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Thread: AF - post baby normality

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    Question AF - post baby normality

    My AF returned last month (lucky me - my son was 3.5mths). It returned almost spot on... 2 days before it was due to start if I hadn't had DS. Pre-baby, AF had been fantastically regular, could time it to the day. However, I was wondering if post baby its the same. It was lighter last month than normal, but lasted the my normal amount of days. Does it return to it's normal cycle (as it would have been suggested by last mth happening when it did)? What are your experiences? And this might sound like a stupid question, but from the first returning period, are you fertile and able to ovulate and conceive?


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    Lucky you!!! I still have not seen mine and I tell you I am desperate!!! I can't answer most of your question because I have no experience yet but I do know that you can 'O' before AF so yes you are fertile and able to conceive.

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