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Thread: Babies Born May 2007 #12

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    oh wow--- so much to read!

    I dont have long though, I have to run out the door.

    Mason's sleeping is getting worse and worse so I thoroughly sympathise with you guys.

    At the moment, he will only sleep if he is in bed in Dh's arms. Which makes it hard as DH has to get up at 5am for work. He WILL NOT cosleep with me at all. its driving us all insane

    hope everyone had a lovely weekend and LULU Im sorry about the heat over there. Its actually very cold here, so a nice median would be lovely!

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    My goodness,its so busy i here,as always...Hope all you mummies are getting heaps of sleep.Brody is cutting top teeth at the moment and very grumpy.Likes sleeping with me and DP.which is really hard as Dp works in transport and is up at weird hours...Why cant men just get better jobs???anyone out there know of a good one in werribee/sunshine area??? lol
    sorry just a vent for me 2night....aaarrrgghhhhh!!!
    oh and brody is taking steps aswell and so proud of himself.2 weeks max and he b walking....

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    Jan, i can completely understand u, ive just put a thread in the sleeping bit of Bellybelly. Bella is not giving me a break during the night she did this while teething, now she's doing it, i think coz shes missing me??!!
    Hang in there, ur not the only one and every mummy at one point or another doubts themselves. When ur woken during the night just think 2 urself, "kass is up now also, pulling her hair out" Hahahaha. We'll get through it!

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    Time for a new thread found HERE

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