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Thread: Babies Born March 2006 #6

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    Kids party house central - come on over!



    yeah i agree with the colds and all of that, if we lived in Perth were all of my family is she would not be going into daycare thats for sure as i would have more help. All of our family is in Perth we are in Cairns, a long way etc. I checked out the flue and cold sit and they say that they send them home if a sign of runny nose and if they turn up with one the mums get told no can't have then today. The toys get sterilised every day as well so i am happy it seems to be a really good one and only across the road too so easy for me.

    I am pregnant again already i am due to have bubba two on June 26th 2007 so not long to go really! Good luck in trying and it is fun isn't it. Mother hood is one of the best rewards i think any one can have. They say enjoy it as they grow up so quickly... SO DAM TRUE!!!

    Well get that butt shaking at night or any time really Liz and soon you will have bubba two cooking.

    Well gotta fly.


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    Time for a new thread!!!

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