thread: 2 things..Tender stomach & Epis

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    Question 2 things..Tender stomach & Epis

    Ok... let me know if this doesn't make any sense!

    1/ Sometimes if I stretch and arch my back or if Oscar stands on my stomach it seems to do something to the lower part of my stomach seems to feel a bit tender and funny, it also seems to feel a bit deeper than my muscles too. I am just wondering if it is normal for your stomach to still be feeling a bit tender and sore every now and then?! I do have a retroverted uterus but the Dr didn't say that it should affect me really.I know it has been through a lot of stretching etc but I have never heard of anyone complain about anything like this.

    I know the easy answer is to not stretch or let Oscar stand on my stomach but it just has me a little concerned.

    2/ I had an episiotomy when my DS was born which was 12 weeks ago. Some days it gets quite sore and achy. Is this something that I should maybe get checked?! At my 6 week checkup the Dr said everything was fine with it. Is it just one of those things that will take time to heal?!

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    *Bumpity bump*

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    I'd probably go get checked to be on the safe side I went to a dr and they said I was fine and then went back to a different doctor and I'd reopened a tear and thats where all my bleeding was coming from she just happened to miss! Not sure what the stomach thing could be sorry It's always good for peace of mind especially if it's effecting your time with your darling

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    Yeah, I think you should get both things checked.

    I had a granuloma develop where I had my epi, about 8 weeks PP. It was a PITA, but it's gone now (had it removed). It didn't really hurt, just sort of more achy, like you described. You probably don't have anything wrong, it's probably just normal healing, but it's always best to be on the safe side.

    I'm not sure what the tummy thing is, but do you know if your abdominal muscles separated during your pg? Maybe they're taking a long time to get back to normal?

    I would go back to your OB/GP and have both things looked at. Good luck hun, I'm sure it's nothing.

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    Thanks guys.... I did go to the Dr and he could feel the tenderness in my stomach (not sure how but he knew exactly where it was)!!! He said that when they use the ventouse to help birth your baby that it can kind of bruise you a bit inside and it can take quite a while to get back to normal and heal. I completely forgot to ask about my epis though.... Sez, what is a granuloma?

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