thread: breastfeeding and cycles

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    Mar 2004

    breastfeeding and cycles

    AF seems a bit late this month . I used to be as regular as clockwork but I'm not sure if cycle lengths are normal when breastfeeding or a bit longer. Can anyone enlighten me.

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    May 2003
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    I only just noticed this post........did your period arrive?

    Periods and breastfeeding is a tricky one as it really seems to differ between women.......some just don't get AF at all when BF, others get their pre-pregnancy cycle back straight away, and others seem to have varying cycles.

    There is an article on the main site which is useful:

    Your Period and Ovulation After Baby

    And also some previous posts about it all HERE and HERE


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    Oct 2004
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    I'm still AF free at 7 and 1/2 months post Glenns birth, he is only just starting to get into solids and breastfed the rest of the time.

    With DS#1 it was 11months after when it returned and I was preg 4 cycles later (not actually trying, but happy with the surprise)

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    katanya Guest

    I am AF free as well except I also have an IUD which can delay, minimise or stop blood flow as well even though I could be ovulating.

    In fact I think this month I could have started ovulating, I had a few cramps in my side and those AF feelings but no AF!

    Got to love the money saved on no AF products!

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    Mar 2005
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    that would be because AF products are so ridiculously expensive! It feels to me like im buying them\ all the time!


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    katanya Guest

    oh definately!! I haven't had AF for about 18 months!! it is definately a plus to extended breastfeeding!