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    Mar 2012

    digestive health

    Hi there

    I gave birth 3.5 months ago. It was a natural birth. Im 25 years old.

    Since then I have been bleeding on and off when I poo. I often feel the urge to poo when I breastfeed (kind of like those contractions you get initially when your uterus is contracting back down to size. )

    At first I thought it was just from being constipated. Then I noticed a small ball just outside my anus (sorry tmi) but it went away and so did the bleeding. But today I had lots of blood and evn blood clots.

    I believe this is somehow baby related as I've never had this problem before giving birth and a few years ago I was really unhealthy and ate crap a lot and never had this problem.

    Has anyone else gone through this? Help!

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    It might be hemorrhoids? They're fairly common during pg and following giving birth. And they can bleed, although i don't know how much. Do you feel comfortable going to your doctor to have it checked?

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    Have you been checked out by a doctor? It may be you've had tearing in the anus during birth or you have a prolapse. Rather than speculating though, see a doctor. Blood clots from your bottom are not good.

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    You need to see q Dr

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    Agree with the others. Please book in to your doctor asap. Post natally you need all the iron you can get too, which you'll be losing through blood loss.
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