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Thread: AF not visiting??

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    Default AF not visiting??

    Is it normal for AF to be irregular after having bub?

    After lochia stopped i had my first AF it was back to normal, lasted 6days just not as painful. Its been 8.5wks since then and it hasn't reappeared, I had AF pains about 2 days before i thought i was due but nothing....

    I haven't started BC yet as im waiting for this AF to start....

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    Are you breastfeeding hun? If so then it's normal for AF to not come for anywhere from 8 weeks until you stop breastfeeding. If you aren't breastfeeding then I'm not really sure but I would assume that it might take a little while for your body to get back to normal, I'm just not sure how long that might be. Sorry may not be much help.

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    Your cycle post birth is normally irregular, and will take some time to sort themselves out. If you are breast feeding you can start the mini pill at any time throughout your cycle (I am assuming that you aren't tho).

    Good luck

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