping bag is for sleep and he now sleeps unwrapped during the day.
    She did ok. I had to get up a few times but just to pop the dummy back in. She was awake at 6am (normally 8-9am) so she didn't last long before going back down to sleep. I figure it will take a little getting used to. I've also tried to start offering her food before bottle after she wakes up - so there's quite a bit of change happening atm. I have to also try and drop a bottle (she's still on 4 - tho one is watered down) but I might wait a couple of weeks before doing that.

    Hope everyone else is doing well!
    3 more sleeps!!!

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    Hi girls

    Sorry I've been missing in action, just been lazy!!

    Yay Gab for crawling... clever girl Your MG party sounds like fun by poor bubs! I had to laugh about the bub vomiting all over hte pressies tho 8-[

    Bec, Eliza is a cutie . She looks so much older than she is. I think its all that hair! Well, it's lots compared to Violet... and Violet has the most out of any of my girls . I hope you do get pg soon tho It would be great to hear you conceived all by yourselves

    Fi, I hope oyu supply has increased and oyu are feeling better... I feel sorry for you... (((HUGS)))

    My girls are doing well... played in the sandpit for a few hours this arvo.. violet has now eated her lifetime needs of silica!! Lucky she doesn't have any teeth.. yuck... grity!!

    Went for a long walk this evening too... Chamba has decided to go walkabout again!! Sometimes he'll go up to the stables anf catch mice... but he isn't there.

    Better go it's getting late and I am tired, Violet couldn't sleep at 3am this morning... nice of her to wake me and keep me up too


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    Hi Everyone

    Just wanted to pop in and wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A BRILLIANT NEW YEAR!!!!

    Deb - Congrats on Gab crawling, how brilliant in time for her 1st Xmas.

    Bec - Eliza is adorable, the pics are great!

    Fi - I hope that you are feeling better!

    Sarah - Hope that Zander is doing well.

    Zola - Have a great Xmas, just think this time next year you will have 2 kids to spoil.

    Dee - Hope that you and Matty are doing well.

    I cant remember anymore, LOL!

    Hayley is doing okay, sleeping heaps. Her first tooth has finally popped totally through, found out when she bit my finger and made it bleed, LOL! She is doing pretty well though, is just starting to decide to start crawling but thankfully hasnt taken off as yet.

    Shannen graduated primary school Monday night, beautiful and had her last day on Wednesday, very sad! Tayla did so well with her report that I think I am still in shock!

    My Dad is still going and we are planning on the best Xmas ever for him, hopefully he will go another few years though. Sad news is that I have just found out my uncle has 6-12 months to live, so dad is popping up to see him over the holidays, more than likely 3 months is closer for him. Very sad for all of us! He is the closest person on my Mums side to us, and I want to see him but he looks so much like my mother that it upsets me too much!

    Hayley seems to be losing weight atm, so I am a little worried. I am having trouble getting fluids into her, apart from formula, she is fine with that, just wont take water, juice, cordial or anything. A bit of a worry with the heat atm. I am trying to feed her up more but she wont have more than 2 solids a day and is only having 3 bottles too.

    I hope that you all have a great time with your babies first Xmas, enjoy it heaps....they grow up too quick!!

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    Flying visit to say


    I hope all mums and bubs have a fantastic first Chrissy!!

    I expect to see *heaps* of photos in January!!

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    Just a quick one to say merry christmas to one and all - have a great time opening those presents for the babies tomorrow!! Wont they just love the paper..... ARGH the mess!!

    Anyway - I hope everyone stays safe,


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    Debbie Lee Guest


    Dinky - I was going to suggest that perhaps you add some extra water to Hayley's formula?? My MCHN suggested it when I told her that Gabby isn't terribly fussed on water. She said just to add another 20-40mls of water to the bottle so that I at least know she is getting plenty of fluids. Hope Hayley starts to put weight on soon! All the best for Christmas tomorrow - hope your Dad has a great time. Sorry to hear about your uncle.

    Tanya - hope that Chamba turns up in time for Christmas. Cheeky kitty!

    Okies... hope everyone has a magnificent day tomorrow. How exciting for baby's first Christmas! I wanna see loads of photos on web sites!!

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